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Chapter 113 – The Truth Revealed

“How could that be impossible? Hundreds of years ago, quite a few heirs of Archaic Descendents were sent inside, and among them were definitely some pure-blooded youths. Quite a few people personally saw this world shocking event.”

“Why did they have to go there?” The little guy still did not understand, why was it worth participating in.

A senior elder explained, “It’s naturally because there is a huge opportunity there. The individuals who went there over a hundred years ago were all able to look down upon the rest of the world in disdain now, and their mights shook the boundless lands. There were people such as the emperor of Stone Country, Zhulu Academy’s chairman, and many others great heroes of their generation. They had the entire land under heaven within their palms, and controlled millions and millions of rivers and mountains. There is even less of a need to talk about those ancient families’ ancestors. They were all extremely accomplished and naturally blessed.

According to what the Heaven Mending Pavilion senior elder said, there were too many opportunities within the Hundred Shattering Mountains. It was even possible to obtain the inheritances from various saints, or find a piece of heavenly bone, and there was even a chance to discover some holy medicine; it simply was the land of the Gods.

The little guy’s expression was bitter. He was not that easily fooled. For even saints to shed tears in such a place of carnage, this place definitely contained endless dangers. One mistake could lead to death.

This group of senior elders continued to promote this idea, and they tried their best to talk about the best parts. It was obvious from a single glance that they wished for him to attend. They had their own goals, and were counting their chickens before they hatched.

“To make me go over there, what kind of benefits will you provide me with?” he suddenly asked.

Everyone was shocked; this child truly was unusual. When others heard about this opportunity and privilege, they would all be moved with gratefulness a long time ago. Yet, why was he asking for benefits?

“That is just giving away my life. If there are no benefits, I won’t go.” The little guy spoke while dangling off of elder Xiong Fei’s neck.

Everyone’s expressions became blank. Was this child extorting and blackmailing them? They had never before seen a disciple like this before.

“If you don’t go, then ‘he’ definitely will not be pleased, and you will lose your life sooner or later,” spoke Tao Ye.

“Sigh!” The little guy became anxious because this did not seemed like it fake. Next to him was the corpse of a God, so he truly reached his wit’s end.

“Since there are so many benefits, why aren’t you guys going yourselves?” he angrily asked.

“We truly want to enter. Unfortunately, our ages does not permit us and stands in our way. Ever since ancient times when the Hundred Shattered mountains open, only those under the age of eighteen can enter.” Some people sighed, as they really had no choice.

“Fine then!” The little guy nodded. He knew he could not avoid this no matter what he did.

“Many people will enter this time. There are geniuses from ancient families, princes from ancient countries, Archaic descendant’s heirs, and even those who inherited the bloodline of the Golden Winged Peng. You have to be careful when you get there; otherwise, a single careless action and your life will be forfeit.”

One of the senior elders warned, and then he brought up possible benefits.

The little guy’s mind was wandering as he was frowning with worries. He was not willing to place himself in a dangerous situation, and he was simply being pushed around by others right now.

In actuality, that place was indeed extremely dangerous. Every time that the geniuses entered, having four people walk out in the end was already considered pretty good. The mortality rate was too high.

The only thing that tempted him was that if there truly were some pure-blooded vicious beast youths, it was worth considering. His uncles from Stone Village had joked around in the past about that when he was strong enough, he had to catch an Archaic descendant youth for them, so that they could raise it to eventually protect the village. Although he hadn’t grown up yet, and could not yet show disdain for everything under the heavens, if he did end up meeting a young creature without the company of its parents, perhaps he might be able to catch one.

This was because he had the strength to fight on par against one!

While the little guy thought about it, he became lost in his train of thought and began to laugh with heihei sounds.

“Hey, what are you thinking about? Did you hear what I just said?” Someone from the side said. Just now, this child was frowning and worrying; yet all of a sudden, he became like this. He really was just a child after all.

The little guy stopped his fantasizing, and wiped away his saliva. “I want to catch a child of the Golden Winged Peng.”

Those group of people became petrified, and completely ignored him.

“Cough, Xiong Fei, bring him away first. We have a few things to discuss,” said Tao Ye.   

The little guy only returned inside the palace hall an hour later. He found that a majority of the people had already left, and only four old men looked at him with their shining green eyes while chuckling.

“You guys… What do you want to do to me?!” He felt something was wrong, and widened his eyes while shouting.

“Nothing, we only want to spank you a bit, hehe!” The four old men got up from their seats and pressed forward.

The little guy figured out that something was wrong. He could not get near these old foxes after all; otherwise, his secrets would be exposed, and they would certainly discover his identity.

“If you guys dare act impolite to me, I’ll leave and join Zhulu academy!” He wretchedly screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Hehe…”The old men’s laughter did not stop, and their eyes were still shining green.

