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Chapter 115 – Broken Sky City

Like a passageway created from green gold flickering with multi-colored green light, all kinds of of mysterious symbols appeared like the stars adorning the sky. It made the place seem peaceful and mysterious.

A group of people stepped inside. The feeling of time fragmenting and space shattering was all over the place. Both the body and mind felt as if they were being peeled out of people’s bodies. It was a bizarre experience.

It was as if they had spent an entire lifetime in there, when they had only set out on their journey. Pieces of gold glittered, and green light evaporated into the air. A doorway appeared in front when they arrived at the end of the road.

Bone Text interweaved, and strange symbols surrounded them . The exit was like a resplendent burning divine flame which formed a mysterious doorway. The group of people stepped out and let out a long breath of air. They felt safe only after stepping onto the actual ground.

The green passageway already started to fade. Specks of light swirled about, as it disappeared without a trace.

“Is this the passageway that the Guardian Spirit constructed?” The little guy recollected in a daze.

A senior elder nodded and said, “The Guardian Spirit of my Heaven Mending Pavilion controls this entire land. Only, it gradually aged through the passing of time, and now, it rarely displays its divine might.”

The terrain here was flat, because they had not arrived between the lofty mountain ranges. They gazed out into the distance and faintly saw an ancient city sitting at the edge of the horizon.

“Aren’t we going to the Hundred Shattering Mountain? There isn’t even a hill here.” A genius from the Heaven Mending Pavilion was bewildered.

“No one is able to give a precise time on when exactly that place opens. However, it should be within a few days, and it’s pretty close by. We will go to that city first,” Heaven Mending Pavilion’s senior elder Tao Ye said. This time, he was in charge of leading the group and escorted these few young genius to the place.

Apart from the little guy and him, the party consisted of five other people,  three males and two females. They were all exceptional geniuses who were accepted as the disciples by the upper ranks of Heaven Mending Pavilion. They would rarely appear at the genius camp.

“Ya, are you people the disciples who train alone, and were given preferential treatment by those old freaks?” The little guy blinked his large eyes while curiously looking at them.

When he spoke these words, not only did  those five people glare at him, but even Tao Ye was speechless. If he said that, it meant that he would be amongst the old freaks as well.

“Stop glaring at me already! What do those old freaks normally teach you?” The little guy scooched forward, and tried to socialize with them.

“We’ll go to Broken Sky City First.” Tao Ye brought them, and they headed toward the city.

This was an ancient land which had been vibrant with life in the past, but gradually declined after countless battles. According to Tao Ye, there was once an incredibly glorious ancient country situated here that controlled millions upon millions of li of land; however, it had scattered like ashes through the passage of time.

“Then where is their Guardian Spirit?” a genius asked.

“Naturally, it died. Otherwise, the ancient country wouldn’t deteriorate that fast.”

They walked and talked, and quickly arrived in front of the rather majestic city at the end of the horizon. The city gates and its ashen walls were all very tall.

Broken Sky City was an ancient city scarred by time, but it was still very prosperous.

There was endless traffic within the city and there were shops along both side of the streets. The voices of people trading constantly rang out. Apart from the things that people needed everyday, there were also all kinds of items  that cultivators needed, such as rare beast bones, fully grown medicine, as well as weapons and bone books.

“So many experts with powerful cultivations here!”

“Many people rushed here from far away lands for the sake of the Hundred Shattering Mountains’ opening,” Tao Ye explained.

Hundred Shattering Mountains would open once every several hundred years. Every time it opened, it would shake the boundless great wasteland, vast mountains, and rivers. All the top-notch powers would escort their clan’s geniuses over here.

During these past few days, the city was getting increasingly bustling by the day, and became a boiling cauldron of voices. There were more and more cultivators as well. Many people specialized in doing business with these experts by bringing many precious objects.

“We’re here pretty early, and we were able to find residence. If we were late by a few days, we would have had to find a boulder to meditate on,” Tao Ye laughed.

