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Chapter 126 – Rain Clan

The lion carried a bold and powerful presence. Its entire body appeared to be cast in gold, robust and terrifying. Its golden matching fur was extremely dazzling, covering a body that was erupting with power. Its pupils were ice cold, as if it was an ancient sovereign deity. It walked in this way within the mountain abyss, shocking many creatures into trembling.

“I didn’t make an error right? That is a Nine-Headed Lion right? It is a species from legends, and upon growing up, it will have the power to open the skies. It is undefeatable, yet why is it now a mount?”

“What did I see? It really is a Nine-Headed Lion! I once saw it from the distance, and a single roar shook the mountains until they collapsed. This type of king usually looks at everything with disdain, so why is it currently yielding to a human?”

There were quite a few creatures that were shocked within the mountain abyss. The majestic Nine-Headed Lion was reputed as a king race among Archaic species. Divine blood flowed within its body, and its fame extended far and wide. Their race was glorious and world shattering, being known as divine kings within the Archaic years. Now, a golden lion with a terrifying bloodline was unexpectedly yielding to a human youth, turning into a mount! This was absolutely shocking news!

The little guy sat on top of the Nine-Headed Lion’s back, seeming rather satisfied. They traveled within the mountain forest and passed through the great fields. There were no creatures that dared to challenge them; they were all in fear with incomparable reverence.

To have this kind of mount, it really made him look majestic and awe-inspiring. They shook the entire mountain abyss. As they passed by, a great deal of creatures immediately fled, all of them trembling with fear.

“Little bro, you really are awesome. Just by walking in the mountain forest, ten thousand beasts were frightened. From leaving the grassland until now, we haven’t met with any troublesome people,” said the little guy.

After hearing that, the Nine-Headed lion wanted to cry. He was degraded into a mount! Traveling in this way, who wouldn’t be scared? In the ancient times, only deities could make a powerful race like theirs into mounts. Other than them, who dared?

Moreover, in the olden days, after their race transformed into pure-blooded Archaic vicious beasts, they directly massacred Gods. How many dared to provoke this type of savage race?

The Nine-Headed Lion was depressed. As they traveled over, they intimidated every direction. Even the geniuses of the other races fled; however, regarding itself, it was not that awe-inspiring, and was rather changed into a mount.

They separated from the Fire Nation princess and the Heaven Mending Pavilion disciples. The little guy wanted to find an old divine spring as well as other opportunities, and thus traveled out of that region.

“Your string of golden beads aren’t bad. Each one of them is like a small world, making people fear for their lives.” The little guy continuously praised its sparkling and translucent bone beads.

The Nine-Headed Lion was proud. You should think about where this string of beads originated from! This was meticulously polished from the golden bones of a great ancient sovereign. It possessed their bloodline’s terrifying strength, and when the Nine Spirits Emperor passed it down, it decided to treasure it with his life.

“Can you let me see?” The little guy had a bashful smile, extending his hand towards it, saying that he just wanted to looked at it for a bit.

‘No!” The Nine-Headed Lion’s mane stood up, and all of the golden fur stood erect. Its eyes immediately became serious, forcefully declining.

This was because it knew that if it gave it out, it would definitely be like hitting dogs with meat buns. This sworn brother was too savage; after getting his hands on it, he definitely wouldn’t return it.

“Junior brother, one has to be more generous. Only then can you swallow mountains and rivers and rule everything under the heavens.” The little guy was discontent.

“Once it gets in your hands, would I even be able to get it back? It would definitely become yours!” The Nine-Headed Lion replied. He seemed like he wouldn’t agree even if he was beaten to death.

The little guy shook his head and said, “Forget it. Isn’t it just a string of beads? Seeing you so excited, in the future, elder bro will gift you hundreds of them, making you so sick of seeing beads that you’ll want to vomit. Right, let me see those nine fierce teeth that can transform into golden swords. This should not be a problem right?”

“No way!” The Nine-Headed Lion was firm and decisive. It wouldn’t lend it out no matter what the little guy said.

“Little bro, this is where you are incorrect. It’s merely a single precious artifact, yet you won’t even let your senior bro look at it. Do you see how selfish you are being? When you do things, you need to be generous, and should not be like this!”

The Nine-Headed Lion refused to acknowledge this. It muttered apprehensively; if he could lose a treasure just by being a bit more generous, then it would rather be a bit more selfish.

Along the way, the little guy was giving earnest and well-meant advice. He continuously advised that the lion should be more magnanimous, and could not bicker over everything. Only then would he have great accomplishments in the future. He thought of every way possible to borrow the treasure, ad in the end they all failed.

