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Chapter 105 – Examination Finished

The group of people were stupefied. Elder Zhuo Yun was indeed terrifying; the roar that came out of his mouth continuously shook the entire Heaven and Earth and rumbled them. Compared to the previous cultured, refined, and unperturbed expression, he became completely different.

Everyone couldn’t help but take a few steps back. They were scared that in his crazed state, he would unintentionally hurt them.

“Grandpa, what happened to elder Zhuo Yun? Is he using some ancient demonic technique? So terrifying!” A clan’s young child clung onto the corner of his grandfather’s clothes, and his little face carried a fearful expression.

“That’s… About right I guess.” The tribe elder stalled a bit then nodded his head.

“Where is the Black Demon Lotus?!” Elder Zhuo Yun furiously roared as his eyes turned thoroughly red. With just two steps, he entered the cave to begin searching everywhere.

The other elders seemed as if their buttocks were lit on fire as well, and quickly charged over. They were all perspiring profusely as worry and anger attacked their hearts. When they saw that hole, every one of their eyes turned dark, and they felt urge to faint.

It was a stalk of precious medicine! If it was any ordinary stalk, then it wouldn’t have mattered much. However, this stalk had the possibility of transforming! It could become a priceless holy medicine, so how could it have just disappeared like this?

“Goddamn! Who stole it?!” Elder Xiong Fei was flustered and exasperated.

Everyone was speechless. They originally came with the intention of seeing this precious medicine, but they never would have thought that they would personally see this scene in front of them. The Black Demon Lotus was lost, and several elders were screaming as if they had become frantic devils.

Their bodies were like lightning as they rapidly searched the entire area. They wanted to find some clues.

“Cough…” A ceremony attendee from a large tribe coughed and said, “Was there actually a precious medicine?”

Some people began to question them; naturally, the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s elders became even madder. This time, they truly lost face. Originally, they wanted to reveal a bit of their secrets, however in the end, they were made into this kind of joke.

“Who did this?” They wished that they could immediately uncover the perpetrator.

Elder Zhuo Yun was still frantically yelling, and it was so loud that it hurt the other people’s ears. He wanted to go crazy so badly, since this was too shameful. It was him who invited them over; yet in the end, he was losing face like this.

The black tiger walked out from within the cave, and that enormous and terrifying figure trembled everyone. Its body was was simply too scary, since it was quite a bit taller than the mountain peak.

Its entire body was completely black with very long fur. As it stood there, it was as if a black demonic mountain was shaking people to their soul. With its pair of incomparably huge bloody pupil, its ice cold gaze looked down upon everyone.

In addition, waves of black-colored demonic aura would occasionally surge out from within the cave. It was as if they had arrived at the gateway to hell, and it made the people’s hearts tremble with fear.

When the black tiger appeared, several elders could not help but tremble. They did not dare to act rudely towards it because this huge creature was capable of fighting on par with an Archaic descendant; its strength was simply frightening. Back then, an accomplished and lucky elder of this sacred land took action, and only after having one of his precious artifacts destroyed and fighting with all his strength for a while did he manage to make it yield.

The black tiger roared, and tens of thousands of mountains were shaken. Quite a few people were terrified, and they felt as if they were going to fall onto the ground. The group of children in particular had even paler expressions, since they had never met a fierce beast that was even taller than a mountain peak before.

It transmitted a powerful divine message, informing Xiong Fei, Zhuo Yun, and the others.

“Luring the tiger out of the mountains!” The several elders all felt their teeth, liver, and stomach hurt. The name of this strategy was truly used to indicate the trapping of the tiger.

The black tiger slowly retreated back into the cave, and disappeared from their sight. Only now, did people let out their long sighs of relief. This was way too scary. That kind of intense pressure made it difficult for people to even breath.

“Get to the bottom of this. Find some clues as quickly as possible!” elder Xiong Fei shouted.  He felt deaf and blind. The things things that happened during the past two days had almost tormented him into collapsing.

Whenever he thought of the word torment, his brain immediately came up with the two words ‘milk baby’. He instantly became flustered and exasperated, and shouted, “Do you guys think that devilish brat could have done this?”

After he said this, the entire area became absolutely silent.

However, the people immediately flared up again. Everyone guessed that there was at least an 80% chance that the naughty kid did this, since this was exactly his style of doing things. He did not even let the Void God Realm slip by. With such a stalk of precious medicine displayed here, was it even possible that his brain did not go askew? According to that child’s line of thoughts, if he actually did not do anything, he would certainly have been struck by thunder from the heavens.

“F*ck, this naughty kid really knows how to stir up trouble. Whoever gets in contact with him becomes unlucky.”

“Hehe, when news of him coming to the Heaven Mending Pavilion spread, I knew this ancient sacred land was going to rot. You guys don’t realize just who that little thing is. Even the Void God Realm couldn’t take him anymore, and kicked him out.”