The building was in the shape of a garden with a wonderful environment that consisted of a rock garden and a little bridge. If you were not a top-notch power like the Heaven Mending Pavilion, you would not have been able to find such a wonderful residence within a city like this.

Clearly, everyone who lived here came from a well-known place.

The little guy turned around and saw a bizarre scene. He became lost in his thought as an odd expression loomed over his face.

A lone carriage pulled by several terrifying vicious beasts arrived at a nearby courtyard. A powerful expert drove the carriage and many bodyguards followed behind.

The carriage’s curtains were strung together with jades, and it could barely conceal the contents within the carriage. A white tiger actually sat inside with its tyrannical gaze as its demonic aura filled the air. There were two beautiful young girls who attended it by feeding it fresh pieces of meat.

“That little white tiger is actually travelling by carriage, and there are also experts waiting on it left and right. How powerful must its master be?” A female disciple of Heaven Mending Pavilion gasped in astonishment.

“Don’t say random things!” Tao Ye’s face hardened, and stopped her with a very severe expression.

These disciples were all pretty extraordinary people, but they suddenly came to realize, that the white tiger was most likely the heir of an Archaic Descendant, and not some pet. Otherwise, how could it be so flamboyant.

A dull roar echoed, and the little white tiger’s eyes straightened up. It seemed extremely violent, releasing a terrifying aura while staring at the female disciples with its ice cold gaze. i

“Slap your own mouth; otherwise, unfortunate deaths will descend upon you people,” the carriage driver said strictly.

“Fellow cultivator, the child is still immature. Please do not bother with her,” Tao Ye said.

“A loose tongue may cause trouble. This is also a lesson. Otherwise, how will she remember? I’m only leniently punishing her. If we actually waited until the tiger’s master takes action, you people will lose your lives,” the carriage driver indifferently said.

The bodyguards came forward. They all wore shining armor, and their killing intent boiled. The eyes of the little white tiger in the carriage stood up already as its frightening aura rumbled.

Everyone was astonished. This heir of an Archaic Descendant was truly exceptional. The exceptional power of its bloodline shocked people’s souls with its oppressing power.

The geniuses’ from the Heaven Mending Pavilion had seen the special disciples before, and one of them was the heir of an Archaic Descendant. However, they only watched it from afar. This was the first time they came face to face with one.

Aoo… The white tiger roared, trembling the entire garden. It seemed like it was angry.

The carriage driver’s face sank, and said, “Too late, it’s going to eat that female disciple.”

Everyone shivered. That Archaic Descendant was too intense. It was going to kill someone just because of one sentence. Its vicious might indeed overflowed into the heavens.

“Daoist friend, can you please let this go? Please persuade it,” Tao Ye said.

“That is not possible!” The carriage driver shook his head.

Tao Ye no longer said anything. Golden light flashed within his palms, and a glistening yellow gourd with symbols circulating around it appeared. He said, “We come from the Heaven Mending Pavilion. Although we don’t want to make trouble, we’re also not afraid of trouble.

Once the three words ‘Heaven Mending Pavilion’ were spoken, the carriage driver’s face changed. That place was an ancient sacred land which definitely had terrifying might and power. Even if the little white tiger had a high status since birth, it could not just willingly shed blood here.

“Heaven Mending Pavilion is a pretty good place. However, I should let you know where we came from – Western Beast Mountains. Mountains won’t move, but water will. There will be a day when we’ll meet again,” the carriage driver indifferently said. He argued back blow for blow.

Tao Ye was astonished. Apart from the little guy who did not understand, the hearts of the other disciples trembled as they showed their serious expressions.

It was rumored that many Archaic Vicious Beasts were buried beneath the Western Mountains. Countless years had passed by and it had experienced countless changes, so vicious bones were no longer able to be found. However, Archaic Descendants constantly roamed around there, as they protected the Western Mountains. The extremely terrifying place where they inhabited was called the Western Beast Mountains.

