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Chapter 116 – The Storm Continues

Broken sky city. The ash brown city gates were grand and lofty, and although it was an ancient city, it radiated with vitality.

In particular, the past few days have become increasingly bustling. Various large schools and ancient families sent out their disciples in preparation of entering the Hundred Shattering Mountains.

These geniuses that appeared were more and more breathtaking. The ones standing at the very front of their races were destined to become the lords of this land, and wielded power over all under the heavens.

“Come look, there’s a strange snake over there. It only has a single head, yet why does it have two bodies?” The little guy tugged at a senior disciple’s sleeve, and hinted for him to look in that direction.

There was a strange snake, and its entire body was a scarlet red. It was divided below its head, and it had two bodies. It had six legs, four wings, and the dense scales covering its body gave off an eccentric and sinister feeling.

The pedestrians quickly moved out of the way, and were unwilling to come near them.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s geniuses all inhaled a cold breath of air and pulled the little guy to the side. They silently warned him to not spout out random things. The snake was an Archaic descendant, and was known as a Feiyi.

“So this is a Feiyi.” The little guy opened his eyes wide. He had read about the great wastelands from a sacred book that described all types of creatures. He never thought that it would look like this.

With the emergence of the Feiyi, it naturally brought with it a great drought. This was because it was extremely proficient in fire precious techniques. As a result, a youth Feiyi descendant could still wipe out over a hundred million large clans.

“Don’t provoke it. Although it is still a young creature, there aren’t many human youths who are a match for it.” A senior sister from the Heaven Mending Pavilion warned, and she carried a serious expression.

The Feiyi was only a few meters in length, and it crawled by. All of the creatures on the road moved out of the way for it. The little guy curiously watched and was making some guesses inwardly. A single head, two bodies, how would one control this kind of body in a fight?

The odd scarlet red snake was looking from side to side with its deep and cold eyes. It glanced at him, and one of its tails suddenly swept out. A red shadow lashed out like lightning, and with a pa sound it split open the ground, causing smoke and dust to rise.

If it were not for the little guy’s movements being quick, he definitely would have been struck.

“Fat snake, you dare provoke me?!” The little guy shouted loudly, and wanted to charge out. Several disciples from the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s expressions immediately changed, and hurriedly pulled him back.

However, how could their physical bodies be compared to the little guys? Fortunately, a female disciple’s soft words worked, and she said, “Senior Tao Ye said that we are not allowed to stir up trouble within the city, and that only within the Hundred Shattering Mountains could we go crazy.”

“Count yourself lucky. In the future, you better move out of the way if you see me, and not provoke me!” The little guy pointed at the Feiyi, and said in an angry tone.

The entire street became still, who was this child? He was simply too heaven defying; to warn an Archaic descendant, if it was the other way around, then it might make more sense.

“This… Why do I feel like he is a true human shaped Archaic beast? Otherwise, how could he dare to say those words?” someone said.

When the Feiyi heard this, its entire body became scarlet red, as if it was forged out of divine steel. It was flickering with a strong ice cold radiance, and it stared straight at the little guy. Sisi sounds came out of its mouth, and spat out a red message,

“He is still a child. Don’t mind him,” the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s disciples said towards the Feiyi. They pulled the little guy with them as they left, quickly merging into the tide of people.

The Feiyi did not chase after them, and his gaze followed them as they left. Its entire body was flowing with a blood-colored radiance. Just now when the little guy was going to charge toward him, he felt a fierce aura being emitted, that was not in any way inferior to his.    

“A genius is this terrifying from just one of the human races, we will meet again in the Hundred Shattering Mountains.” Fei Yi looked at their retreating figures, and his gaze became increasingly cold.

A butterfly began to flutter about, and it was overflowing with light and color. Precious splendor scattered about it, and it made everyone take a few steps back. It was roughly a meter long, as it flapped its wings and emitted its splendor, it was extremely elegant.

Everyone on the street moved out of the way, and it was obvious that it was a powerful expert. Although only a single one appeared, it made everyone feel intimidated. Its entire body had natural symbols about it, and it was circulating with a profound mysteriousness.

