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Chapter 125 – Young Deity

A hazy radiance lingered about. Dense mist rose, enveloping the little creature, seemingly extremely mysterious.

Everyone naturally cried out in alarm. This was the descendant of an Archaic deity! They all rushed forward, all of them wanting to take possession of it.

“Stop it!”

The little guy’s entire body was a golden yellow, emitting hundreds and thousands of lightning rays. It protected his body, and he suddenly charged out with the intention of breaking out from their encirclement.

“Leave behind the young deity!” The Silver Blood Giant shouted. Although it knew that it was no match for the little guy and was scared of this human youth, it didn’t have the time to worry about that right now. Don’t tell me that they couldn’t catch him even if everyone went up together?!

It stretched out with a large hand, and as symbols flickered, the entire area blazed magnificently. It directly slapped down with the intention of turning the little guy into meat paste. At the same time, the Feather King also did not want to fall behind. Those worn out wings released two rays of divine radiance, hacking outwards toward the little guy’s two arms.

“Leave the divine creature’s descendant behind!” The others were all loudly shouting, and took action together. All kinds of precious techniques flew about, and the area between the hills immediately became incomparably bright as a rain of light danced in the air.


“What’s going on?”

Almost at the same time, everyone felt as if something was wrong. Their precious techniques lost effectiveness, and the rain of light was absorbed. The rays of lightning disappeared, all entering the little guy’s bosom. It was all absorbed and swallowed by that lump of dense light.

“It’s the young deity, it’s using the power to mature!”

Everyone was shocked. It was just born, yet it already showed this kind of astonishing display. What kind of power will it have when it fully matures?

The little guy rushed out, and felt something hairy in his hands. The multicolored mist faded, and a creature roughly a third of a meter long revealed its true appearance, curling up within his bossom.

It was a dirty and messy little fellow. Its fur was soft, appearing extremely young and tender. A pair of small ears stood erect, and two small protrusion stuck out of its forehead, as if horns were going to go grow out.

Its entire body was ash gray and furry. Large eyes emitted black light, extremely vast and indistinct. It looked up and down, left and right. It seemed a bit afraid as it curled itself up within the little guy’s arm.

“It really was the wolf deity’s descendant after all!” Everyone cried out in alarm.

Isn’t this just a small wolf? The only thing was that it wasn’t as magical as what they had thought it would be like. There was no divine light surrounding its body, and there wasn’t any auspicious multicolored auras rising about it. There was only a pair of gem like eyes that were large and divine.

“Yi, it also has a pair of wings.” A Heaven Mending Pavilion senior brother was astonished. A pair of small wings were still wet as they curled up together. They were stuck to its back, and if one did not look closely, they would be easily overlooked.

In addition, the two protrusions on its head were undoubtedly horns. This was because when the little guy pushed aside its fur, he noticed that it was bright and shining; they were definitely horns.

“Wolves really can lay eggs…” The little guy exclaimed in admiration and stared at the little wolf in his bosom.

When everyone saw him salivate, they were all scared into jumping. He couldn’t be thinking about eating a divine baby right? This was a crime that disrespected the Gods. If the Wolf God had a spirit, then it would cast down the wrath of heaven.

“You are not allowed to eat it!” Huo Ling’er stepped forward, nervously looking at him. She reached out her pair of frost snow like sparkling jade arms, obstructing him.

“That is a young deity! You aren’t allowed to disrespect it, moreover eat it!” From the distance, the Nine-Headed Lion also came. However, it did not come in close, and only yelled as golden light surged.

The little guy seemed to be a bit confused as he looked at them and then angrily said, “You guys are too savage. How could such a rare divine baby be eaten? A bunch of foodies!”

When everyone heard these words, they almost went crazy. Who was the savage, and who was the foodie? Wasn’t it you? Yet you still want to criticize others, truly need a good beating!

“A divine litter naturally needs to be raised. Otherwise, I would get hacked by heavenly lightning.” While the little guy spoke, he was wiping off his saliva. His expression was incomparably passionate, and this terrified everyone.

It was obvious that they over thought about this matter. The little guy naturally wouldn’t eat a divine creature. He really did want to raise it, and then explore the profound mysteries within its body to obtain an unrivaled ability!

“Right, you guys used all of your precious technique just now to attack me, and all of the divine light was absorbed by it. It is most likely beneficial for its growth, so do it a few more times,” said the little guy.

