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Chapter 119 – Harvesting Defeated Descendant

The silver-colored creature was standing on top of a boulder, and he had a stunned expression on his face. He stared blankly; was this child in front of him really a human? How could he be so savage, to actually want to eat him!

“Scared? You should quickly go wash yourself and then come into the pot.” The little guy stared with his eyes wide open at him.

Exactly who was a human, and who was the Archaic descendant? The silver creature felt his mind becoming a bit disordered; why did it feel like the two individuals’ race had been swapped?

“You… Are you sure you are talking to me?” he asked in hesitation.

“Waste of words, other than you, what other edible things are there around here?” The little guy replied boldly and confidently.

Aohou… The silver-colored creature roared, shaking the entire mountain forest. Leaves flew about, and his face was incomparably downcast. Silver light collected together, revealing his true body.

He was simply angered to his limit. Never had he met such a human before, to even want to eat him? Have you gone insane?

He had a humanoid body, but thin scales covered his body. His face was similar to that of a human’s due to his flesh. In addition, he could be considered to be extremely handsome. What was relatively unique was that his two pupils were both silver-colored, flickering and threatening. Silver hair draped over his head like a waterfall.

Up until now, it was always him who ate others. When other creatures saw him, they would all flee, and now a human who wanted to eat him actually appeared. His expression showed displeasure and bewilderment, and he transformed into a ray of silver light as he charged over.

“Let me teach you how to show respect to your future king!”

The silver light was like a wave as it poured over, frantic and astonishing. It arrived in a flash, and a fist smashed toward the little guy’s head. It brought with it a gale of wind, and over ten boulders weighing over a hundred jin within the vicinity soared into the sky.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion disciples were all shocked. This creature was definitely powerful! Just the gale that was carried over caused so many stones to fly; just how powerful was he?

The little guy cried out loudly, and unexpectedly went up to meet the attack. He was prepared to welcome the attack with one of his own, and his black hair flew behind him. It made him appear a less immature and more heroic as he exhaled.


The two individuals’ fists collided, emitting a world-shaking sound. It was as if a clap of thunder rang out, and the silver-colored creature suddenly opened its eyes wide; it was extremely shocked. Following that, symbols covered his palms densely, quickly interweaving before shooting out.

Just like that, the two individuals fell backwards. The little guy’s eyes emitted light and stared at him, eager to give it another try. He was prepared to once again charge over, and he had a look of unruliness about him.

The silver creature’s palms were lightly trembling. He inhaled a breath of cold air; he was actually not a match in terms of pure physical strength. If it were not for the usage of symbols as support at the crucial moment, he might have paid bitterly for it.

His hand flicked out, and threw the four stalks of spirit medicine to the side. It dropped on top of a mountain, preventing them from being destroyed during the battle.

Following that, he once again took action. His silver pupils suddenly emitted light, forming two rays of silver radiance. They were several dozen meters long, quickly shooting out with a power more terrifying than divine arrows.

The little guy’s expression remained undisturbed, and he quickly took action. His palms became transparent, forming a golden color. A vigorous lightning crackled and rattled, enveloping everything instantly.

The entire area began to burn magnificently! Golden lightning and silver radiance danced about!

The little guy shifted horizontally, and a strand of black hair was sliced off. In addition, a gash resulted from a streak of silver light. Blood flowed out from that wound, and he was lightly wounded.

It was beyond dangerous. If he leaned a bit more, then that silver light would have pierced through his throat. That terrifying attack would have continued to cut through, making his head drop to the ground.

Meanwhile, burnt scars appeared on that silver creature’s body. He staggered backwards, and chunks of scales fell. He revealed a shocked expression and said, “Suan Ni’s precious technique!”

“Truly powerful.” The little guy rubbed the bloodstain at his neck, revealing an astonished expression.