“Aiyou, are you really gonna spank me? It hurts so much!” The little guy cried with pain as his butt was being spanked by others.


He could not resign himself to this punishment, and immediately swatted out with his palm to collide with another elder’s strike. Suddenly, it seemed as if a thunderclap struck, and shocked this entire palace hall until it resonated.

“Good kid, you’re indeed strong enough. This kind of bodily strength can be considered heaven opposing!” a person said while repeatedly gasping in surprise. He was incredibly joyous.

“Enough, don’t bother him anymore.” Tao Ye spoke with a smile on his face.

Those few people stopped. They did not truly tidy him up.

At this moment, Xiong Fei came to his senses. He pointed towards the little guy and said, “You… You’re really that devilish brat?!” He gritted his teeth, and wanted to viciously pounce at him so much.

Ever since this devilish brat entered Heaven Mending Pavilion, there wasn’t a single moment of peace. He created one problem after another, which made him and Zhuo Yun became hard-pressed until they practically fell apart. He could not help but want to immediately catch him then furiously spank him.

However just now, he had to carry this devilish brat while walking the entire way, and practically became infected by this ancient deity. If he could tolerate this, then he could tolerate anything!

“That’s enough. Xiong Fei, you leave first.”

Xiong Fei had a stomach full of fire, but he did not dare disobey the orders of his seniors. He stared at the little guy with one eye, then he turned around and left.

“Four elders, did you guys see? I’m afraid to stay at the Heaven Mending Pavilion now. If I go back, elder Xiong will definitely fix me up.”

Xiong Fei still hadn’t completely left yet, and he staggered on the spot. He still had not done anything, but this brat started accusing him already? He immediately became angry.

“Xiong Fei, don’t bother him. He’s only child. Him being naughty is understandable.” Tao Ye said in an amiable manner.

Elder Xiong Fei wanted to cry, but he could not shed any tears. He had tormented people so much already, and this was simply being naughty? It wasn’t just him, even people in the Void God Realm wanted to beat him up.

“Wu, just go.” The four senior elders directly drove him away, which made Xiong Fei extremely angry.

“Child, my Heaven Mending Pavilion is always open-minded. Making a little mistake is not important, but you can never make a huge mistake,” an elder laughed.

The little guy suddenly became a little chicken pecking at rice. He repeatedly praised to show his incredible cuteness.

“When you enter the Hundred Shattering Mountains this time, you have to be careful. If you find the Spring of Eternal Youth and bring it back, your name will be carved into the immortal records of my Heaven Mending Mending,” another elder said.

The little guy’s mouth immediately twitched. No wonder they spoke like this. The reason that no one tidied him up was because they wanted something from him!

“Devilish brat, what’s with the expression in your eyes. When you enter my Heaven Mending Pavilion, you should never forget your masters. Is it that difficult for you do something?” A senior widened his eyes.

“Enough, if you tell him these things, it’s better to tell him everything. If he actually succeeds, we can let him pick out a precious technique from the Sacred Treasury Pavilion.” Tao Ye said.

“Why do you have such low opinions of me… In reality, I really want to do my best for my masters.” The little guy was embarrassed as he twiddled his thumbs and said, “If I return, you should just let me stay in the Scripture Storage Pavilion for a month. One precious technique is not enough!”

At first, the four elders were still nodding with satisfaction since he was truly still a child. Then after he spoke his following words, their faces immediately darkened!

The Spring of Eternal Youth was located at a hidden place in the Hundred Shattering Mountains. It was rumored that the conditions there were extremely nasty. People without extremely powerful bodies were not able to approach because an inextinguishable barrier was set up by ancient saints.

When Xiong Fei met the little guy again, Xiong Fei thought that the little guy was chewing on radishes. Not only was he startled and could not help but rub his eyes, he also immediately jumped back and shouted, “You… Dared to steal the spirit medicine? That’s the Snow Jade Ginseng that was growing at the entrance to the palace halls!”

“Elder Tao Ye gave it to me,” the little guy smiled and said.

“Rubbish!” How could Xiong Fei possibly believe this.

“When I left, I asked elder Tao Ye whether or not the radishes in the garden could be eaten, and he impatiently nodded,” the little guy said.

The helpless words of Tao Ye echoed from within the palace halls, “Look after him well. Don’t let him near the medicine garden in the future. When he gets back, give him a basket of real radishes!”

After that day, the little guy truly became free. He had no more worries apart from rigorous cultivation, and he was able to explore all the secret places within Heaven Mending Pavilion.

Every evening, that elder will a sword stuck in his head would appear as if he was telling the little guy to make haste. At first he felt that it was still awkward, but then, he gradually became accustomed to it to the point that he would hang his clothes on the body like a cloth rack after he took them off. Sometimes, he would even throw the sleeping Hairy Ball onto  the ancient corpse’s head.

