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Chapter 124 – Cooking a Deity

The group of people shrieked miserably. They felt as if the blood within their hearts were depleted. They used so much effort, and were tossed from side to side for almost an entire night! This golden divine egg was actually carried away by the little guy. He wanted to eat it, so how could they not be anxious?!

Each and every one of them were flustered and exasperated, and they all pursued from behind. They definitely could not let him get away; otherwise, they would all go crazy.

“Stop!” The group of people loudly shouted. However, the wolf pack was inexhaustible, and the little guy had long vanished.

“Continue chasing. I scattered some Serene Orchid Grass juice on top of the golden divine egg. He won’t get away, we will chase after him with the tracks he leaves behind.”


Wolf howl rang out unendingly, and they all ran towards one direction. At this time, many of the large wolves had already abandoned the Fire Nation princess and the others. They were chasing after the little guy, and this undoubtedly designated their direction.

That night, the savanna was in chaos. None of the creatures were allowed peace, and wolf howls rang out everywhere. Pairs of dark green eyes were like will-o’-wisps as they roamed about the grass.

Terrifying figures howled towards the moon, making the entire region shake. Groups of wolves bubbled forth, revealing their snow white fierce teeth as they ran frantically across this area.

“So terrifying… There’s an infinite amount of wolves that are trying to steal my golden divine egg.” The little guy was astonished, as this was the first time he saw so many wolves together. It was like a flood as they rumbled with noise. Smoke and dust rushed into the skies behind him, and the grass was trampled until they disappeared.

Silver giant wolves, green headed wolves, black evil wolves and scarlet horned wolves. All types of wolves that existed were there, and they hid the sky and covered the earth. A dark shadow covered the area, carrying with it a bitter killing intent while they chased in hot pursuit.

The little guy used his golden shears to cut a bloody path through the battlefield. Originally, he already escaped from their encirclement and charged into the distance, but the smell of these wolves were too keen. They followed his trail, once again surrounding him.

The wolves surrounded him everywhere, and they were without limit. Snow white fierce teeth shone within the late night. Their green pupils were like lightning, and all of the various races within the boundless wastelands began to move out. They rushed to this area, surrounding and blocking up this area.

Chichi sounds rang out incessantly, and over ten wolf kings all understood powerful precious techniques. There wasn’t a single weak individual, attacking the little guy in groups. They were earth-shattering, and as light radiance flew about, it shook the mountains until they were about to collapse.

“I’m fleeing!”

The little guy stepped on top of that sparkling and translucent bone mirror and used all of his strength. He circulated the divine essence within himself, and flew off quickly a foot above the ground. Although traveling in this way was rather fast, it exhausted his strength quickly as well.

However, he had no choice, and could only run. Otherwise, he would be drowned out by that wolf pack and swallowed whole.

“I’m so darn tired!” Finally, he stopped. He separated himself from the great prairie, dropping in front of a mountain region. He lied down there, and did not want to move a single muscle.


After resting for quite a while, the sound of wolves once again rang out from the distance. It echoed within the mountains and ravines, shaking along.


The little guy was left with no choice, and so he jumped into a river in escape. The wolves’ noses were too keen, and it was impossible for them to break away.

No one knew how long it was before he finally appeared at the water’s surface. Both shores were emerald green, and willow trees swayed freely in the wind; he arrived at a hill region. This river was rather wide, and the current was also rapid. He bobbed up and down along the waves.

“I should have broken away now, right?” He rushed out of the lake surface while hugging the golden egg, arriving at the shore.

At this time, the light in the sky lit up, and a white color rose in the east. This little world did not actually have a sun, and that red sun was rumored to actually be an Archaic Golden Crow’s body.

Each day, it would rise and fall. While emitting is re-hot glow, it was a true Archaic divine bird. Its might shook the heavens, and many people tried to find out more about it, however, they all died miserable deaths.

“What exactly is this divine egg, is it really a wolf egg?” The little guy arrived at the hills. After drying out his clothes, he hugged this egg while knocking and patting it, continuously pondering over this.

The golden egg was as big as a water basin, and it looked as if it was made out of gold. On top of the egg were some bizarre designs. It flowed with luster, and a mysterious energy undulated about.

“This isn’t some normal bird egg. Who knows, it might be some true God’s descendant. Wouldn’t it then be on par with a Taotie, or other true Archaic vicious beast?”

He was extremely happy. After entering this small world, his greatest wish was to catch the child of an Archaic vicious beast to bring back to Stone Village. Although he wasn’t sure if he would ever get the opportunity, he kept hoping that it would happen, and now it seemed like it was about to come true.

