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Chapter 120 – Seventh Heavenly Passage

The little guy was happy after hearing those words. He had constantly been at a loss as to whether or not to eat this archaic descendant. Now, there was finally a satisfactory solution.

“What items do we have for exchange?”

“Wait a moment, we need to confirm whether or not this is of the spirit race.” A mysterious person walked out from within the emperor carriage, and his entire body was being covered by a black cloak as he spoke out in a rough voice.

“This creature is from the spirit race?” The expressions of several disciples from the Heaven Mending Pavilion changed. They looked at each other, and couldn’t help but feel emotionally stirred.

The spirit race was a type of Archaic descendant. Their numbers were extremely few, however, the race still held enough power to make people tremble. The creature who the little disciple killed had an entirely silver body, and he ought to have the blood of emperors.

“It really is a spirit race. We are willing to exchange.” The black cloaked individual was straightforward. They had not been duped, and so the individual directly expressed his interest in this creature.

All of the young geniuses were emotionally moved. There was rare spirit blood passed down from this race’s body. As long as they could refine it, then it would definitely assist them in their comprehension of the Dao. It really was wonderful and supernatural.

“It truly is the spirit race.” A black gown covered his body, and the cloaked man walked towards the emperor’s carriage, reporting to his superiors.

“Alright, exchange with that Ziyun1 Heart.” A clear voice rang out, as if beads of various sizes were falling on a jade plate, extremely pleasant to listen to.

In the surroundings, more than forty geniuses were emotionally stirred. In addition, there were several individuals beside the emperor carriage who immediately expressed their disapproval.

“The Ziyun Heart is rarely produced, and is similar in value to an Archaic species. However, the medicinal effects are far more overbearing. When used for breaking through, it is extremely effective. Princess, please reconsider.”

“Spirit blood is extremely rare. Even if it is extracted from the body of an Archaic species, there is still no guarantee how many drops we will be able to refine. This is due to the fact that it is not something that is inherited, but rather condensed spiritually.”

Several people were advising against it.

However, scarlet multicolored light flashed within the emperor’s carriage. The imperial young lady had already made her decision, and she considered the spirit blood that could improve one’s comprehension of the Dao to be far more precious than other items.

The black cloaked individual walked out with a square jade cauldron in his hands. He did not say much, and handed it over. Even if he were to collapse, he would still be happy; he wanted to carry out the exchange as quickly as possible.

The little guy naturally wanted to look more carefully. After all, an Archaic species was incomparably precious, and one could not be careless while exchanging it. The three senior brothers and two senior sisters also gathered together to take a look.

When the jade cauldron was opened, a purple mist floated about. It continuously circulated around, and a sweet scent assailed everyone’s nostrils. It made the people’s pores relax and expand, making their bodies feel extremely comfortable.

In the center, there was an object that was as large as a person. It was entirely purple, sparkling and brilliant. It was just like a beautiful purple diamond. As it radiated with precious splendor, it overflowed with fragrance, floating with strand after strand of purple mist.

This was precisely the Ziyun Heart, and it came from a vicious Archaic descendant. It was a heart, but it seemed more like a giant purple gem, gorgeous and magnificent.

“It really was a precious medicine after all, and an extremely rare one!” The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s several disciples were gasping in surprise.

Those geniuses all revealed peculiar looks. They personally witnessed the battle not long ago, and had watched the beheading of the Ziyun Sable after exhausting quite a bit of force.

Although the fierce creature was known as a sable, it was instead classified as a bird.

This was because other than the head region resembling that of a sable, the rest of its body had the characteristics of a fierce bird. When it unfolded its wings, even outstanding heroes would have a hard time withstanding it.

It was merely a single Archaic species, yet it left the group of geniuses with beaten heads and scorched brows. If it were not for their numbers and the imperial daughter personally taking action, there would have most likely been disastrous casualties.  

From a certain point of view, this Ziyun Sable’s power could be considered to be more powerful than the silver creature. It was a pity that it met a group of experts and developed a conflict.

“Not bad!” The little guy was considerably satisfied. This purple heart was just as its name stated. Purple clouds rose, and they revolved around the area. It did not reek with the smell of blood, and on the contrary, emitted a wave of fragrance.

Beside the emperor’s carriage, those geniuses’ eyes were all burning. They stared at that heart, and they were all reluctant, not willing to exchange it. However, they had no choice. The main reason why they were able to slay this vicious bird was due to the princess’ efforts. In addition, half of these individuals were attracted by the imperial daughter, and the other half were the Fire Nation’s disciples. They all admired the little princess, and that as the reason why they followed along everywhere.

After the imperial daughter declared her decision, they had no choice even if they weren’t willing.