“Crack Demonic Butterfly, it is said that with a shake of its two wings, it could tear apart tens of thousands of li of the sky. This was recorded down within the ancient books!” someone muttered, and revealed a frightened expression.

Of course, what was recorded were the Archaic pure-blooded Demonic Butterfly. The one in front of them couldn’t possibly have blood that pure.

After traveling on the road, the little guy felt as if his two eyes weren’t enough for him. He saw metallic humanoids, stones that could speak, as well as terrifying Guardian Spirits that were rooted in the void; they were increasingly powerful and mysterious.

The amount of geniuses were too numerous, and these individuals from the other races were extremely powerful. All types of strange and odd creatures appeared within the city, and they were all extremely terrifying.

Of course, there were many races that were similar to humanity. They might have a horn, two heads, or a human head with a snake’s body. All of their bodies were emitting precious light, as if they were deities; they were especially powerful.

“There are so many different types of creatures ya! There are less indigenous people than the arriving people. When the time comes, will the Hundred Shattering Mountains be able to hold everyone?” The little guy asked.

“The Hundred Shattering Mountains is also called the Band Mountain, and in reality, it is a small world. After it opens, you will see how out of the ordinary it is inside,” said a senior sister from the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

“So it’s like this! It is truly something to look forward to!” The little guy was extremely happy. For it to not be another desolate and ruined mountain was too great, and he even wanted to find some treasures.

Soon after, they strolled through most of the city. They saw many different races, and understood quite a few secrets.

The only thing that made the little guy unhappy was that his bounty was doubled, and his head was worth even more money now. There were people who were willing to use rare and precious artifacts, bone books, spirit medicines, as well as other objects to exchange for him.

After hearing this news, the little guy’s face darkened.

Immediately following that, another piece of information was released. It was even worse, and someone made an accurate speculation that the devilish brat was within the Heaven Mending Pavilion. As long as they stopped them, they would know where he was and find out the result.

This piece of information received the approval of many people. After all, the Heaven Mending Pavilion was an ancient sacred land. They had passed on their traditions for many years, and there were numerous experts within their ranks. The devilish brat had already entered the Heaven Mending Pavilion for such a long time, and it was impossible for them to not have discovered him yet.

“Junior brother, why is your face so dark?” asked a pretty senior sister on the side.

“The sun is too poisonous, and it tanned me,” snorted the little guy.

“Why do I feel like that when our group of five walk together with you, others will get rid of us sooner or later?” Another male disciple had an odd expression. After hearing those rumors, they were naturally aware of the situation.

“It shouldn’t be you right? If it is, please allow me to spank your ass first!” Another beautiful senior sister began to pointlessly argue. The devilish brat caused the entire Heaven Mending Pavilion to toss and turn, and the entire sacred land wanted to give him a beating.

“Aiyou, you pervert, you dare make a move on me…” The pretty senior sister cried out in alarm, and her entire face turned thoroughly red. The little guy unexpectedly slapped her ample butt.

“When challenging someone, it is better to make the first move. If you move too late, you will suffer a calamity. Come, senior sister. I have already made my preparations for this battle.” The little guy was deadly earnest, and spoke forcefully and with justice.

Three males and two females, the group of five geniuses blinked their eyes. The immature brat truly was hateful. After seeing his performance, it was obvious that the little guy didn’t plan to run away.

“Beat him up!” The five individuals charged towards him.

The little guy scampered off, and madly ran while saying, “Don’t hit me! If someone finds out that we were Heaven Mending Pavilion disciples, you guys will also be out of luck!”

Although the five of them wanted to give him a good beating, since they were still within the city, they really couldn’t chase after and suppress him. If they accidentally revealed their identity, then they really would be mixed together.

Within the city was an altar, and people who visited this area would often make a trip here. According to legend, it was something passed down from an ancient saint, and was once contaminated by the blood of saints.

When the Heaven Mending Pavilion arrived at this place, it had long been swarmed with people. The altar was completely crushed, and there was only a single black colored stone left. The other pieces were impossible to locate, and the characters carved by the various saints had long vanished.

Here, there weren’t only human races. There were quite a few unique creatures, and no one dared to get too close to them, because the aura they emitted were too terrifying.