“If I really could succeed in breeding it, I might be able to obtain an unrivaled precious technique. It would definitely be without equal, and be powerful enough to shake the world!” The little guy was stirred up, and an excited radiance flashed within his eyes.

However, he continued to ponder over this, and then he suddenly became discouraged. He directly threw the large egg onto the ground, and then sat his butt on top of it.

He propped up his chin while saying, “This is an ancient small world. From the endless years until now, this golden egg still never gave birth. How could I have the patience to raise it.”

He speculated that this golden egg was ruined. Otherwise, it would have produced an Archaic divine beast a long time ago, and would not have lasted until this generation.

“It truly makes people feel heartbroken.” The little guy was considerably dispirited. Just now, he was still joyous from the bottom of his heart, but it actually ended up like this, making him unreconciled.

“Forget it, in the future, I’ll just catch a divine bird’s young. Forget about raising this.” He was rather carefree, and in that short period of time, he once again smiled. He blinked his large eyes, and stared at the golden egg. With a gulu sound, he began to salivate.

“I think that it will definitely be tasty. Even if the divine fetus died, there should still be a large amount of divine substance within; otherwise, it would not radiate light like this. If I don’t eat it right now, I will definitely anger the heavens and be hacked by lightning!” The little guy quickly made his decision, quickly putting his thoughts to action.

Within the mountain region, a large blaze had already risen, and the iron cooking pot was already set up. He said to himself, “How should I eat it? Eating it sunny side up for breakfast should be the best.”

It was already early morning, and the Golden Crows in the skies were radiating light. The multicolored rays of morning light scattered downwards. Streams flowed between the hills, and were illuminating with gorgeous rainbow colors.

The little guy picked up a sharp boulder and dug into the egg. Dangdang sounds rang out, and it was as if he was striking against steel. Sparks flew in all directions, shaking this entire mountain region until it was ringing with noise.

Huo Ling’er, Silver Blood Giant, Feather King, and the others were so tired they were wanted to spit out blood. Along the way, they had changed directions several times. They cursed repeatedly; why was this devilish brat running in circles?

The most unforgivable thing was that when they finally arrived along a large river, the noticed that they once again went in a circle, and was only about 10 li away from their initial position.

Did this devilish brat have any sense of direction? They wanted to swear and curse at him. They ran a full circle around this great prairie, and actually returned to their initial position. The distance between this hilly region and the great prairie was truly very close!

All of them were so angry they were vomiting blood. Their calves were cramping, and even the necks of their feet were stretched. They had been tossed and turned this entire night, running for the majority of it, only to return to the point they set off from. The veins in their foreheads were jumping.

“This is so infuriating me to death!”

“Does this devilish brat have any sense of direction? To torment us for an entire night, only to run back here in the end?!”

Everyone cursed again and again, and were so angry that their heads were going to light up in flames.

The one good thing was that the Serene Orchid Grass was extremely mysterious. After placing a single drop, it would leave behind a sweet fragrance for several days, leaving a trail the entire time.

“Ah, he’s over there! Found him!” someone shouted.

After a group of people saw the little guy, they were angry to the point where their mouths were twitching and their hairs were standing erect; he really wanted to eat it. This brat was fiddling with an iron pot, and had already cooked that golden egg red.

“Hurry up and cook, opened up quickly, I’m hungry…”

He was roasting the egg while muttering to himself, seeming like he wanted to eat it as soon as possible.

“Goddam! Put it down!” Next to the Fire Nation princess, several mysterious black cloaked individuals were so angry that they were going to go crazy. The divine egg that they obtained through such trials and tribulations was about to be eaten by the devilish brat.

“Why are you guys being so vicious. It’s not like I’m not letting you guys eat any. In a bit, I’ll invite you guys to eat some cooked egg. It seems like I won’t be able to roast it.” The little guy lifted his head and gave them a glance, and then took out the golden egg within the iron pot, directly throwing it into the cauldron next to it.

“Ah… Don’t!”

The group of people miserable screamed, and their eyes were about to fall out. It could even be said that their eye sockets were going to split apart, and their hearts were leaking blood. It was too infuriating… Rage attacked their hearts, and they wished that they could fly over to stop him.

However, after a putong sound, the golden egg fell into the cauldron of boiling water. Vapors rose, and the divine egg bobbed up and down, following the rise and fall of the water.

