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Chapter 1141

A group of kids began to circle around. There were astonishingly beautiful girls, and also youngsters who had terrifying auras. They suffocated the little guy within like they were hungry green-eyed wolves looking at a little snow white sheep as they smiled maliciously.

“What are you guys doing? Are you guys going to attack me as a group?” The little guy was on his guard, and his eyes were exceptionally bright as he looked around.

“Grouping up to defeat you? Do you think that you are the reincarnation of an ancient saint?” The group of people rolled their eyes to express their disdain.

“Sigh, I thought that there would finally be a tough battle. A single person stepped unhindered into the genius camp, and sweeping everything in front of him. That would truly be a story to tell!” The little guy seemed to be looking into the future as he clenched his fists. His eyes were gleaming like little stars as he reveled in his thoughts.

“Go die!”

The group of people were in disdain. This little brat really needed a spanking. Even if this was a completely dream, it was still too vile. Did he think that the genius camp was bok choy?!

The little guy forcefully laughed, and said, “I really wanted to do things like that; however, I’m afraid of harming your weak and immature spirits. After thinking about it, I decided that it was still better not to.”

F*cking shit, his provocations still hadn’t ended! This brat truly deserved a violent beating on the ground! This was too infuriating.

“My name is Yan Xin, don’t cry afterwards when I beat the shit out of you!” The green clad female who issued the first challenge spoke. Her skin was snow white, and her stared at the like guy with extremely bright eyes while maintaining an expression that seemed as if she was smiling yet not smiling.

“I like fighting with beauties the most.” The little guy’s saliva dripped everywhere while smiling. Although he wasn’t that old, he seemed like a perverted older brother. This made the group of geniuses completely speechless. This immature brat was simply too outrageous, and he really needed a good spanking…

Yan Xin’s beautiful face was tranquil, but wind stirred beneath the soles of her feet. Symbols interweaved as she immediately rushed  forward to attack.

“Slow down, you aren’t allowed to make sneak attacks!” The little guy cried out loudly, and slipped away to hide behind the back of another youth.

“Are you going to fight or not?” Yan Xin was displeased and annoyed.

“Of course I will fight. If you are going to gift me some prizes for this battle, why wouldn’t I want to?” The little guy seemed to be set on her, then he pointed towards everyone else, and said, “Those who actually want to participate in this battle better put up a stake. If it is too little, I will not agree. Then, form a line and place them on the ground. Before the fight is over, you are not allowed to take it back.”

“Little brat, you really are annoying. This will be over in a single round, why are you saying such useless things?” The geniuses were all impatient.

“I am serious. I am scared that after beating this pretty girl, you guys would all be scared and back out. If I still wanted my spoils of war, how would I get it then?” said the little guy.

Yan Xin clenched her teeth. This brat was too despicable, and he showed a look of certain victory. Her pretty face couldn’t help but reveal a tasteless smile; in a bit, she definitely had to make him cry and howl.

Black lines were about to form on everyone’s foreheads. They really wanted to immediately fix him up.

In the end, they still threw down their respective goods unhappily for the sake of playing along. In a bit, they will get their revenge and teach him a lesson.

“Alright, I’ve recorded down whose belonging are whose. Don’t you dare leave your stuff behind and leave just because you’ll see how strong I am soon.” said the little guy.

Obviously, none of what these individuals put up anything comparable to the spirit medicine. Everyone only wanted to join in on the fun.

“Alright, you immature brat, let’s see how much longer you can run unbridled. This is fine now right?” A group of people said while clenching their teeth

Yan Xin took action, and her green clothes fluttered about like soft cloud streaking by as her slender lily-white hands swatted over. A peacock flew out with its wing extended and soared while emitting a dazzling radiance as it threw itself at the little guy.

The little guy was smiling, and the symbols interweaved within in his right hand that transformed into a silver-colored hammer. It appeared within his palm, and vibrantly bounced up as it attacked the green peacock directly.

A thunderclap seemed to have struck the sky as the silver light exploded brighter. Like a cascading down like a waterfall, and the entire area was doused in silvery white. It shook the souls of the spectators until they uncontrollably trembled.


While everyone else was stupefied, the little guy held the silver hammer in his hands like a thunder God that descended into the mortal world. He immediately smashed that green peacock into a mist of radiance that descended onto the ground.

