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Chapter 121 – Encounter

Huo Ling’er flipped out, and her head of black hair scattered about. Her crystal like large eyes were opened widely as multicolored light coiled around her body. Her clothes fluttered about, as if they were dancing in the breeze.

“Stop! If you have words, then say it nicely.” The little guy quickly retreated after he felt a wave of burning heat. He noticed just now that the ground he previously stood on was thoroughly red, and the stones were about to melt.

The Fire Nation princess went crazy. Her small cherry mouth was opened, and a flame sprayed out. The entire area immediately surged with lava.

“Heavens, you can breath fire. You are just like those great Evil Dragons from legends!” The little guys was baffled, once again retreated a bit of distance.

“You are the Evil Dragon!” Huo Ling’er was furious after hearing those words, and her eyes were about to erupt into flames. In front of her body, the flames transformed into a scarlet sparrow. It threw itself over with a surging and blazing heatwave. It was vivid and lifelike, as if a vermilion bird had appeared.

The little guy did not retreat any more. A silver disk appeared behind him, roughly the same size of his body. It emitted a clear and cold radiance, enshrouding him and blocking that sky covering flame.

“Junior sister, if you have words to say, say them nicely. Don’t throw a tantrum. Archaic Evil Dragons are all like this. If you keep acting like this, you are going to scare everyone away,” said the little guy. He opened up the seventh Heavenly Passage in succession, and so he was currently vigorous with essence energy. Within this group of geniuses in this small world, he could also be considered a type of expert.

“Junior sister, forget about it. Junior brother he… He is only being naughty, so there is no need to bicker with him.” The other five geniuses from the Heaven Mending Pavilion rushed over, trying their best to mediate the current situation.

The multicolored light around Huo Ling’er’s body was restrained. The scarlet flame vanished, restoring her original appearance. She glared at the little guy and said, “Still so young, yet already so naughty. Who knows what will happen when you grow up. If you want my forgiveness, that’s possible. This time, you must go to the Divine Cave, and cannot clash with the Nine-Headed Golden Lion.”

“Fine, on the premise that they don’t provoke me.” The little guy was overjoyed.

Divine Cave was located on top of a field. The grass was as tall as a human, and feral wolves were howling. This area was extremely remote, and it was difficult to see signs of human habitation.

The party entered the grassland. Along the way, they passed by many giant wolves. They were taking precautions as they passed through the rough grass. The setting sun died the sky in scarlet, and the volcanic ash made the prairie seem even more desolate.

“Little junior brother, you actually dare to do such a thing. That is the daughter that the Fire Nation emperor dotes on the most. Typically, even the great nobles would give her quite a bit of face when they see her,” said a senior brother from the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

“Didn’t she want to spank my butt? I am only doing to her what she said she would do,” said the little guy.

“She is merely joking around, it’s not like she actually smacked you,” said a senior sister unhappily.

“I didn’t even use all my strength, and only gently patted a bit. It is just like a tickle, and she actually isn’t in pain.” The little guy spoke forcefully and with justice.

In front, the Fire Nation princess within the emperor carriage opened her crystal like large eyes, and was about to breathe out fire again.

“Junior sister, stop scowling. Your senior brother here is not trying to nag you, but there are certain aspects that you should really change about yourself.” The little guy did not take her glare lying down, and directly spoke out.

“What are you trying to say?” Huo Ling’er grinded her teeth. Within her bright-colored lips, her white teeth were flickering with sparkling luster.

“First of all, you need to lose weight. Do you see how big your butt is? In addition, it’s so round. After slapping it, it continuously bounced around. This is not good for cultivation.” The little guy seemed to be extremely serious.

The prairie immediately became quiet, and soon after, everyone looked at the little guy. They were all stunned, and looked as if they saw a ghost. Was this devilish brat trying to initiate a challenge? To duel with the emperor’s most beloved princess?!

“Look, I am correct right? Everyone acknowledges, and none of them are refuting, approving my words,” continued the little guy.


Huo Ling’er’s face was thoroughly deep red. A mouthful of blood was almost spat out, and her body flew out of the emperor carriage. Symbols interweaved, and a pair of vermilion bird wings appeared behind her back. Scarlet and translucent, she charged towards the little guy.

“I am going to kill you, you rotten embryo!” Huo Ling’er made threatening gestures with her large eyes and spew out flames. Her slender and wonderful body was like a water snake in the sky, twisting around in inconceivable trajectories.

“Ah, junior sister, what kind of precious technique is that? To be able to construct wings, teach me, okay?” The little guy seemed to be a good student modestly asking for guidance.

“Rotten embryo!” With a wave of the Fire Nation princess’ hands, scarlet flames were like lightning as they quickly dropped down, enveloping the area below.

The little guy made himself scarce and ran, not deciding to fight with her. He charged towards the Divine Cave within the depths of the grasslands. He ran while yelling, “Junior sister, it’s not that I’m scolding you, but your temperament is too awful. Having a big butt is nothing serious, so wouldn’t it be okay as long as you lost some weight? Exercise a bit more, and you will be healthy and beautiful like me.”