“Sure enough, this seems like his style. He did another heaven angering thing. Hehe, why do I want to laugh right now?”

The faces of the pitiful Heaven Mending Pavilion’s elders darkened. They were angry to the point that they were seeping out smoke from their bodies. After they speculated as to who might have done this, those ceremony attendees did not have a shred of sympathy. On the contrary, they were taking joy in their pain.

“After him!” elder Zhuo Yun became crazy.  He opened his mouth like a vicious predator and shouted until his throat became dry.

“That’s right, quickly go after him! That devilish brat even dug the roots out. Catch him quickly, and plant the roots down again. I believe that it can still continue living,” another elder said.

They quickly found the terrifyingly deep hole that the little guy stamped on after he leapt. When they found that place, they discovered that his landing collapsed the surrounding rocks and ground. This was pretty much the same result as that time he broke Shi Yi’s record in the Void God Realm.

“Heavens, so it is actually him!” At this moment, everyone cried out in alarm.

Guessing was one thing, actually proving it was another. This naughty child was  terrible. He easily just robbed Heaven Mending Pavilion’s precious medicine.

“Don’t get distracted. Spread out an inescapable trap as soon as possible.  Right now, we have to capture this little thief together!”  Elder Zhuo Yun transformed into a Lama1, and in spite of his appearance, he roared with uneasiness and embarrassment.

The second battlefield had already been sealed. They believed that the little guy’s wings were stuck, so he would have a difficult time with escape. Therefore, they believed that they could certainly catch him.

They walked down the path that followed along the direction of the naughty child’s escape. When the people saw traces of him leaping through an entire mountain in one jump, they all breathed in a breath of cold air.

This kind of physique was indeed heaven opposing. It frightened everyone.

“Shi Yi has an opponent now!” A few people secretly signed and showed their excitement.

“I’m afraid there is still two or three more years to go. This devilish brat is still too young,” another person said.

As they followed his trail, everyone from the Heaven Mending Pavilion began to turn pale, because they found small broken pieces of the spirit medicine that clearly displayed small bite marks upon them.

At this exact moment, let alone Heaven Mending Mending, even the ceremony attendees began to develop a heartache. He was such a wasteful person!

Was a precious medicine supposed to be eaten like this? Without even mentioning the fact that this stalk had the opportunity to transform into a holy medicine in the future, you should not directly eat it after picking it up. You should refine the medicine to achieve its maximum potency.

This little thing treated this thing like a carrot, and directly gnawed on it.  How wasteful was this? Perhaps not even 30% of the medicinal effects would be displayed like that.

“This is infuriating!” Elder Xiong Fei was in a fit of rage.

Ah Pu!

Elder Zhuo Yun was even more straightforward as he spat out a mouthful of old blood. How could this wasteful child do something like this? Didn’t he know that this was a Black Demon Lotus? He looked straight up into the sky and yelled.

“Obviously I know it’s a Black Demon Lotus. As far as I’m concerned, isn’t eating it raw and eat it cooked still eating it? There’s not much difference. I was only using it to break through into six Heavenly Passage.” The little guy cursed silently.

At the same time, he scratched his head a bit. At the time, he was running too fast, so he did not notice that he actually dropped some broken leaves. This was a bit wasteful.

If everyone knew his way of thinking and caught him, they would have immediately pressed him onto the floor, and beat him up before asking what was considered wasteful to him. To them, it was called wasteful that he was eating it like a radish!

In the end, as they followed his route, Heaven Mending Pavilion picked up another piece of the root. At that moment, elder Zhuo Yun’s eyes turned dark again and almost passed out. This devilish brat didn’t even let the root go and ate that as well?!

“How come you even ate the root?” Elder Xiong Fei became anxious as he roared repeatedly.

The people of Heaven Mending Pavilion were in complete despair. If he ate the root, there was no way to revive the Black Demon Lotus. This made everyone’s heart ache and their lungs sore.

“Isn’t this a precious medicine? Its entirety is a treasure. Naturally, none of it can be wasted. Therefore, it has to be eaten.” The little guy silently thought to himself.  He was completely dissatisfied towards their expressions, as he thought that they were the ones who were being wasteful. Did they want to waste the roots too? It was shameless wasting!

Fortunately, Zhuo Yun and Xiong Fei cannot hear him thinking to himself; otherwise, they would anger themselves until they spat out blood again.

“Don’t let me catch him. Otherwise, I will certainly do some heaven angering things to him!” Zhuo Yun was raging.

Xiong Fei almost streamed tears down his cheeks as well. Since that devilish brat entered the Heaven Mending Pavilion, these two days had been completely restless. What drove people mad was that one ‘heaven angering’ thing after another were committed, and it was similar to the style in the Void God Realm.