Moreover, he practiced what he preached, and brought out a streak of golden lightning as he spoke. He brandished it towards the wolf deity descendant. With a chila sound, it landed on its body.


A sharp roar rang out, and the fur on the dirt gray little wolf’s hair stood up. Its expression was lifeless, and its four limbs began to twitch. It was a clear sign that it was going to be killed by the lightning.

The little guy made an ah sound, and quickly stopped himself. He puffed his cheeks and widened his eyes. He stared at the little wolf, revealing a puzzled expression. What went wrong? Just now, it swallowed the energy of all their symbols, and now it couldn’t bear it at all.

“Ah, you rotten spawn, what are you doing? The young deity is going to be killed by the lightning,” the Fire Nation princess reprimanded. She cried out in alarm, and her face had a sorry look.

A scorched smell transmitted outwards. A large patch of the little wolf’s fur was darkened, and it almost met danger. Fortunately, it’s flesh and bones were not damaged. Its large eyes revealed a look of dread, and it was extremely uneasy.

“That’s not right. It should be the descendant of a deity, and should be extremely powerful. Let me try again.” Another strand of lightning appeared at the tip of his finger, and was about to drop down.

The group of people all became anxious. They rushed forward with the intention of stopping him.

“Even if it is the descendant of a God, it still would not be able to call the wind and summon the rain right after being born! It needs to mature, you are not allowed to do random things!”

“You absolutely cannot use lightning to attack it anymore, or else it’ll die. Qiongqi, Golden Crow, Suan Ni, and other divine Archaic vicious beasts can fight with Gods for supremacy, but that doesn’t mean that they are extremely powerful right after being born; they still need to mature.”

The little guy nodded his head after hearing what was said. “That’s reasonable, these creatures aren’t without equal. At the very least, if I met an Archaic vicious beast the same age as me, I should be able to catch it.

Everyone rolled their eyes together. No one believed his words, and they only cared about this little wolf’s fate.

The little guy did not pay attention to them. He picked up the little wolf, and flipped it around as he inspected it. Following that, he closed his eyes, exploring the imprint symbols within its body.

At this moment, everyone’s expression changed because they understood what he was trying to do. He was trying to unravel the Archaic deity’s inheritance obtained from the little wolf’s body.


The Silver Blood Giant couldn’t hold itself back any longer, and was the first to move. It wanted to snatch away the divine descendant, because this signified a world changing precious technique. There wasn’t a single race that could hold themselves back and refuse this type of enticement.

“You’re just a subordinate whose leader was defeated, yet you still dare to be so fierce?!” The little guy suddenly opened his eyes, and with a wild howl, he opened his mouth to release a streak of lightning. It shot out with a pipa sound, striking the silver giant’s large hand. It immediately made him violently tremble, scorching that area black.

“You dare!” At this time, the little guy suddenly turned around. He made a flipping motion with his hand, revealing a pair of golden bone shears. It flew out immediately, stopping the Feather King.

That was because at that time, the Feather King also rose in revolt, erupting with precious light. Endless auspicious colors gushed out. He held a blade in his hands, and as he sliced his way over, the power of countless dense symbols followed, and the entire sky was trembling.

With a kacha sound, the golden bone shears surpassed and broke the fierce dagger. This was a type of astonishing and rare precious artifact, far surpassing everyone’s expectations. It once created a huge calamity, allowing many large clans to be plundered.

When the little guy obtained it back then from the golden pangolin, he immediately knew that it was not its own precious artifact. It was most likely left behind by its ancestor, because the golden bone previously radiated with all types of images. Corpses were piled on top of the mountains, and there was an ocean of blood. Countless great tribes were extinguished, and the bitter aura of death shocked the heavens.

At this time, the bone shears rushed out, and not only did it chop that terrifying bone blade in half, it also sliced off one of the Feather King’s arms. It fell onto the ground, fresh blood spewing outwards.

“Ah…” The Feather King loudly howled with a miserable sound. He picked up the detached arm and pressed it to his wound, quickly retreating.

Both his and the Silver Blood Giant’s followers’ expressions all changed, and they couldn’t help but retreat.

The little guy looked out disdainfully out of the corner of his eyes. That look was to warn everyone not to attack him.

The area was absolutely silent, and sure enough, there wasn’t anyone else who ran in indiscriminately.