Aoo… The white tiger roared to indicate to the carriage driver to keep advancing!

The carriage driver turned around and said, “It told me to tell you guys that we’ll meet again after we enter the Hundred Shattering Mountains.”

The white turned turned around. Its deep and cold eyes revealed its incredibly powerful killing intent. Clearly, if they accidently met it after entering the Hundred Shattering Mountains, a terrifyingly bloody battle would occur.

“Senior, it’s my fault.” The female disciple lowered her head, and apologized to Tao Ye. Just because of her curiosity, she unintentionally spoke a sentence that provoked such a terrifying opponent.

“Don’t worry. Isn’t it just a tiger descendant? When the time comes, we’ll take care of it together. Tiger meat tastes so sweet,” the little guy said.

Everyone was speechless. Was that an ordinary tiger? Perhaps it might even be considered extremely powerful amongst Archaic Descendants. It might even be the posterity of a Beast King. Once they met, there would inevitably be a desperate and bloody battle.

“Brother’s heroism indeed reaches the clouds. I like it! When the time comes that you guys need help, come and find me.” A young man dressed in purple laughed nearby as he showed his kindness.

Naturally, everyone kindly replied.

When the purple-clothed young man walked past the little guy, the divine light within his eyes flashed. He seemed like he was 17 or 18 years old with an unfathomably deep cultivation. He offered his truce towards them, and told them they would form an alliance when the time came.

“My name is Chu Xia. I come from the Fire Nation.” He introduced himself.

“Are you indeed a disciple from the ancient Chu family?” Tao Ye asked.

“Senior, I am indeed.” Chu Xia did not deny.

“You’re indeed a heroic young man. Exceptional!” Tao Ye nodded.

A zhiya sound rang out, and not far away, the yard door was pushed open. A green clothed young man walked through it. He faintly grinned and said, “Chu Xia, are you trying to rope in allies?”

“Knowing a few more people is always good,” Chu Xia said.

“My ancient family never lacks any allies.” The weird young man sneered.

“Go!” Tao Ye said.

The little guy turned around and watched those two still bickering with each other. This place was truly perplexing. These people were only young men less than twenty years old, yet they were already so elaborate and refined. They were practically dragged into their maelstrom.

“This land is overly complicated!” a genius from Heaven Mending Pavilion murmured. Just then, they had offended an Archaic Descendent. Now, they were almost involved in the struggle between two ancient families.

They entered their own courtyard. Tao Ye shot a glance towards him, and said, “This isn’t much at all. When you enter the Hundred Shattering Mountains, it will be even more terrifying. You might die with every step you take. It’s a place where geniuses converge, and descendants roam about. Being able to live is already considered a great victory.”

What he said was the truth. People who were able to live and experience the intense training after entering the Hundred Shattering Mountains would all become great people later on. As long as they did not die, their names would shock the land.

“This city is pretty big. Many young heroes have come here. Senior brothers and sisters, let’s go take a stroll outside in order to take a look at those people first,” the little guy suggested.

Originally, Tao Ye wanted to stop them because he was afraid they would provoke some trouble. However, he realized that they would meet even more dangers after they entered the Hundred Shattering Mountains. If he was afraid of everything now, what did he come here for!”

“Fine, you guys can go.”

The five other geniuses from the Heaven Mending Pavilion were all very powerful. When they walked down the streets, they naturally drew the attention of many people. As for the little guy, he was very small. Although he was spirited and refined, he was not considered a threat by others.

The sound of quarrels echoed from ahead of them. The disciples from those two clans were still trading blow for blow with each other. There were around ten people who were about to take action on the streets as their dense and resplendent symbols appeared.

“So noisy, if you truly have the abilities to go and battle within the Hundred Shattering Mountain, why are you still fighting here?” A young man who was drinking tea at a teahouse beside them thought they were being too noisy as he smacked his table and shouted loudly.