“Turn this second battlefield upside down for me. Find him in any way possible. We can’t let him escape!” an elder ordered.

At this moment, groups of young males and females entered the forest, and searched in every direction. These people were all genuine disciples of the Heaven Mending Pavilion, and were all extremely powerful and in their twenties already.

“There’s still not enough people. Although he’s locked up in here, this place is still too big. If he hides himself, it will be very tough to find him.  Request more manpower!”

During this entire day, the entire Heaven Mending Pavilion was upheaved. In the end, all the disciples who were still in the school were conscripted. The crowd was so dense that it was omnipresent, and submerged the entire second battlefield.

Naturally, this matter was passed into the Void God Realm, and stirred up some controversy there. People were amazed at the ability of this devilish brat to cause trouble. He actually forced the Heaven Mending Pavilion to dig three feet into the ground to find him. He was indeed an astonishing person.

“Heaven Mending Pavilion is so unlucky.”

Discussions were arising everywhere within the Void God Realm. In mere moments, the milk baby became the center of focus again. He cause everyone to guess, to comment, and even to stir up some hearty laughter.

The unlucky Heaven Mending Pavilion was at the tip of the wind, and mouth of the waves. Sometimes, people would tease them, making them extremely angry. They vowed that they would find the milk baby, and lock him up in the sacred land to slowly tidy him up.

“I found him!” Suddenly, someone shouted within the second battle to announce the good news.

“Where is he?!” Elder Zhuo Yun  straightened up his eyes.

“There are three precious bones within a bird nest.” A disciple walked over while holding three sparkling and translucent precious bones.

“I found some more. There are three precious bones behind a waterfall.” Another female disciple came with some loots.

“Mine, mine, they’re all mine!” the little looked looked from among the crowd. His large eyes widened until they were perfectly round. He was extremely unwilling to let them go, but he could only hide these thoughts within his heart since he did not dare to make any sounds.

In the end, the Heaven Mending Pavilion uncovered these six bones, and with no more harvest, the little guy released a long sigh of relief. Since there was still twelve pieces, his heart became a bit more peaceful.

Soon after, he began to change his appearance. His little face was still as round as a large apple like before, but it was still a bit different. He was extremely careful, and did not want to leave behind any clues.

While mixed within these 3,000 people, it was nearly impossible for them to notice. In addition, he was jostling within, and was constantly changing his position. He was slowly moving around while changing his appearance; therefore,  it was very difficult for anyone to realize.

Several elders from the Heaven Mending Pavilion had gloomy expressions on their faces, and grouped the hundred or so geniuses within the Second Battlefield together. Their gazes passed through them one after another, and they wanted to see through something.

“Examination finished!”

Finally, Xiong Fei, Zhuo Yun, and a few others spat out these words. Their pupils were emitting a green light while staring at these geniuses. They believed that that devilish brat was hiding within this group.

Search slowly! As long as he entered the Heaven Mending Pavilion, there was no way that they wouldn’t be able to find him! These were the thoughts several individuals shared.

However, their hearts were still unreconciled. Since this milk baby was too fast, they did not personally see what he looked like. Was he really one of these geniuses?

Several elders began to believe that the little guy might actually be what the others have speculated; he might be the child of an Archaic Vicious Beast who was able to transform into human form! Some of these strange beasts had to have possessed this ability!

Otherwise, how could he have that kind of terrifying and explosive strength? In addition, how could he have not left a single trace of himself?

“So frustrating!” Several elders were bellowing in rage.

Apart from them, the silver gowned youth’s blood was churning as well. He finally found out who struck him twice with a sledgehammer. Not only did he began to face the skies, his cheeks almost streamed with tears. His hatred had grown so big!

“Do you see this? That is precisely that promising young hero. He’s not flustered in the face of trouble. When others are all sighing with regret, he is the only one showing disdain by looking towards the sky.”

“Grandpa, I see it. It’s actually only that big brother with the horn on his head who is looking towards the sky.”

“That youth is indeed formidable. His temperament is exceptional, far surpassing that of an ordinary person’s!” Several elders and seniors were sighing while commenting.

When the silver gowned youth heard this, he immediately felt like his heart being trampled on by a hundred of thousands prairie horses once again. He barely stopped his urge to shout out.

“It’s finished. From here on out, you are all the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s disciples who will inherit the traditions of this pure land. Alright, you will now enter through the mountain gate!” an elder shouted.

A group of people walked out of the Second Battlefield in a grandiose manner, and headed towards the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s mountain gate.

Within that mountain gate, there was another group of people waiting. Shi Yi, the emperor’s most beloved daughter, the prince of an ancient country, the heir of an Archaic descendant, as well as others were in that group. Like them, they all partook in the ceremony of walking through the gate.

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