“I am going to kill you!” Huo Ling’er shouted through her silver teeth. Who dared to take liberties with the precious daughter of the human emperor? Even when they talked to her, they spoke with reverence. Today however, a immature youngster actually repetitively spoke out ‘random words,’ making her so mad that her stomach was in pain.


On top of the grassland, a great flame burned, engulfing everything in front of her. The rough grass was set aflame, transforming it into a sea of fire.

This was a great chase, and in the end, the little guy decided to fight back. He collided fiercely with Huo Ling’er and fought within the ashes, shocking everyone there into raising their eyebrows.

This was the human emperor’s daughter, and was known to be an absolute genius. She was reputed to be a heaven warping divine talent, and was extremely powerful. Now, however, she was actually fighting so intensely with a child, and within this short period of time, it was difficult to see who was going to win.

Finally, the battle began to settle. The little guy was just as lively as before, but Huo Ling’er was gasping for breath. Upon seeing this, everyone was in complete shock.

A mountain extended outward in front of them, and was incomparably huge and imposing. A mountain like this within this grassland was rather out of place; it was extremely majestic.

Halfway up the mountain was a black hole. No one knew how deep it was, and it emitted an indescribably aura.

At the foot of the mountain, a group of creatures were waiting. They were all extremely powerful as they glared like a tiger watching its prey, revealing an ominous glint in their eyes.

The few creatures that headed the group in particular were rather extraordinary. They all had distinct appearances, for example, a lion whose body was entirely gold and a silver giant whose body surpassed ten meters. There was even a humanoid creature with a golden horn on his head with two wings on its back.

Behind them, they each had a group of followers. There was no lack of human geniuses within them, and currently they had all surrendered, becoming their servants.

“You guys finally came, too slow. Yi, Fire Nation princess, did you just experience a great battle? You seemed to have used up quite a bit of energy, appearing rather exhausted.” The silver giant opened its mouth. Its voice was like a great clock, ringing out with honglonglong sounds. It shook everything until even the mountain walls were trembling.

“Don’t say random things, my junior sister is currently losing weight,” replied the little guy.

After hearing the two words ‘losing weight’, Huo Ling’er angrily opened her two eyes. It was as if she was irritated to her limit, and almost erupted in anger again.

“Yi, you are…” The golden horned rainbow winged humanoid creature — Feather King, revealed a surprised expression.

The Nine-Headed Lion even more so turned around its head to look toward this direction. Following that, he looked at a scroll, and after comparing a bit, said, “It’s you… The powerful battle servant I have been looking for.”

Its body was actually not that large, but it was completely covered in golden scales. It was as if he was forged out of gold, and the bright and resplendent gold that was emitted was like a mountain as it oppressed everyone. Blood essence was surging, and the sound was like lightning, terrifying everyone to their souls.

At this time, the Nine-Headed Lion seemed to have received a pleasant surprise and said, “My servant, follow the mighty king. In the future, I will grant you endless glory.”

“That’s not necessarily the best way. My silver blood giant race has a similarly unrivaled background. Human youth, follow me and become my servant. In the days to come, you will inevitably shake the great earth, becoming the emperor of a new line of nobles.” The silver giant opened its mouth. Its voice was like lightning, and his body was extremely large. It was like a small mountain.

“You two should stop bickering. The humans and our feather race are quite similar in bodily forms. He ought to become my battle pet.” The Feather King opened its mouth.

The little guy’s face was extremely ugly. He reached out with his hands, pointing at the Feather King and Silver Giant while saying, “You two move to the side and wait. I won’t eat humanoids, so become my servant.” Following that, he then pointed towards the Nine-Headed Golden Lion and said, “You are the first one to hoot about wanting me as your battle pet. I really don’t know how to forgive you, so come into the pot.”

The group of creatures all stared blankly. They stared at the human youth with looks of bewilderment.

The Feather King laughed and said, “A battle servant needs to be unyielding and have their own temperament. Otherwise, how could they travel throughout the lands.” While speaking, he took action.

The Silver Blood Giant did not dare to fall behind, and it also took steps forward. It extended its dustpan like hands to grab towards the little guy with the intention of suppressing and receiving a new servant.

The golden lion even more so roared loudly. An expanse of golden light was scattered, and its precious technique was used. He wanted to shake off the other two and subdue the little guy alone.

“You guys are making me angry!” The little guy’s face sunk. What did these three creatures think he was was? It was as if he was already their servant a long time ago, and that it didn’t matter how they treated him. Their dialogues did not include him at all, and these three individuals were fighting over him.

He directly leaped up, simply and directly sending a fist towards the Silver Blood Giant, colliding with that giant dustpan like palm. The sky rang with a thunder-like sound, and symbols exploded.

Within the grassland, the rough grass was completely toppled over. It was swept by an unrestrained wave of air. It fell onto the ground, and many giant stones were thrown into the sky in disorder.

The Silver Blood Giant howled loudly, and its body staggered backwards. Its dustpan-like large palm was dripping with blood. The little guy once again leapt up, sending a kick towards the Feather King.