“So? Scared now?” He arrogantly taunted everyone.

Just now, everyone was indeed startled. He was merely an ordinary disciple, yet he unexpectedly exploded with such a powerful strength instantly. With one smash of his hammer, he made Yan Xin’s attack scatter into rays of light; it was absolutely shocking.

“Less showing off!” Yan Xin coldly snorted, and her charming face was covered in coldness. Her entire body surged with rays of green-colored lightning, and she quickly rushed out with her hands towards the little guy’s body.

While she was raising her palm, green strands of light appeared and formed a net-like pattern. It stretched out in front, and wanted to capture the little guy.

“Little sis, doing that is useless!” The silver hammer violently shook, and suddenly exploded. With a hong sound, it shattered the dark green net, and his body quickly charged out. With a peng sound, he grabbed Yan Xin’s wrist, and violently raised it. With a loop, he turned her around, and captured her closely.

At the end of his finger, silver-colored symbols flashed, and gushed out multi-colored light. It was pressed against Yan Xin’s swan-like snow white neck, controlling the situation on the spot.

Everyone was in shock. Yan Xin actually lost? In addition, it was so fast, it was completely caused by carelessness…

Yan Xiu was both ashamed and angry. She was played around with by a little immature brat, and was called a little sis. Originally, she wanted to give him a good beating, and never would have thought that she would be captured in the first instant. It made her snow white and charming face turn all different colors, as this was unbearable.

The little guy laughed with hehe sounds, and blinked his eyes towards everyone else, implying that he won. Yan Xin was extremely humiliated and angry. She shook it off and rubbed her snow white neck, then clenched her fists.

“If you agree to bet, then you must accept your loss. You cannot act shamelessly!” The little guy reminded, then said, “Next!”

The second one who came up was also a female, and was precisely the one who wore the beast skinned clothes. She was rather tanned, and was a sexy and wild beauty. Her name was Piao Xue, and fiercely charged over like a cheetah.

In merely a split second, the surroundings began to rumble with multicolored lights. They lights interweaved and transformed into a battle spear. Strands after strands of light blazed around her body as they flew in front of her, and shot towards the little guy.

Piao Xue attacked with all her strength. After seeing Yan Xin’s loss, she immediately used her killing move. Spears shattered the sky one after another, and they were extremely resplendent as they made wuwu sounds.

The little guy was slightly surprised, but his movements were extremely fast. During that instant, he dodged to the side. Then his two hands joined together, and a silver millstone disk appeared which quickly smashed its way there. Kacha sounds rang out incessantly, and all of the battle spears were shattered.

The results completely shook everyone there. If the little guy won by just during the last match, then what about now? He definitely had terrifying strength, and had a perfect mastery over it.

With a sou sound, the little guy rushed out. First, he pressed down on Piao Xue’s small waist with one of his fingertips which immediately made her feel like she was struck by lightning. Then he threw out a palm which chopped off some of her hair. She quickly retreated afterwards.

It was definitely a complete victory. If it was a fight between enemies, then those two moves were definitely strong enough to kill.

Everyone was emotionally moved. This immature child was too powerful. He was simply a fierce beast. He had bold, powerful, vigorous, and possessed an incredible offensive power.

“I love beauties the most. To exchange pointers with you, and even be able to obtain spoils of war, thank you ya.” The little guy happily laughed.

Everyone was petrified, and they were speechless for a long while. With this child’s methods, he definitely could have entered the genius camp. Why was he an ordinary disciple?

“Is there anyone else? Hurry on up! There’s so much spoils of war, they are all mine.” The little guy was like a money grubber as he stared with big round eyes at the medicinal powder, precious pills, bone books, etc.

The third individual had not walked on stage for a long time because everyone was astonished. When they turned around, they noticed that it was wounded person — Zhou Yuhao.

He was incredibly embarrassed. Just now, he was also standing amongst the group while being taunted by the little guy. After being pointed out, he naturally had no choice but to put up something himself. He was confident that this immature brat would definitely be miserably fixed up by the people in front of him, and that his turn to go up would not come.

During the bloody conflict, he was almost trampled to death by the hundreds of rampaging ordinary disciples. If it weren’t for the precious medicines sent by his clan, it would have been a month at the very least before he could get off his bed.