Naturally, Hairy Ball would furious howl after waking up because it would be so scared that all the hair on its body would become erect.

Once it became dawn, the elder would immediately vanish.

“Yi, Isn’t this an ordinary disciple, how come he’s at our genius camp?” A group of people were bewildered.

The genius camp was surrounded by elegance. There were azure lakes, verdant valleys, as well as beautiful peaks all around it. Propitious air rose, and multicolored light circulated about. This place was very suitable for cultivation, and it was much better than the place where the ordinary disciples lived.

“Halt, you can’t randomly come in here.”

The little guy stopped and said, “I’m looking for Qingfeng.”

“Why are you looking for him?” A bunch of people were astonished.

“He’s my younger brother, I’m here to deliver medicine for him.” The little guy held a parcel in his hands.

Soon after, Qingfeng hurried over and received the parcel. After opening it, he immediately became astonished; to his pleasant surprise, there was a stalk of spirit medicine inside. It radiated gorgeously, and a sweet scent assailed his nostrils.

“Ah… Little big bro, this is?” Qingfeng was so alarmed that he jumped. By now, he understood his little big bro’s nature; this couldn’t have been stolen from within the medicine fields right?

Spirit medicine was extremely rare and precious. If others found out, this would become a huge crime. His hands were trembling.

The others naturally also saw the content of this parcel after it was opened, and immediately cried out in alarm, then reveal a blazing expression. Even the genius disciples only had rare powdered medicine to use. There was no way that they could luxuriously use an entire stalk of spirit medicine.

“Wei, I say, younger brother, it’s impossible that an ordinary disciple could obtain a spirit. You must have stolen it from the medicine fields. This is a huge crime that could possibly result in expulsion.” A group of people walked over.

“Nonsense, I obtained this after defeating a younger generation of an Archaic descendant in a gamble,” replied the little guy with a deadpan expression. However, this was not a complete lie, because Hairy Ball wanted to eat it, but it was thrown off to the side by him.

Naturally, no one believed him, and they all sneered.

“If you don’t believe me, then we can gamble. Who wants to challenge me?” The little guy looked at them.

The group did not know whether to laugh or cry. This child was too boastful. He was just an ordinary disciple that couldn’t even enter the genius camp, yet he was willing to let them challenge him?

“I’ll challenge you. If I win, will you give the spirit medicine to me?” A green clothed young female walked over. Her body was elegant, and she seemed to be around fifteen years old. Her skin was snow white, and her hair draped down like a waterfall.  With her curved brows and large eyes as clear as the autumn wind, she smiled.

“Aiyou, so it’s a pretty younger sister. What are you betting with? Do you have spirit medicine?” The little guy’s large eyes shined.

Everyone laughed at this child who was a head shorter than this young girl. It was obvious that he was very young, yet he dared to pretend to be the senior by calling the other person a younger sister?

The young girl smiled sweetly and said, “Little junior brother, don’t just take advantage of others right away. You’ll cry soon enough. I don’t have any spirit medicine, but I do have some rare medicinal powder as well as some other stuff. If I put them all together, it should be enough.

“Talking to a beauty really makes me overjoyed. I’ll consider you as an opponent. Who else wants to gamble?” the little guy asked.

Everyone became foolish. This child was too stupid. Did he not know that he was going to lose his stalk of spirit medicine, and he was still willing to gamble with others?

They truly had nothing to say. It was impossible to think well of the little guy, because his brother Qingfeng was too weak, and he himself couldn’t even enter the genius camp.

“He sure has some confidence. Consider me as another one” Another young lady walked forward. She wore a beast skinned top that exposed her arms, and some length of her long, slender leg were also exposed. Her skin was the colour of wheat, rich with healthy luster. She was very pretty, but there was a wild look in her eyes.

“Another pretty younger sister. I love getting into contact with pretty younger sisters the most.” The little guy tried his best to put on the guise of a senior, and his large eyes were actually fixated on places where people should not look at.

“Damn child, I’ll beat the crap out of you soon enough!” The girl with the exposed arms and legs who was beautiful yet wild immediately spoke while exposing her very white teeth.

“Che, you scared me. Younger sister, when you lose soon, don’t cry.” The little guy very boldly waved his hand as he charged towards the group of young men and said, “You are too unreliable. You even let these pretty younger sisters personally go into battle? This is intolerable.” Then he turned around to look at a group of young girls and said, “That group of people there are all unreliable!”

Dammit! He’s provoking us. A group of young men were so angry that they almost spat out blood. This little ignorant child truly needed a spanking, crush him!

After that, with a hula sound, he was immediately surrounded by a group of fifteen to sixteen year old geniuses with the intention of entering the gamble to fight with him. In reality, they wanted to furiously beat him up.

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