After the little guy received the jade cauldron, he looked towards the emperor carriage and said, “Junior princess, I am also from the Heaven Mending Pavilion. Why aren’t you coming out to meet your senior brother?”

The group of geniuses were baffled. This child simply talked too much drivel. Even if they were from the same school, how many actually dared to speak to the emperor’s daughter? There wasn’t a single person who didn’t show extreme respect, and they were all incomparably cautious and timid.

Even the five Heaven Mending Pavilion’s disciples were feeling a bit unnatural. Although they were similarly cultivating within the Ancient Sacred Land, they have never truly conversed with the princess. They only looked at her shadow from the distance.

Scarlet multicolored light flashed, and the curtain made out of pearls and jades was pushed to the side. A young lady walked out from within, and her age was roughly fifteen to sixteen. Her forehead was a sparkling white, and she had an oval face. Her black eyebrows were curved, and large eyes were brilliant like crystals. She had a radiance of spirituality around her.

Her skin was snow white, and although she was still a minor, her figure was excellent. It was not worse than those of eighteen or nineteen year old girls. She was taller than her peers by a head, and as she leisurely walked, her soft small waist swayed back and forth. It was as if she was a snake, and her curves were extremely elegant.

Her figure was extremely great. Her two legs were slender and straight, and as she walked over in this way, her curves were moving up and down. It was graceful and touching, making even eighteen and nineteen year old girls feel inferior.

“Brat, what did you call me?” The corners of Huo Ling’er’s lips slightly curled up. Her expression carried a hint of ridicule, and she said, “This small, yet still dare to take advantage of others.”

“I entered the school before you, so I ought to be your senior brother. Moreover, I am not younger than you by that much. Junior sister, after seeing your senior brother, you still aren’t going to show me proper etiquette?” The little guy was acting proud of his age and experience, raising his chin as he spoke to this beautiful girl.

Everyone had a silly look on their faces. This brat was truly like a large thorn. He even dared to take advantage of the princess, this really was not being scared of anything.

“Yi!” The imperial emperor’s most beloved daughter had light circulating within her eyes. Her beautiful delicate face carried a startled expression. She continuously stared at the little guy and said, “Could it be that it really is you?”

Hearing the princess saying these things, all of the geniuses were stumped for words. Following that, they all stared at his dirty little face, wanting to see more clearly.

In the fight that happened not too long ago, the little guy used quite a bit of effort to behead the silver creature. It made his head and face filthy with grime, catching quite a few bloodstains. His real face was about to be covered up.

“Devilish brat!” Suddenly, someone shouted, recognizing him.

Since they entered this little world, the little guy had restored his original appearance. He had nothing to fear, as a result, someone recognized him after careful observation.

“Heavens, he really is that devilish brat! He actually showed himself!” A group of people loudly shouted, and all of their gazes were burning. They slowly walked up with the goal of catching him.

“You are the devilish brat! Your whole family are devilish brats.” The little guy shouted back, and then blinked his large eyes. He emitted a expression of precaution, and said, “I am warning you guys! Don’t come any closer, or else I’ll eat all of you!”

Within the Void God Realm, there were many people who wanted to catch the devilish brat to give him a good beating. This group of genius youths were naturally affected as well. They rubbed their fists and wiped their palms in preparation of swarming him.

It was precisely the emperor’s most beloved daughter who was the most eager to give it a try. Her large eyes emitted light, and her small fists were clenched. Her small waist was bent, and her posture was extremely confusing. Although she was still young, her curves were astonishing. They were close to perfect, and her glowing white charming face had excitement written all over it. She really wanted to take action and catch that youth.

“Junior sister, when meeting your senior brother, you shouldn’t be so intimate. It won’t leave a good first impression.” The little guy took a few steps back, and did not want to be surrounded by a group of geniuses.

“Go together, catch him!” Suddenly, the emperor’s daughter shouted, and over ten geniuses made their moves from every direction, charging forward together.

“Wait and see! I’ll take care of you guys when I return!” The little guy jumped, vanishing like a wisp of smoke. He did not want to get beaten up by the group of people.

The most important thing was that he wanted to break through. He held the Ziyun Heart in his hands; if he did not refine it quickly, then he would continue to feel uneasy. As long as he broke through, his strength would be improved by a large amount.

“Chase! Catch the devilish brat alive!” A group of people loudly shouted and pursued closely. However, the little guy was too fast, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the forest.

“Senior brothers and sisters, you all follow junior princess. I’m leaving first.” The little guy’s voice rang out from the distance, and he was unexpectedly already stationed at a mountain peak. It made many of the chasing individuals stunned; this speed was simply too fast.