“How does this concern you?!” The people from both sides turned towards him and angrily rebuked.

After a long hiss, a Five-Colored Sparrow flew out from the young man’s shoulders. It opened its mouth, and inhaled. Then, a terrifying whirlpool materialized, and those people were all swallowed inside.


The Five-Colored Sparrow closed its mouth, and fresh blood immediately splashed out. Those people were all smashed apart inside its mouth, and immediately became its food.

Afterwards, gorgeous multi-colored light shined, and it returned to the shoulders of the young man in the teahouse. It shut its eyes and rested without a single motion.

The young man did not even raise his own head as he poured a cup of tea for himself. Only one word came out of his mouth, “Noisy.”

Suddenly, not a single word was audible in the streets as everyone’s bones and hairs trembled. That young man was too terrifying. If the bird that he raised was this remarkable already, how strong could he be?!

The hearts of the few Heaven Mending Pavilion disciples shivered. They did not want to stir up trouble; they wanted to leave immediately. However, they discovered that the little guy was almost salivating as he stared at the bird.

What kind of expression was that? The people became frantic. Could it be that this kid actually wanted to eat that terrifying sparrow? It was a terrifying devil bird!

“Let’s just go.” Those people pulled on his sleeves.

“Blood, and meat are all all precious medicines.” The little guy wiped his saliva as he reluctantly left. As he walked, he murmured, “Unfortunately, it ate some humans, so I don’t want to eat it anymore.

The people from the Heaven Mending Pavilion staggered as they turned around and rolled their eyes at him. How could this junior brother be so weird?

The party of people dragged the little guy and quickly left. They reached a central part of the city where many people were gathered together, who were all discussing about something right now.

“Wei, what happened?” The little guy crowded forward, and inquired people.

“An extremely high bounty…” Someone said.

The little guy’s large eyes shined and said, “What kind of bounty? What kind of treasure will there be? What do I have to do?!”

“Look for yourself. It’s clearly carved onto that tablet.”

The little guy heard, and hastily rushed over. However, after a short moment, he dejectedly left because someone was after his head!

“There’s one here about taking care of that devilish brat too. However, the conditions for this one is quite strict. It requires him being captured alive, but it doesn’t matter if he loses his hands or legs.

The little guy wandered around this place, and his little face darkened. There was more than one great power that wanted to deal with him. People guessed that with his nature, he would certainly come to the Hundred Shattering Mountains; therefore, they swore to capture him here.

“The ones who want to capture me alive are most likely those from the family who lost the Scarlet Feathered Fan. It must have been their clan’s precious artifact. The others… who cares, I’ll meet them on the battlefield!” The little guy told himself.

He knew that there would certainly be many great waves after entering the Hundred Shattering Mountains. There might be constant battles and dangers; however, there would also be endless opportunities. After all, this was the place where gods had shed their blood and tears. There would certainly be many Springs of Eternal Youth, War Saints’ inheritances, Heavenly Bones, and holy medicine.

Suddenly, the entire heaven and earth darkened as if a dark cloud covered the entire sky. Furthermore, it was accompanied by vasts amounts of demonic energy. Everyone was overwhelmed with shock as they looked into the sky. There wasn’t a single person who was not in horror.

A vicious beast who reached the skies while standing on the ground walked past. Its enormous figure covered the sun as it travelled into the distance.

“That Archaic descendant is too scary!”

People’s hearts leapt in fear. That vicious beast most likely had the powers of an Archaic Vicious Beast; otherwise, how could it be so terrifying.

“It’s here to deliver its heir. It’s going to leave now. Looks like the battle within the Hundred Shattering Mountains is going to be incomparably terrifying. Many ultra arrogant elites are going to shed their blood and perish. Only the most powerful will stay alive.”

People were frightened as they discussed about. They even hesitated about whether or not they would allow their clan’s own disciples to enter the Hundred Shattering Mountains.

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