“I’m going to risk my life fighting with you!” Huo Ling’er’s entire body was trembling. Her tall and slender body was shaking, and her vivid large eyes were shooting out flames. Her crystal snow white body reveal an area of symbols, and was about to fight a great battle with the little guy.

“Too much of a waste. This is a divine creature’s descendant… To actually cook it and eat it, so infuriating!” The Silver Blood Giant and Feather king were both crying out, angered to the point that they were cursing and stomping.

The group of people were all going crazy, and charged over together. In that split second, all types of precious techniques flew about, flying towards him like rain.

The little guy did not dare to fall behind. He took out the golden bone shears and the Suan Ni mirror and emitted a thunder divine might, resisting the group of people. Panting with rage, he said, “You guys aren’t listening carefully. I didn’t say that you guys couldn’t have a portion, I said that you guys could have some too.”

Who wants to steal or eat it?! It is for the sake of letting it hatch and become a God that we are crying tears! Everyone was driven mad!

This group of people fought a great battle within the divine cave for an entire night, and then ran for a long time. They were exhausted and drained a long time ago, and was far from as vigorous and energetic as the little guy. Although there were quite a few of them there, in that short period of time, none of them could catch him.

“Junior brother, let us help you!” The five members of the Heaven Mending Pavilion also took action, fighting back against that group of people. They were all quite powerful.

In that short period of time, precious techniques danced about. Multicolored light scattered in disarray, and the nearby hills were all flattened. The group of people could not help but restrain their anger. They had a hard time calming down their state of minds.

“Stop hitting. This egg is about to be fully cooked, and is beginning to emit a clear smell.” The little guy opened his mouth, and scooped out the egg from within the cauldron. Following that, he directly threw it into the iron pot, using Huo Ling’er’s flame technique to carry out a barbecue.

In addition, he would use a large iron ladle to smash downwards from time to time, trying to crack open the egg.

After seeing this, the group of people were anxious, however they had no choice. This little brat was too formidable, and it was difficult to capture him in this short period of time.

“The egg shell is so hard, why can’t I crack it open? If Hairy Ball was here, then it would be perfect. Its teeth is the hardest and sharpest, and would definitely be able to bite this open,” muttered the little guy.

Hairy Ball did not following him, and was left behind within the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

In the end, the little guy used this golden egg as a shield, holding back all of their various precious techniques. He blocked the raging flames and splendid rays of lightning as well as other attacks, using them to carry out the barbecue.


Suddenly, the egg shell emitted a crisp sound, and a small chink opened up. A dense multicolored mist rushed out.

“Ah, it opened up! Stop hitting it, the egg was smashed open by you guys.” The little guy loudly shouted, revealing a look of surprise.

After hearing that, everyone was shocked. They all agreed by chance, and stopped their attacks. They flashed their gazes over, and quickly rushed over.

“Devilish brat, goddam it! You destroyed a divine creature’s egg, ah ah ah…” The group of people loudly shouted, and all types of precious technique once again flew out.

The little guy covered his head and sneaked away like a rat. He carried the golden divine egg on his shoulders, speaking forcefully and with justice, “I wasn’t the one that smashed it apart, it was you guys who blasted it open with precious techniques!”

“Rubbish, it was obviously smashed open by you. A young deity was killed, this is unforgivable!”

The group of people were loudly shouting, angrily attacking at him.


The golden egg once again rang out with noise. Another crack rang out, overflowing with gorgeous multicolored light; dense mist rose mysteriously.

“Something is wrong. Why do I feel like there’s something tossing and turning within this egg?” The little guy stopped. He muttered while hugging the egg.

At this time, everyone was shocked. They all stopped attacking, surrounding him in an instant.

They all listened carefully, and revealed astonished expressions. They then revealed happy expressions, because there truly was sound of activity within the egg, as if it wanted to break through the golden shell and come out.

The little guy was vigilant, and then took a few steps backwards before saying, “I’m warning you guys. You cannot steal, we will eat this egg together.”


Everyone wanted to spit out blood. This devilish brat still wanted to eat it! Leaving this golden egg in his hands was not safe after all.


The golden eggshell shattered, and a little thing appeared inside. Its entire body rested within the little guy’s palm.

“Ah! It hatched out a God!” The group of people loudly shouted, and they all shoved their way forward.

“Heavens! It really is a sovereign God, a really small young deity!” Huo Ling’er soft chest emotionally moved up and down. Her bright white skin flickered with crystal-like gloss. She really wanted to immediately seize it.

All of them charged forward together.

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