The Nine-Headed Lion stared from afar, and its gaze was ice cold. However in the end, it held itself back. It had already lost, charging up again would be pointless.

Everyone revealed a powerless look. This was merely a single human youth, yet he was actually so powerful, more savage than their group of Archaic descendants.

Next to the Fire Nation princess, several black-cloaked individuals emitted strands of terrifying aura. It appeared that they wanted to make a move, however, the second one of them did, they would cough out blood; it was obvious that they sustained serious wounds from the divine cave.

Huo Ling’er stopped them, and did not allow them to take actions.

The little guy intimidated everyone, and none of them tried anything anymore. He retrieved his bone shears, once again exploring the little wolf’s secrets.

“Why isn’t there any?!” After a long time, he opened his eyes in astonishment. This was the descendant of a wolf deity, and there should be a unique and unmatched set of powerful symbols. However after exploring for a long time, he didn’t find anything. There were no imprints within the primitive bone, and only its flesh was a bit more powerful.

He felt as if there was something wrong with his perception. He tried his best to calm his mind down, and finally, his thoughts were emptied. He ascended into a type of wonderful realm, and he once again began searching. In addition, he used the True Primordial Record’s bone searching technique. He searched the bones within the little wolf’s entire body, and just like before, he couldn’t find anything.

The little guy released a sigh. There was no mistake this time, as the True Primordial Record’s bone searching technique would not cheat him. If even this could not detect anything, then the problem had to lie in the divine descendant.

“Ai, are you really the descendant of a God?” The little guy looked at it, and the messy little wolf did not look magical at all. He seemed to be extremely weak, and only its pair of eyes were large and bright.

He grabbed the little wolf’s tail and lifted it up. Then, he unfolded its little winds, irritating this little creature into crying out ao ao sounds.

“You aren’t allowed to harass it like this, give it to me!” Huo Ling’er couldn’t watch this any longer, grabbing it away in one motion and hugging it within her bosom.

However, the messy little creature’s eyes flickered, and it felt extremely insecure. With a chi liu sound, it directly escaped, fleeing to the little guy’s shoulder. As if it was a koala, it hung there.

In addition, it opened its mouth and moved its tongue. With ao ao sounds, it implied that it was hungry.

The little guy scratched his head in confusion. Why did this little wolf stick to him? He really didn’t have anything to feed it. He looked towards Huo Ling’er and asked, “Junior sister, do you have milk?”

Everyone there was petrified, and they all stared blankly.

“Go die!” Huo Ling’er was extremely angry. Ordinarily, she was slender and elegant, her gracefulness moving people all around her. Now, however, she was going completely crazy. Everything around her was smashed as she rushed over. Symbols flickered, and flames erupted all around her as she rushed over with killing intent.

The little guy raised the little wolf, covering his head and sneaking away like a rat. He felt extremely wronged, as he was not aware at all how he offended Huo Ling’er. While running, he muttered, “Strange… If you don’t have any then forget about it. Why are you getting so angry over this? Let’s go out and search. Beast milk tastes the best.”

After everyone heard what he said, they did not know whether to laugh or cry. They couldn’t help but think back to his name in the Void God Realm — Love Drinking Milk the Most. Turns out that the name really did have some relevance.

“Junior brother, just apologize to junior sister. You shouldn’t say such things to a young lady.” A senior sister from the Heaven Mending Pavilion spoke with a flushed face.

“This makes no sense… Why should I give her an apology? She’s chasing after me, I should give her a beating.” The little guy was extremely angry and refused.

In the end, the chase continued for two hours before everyone stopped.

The little guy caught a mother wolf, making it feel the little creature. In the end, the little thing did not eat any of it, and instead stared at Huo Ling’er’s package with a look of longing.

“Yi?” The Fire Nation princess opened the pouch, extracting two stalks of spirit medicine as well as a jade cauldron.

The little wolf directly ran over, cleaning out those two stalks of spirit medicine with kengchi kengchi sounds. Following that, he turned the jade cauldron over. He was about to drip out saliva as he pounced over.

“That is a vicious beast’s heart, and it is equivalent to precious flesh medicine. It’s so young, yet it actually eats these types of things!” Huo Ling’er was shocked.