“So powerful, no wonder that Nine-Headed Golden Lion wanted you as his battle servant. I have decided to snatch you away from him!” The silver creature spoke, and the light within his pupils burned even more furiously. At the same time, the surroundings began to surge with silver light, burning fiercely. His body was in the center, and he was like a king overlooking his servant. In an instant, his aura increased in intensity by tenfold!

The several individuals from the Heaven Mending Pavilion sucked in a breath of cold air. This Archaic descendant was more powerful than they had imagined. Although it was still not fully matured, it already had the aura of a king.


He slaughtered his way over, bringing with him a silvery light. It was as if a vast body of water swept its way over. The little guy revealed a serious expression, and the radiance of lightning flickered about. Golden light rushed into the heavens, and he transformed into a young lightning deity. Golden lightning would form just by a lift of his hand. It danced about left and right, zapping this entire area.


A twenty thousand or so jin boulder was transformed into fine powder under the lightning radiance. The golden lightning covered the sky, shaking people to their souls.


The silver light hid the sky and covered the earth. It leveled an entire section of the forest, transforming it into dust. Only an empty mess remained.

The little guy fought fiercely with this silver creature while risking life and limb. He quickly moved his body, and a dazzling scene was taking place between these two individuals. It was so brilliant that the spectators couldn’t open their eyes, and precious symbols and techniques covered everywhere.

This creature’s cultivation surpassed that of the little guy, and he a level higher. He wanted to oppress this human genius with absolute power, but to his surprise, this youth was too troublesome, avoiding several of his fatal attacks.

The little guy was excited and was not fearful at all. The longer they fought, the more brave he became.

This silver creature took in and released symbols continuously as he attacked the little guy. A vast expanse of silver expanded downwards, and at the same time, his pupils began to flourish with light. The two precious techniques combined together as they attack outward.

Suddenly, a streak of splendid light radiated, and the symbols within the little guy’s palm interweaved. A bone mirror that was as sparkling and translucent as jade appeared, blocking the light emitted from the pupils of the opposing party and reflecting it back.


The silver creature released a muffled shout and staggered backwards. Two bloody holes appeared in his shoulders, and blood was flowing out as he exposed a shocked expression.

“You actually obtained the precious bone of the Suan Ni and refined it into a supreme treasure…”

Powerful races all detested having their precious techniques leaked out, and would all shatter their precious bones before dying, destroying everything. It was a very rare event for them to leave behind this type of primitive bone.

“Sorry about that. The mirror was quite slippery, and it fell out of my bosom.” The little guy’s apology truly lacked sincerity, causing the silver creature’s pupils to feel a chill.

He had been cultivating for a longer time than his opponent, and was a realm higher than his opponent’s level. He couldn’t even use this to suppress his opponent, and now that the little guy used his precious artifact, it left him with nothing left to say.


The silver creature opened its mouth, and spat out a lump of light. With a gust of wind, it transformed into a silver colored fan. It faced the little guy and fanned its way over, the boundless white waves overflowing the heavens.

The little guy used the mirror to defend himself, stopping that figure. However, the mountain region behind him exploded with rocks and sand. All of the tall and ancient trees were pulled up by the roots, shattering in the sky. In addition, a mountain was split up into pieces, as if it had an encounter with a lightning deity; mountain rocks were rumbling and tumbling.

This scene was too terrifying. The precious artifact’s power was incredible, shaking one to the core. It made the geniuses from the Heaven Mending Pavilion who were watching the fight in the distance feel fear and trepidation in the face of this disaster. This silver creature was definitely a descendant of an unimaginably powerful race of kings.

Otherwise, with his age so young, yet possessing this type of powerful fan, it shouldn’t have appeared in the hands of such a young descendant.

Of course, they were also shocked at the little guy. This little junior disciple’s background was too generous right? They actually had the precious bone of a Suan Ni, refining it into a bone mirror; they really had difficulty believing it.


The little guy erupted with a clap of thunder, loudly shouting. He flipped over the bone mirror in his hands, aiming the other side straight at the silver creature. The sparkling and translucent bone had a symbol on it, and it flickered with the light of lightning.