In the end, he lifted his voice and said, “Are you going to lend it out or not?”

“Not lending!”

“Then don’t blame senior bro. I am going to seize it by force and take a look!” threatened the little guy.

“These two precious artifacts have already become a part of me a long time ago. If you force me anymore, than I might as well self-destruct!” The Nine-Headed Lion was straightforward, threatening right back.

“Stingy and selfish lion!” The little guy was extremely angry.

Aowu… The Nine-Headed Lion miserably cried out and said, “You ripped off a chunk of my mane! Is that being stingy? If you grab my fur again, I’m going to fight to the end with you!”

“You didn’t give me a precious artifact, so it should be fine to give me some golden fur right? Weaving it into a vest seems to be a good idea.”

“I’m going to fight you to the death!”

Along the way, the two were sometimes tossed up and down, and other times were angrily yelling at each other. There wasn’t a single moment of peace.

A mist floated about in front of them. They had already reached the limit of this region, and there was a passage that was emitting light that lead to a different region.


The little guy lifted up his hand, flashing his sparkling and translucent bone mirror. The mountains in the distance shook, and lightning hacked about. It frightened a group of creatures, and there was no lack of experts within that group.

The Nine-Headed Lion raised its head, and golden light shone brightly around its entire body. It forcefully took large steps forward and said, “During the last few days, what unusual things have happened around here?”

This happened right as they passed into the new region and entered a new strange and unfamiliar environment. They were just casually asking, and were not expecting news that would make their hearts jump.

“There are a few human experts who have been coming and going. They seemed to be waiting for someone, and have set up some sort of base at the other end,” passed on a vicious bird’s voice.

“There’s an ambush!” The Nine-Headed Lion was shocked.

“Little bro, the human race experts must have came to target you. They want to catch an Archaic descendant like you, because your entire body is precious. When the time comes and we take action, you need to try your best. Elder bro will lend you a helping hand from the side.” The little guy had a righteous atmosphere about him.

If it did not understand him, then the Nine-Headed Lion might actually feel touched. However, after being with him these past few days, it made it feel that this brat definitely was not that kindhearted. It hesitated and said, “I hear that many of the human race’s powers want to catch you. Could it be that the reason they came was to target you?”

The little guy had a righteous expression and refuted, “It is impossible for the internal struggle within my human race to be that cruel. Before entering, I once heard that there was a race that wanted to refine six spirit medicines, and need the precious blood of six types of Archaic species. Its obvious that you are on that medicine’s prescription. Even if it is the actions of my human race, I still cannot overlook it. This time, elder bro will lend you a helping hand, defeating them into a sorry state!”

The Nine-Headed Lion stared at him with the whites of his eyes; why did it feel like something was wrong? However, it could no longer feel at ease, because before entering, there really were similar rumors.

“Let’s go. We’ll choose a different passage and move around behind them. Within that other region, we’ll flank them, killing them easily,” said the little guy.

There were a total of two passages, and both of them lead to other worlds. They quickly changed direction, hurrying into a different route.

The Nine-Headed Lion was extremely fast, transforming into a ray of golden light as it rushed into the great land, alarming endless creatures.

In front of a different passageway, water vapors permeated the air. Multicolored light flickered, and the place behind them seemed to be like a country of water. There weren’t many creatures to be seen around here, because it really was rather desolate.

“Let’s go!”

The little guy urged the Nine-Headed Lion. They charged past, traveling on the golden passageway and over the boundary, leaving their former region.

Fine rain drizzled down, and a mist was curling about.

The little guy rushed over. He felt that this region’s spiritual essence was extremely rich. The only thing was that this type of humidity made them feel rather uncomfortable because they weren’t accustomed to it.

They traveled more than ten li, yet the rain continued to fall. The entire world was filled with water vapors, and the great land was full of lakes and rivers. It really was like a water country.

“There is a Flood Dragon there!”

The little guy pointed towards a river, letting the golden lion hurry over. They rushed down the river to catch the Flood Dragon beast, but in the end when they approached, that green Flood Dragon had already fled.

Many creatures were alarmed. They felt a wave of horror after seeing the youth riding on top of a Nine-Headed Lion. There wasn’t a single creature who did not retreat, and none of them wanted to provoke the two.


Suddenly, the Nine-Headed Lion carried the little guy into a mountain. An expanse of symbols flickered, and all types of divine radiance alternated. It was as if a sharp sword was chopping towards them.

This was a large calamity. Dense symbols were everywhere as divine light covered the sky. It submerged this entire area, terrifying to the point of making people tremble.

Hou… The Nine-Headed Lion angrily roared.