The little guy’s large eyes were perfectly round. That heart was transparent and flickering with light. That was the condensation of an extremely powerful vicious creature’s divinity, yet it was actually used to feed a little wolf. In that instant, he was immediately at a loss. This was a bit too much of a waste. There wasn’t even enough of this type of precious flesh medicine for himself to use for cultivation; where would he have an excess to feed this little wolf?

Huo Ling’er seemed to have seen through his thoughts and said while glaring at him, “You don’t have time to raise it, so quickly hand it over to me. It was us who originally brought it out from the divine cave anyway.”

The little wolf finished the precious flesh medicine. After hearing those words, it immediately lifted up its little ears. With a sou sound, it hung from the little guy’s body, vigilantly staring at the Fire Nation princess.

It made Huo Ling’er extremely annoyed. “I was the one that fed you, why are you looking at me like I’m a thief? You should be on your guard against that rotten spawn! Otherwise he’ll eat you!”

The little guy laughed with heihei sounds and said, “Just go, she is the one you should depend on for your livelihood. If you have nothing better to do, just go there to mooch some food and drink. In the future when I need you, you can come find me then.”

This little creature moved its little wings and nodded its head with effort. Then, it scuttled over to Huo Ling’er. It blinked its eyes, curiously looking at her.

“You…” She was endlessly annoyed, and really wanted to spank it. However after thinking about it carefully for a bit, she laughed again. In the future, she’ll bring it back to the imperial palace and slowly instruct it. What did such a small wolf know? It will definitely defect over.

The Silver Blood Giant and Feather King glanced at each other and immediately retreated. This was because they knew that it was impossible for them to obtain this young deity. They wanted to get in touch with their servants before fighting again.

However, they suffered from the joint force of the little guy, Huo Ling’er, as well as the few Heaven Mending Pavilion geniuses. They almost lost their lives, and in the end were completely captured.

Several days later, the Nine-Headed Lion angrily roared within a marsh. It rushed out from within the marsh, not willing to fight a great battle with the little guy.

It had already fled a long time ago, hiding itself for several days. It did not want to be found by that little monster like the Silver Blood Giant and Feather King had been. He was defeated under the nose of that little wolf. Even though he escaped a long time ago and gained quite a bit of distance, hiding within the marsh still proved useless.

“You’re too filthy, can’t even use you as a mount anymore.” The little guy was unsatisfied. He fought a great battle with the golden lion, and only after they both dropped down a waterfall did he manage to sit on top of the golden lion.

“I am the grandson of the Nine Spirit Emperor. Bullying me like this, are you not afraid of meeting a calamity after exiting this small world?” The Nine-Headed Lion angrily roared. Its golden fur radiated light as it gasped for breath.

“What a headache. You’ve already declared war against me. If I don’t take care of you, wouldn’t you go back and rat on me?” the little guy asked.

The Nine-Headed Lion was in a bind. Didn’t this make him look really bad?

“You might as well let me correct you. I’ll make you sincerely convinced and ready to concede, willingly becoming my mount. This way, you won’t even need to complain about me when you leave.” The little guy sat on its back, not willing to get off. His entire body emitted light, trying to subdue it.

It was clear that none of them were going to inflict a fatal blow. This battle was definitely going to last an extremely long time, and lion roars could be heard for three days and three nights. The little guy rode on top of its body, exhausting all of his abilities to make it yield.

In the end, the Nine-Headed Lion was so tired that it couldn’t handle it any more. Its dropped weakly onto the floor, and even the golden fur dimmed as it panted heavily with huhu sounds.

“Human young hero, I am convinced. Let’s just become sworn brothers, okay?” The Nine-Headed Lion was truly a bit scared of the little guy.

“Didn’t you want me to become your battle servant before? I want you as my mount!” The little guy sat on its body, and was not willing to come down.

“I was wrong, and was speaking conceited nonsense. Please don’t concern yourself with such small things. With a brother like me, in the future you will definitely shake the land under the heavens. This is because our race discovered a type of ancient technique that would one day allow me to transform into a pure-blooded Archaic vicious beast. Maybe calling yourself unequalled under the heavens wouldn’t be too off.”

While the Nine-Headed Lion was speaking, he vaguely hinted his importance within his race, warning the little guy not to act randomly. Otherwise, a large calamity might occur.

“It’s really that strong?” The little guy immediately opened his eyes wide and said, “The reason why I came here is to catch a young Archaic beast. Wouldn’t that mean that catching you would be enough? I really saved a large amount of energy this time.”