“Wei, stop looking so dumb. It’s your turn.” This time, the little guy took the initiative to attack, and immediately charged forward.

Zhou Yuhao took a few steps back. Currently, his body was extremely weak, so how could he fight? However, it was already too late. The little guy had already closed the distance, and smashed out with his fist that completely covering Zhou Yuhao’s face.

Ao…  blood scuttle out of Zhou Yuhao’s mouth and nose, and splattered outwards. Before he passed out, a thought arose from inside his head. Why was this feeling so familiar? It was extremely similar to that lowly brat’s from back then…

Right, he was Qingfeng’s brother? Ahpu. Zhou Yuhao spat out a mouthful of blood before going unconscious, and he figured out some more things.

“Next!” The little guy flung his little fist around, and said to Qingfeng, “It was this brat that bullied you right? In the future, just do it like I did. Knock him out with a single hit.”

Qingfeng’s large eyes shined, and he clenched his fists. He was extremely inspired, and an incredibly powerful force moved through his heart. He wanted to advance forward, and quickly break through.

“Next!” The little guy opened his mouth, and continued the challenge.

In the end, there were eighteen rounds in a row, and he emerged victorious in all of them. No one was his opponent, which immediately startled the entire genius camp. More and more people rushed here.

“Who is this brat who is being so arrogant and aggressive? Coming here just to create a disturbance, who is next to go and suppress him?”

Naturally, there were people who were unconvinced; as a result, the little guy won another ten rounds. In total, he won twenty eight rounds. The little guy was mad with joy. No one was able to suppress him, triggering a huge sensation.

“I need to declare something here. Qingfeng is my younger bro, so bullying him is the same as bullying me. I will often exchange pointers with you!” After the little guy spoke, he revealed his true intentions.

If he said these words as soon as he had arrived, everyone would most likely have laughed at him. Perhaps someone might have even randomly thrown out their fists at him. Now, it was different because everyone felt their hearts tremble.

“Brother Yu Feng, it should be your turn to go. Otherwise, no one will be able to restrain that freak,” someone said.

The white clothed Yu Feng shook his head and did not participate. Not a speck of light shone within his eyes as he put his hands behind his back while remaining motionless for a long time.

This battle for the little guy’s fight stirred up a violent storm that disturbed the genius camp for many days afterwards. Furthermore, he came back a few days later to compare notes again by beating up a few more disciples.

The news spread all the way to where the ordinary disciples were. Suddenly, it evoked a huge wave over the entire place.

The little guy informed Qingfeng that he would leave in a few days, and it would be a long time before he came back. However, he told him to not worry, because he had already informed the school, and some elders would take care of him so that no one would dare to mess with him.

What Qingfeng needed was time. Right now, he was much younger than everyone else in the genius camp. As long as he could comfortably cultivate, he would definitely be able to catch up.

In the following few days, the little guy constantly ran to the genius camp, which resulted in him making made friends. He was a strong and outgoing person, which made him integrate with other people very easily.

Finally, the time had arrived for the little guy’s journey into the Hundred Shattering Mountains.

“That’s a place where heroes converge. The people there are all top-notch disciples of all kinds of great powers. You people have to be careful there, and you can never act complacently!” Before leaving, a bunch of senior elders warned.

When he left, the little guy was startled, because he discovered that there were only a few people. They were all around sixteen years old, and he did not recognize any of them.

“Shi Yi, the emperor’s daughter, a few other people, as well as the heir of the Archaic Descendant had been escorted by their clansmen on their way a long time ago,” Tao Ye said.

Top-notch powers had personally sent off experts to protect their heirs as they made their way into the Hundred Shattering Mountains.

“I have to reiterate that you people might actually meet the posterity of an Archaic Vicious Beast as well as other people your age that you can never hope to defeat. You have to think of survival first!”

Finally, they entered the resting place of the Guardian Spirit, and arrived at the nearby courtyard where the calabash vine rested. The elders silently prayed, then they arranged the bones of the Archaic Descendents into the proper positions.

With a hong sound, multicolored light rushed forth, and a green gourd appeared and wayed. A green passageway formed, and a bunch of people stepped inside. Afterwards, they all tread into the passageway, and disappeared from the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

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