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Chapter 106 – The Sacred Land’s Wanted Criminal

“Children, you have to do your best when you enter Heaven Mending Pavilion. Don’t disappoint our clansman who placed their hopes and expectations on you!”

“The ancient sacred land is quite different from what you are used to, since divine saints have graduated from here before. Don’t be naughty or mischievous here, listen to your master’s words, and diligently cultivate.”

The group of elders from a few of the large tribes warned and implored their clan’s children over and over again. The elders wanted the children to learn to the best of their abilities so that they would gain the skills to defend their clans in the future.

The eyes of the 3,000 children were already red as followed beside the elders of their clans. As they listened to the instructions, they constantly wiped their tears, since they were going to be separated. They didn’t know when they were going be reunite again, and perhaps by then, many of the elders would have already passed away.

“Clan elder, take care!”

They were all outstanding disciples selected from within their clans based on their excellent talents. Many of them weren’t even the children of these clan elders, but they were still reluctant to part. It was those clan elders who traveled hundreds of thousands of li of the great wastes to bring them here, presenting them with such a life-changing opportunity.

The little guy stood inside the crowd. Although he missed home, he had no intimate elders around him, and so he could only pretend to shed tears by sobbing into the sleeves of an unknown old man.

What family did this kid come from? The elder was suspicious. He had no memory of this kid being in his clan, but he didn’t care much. All of the children were crying right now, perhaps he was pulling the wrong person.

“Child, stop crying. Just cultivate well.” The elder consoled him.

“Thank you grandpa. I know!” When the little guy saw there were fewer crying children, he immediately stopped. There wasn’t a single tear on his face as he turned around and left, stunning the elder once again.

Finally, the great mountain gates finally calmed down quite a bit. All of the elders who came from the large tribes withdrew, while bringing almost 90,000 youths who have not passed the trial back with them.

Only 3,000 densely packed individuals remained on the scene. The elder who sat cross-leggedly on the large limestone in front of the mountain gate had a huge headache. During previous years, they had only accepted a few hundred disciples. There were too many this time. How would they plan for over 3,000 people? This was a problem that caused a lot of headaches.

Xiong Fei, Zhuo Yun and other elders dangled their heads down as they nestled an incredible flame within their hearts. They truly messed up this time. They felt ashamed and could not show their faces to their seniors by the mountain gates.

“Fine then, lead them inside. It’s just a bit more troublesome. Everyone will just have to teach a few extra disciples.” The elder sat there. Between his eyes, people were able to see extremely astonishing scenes of the world being created.

The mountain gate was enormous. It was constructed with two lofty and majestic rocky mountains. Many elders from Heaven Mending Pavilion appeared to lead the children inside in order to pay respects to their teachers.

They were only considered disciples of Heaven Mending Pavilion after arriving inside. The interior was still incredibly spacious, and elegant mountains appeared one after another as the beautiful trees towered above them. There were pavilions everywhere, and even some waterfalls were dangling down.

Like a paradise in the realm of men, all of the mountain peaks were like this. The clouds evaporated, and multi-colored light were resplendent. A dense mist was rising, and was full of an auspicious and peaceful feeling.

This was the ancient sacred land. Its interior was filled with graceful spiritual influence. There were many lush beautiful trees on peaks as well as many spiritual ponds and waterfalls, and even some propitious birds and beasts. It was literally a world that seemed like it came out of a legend.

“This place is truly special. When you breathe, you feel as if all the pores on your body are opening. It’s very suitable for cultivation!” Many youths were pleasantly surprised.

“En, it’s true. I feel like I can cultivate the Bone Text several times faster here.” The group of children all exposed their excitement.

“This group of birds are so fat. They look like Fire Spirit Sparrows, and seem very delicious.” The little guy also murmured and immediately salivated.

There were little Luans near Stone Village. They were also spiritual birds, but the elders did not allow them to recklessly hunt them. Right now, the little guy was still able to remember that delicious lingering aftertaste.

“There are so many Fire Spirit Sparrows. It wouldn’t hurt to try one right?” the little guy muttered to himself.

“What are you saying?” A youth beside him revealed his odd expression.

“I didn’t say anything. By the way, what’s over there? It looks like Scarlet Dragon Vine, a spirit medicine. Can we tear a segment off since it’s over two meters long already?” The little guy changed the topic, but he switched it to the more serious topic of spirit medicine. It made that youth immediately retreat and turn around, because he did not want to make a single mistake inside the sacred land.

“Where did Hairy Ball go? In the future, I’ll bring it inside and let it wander up and down about these spiritual mountains. It will definitely be able to find a lot of spirit medicines there.” The little guy began to laugh happily.

There were ancient trees on top of every graceful mountain. The mountains had old medicines growing on them, and spiritual birds perched on them. There were even spiritual mountains that directly gushed with propitious vapors. The little guy was almost certain there had to be some kind of spirit medicine growing there.