Hou… The Nine-Headed Lion angrily roared, and golden light once again erupted around its entire body. It was angry to the extreme, because it felt like it was playing a lute to a cow1.

“Rotten spawn, you should let it go and become sworn brothers with it. In the future, you will definitely not lose out and receive great benefits,” reminded Huo Ling’er.

“Isn’t it just a Nine-Headed Lion that could become pure-blooded in the future? Is that really powerful? I feel like its not that difficult for me to just go out and capture the young of a true bird, or a Golden-Winged Peng’s child.” The little guy seemed to not care much about it.

“After transforming into a pure-blooded Archaic vicious beast, the Nine-Headed Lion is powerful beyond your imagination. They have massacred deities before, and are not in any way inferior to a great Golden-Winged Peng!” A senior brother from the Heaven Mending Pavilion spoke out secretly.

The little guy reluctantly nodded his head and said, “Alright then, once we leave, you are going to be my little bro. Right, don’t forget to get the Nine Spirit Emperor to give me a great gift. At the very least, there needs to be several hundred jin of spirit medicine. If you could take out a divine medicine, then that would be even better.”

Ah pu!

The Nine-Headed Lion spat out blood. Its age was greater, yet it was the little bro? Even if it overlooked this, it was beaten up for several days, yet it still had to give him a large gift? This… It was even several hundred jin of spirit medicine! Others talked about it in stalks, yet he discussed it in jin; was it bok choy? As for divine medicine, stop dreaming! There wasn’t even a need to think about it. The Nine-Headed Lion thought back; its grandfather never even picked any for it. Those things all grew on top of Archaic divine mountains. It was likely that there were Archaic vicious beasts like Horned Dragons and Taoties that occupied the primal chaos.

“Little bro, after fighting for several days, we must have missed several opportunities. I heard that your race can communicate with the spirits, so carry me to look for a few divine creatures, okay?” The little guy requested and said, “If we can find an old spring, then we can also cure your lost heads.”

Ah pu!

The Nine-Headed Lion almost once again spat out blood. After all of that, he still wanted to make it his mount?!

“Don’t be anxious. As long as you can find an old divine spring, then you won’t need to lead the way anymore. Everyone on the outside says that you guys are psychic. You have to help me with this matter.”

With a sou sound, little wolf scuttled over. It curled up within the little guy’s bosom with a look of satisfaction.

When the Nine-Headed Lion saw this, its heart shivered in fear. This was a young deity, yet it actually depended on such a disgraceful sworn brother. Could it be that he really could make an Archaic vicious beast’s young yield?

It seriously thought for a bit. It felt a wave of absolute horror, because it was fully aware of its own power. After comparing a bit, he felt that this ‘foodie’ might not be bluffing. He could pretty much fight against a pure-blooded vicious beast around the same age.

Ultimately, the Nine-Headed Lion yielded. He made the little guy vow that after finding the old divine spring, he could no longer make things difficult for it.

“Relax, you are my little bro. As an elder bro, I definitely can’t bully you. Let’s go on our way.”

The little guy tossed the young deity that was still fluttering its wings to Huo Ling’er, warning it repeatedly, “You have to eat as much as you can to quickly grow fat. In the future, I will bring you back to my own village. If I can’t find a young Archaic vicious beast, then it will be your job to defend it.”

The group of people looked at each other in dismay. They were cursing ‘wastrel’ within their hearts. Are you really treating it like a wolf  or a vicious dog? To actually want it to protect your family and guard your village, this was too extravagant.

What made the group of people speechless was that the little gray wolf fluttered its wings, earnestly nodding its head at him before turning around to ask Huo Ling’er for food.

“Why are you the same as him? Foodie, rotten spawn!” The Fire Nation princess was extremely annoyed.

The little guy sat on the Nine-Headed Lion, thus traveling into the distance.

In another region, a group of people were grouped together. Raindrops elegantly fell, carrying with it a multicolored light that fell onto their bodies. Waves of mist floated about, and it seemed as if their auras grew much stronger.

“Our Rain Clan is most suitable for fighting within the rain after all. Is there any news of that youth?”

“We caught a Horned Bearman who claimed to have seen a savage youth. He smashed a treant race genius to death, and ate some powerful vicious beasts. I have a rough understanding of what region he is in.”

“Wait for him to come out from that region. I think that we will see him soon. Let’s wait in this area for his appearance!”

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