Several days later, within an ancient cave, a gust of lightning resonated outwards. Purple energy rose, clouds and mist were faintly discernible as they continuously spilt out from within the cave. Waves of multicolored light surged out, auspicious and bright.


An overcast roar rang out, and the little guy broke through. The seventh Heavenly Passage was opened, and the ‘magma’ bubbled forth. It flowed continuously, pouring into his body.

With a hong sound, the mountain was split open. A lump of purple light wrapped around a small figure that was walking out. A terrifying aura was being emitted, and the surrounding fierce beasts were all shocked into jumping. The mountain forest was thrown into a state of disorder.

A long time later, the purple light was recollected, and the propitious vapors disappeared. The little guy’s body was revealed, and he was incomparably happy; he actually broke through. Not much time had passed since the exchange, yet he broke through the barrier, improving by another level.

For others, it might take a year, or maybe even several years to open up a Heavenly Passage, yet he actually broke through in succession within such a short period of time. If this type of speed was released to the public, it would definitely be considered terrifying.

His two legs stomped onto the ground, and the forest was smashed apart on the spot. He was like a Peng2, and shot up into the sky. Following that, he crossed over a large mountain ridge in front of him as if he was soaring in the sky.

“Yi, that little brat didn’t go far after all, choosing to carry out his breakthrough nearby.” An emperor carriage had made a stop within a mountain valley. Many people stood nearby, and after hearing the sound of activity, they saw the little guy.

When everyone saw him, they felt as if they saw a flying Devil God. Each and every one of them had their mouths open in shock, and could not believe what had just happened!

Within the mountain valley, other than the Fire Nation princess, there was still a few other well-known individuals from various races. They were all extraordinary, and their strength formidable. It seemed as if they were conducting some type of trade with the humans here.

The little guy naturally saw the princess and the others. He did not avoid them, and descended onto the ground. After creating a huge crater, he began to walk toward the valley.

“You truly know how to shock people, breaking through in such a short period of time.” The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s three senior brothers and two senior sisters were also there, and they all walked over to welcome him.

“This human…” Suddenly, a horned humanoid with a pair of feathered wings frowned. He took out a picture scroll, and after comparing it with the little guy, he cried out in fear, “It’s you! The Nine-Headed Lion and others are all striving to get you as their battle servant. You are actually here.”

“Where exactly is that deformed lion? Hurry up and tell him to get his butt over here!” This was not the first time that such a thing happened to the little guy. His little face darkened, and his teeth were tightly clenched as he took large steps over.

“What a fierce temperament. Don’t be angry. The Nine-Headed Lion and the others are all so powerful. Gaining or losing a battle servant is not that big of a deal for them, and wouldn’t even be used that often. How about you come and rely on my king? Become his servant.”


The little guy did not say much. A palm flew out, symbols covered the sky, and a sound rang out. Golden-colored lightning rushed out like an ocean wave, creating a pa sound. That horned and winged creature flew out, turning into coal.

“You really have guts. You even dare to kill a Feather King?” The other individuals shouted out, and they were all from various tribes.

“That Feather King was annoying, and since he was humanoid, he can’t be my meal. I want the Nine-Headed Lion, Fei Yi, and others.” After the little guys spoke, he once again lifted up his hand. His ten fingers shot out ten strands of lightning, covering the sky. These creatures from various races were pierced through, turning into ashes.

Within the vicinity of the emperor carriage, the group of human geniuses were shocked. This devilish brat was truly formidable; with just a wave of his hand, he immediately killed several individuals from the other races.

“Good!” The Fire Nation princess had excitement in her eyes. Although she was just like many others and wanted to catch the little guy to give his butt a good beating, she restrained her urge and said, “You are so powerful, why don’t you join us? I have already gotten in touch with the Nine-Headed Lion, Feather King, Silver-Blood Giant, and a few other powerful creatures. We are going to the Divine Cave to seize a treasure.

“There will be that deformed lion there? The little guy’s eyes suddenly opened wider.

“There will be!” The princess nodded her head, and her slender body moved. Her lotus body leisurely took steps, arriving in front. Her beautiful curves were astonishing.

“Alright, I want to go. I have to turn it into stew!” The little guy tightened his fist.

“Don’t be so vicious. He is our ally, and we are going to the Divine Cave together.” The princess’ eyes shone like crystals. The corners of her mouth were slightly raised, and she teased, “You need to be obedient, or else I will spank your butt.”

A pa sound rang out. The little guy did not show a single trace of politeness, slapping her luxurious butt. He blinked his large eyes and asked, “Spank like this?”

“You dare to… Hit my…” The Fire Nation princess was stunned. Soon after, her charming face was thoroughly red, immediately revealing a mouthful of shining small teeth. She bit her red lips, and symbols surged all around her body, filling the sky.

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