Unwittingly, they arrived at an enormously spacious land. The surrounding spiritual mountains were overflowing with a light that lingered in this area. There was an incredibly tall stone statue carved out of a stone mountain at the very center.

“This is our ancestral master. When you enter our Heaven Mending Pavilion, you have to pay respects to our ancestral master!”

That stone statue was enormous. However, under the passage of time, it had already became battered and broken. One could probably see that it was originally created in the shape of a human, but no one was able to tell whether it depicted a male or a female.

“Respects to the ancestral master!“ Some elders shouted loudly as they lead 3,000 children into this worship ceremony.

“Is this an old man, an old woman, or a Guardian Spirit? Have you heard about it before?” The little guy bumped the youth beside him.

“I don’t know!” The youth there was startled. He did not imagine that the child beside him would be so brazen, and asked such a question so quickly. He quickly lowered his head in worship, and did not dare speak randomly.

The little guy pulled at the skirt of a little young maiden in front of him and said, “Have you heard about this ancestral master? What kind of abilities did it have during the ancient era, and what large accomplishments did it have?”

“So annoying!” The pretty young maiden pulled back her skirt. She was very nervous, and quickly kowtowed again.

The children beside him all wanted to laugh, but they did not dare. All of them lowered their head while muttering phrases of prayer to the ancestral master. They did not dare to arbitrarily look around again.

The little guy scratched his head. He poked here, and bumped there. He wanted to get get in touch with some people; however in the end, these children were all scared to death. They did not dare to be so absent minded during this ceremony.

Finally, the long drawn out ceremony concluded.

The little guy pulled on the skirt of the 13 or 14 year-old young maiden in front of him and asked, “Hey, by the way, didn’t they say the emperor’s daughter and the children of Archaic Descendants were here? How come I didn’t see any?”

“Don’t touch me!” The young maiden was fierce, and stared at him.

“Do you guys know?” He did not feel shameless at all as he asked all of the youth who were over ten beside him. He was considered pretty young here, yet he was so daring.

“They left a long time ago since they are different from us. They had their ceremony around the stone statue, and left as soon as they finished paying respects to the ancestral master.”

“Very unfortunate. I wanted to see what a dual-pupiled person looked like. Does he actually have four eyes?” A child beside him was very disappointed.

“What’s so good-looking about a dual-pupiled person. It’s very scary.” The little guy scratched his head and said, “I want to see whether or not the emperor’s daughter is as pretty as the rumors say she is. I also want to see those heirs of the Archaic Descendants.”

“Shh, quiet. That’s the emperor’s daughter you are talking about. You can’t just talk about her.” A 15 to 16 year old child warned him.

“What does it matter? Isn’t she just a little maiden less than 20 years old? Everyone here are disciples of the Heaven Mending Pavilion. There aren’t any differences here.” The little guy didn’t care at all and said, “She has so many spirit coins in her family. When I meet her in the future, I’ll have her treat me to some Luan meat. It’s even better if she can gift me some precious artifacts.

After hearing his mouthful of words, all the youth around him began to laugh. The little guy was too loose with his words, so he was easily likeable. Soon after, he struck a nice relation with everyone.

“You there, hurry. I’m going to bring you guys to meet your master. Be more serious, stop messing around.” Right at this moment, a clear voice rang out. A beautiful girl around eighteen or nineteen years old walked past, and pointed towards them.

“Beautiful sister, can you be my master?” The little guy was giggling because he had already changed his appearance, so his apple-like face seemed extremely chubby.

“This little fatty, you even dare to take liberties with your senior sister?” The white clothed girl walked over, and pinched his fat face.

“I’m not a fatty, I’m well developed. Like sister’s slender body, these are are both symbols of beauty.” The little guy grimaced in pain, and grabbed that slender jade-like hand to stop her from pinching him.

The young lady was astonished. This was the first time she met such a naughty child. Everyone else was still thinking about their relatives and parents. This brat was completely fine like a fish back in water.

“Little fatty, I’m warning you. You are not allowed to lead the people around you astray. Hurry up and go select your master.” The young lady pinched his plump cheeks again before finally letting go.

Suddenly, a pure white feather flew over from the distance. It was several meters long with two disciples standing on top it. There was a young male and a female disciple who quickly headed over to report a few matters to a few elders.

“What?” A large portion of the elders were shocked, and they began to mutter. It was obvious that they were discussing something important.

Soon after, elder Xiong Fei stood up, and said, “Bring it here!”

Everyone was amazed, and they didn’t know what happened.

Soon after, a sheet of beast hide flashing with symbols was levitating roughly a meter off the ground as it rapidly rushed over. Several experts sat on top of it; futuremore, there was also a large boulder.

“What is that? Could it be that it is an unusual rock — a Guardian Spirit?” Several youngsters were all curious.

“Don’t choose your masters yet! All of you come back!” elder Xiong Fei said.

Suddenly, all the children who were originally being lead away stopped moving, and returned in front of the ancestral master stone statue once again.