The Feather King flapped its wings, and its rainbow-colored divine feathers launched it into the sky. It was as if a divine arrow shot into the sky, resounding with an ear-splitting noise.


The little guy’s entire right leg was emitting light. Golden lightning erupted, sweeping horizontally towards that divine feather. With a dingdang sound, and then finally with a peng, he struck the Feather King.

He fell onto the ground, and the Feather King was sent flying by that tremendous force. From the corners of its lips flowed a stream of blood.

“Rely on you guys?” The little guy coldly laughed and said, “Becoming my battle pet would make more sense!”

With a hong sound, golden light submerged the heaven and earth. The Nine-Headed Lion pounced over, and it was extremely powerful. He was several times more powerful than the other two creatures. The nine heads hissed and roared, shaking the mountains and rivers.

The little guy’s heart was startled. This Nine-Headed Lion was terrifying after all. Its symbols were too profound, and it had been cultivating for a long time. Its realm was higher than his, and the strength of its blood vessels were astonishing.

It had just thrown itself over, yet the ground had already split open. That golden claw was over 300,000 jin in weight, and its killing intent was oppressing. Many of the people there couldn’t stand any longer, and were blown back by the frantic golden aura.

Sand and rocks flew about on the ground, and rough grass had long turned into fine powder. Millstone sized boulders were like rain, and several thousand jin rocks were like hail. Everything was being engulfed by the golden storm, smashing towards the little guy.

“Turn back!”

The little guy approached and moved a murderous weapon. His hand held the mirror created from the Suan Ni’s bone, shining an expanse of symbols. It resisted the great storm, sending it back, rolling towards the Golden Lion’s location.

Moreover, he hid within a giant stone. He charged over and arrived, and like a leaf dropping, he descended onto the Golden Lion’s back as light as a feather. He grabbed the hair on its temples and said, “Using you as a mount is not bad, but I really want to eat roasted lion!”

Hou… The Nine-Headed Lion roared loudly, and its entire body emitted light. Dense symbols covered its body, and it shook off the little guy in an instant. The two were not far from each other, and precious techniques erupted.

With a weng sound, the little guy’s Suan Ni bone mirror hack downwards, and the lightning radiance was astonishing. On the other hand, a string of bone beads emerged from within the Nine-Headed Lion’s body, all of those beads sparkling and translucent. It erupted with a brilliant radiance, canceling out this attack.


The two individuals swapped positions. The Nine-Headed Lion disappeared from its position, avoiding the little guy’s attack. It shifted into the distance, and its heart coldly shivered.

Everyone at the scene carried expressions of stupidity. This human youth was too powerful! It was one human versus three Archaic descendants. He forced two of them back, and fought with the Nine-Headed Lion on equal terms. He did not falter at all; it was too astonishing!

“You are extremely powerful. A few days ago, the spirit race’s Mu Feng went to look for you. He left but did not return, so I’m guessing that he died as a result of battle right?” The golden lion opened its mouth. While its eyes opened and close, the golden radiance was like blade aura, oppressing the people to the limit.

“I ate him,” said the little guy.

“What?!” There were a group of other races here. They were all shocked to the point where their eyes were staring and their mouths were open; their fine hairs were all standing erect.

“What is there to be so surprised about? The reason why I entered the Hundred Shattering Mountains this time is to make a pure blooded Archaic beast youth yield. For example, a Golden Winged Peng’s descendant. As for you guys, don’t provoke me. If you move out of the way for me, then I’ll let it go. However, if you dare to provoke me, you can only come into my pot.” The little guy opened his mouth, revealing a mouthful of snow white small teeth.

Truly savage and too unbridled; this was what all of the other races were thinking.

“Beat me first before you brag!” The golden lion’s pupils were ice cold. He was currently incomparably awe-inspiring, taking large steps forward. Its claws dropped down, rupturing the great earth.

“Your outward appearance is not bad. Even when you fall, you appear formidable. How about you become my mount for the next few days. I’ll eat eight of your smaller heads, leaving you with the middle one,” spoke the little guy seriously.

“You’re looking for death!” The Nine-Headed Lion erupted in fury. Each of the nine heads released a streak of golden radiance. They were like nine swords, all of them were golden. They were extremely gorgeous as they sliced towards the little guy.

“I am doing this for your sake. Growing so many heads, it is definitely a deformity. It is better if those other eight are beheaded, then at least they would be able to become a precious medicine dish.” The little guy dodged the nine flying swords. Endless lightning erupted, drowning out everything in front of him.

He began to fight a great battle with the golden lion. While fighting, he said towards Huo Ling’er, “Junior sister, these golden lion heads are precious medicine. In a bit, we will roast it. I will treat you as well as a few others from our school to eat. However, you have to remember after eating to lose weight.”

The Fire Nation princess was so angry that her dark eyebrows were jumping. She felt as if her mental state was a bit deranged. Could it be that her beautiful buttocks were truly that fat? Otherwise, why did this rotten embryo keep bringing it up?

“Nine-Headed Lion, didn’t you say that you want to be on the same level as pure blooded Archaic vicious beasts in the future? Quickly oppress him!” shouted Huo Ling’er.

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