With a violent hong sound, an enormous streak of lightning flew out. This was the profound mystery of the Archaic descendant Suan Ni, and it was compatible with that of a mirror. After being activated, its divine might was astonishing.

The silver creature’s expression changed color, and he waved the fan in his hands. Silver radiance hid the sky and covered the earth, colliding with that enormous streak of golden lightning. As a result, a bright and resplendent multicolored light was emitted.

In the end, the two individuals backed up a few steps. They both revealed shocked expressions, gasping in admiration at their opponent’s precious artifact.

“You really make me amazed. You are simply a human, and even though your age is so young, your strength is this powerful. It is the first time I have seen such a thing.” Although the silver creature’s age was not that great, his period of cultivation was still longer than the little guy’s. He still could not deal with his opponent, leaving him with an ugly look of disbelief.

“Now you know what is powerful right? How about this, I wouldn’t eat you, and you become my servant!” the little guy teased.

The veins on the silver creature’s head were jumping, and he immediately said, “I refuse to be your battling pet. The Nine-Headed Lion and the others should also forget about succeeding. Today, I will tear you apart and devour you. No one should think about obtaining a powerful servant.”

After the little guy heard what was said, his face immediately darkened. He was fuming with rage and said, “How many other Archaic descendants have this kind of thinking? I think you all grown tired of living. My menu will now have not only roasted lion and tiger bone soup, and it seems like a few more specialty dishes will have to be added. Only… you are the most useless. Can only be killed, and then exchanged for treasure!”

He began to display his might, and the precious mirror in his hands began to sparkle. He began to continuously make moves, and fiercely fought.

“I don’t want to waste any more time, receive death!” The silver creature coldly howled, spitting out a dagger. Silver light flickered, and flew out in an instant.

While these things were happening, he used all of his strength to wave his silver fan. It restricted the bone mirror in the little guy’s hand, making it hard for him to pull out the power needed to block the dagger.

The silver-colored dagger was polished out of a precious bone, and although its power fell short of the precious fan, it was still not something to look down on.


On top of the little guy’s head suddenly emerged a volcano, and ‘magma’ was bubbling. Waves of dragon cries rang out, and following that, a terrifying and strange lump of golden light rushed out.

With a kacha sound, that dagger was twisted into snapping. It fell onto the ground, snapping into two chunks.

The little guy’s precious artifact had two golden bones that were linked together. The light beams were astonishing, and even the sun was overshadowed. Waves of dragon cries and flood dragon hisses were emitted.

“What the f*ck?” The silver-colored creature was astonished. The opposing party took out another powerful precious artifact; this was simply too astonishing.

With a chi sound, that lump of golden light flew out, as if two young horned dragons were intersecting. They formed a precious pair of shears, streaking out in a flash.

“Not good!” He turn around and ran. He relied on his higher realm to fight on par with the little guy. Now that he was defeated in terms of precious artifacts, he could only run.

Afterwards, the golden bone shears slowed down a bit before once again rushing out. His left arm was broken, and fell down with a pu sound. It was cut off, and blood splashed everywhere.

“Damn it!”

His mouth was making a clear hissing sound, and the precious fan in his hands rotated. It propped himself up and emitted a immeasurable light. Afterwards, he stuck close to the ground and ran at top speed into the distance.

“Where are you going?!” The little guy lightly shouted. The bone mirror emitted light, supporting his two legs. As fast as lightning, he stuck to the ground and chased.

Doing this expended a great deal of spiritual energy, however, the two individuals did not have the time to worry over such things. One was fleeing for his life, and the other was as fast as lightning; both of them wanted to overcome the other.

“Where did this little junior brother come from? Why does he have such powerful precious artifacts? How could an ordinary person have such items? Every single one of them could be considered a clan’s supreme treasure!”

The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s disciples sighed with regret. The little guy’s trump cards were too astonishing. At the crucial points, he actually brought out two precious artifacts that were this powerful.