The little guy also hissed toward the sky. They did everything they could to resist.

This was a symbol formation, and they had stepped right onto it. They activated the ancient formation, bringing a calamity to this land. Rays of divine light swept past, razing the mountain forest to the ground.

“What a powerful formation!”

The two individuals exhausted everything to resist, both of them condensing precious artifacts. They began to attack, trying to break out; otherwise, a single moment of delay might lead to death.

The golden bone shears within the little guy’s hand emitted light, hacking apart a mountain and destroying a crucial point of the great symbol formation. The Nine-Headed Lion bellowed, spitting out a strand of beads from his mouth. He smashed apart a section of the forest, madly charging forward.

They crashed their way through the spell area. However, what met them was only a even more magnificent scene. Countless formation patterns once again lit up, submerging this area.

“There is another type of formation!”

The individual and his mount were both shocked. They did everything they could to continuously break the spell formations, trying to smash their way out.


Symbols flickered, and the mountain region once again shook. Another area of formations lit up, enveloping the area.

“F*cking shit! Just how many types of formations are there?” The Nine-Headed Lion was trembling inside, and had a bad premonition that something was wrong.

Following their actions, the entire region lit up with inexhaustible light. A total of ten murderous symbol formations were activated. They were buried in this area with the goal of killing them here.

It was precisely the little guy and the Nine-Headed Lion here. If they were to be replaced by others, the replacements would have long been chopped into meat paste, dying within these killing symbol formations.

The sky was densely packed, and there was divine light everywhere. All types of symbols irradiated, transforming into arrows of light, condensing into war spears, and assembling into divine swords. There were also small axes that weaved in and out as they attacked, and it was incomparably terrifying.

Finally, they attacked their way out. There were bloodstains on their bodies, carrying a few light wounds.

Who is it that set up this ambush?!” The Nine-Headed Lion angrily roared. It’s shoulder was swept by an area of symbols, causing fresh blood to flow. Golden light surged endlessly around its body, making it truly angry.

The little guy carried the bone mirror in his hand while staring into the distance. A sky shattering sound had been transmitted, and five killing symbol formations had been activated, shocking everyone from the distance.

“What? The killing formations have been broken?!”

There were a total ten people who rushed over, and all of them were extraordinary. All of them were young experts, and they revealed astonished expressions.

“Nine-Headed Lion!1” They cried out in alarm. After seeing a human and a mount walk out from within the smoke and dust, their eyes all revealed blank looks.

There was actually someone who made a Nine-Headed Lion yield! This made this party of people shocked. Originally, this was one of Shi Yi’s goals, as he wanted to come inside to look for a few mounts.

Currently, however, they felt that the person on top of that golden lion’s back was definitely not Shi Yi. It was actually another youth, making all of their hearts tremble.

“It’s him!”

After looking carefully, they recognized the little guy. It was precisely the devilish brat in the Void God Realm.

“Who are you guys? Why did you guys set up this formation to ambush me?” The little guy’s voice was ice cold.

Fine rain fluttered about, scattering onto the ten individual’s bodies. It made all of them soar with waves of precious light. All of their auras became bit more powerful. Their pupils were all ice cold, yet none of them opened their mouths to reply.

The clouds and mists bubbled forth, as if they were going to press down onto the ground, causing the rain to become even greater. This was not a natural phenomenon, and it was mostly likely due to the fact that these ten individuals were standing together that the rain began to pour down in torrents.

Upon seeing this, the little guy’s heart shivered; he could roughly guess their identity. According to legends, when the Rain Clan bathed in large rain, their divine ability would increase by a large amount.

“Eight years ago, my clan sent experts to stop Shi Ziling and his wife. Although we lost quite a few experts, we still managed to make them flee into the west covered in blood and heavy wounds. They most likely didn’t survive.”

One of them opened their mouth, and did not actually reveal the identity of their group. They only said this strange bit of information, and stared at the little guy, waiting for his response.

The little guy was expressionless as he coldly stared at them.

It was obvious that these people were trying to feel out his identity. If it was that child from back then, then he would definitely be overcome with anger, because this was a grudge that was hard to dissolve.

The little guy was originally a natural born sovereign, yet in the end, his supreme being bone was dug out by Shi Yi’s mother. Dripping in blood, it was implanted into the body of her own child, Shi Yi. This female was born in the Rain Clan.

In the end, they did not apologize, nor did they admit their own mistakes. Instead, they carried out a great ten thousand li hunt with the intention of eliminating Shi Ziling and his wife.

The little guy was incomparably cold and detached. He sat on top of the Nine-Headed Lion, and did not say a single sentence. He only raised the precious mirror within his hands!

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