“A human from the Void God Realm created a huge reputation for himself, and now, people only talk about things related to him. It truly is boring,” said a treant.

“Is he really that famous? Why don’t we catch him and make him a servant? I already have four beautiful maids and twelve robust guards, and they are all well known figures from the human race, and were famous geniuses.” It was a creature with a humanoid body, who also had a golden horn. He had a head of purple hair, and his face was similar to that of an ordinary person’s. Only, he had a pair of snow white teeth, and was extremely vicious.

“Don’t you guys dare to argue, up until now, I haven’t had a single servant. Since the humans have all said that he’s strong, then I choose him.

Right at this time, a bell like explosion of sound rang out, and it shook the people until their ears were ringing with weng weng noises. A lion with an entirely golden body appeared, and it was extremely dazzling. It unexpectedly had nine heads, and it was extremely bold and powerful. It was domineering and terrifying, intimidating everyone to their souls.

“This lion is too powerful! It’s still a child, yet it has grown nine heads, meaning that its blood is extremely pure and is not that mixed. In the future, it will have many accomplishments ah.” A passing elder gasped in surprise, and he was most likely the chief of an ancient family.

Hou… Right at that moment, the nine-headed lion roared, and its entire glowed with a golden light. An aura that suppressed all of the surrounding people was emitted, and it said, “You are all saying that he’s not bad, so I am going to schedule in advance. You guys cannot argue over him. Only by following me by my side could a powerful genius have the power to shake the boundless earth in the future.”

The nine-headed lion roared, and the sound emitted was like thunder. It shook everything, and even the ancient altar swayed. Everyone felt their minds tremble, and they did not dare say anything else.

This type of situation was not something that never happened before in the past, as there were human experts who decided to follow Archaic beasts. After returning, they became kings that could split the earth, and controlled millions and millions li of rivers and mountains.

“Golden lions must taste great, I love eating roasted lion meat the most!” In the distance, the little guy was grinding his teeth. Within his dark little face, his little canine teeth were shining like crystals.

“Stop speaking nonsense! That nine-headed lion is not far from a pure-blooded one, and you absolutely cannot provoke it. Other than Shi Yi and a few others, I fear that there aren’t many geniuses who could fight back.” A senior sister from the Heaven Mending Pavilion pulled him back.

“Good dishes must be cooked slowly, so I’ll wait until the Hundred Shattering Mountains!” The little guy wiped off his saliva while speaking.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s five geniuses became mute.

Eight hundred li out, within the Rain Clan’s mansion in Stone Country’s capital city.

It was a grand and imposing construct, and the palace hall covered an extremely large area. The palace was as large as a forest, and was all incomparably tall as it emitted an oppressing aura.

Within the king’s palace, symbols were flickering, and propitious vapors permeated the air. Sitting down were quite a few of Rain Clan’s powerful figures, and they had received a letter.

“Feng Er has sent out a piece of information from the Heaven Mending Pavilion. They have already affirmed who the devilish brat from within the Void God Realm was. His name is Haotian, and he has already entered the Broken Sky City. He will definitely enter the Hundred Shattering Mountains.”

“His name has a Hao in it, and is similar to the child from that year. In addition, with careful observation, isn’t the inner corner of his eyes and tip of his brows a bit similar to that year’s Shi Ziling? What do you guys think, isn’t this a bit too much of a coincidence?”

With those words spoken, the entire palace hall became gloomy.

“That child had already been crippled, and it is impossible for him to live. That Heaven Mending Pavilion’s Haotian’s body is absolutely astonishing, and would not be less than Yi Er1 by that much, and is worth paying attention to.”

“Wu, I have read an ancient text before. There was a speculation that if a naturally born divine being lost his bone, as long as that individual survived, they could regenerate it, becoming even more powerful and terrifying. What do you guys think, this Haotian child…”

With this speculation revealed, everyone inhaled a breath of cold air.

“Regardless of what others are saying, this child is exceedingly powerful. My clan’s geniuses and adopted children have already been given the order. Inside the Hundred Shattering Mountains, they need to be on a strict lookout for him. If they have the chance… There is no need for mercy!”

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