They did not know that the little guy won these precious artifacts by risking his own life, and that they were not bestowed upon him by a clan elder.

Several people were chasing after them, and they picked up the broken arm as well as the four stalks of spirit medicine. They were worried that the little guy would suffer losses, and that something unexpected would happen.

After a long time, they finally found them by tracing the marks left by their battle. It had already ended, and blood stained the ground.

The little guy sighed deeply, and did not have a smile on his face. Instead, he felt indescribable grief, scaring several of them for a moment. It felt as if this junior disciple had met with some misfortune.

“Little junior brother, what happened?”

“My precious artifact… wuwu, it’s gone, destroyed.” He was extremely broken-hearted.

“Ah!” Several people were immediately shocked. They felt sorry for him, since regardless of whether it was that bone mirror or that golden pair of bone shears, they were both priceless treasures. They could be used to guard a clan, and losing either one of them would be a unassessable loss.

“Was it the precious pair of shears or the mirror?” A pretty senior sister softly asked, and wanted to comfort him.

“Neither.” The little guy shook his head, and took out a broken fan. The silver bone was dull, and the majority of it had already shattered.


Those several individuals almost spat out blood. This little miser was feeling depressed over a spoil of war. They truly thought that his own treasure had been destroyed, making them completely speechless.

The silver creature was executed, and was beheaded at the neck by the pair of golden bone scissors. When the head was about to tumble down, it was once again blasted by the Suan Ni bone mirror, turning it into ashes as a result of the lightning.

“In the end, my cultivation realm is still not deep enough. I need to break through as quickly as possible. Otherwise, I would have taken care of this Archaic descendant earlier, and this precious artifact wouldn’t have been destroyed.” The little guy was extremely angry.

The people around him were without words. This little disciple was only how old? Your cultivation is already so terrifying, where else would you break through into? He wasn’t even ten yet, was he trying to fight against older and experienced people?!

“This Archaic descendant’s flesh is definitely a precious medicine. If I refine his blood essence to nourish myself, I will definitely be able to break through into a new realm. However, I don’t want to eat a humanoid creature.” The little guy’s brows were knit. He wore a conflicted expression on his face, and was hesitating.

“You can still exchange it for something else.” A Heaven Mending Pavilion senior disciple reminded him.

“Sigh, seems like this is the only way. If I eat him, I fear that a shadow might overcome my heart.” The little guy was dispirited and downcast, and then suddenly lifted up his head. Towards the distant mountains, he loudly shouted, “Is there anyone who is willing to exchange for an Archaic descendant?”

After this loud howl was released, the mountains all trembled. Many creatures were startled.

“There is, it depends on whether or not the Archaic descendant in your hands is of sufficient quality.”

What made people extremely shocked was that a voice quickly replied from the distance.

The little guy immediately opened his eyes and jumped up. He lifted up the silver creature, and took large steps forward. The volcano appeared on his head, and a glimpse of the golden bone shears could be seen. He did not want to be careless, and was preparing himself.

After looking over a mountain ridge, they noticed a large group of geniuses. There were a total of more than forty individuals. They were guarding an emperor’s carriage; it was flickering with light, and it was obvious with just a glance that it was a treasure.

“How could there be so many people?” Divine light flickered within the little guy’s pupils, stopping his footsteps.

“Yi, it is the human emperor’s daughter, and also our junior sister!” The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s several disciples were all pleasantly surprise, recognizing that emperor carriage.

The little guy suddenly understood. He recalled this emperor carriage from when he first entered the Heaven Mending Pavilion; it was precisely the same one.

Scarlet multicolored lights lingered about the emperor carriage, and the vicinity was surrounded by young geniuses. They were protecting the surroundings, and it was quite likely that only the human emperor’s most beloved daughter would receive this type of protection.

“An excellent Archaic descendant, we are willing to exchange!” An individual from the opposing party revealed a look of pleasant surprise.

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