Those elders lost all lost their expressions one after the other. Xiong Fei and Zhuo Yun in particular had even darker faces. No matter how you looked at it, their moods were poor.

The little guy’s complexion was odd, and he didn’t say anything more. He surprisingly became quiet for as he stood together with the other youths.

“Let them see!” elder Zhuo Yun ordered.

The boulder was raised onto a high platform, and the side that was facing everyone had a few words carved onto it. “Heaven Warping Martial God, Just, open, and honorable.

The youth below immediately went into an uproar. They were well-known figures within their clans, and they were all between thirteen to fourteen years old. All of them had previously entered the Void God Realm; therefore, they were naturally familiar with these two lines.

“Milk baby!”

“It’s the message left by that odd child. Even the handwriting is exactly the same. Don’t tell me that he actually entered the Heaven Mending Pavilion?”

“It can’t be. Didn’t that devilish brat escape? Could it be that he still became a disciple in the end?”

The three thousand plus individuals all cried out in alarm.

Elder Zhuo Yun made the people turn the boulder around, and had its back facing everyone. Another row of words appeared: Hammer in Hand, Ruler of Land.

Everyone was astonished. They couldn’t hold back their laughter, and began to discuss amongst themselves.

Only a silver gowned youth was clenching his fists before hurriedly covering his forehead. This was because as soon as he moved, the veins around that blister would begin to bulge, and a sharp pain would overcome him.

“It really was him!” The silver gowned youth was gnashing his teeth in anger.

Elder Xiong Fei said with a calm and collected expression, “I believe you all know who he is. This child might very well be within out Heaven Mending Pavilion, and I’m assigning a task to every single one of you right now…”

No one could have imagined that elder Xiong would instantly send out an arrest warrant. If anyone found the milk baby or discovered clues on him, they could instantly report it to become a core disciple.


This place instantly flared up. The three thousand plus young males and females were incredibly excited!

The little guy was immediately surprised. This was too severe considering that he had just entered the school, and instantly became a wanted criminal.  Could it be that these elders came to some realization, and figured out that he was within the crowd? Looks like he had to be a bit more careful, and could not be too careless!

“Capture this heaven angering kid!” A group of disciples who just entered the school shouted with their incredibly resounding voices.

The little guy immediately hid within the depth of the crowd with his tail between his legs as he followed along and yelled, “Capture that devilish brat!”

“Alright, go pick your teachers.” The elders waved their hands.

The little guy scooched together with those people who he just got familiar with, and he followed that white clothed young lady to select a teacher. In the end, the walked around in circles because every place was filled to the capacity. The main reason was because there were too many people this year.

“Fine, Zhuo Yun and I will look after these children.” Elder Xiong Fei walked over.

“Ah?!” The little guy was flabbergasted. He angered these two elders to the point that they almost spat out blood. It he studied under them now, how could he possibly have a good time in the future?

That white clothed young lady stealthily pinched his plump little cheeks and angrily said, “Don’t do anything wacky. Consider it a blessing that these two elders will be teaching you. You guys have to understand that these two are important seniors. They are disrupting the hierarchy by doing this.”

The eyes of this group of young male and females immediately shone. The little guy had to muster up his cheeks and widen his eyes as well to make his best effort in trying to show an amazed and joyful expression. In actuality, his heart was practically worried to death.

In reality, Xiong Fei and Zhuo Yun were helpless. What kind of thing was this where they had to teach a hundred disciples between the two of them? Could they really instruct them hand in hand like this? They had no choice since they made a big mistake this time, so they could only take the initiative to clean up the mess.

“Go, I’ll bring you guys to your living areas.” The white clothed young female lead over a hundred new disciples and walked towards mountainous region. During this time, she continuously explained the rules to them. She even seriously warned that they were absolutely not allowed to go to the resting place of Heaven Mending Pavilion’s Guardian Spirit, and was not allowed to disturb it.

This was a rocky mountain. Over 3,000 new disciples all lived here. There were many rooms here with many dense bamboo forests surrounding it. The environment here was pretty nice.

What made the little guy happy was that over several days, these two elders only showed their faces once. Moreover, they left as soon as they finished their explanation of the Bone Text.

“The happy life is starting now. How come Hairy Ball still hadn’t come inside yet?” The little guy blinked his shining eyes.

After several days, he still had not seen Hairy Ball, but incidentally saw Qingfeng once. He immediately furrowed his brows on the spot because Qingfeng was injured with bruises on his body!

The little guy did not go over, but he secretly clenched his fists.

“Who did this? After only a few days, they actually bullied Qingfeng? Is it because his cultivation is relatively low?” The little guy frowned, but he did not act without thinking.

After all, living within Heaven Mending Pavilion was different from the great wasteland. If he accidently made some errors, it might cause some huge trouble. He needed to be cautious and prudent.

Only, there was no way that he was going to ignore this, because Qingfeng was like a brother to him. If he was bullied and suffered many bruises as soon as he entered the Heaven Mending Pavilion, no matter what, the little guy was going to need an explanation for it.

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