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Chapter 1071

The entire Void God Realm was engaging in heated discussions. There was so much noise that the heavens were practically flipped over.

That devilish brat actually went to the Heaven Mending Pavilion. Furthermore, not only did he dig out the precious bones within the eighth region, he also stole a precious medicine! He even left behind some writings on a boulder in the second battlefield, and his actions stirred up a huge controversy.

“This child really is opposing the heavens. He actually provoked such a crisis within the ancient sacred land. Those pitiful elders Xiong Fei and Zhuo Yun were almost spitting out blood.

“This baby’s style has not changed from the past. He still hasn’t stopped doing outrageous things like digging out bones or stealing medicine. He’s even more skilled at it now.”

“Hehe, this is truly interesting. Thousands of people completed the trial, and it was all thanks to this child. Would Heaven Mending Pavilion still recruit disciples next year? I think they are going to suspend it!”

News spread rapidly within the Void God Realm. Quickly, everyone was informed about what happened that day within the second battlefield.

“This is truly interesting. A few blood-spitting elders within the Heaven Mending Pavilion already released an arrest warrant for this naughty kid. I don’t know whether or not they will catch him in the end.”

Right now, the hottest topic of discussion was naturally related to that devilish brat. People believed that this child was truly worthy of being known as a prodigy. Wherever he goes, there would always be noise as a result of his heaven angering actions.

“How do you guys think the number one genius, Xiao Tian, got his big blister?”

“According to my research, it must be that devilish brat’s doing. Did you forget the other line on that boulder? Hammer in hand, ruler of land. That large blister on the silver gowned youth must have from that devilish brat’s hammer strike!”

“Hehe, haha…”

Void God Realm bursted into laugh, and the silver gowned youth almost ran away from the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

These mountains were very tall, but a lot of propitious air lingered around it. Since there were old medicines growing between the cracks of the rocks that filled the air with their sweet scents, it made this place appear natural and peaceful.

Patches of bamboo forests grew within the vicinity, and there were many residences located there. All 3,000 disciples were going to be living here.

In the the following few days, a few geniuses were taken away, such as that silver gowned youth. Their display of skill within the second battlefield was astonishing.

Soon after, the little guy found out that he did not have a lot of freedom in this place. He found out that he actually had to do some manual labor, such as irrigating the medicine fields with spring water or extracting rare refined metals.

“I came here to cultivate. Those two old men only show their faces once every several days, and they only pass on stuff that I have already grasped. It’s a complete waste of time here.” The little guy was dissatisfied.

“Don’t complain. New disciples always start from the very bottom, otherwise, why would other people teach you bone texts and precious techniques? They would only attach some importance to you if your talents were scary enough,” a 14 to 15 year of youth said.

“Okay!” The little guy nodded. During the past few days, he was always gazing at the medicine fields impatiently. When was it going to be his turn to water them? He was always looking forward to it; unfortunately, he never got a turn.

Apart from these things, the little guy also pondered about the matter with Qingfeng being bullied. He had to take care of it, but he only knew where those genius disciples lived, and not who it was that injured little Qingfeng.

He wanted to go there, but he was scared of being discovered. After all, this was an ancient sacred land. Who knew how many terrifying experts were guarding that place.

“Hairy Ball, you unreliable thing, when are you going to come inside?” the little guy muttered to himself.

Two days later, a little dull and grey thing appeared. It acted thieving, and sniffed around until it directly wandered in front of the little guy’s residence.


The door was suddenly pushed open, and the little guy rushed out. He immediately grabbed Hairy Ball by the tail and lifted it up.

“Zhi Zhi…” Hairy Ball protested, and angrily yelled.

“How come you just got here? Where did you go? Wa, your little claws have the smell of spirit medicine on them. How many have you taken?” The little guy immediately found the answers to his questions.

Hairy Ball was shy and embarrassed. In the end, it only extended a little claw, then angrily began to yell again. He discovered that within these spiritual mountains that were gushing with rich air, there were more than a single type of spirit medicine. After wandering around for several days, it was only able to obtain a single one after encountering many dangers.

Only being able to eat a single stalk of spiritual plant while being in this mountain that was filled with treasures was a bit of a disgrace to Hairy Ball. Therefore, it was endlessly aggravated.

The little guy rubbed and pinched it, and said, “You even forgot about me after gathering the spirit medicine. Are you deliberately hiding it, and secretly eating it on the side?”

Hairy Ball made a gesture with one little claw, and yelled with Zhi Zhi sounds. It was looking down on the little guy, because even this little Zhuyan heard about the strange things that occurred within the eighth region and the second battlefield.

After being disdained by a fist-sized monkey, the little guy naturally had to ‘correct it’ by pinching and rubbing it. Finally with a serious expression, he said, “Qingfeng was bullied by someone. Go over there and ask him about what happened.”

After a serious topic was raised, Hairy Ball’s large eyes swivelled. It did not decline, and quickly disappeared.

This area was surrounded by green peaks and blue valleys, and it was a spiritual place with a dense mist rising about. It was an extremely good place for cultivation, and this area far surpassed the areas that ordinary disciples lived in, as the people living here were all geniuses.

However, Qingfeng had a bloody and swollen face right now. Someone was sitting inside of his house while treating his wounds, and painful groans would sound out from time to time.

“When can I enter the Heavenly Passage realm? Otherwise, I’ll be bullied by those people all day,” he quietly muttered to himself sadly.

Generally speaking, he was considered pretty young here, and his cultivation was the weakest. He attracted some people’s attention as soon as he arrived here. They exchanged pointers with him, and fiercely beat him up to the point that half his body turned purple.

This was an internal injury that was very difficult to heal quickly. It could only be healed slowly, but these people were bothering him everyday. They rudely and unreasonably demanded to exchange pointers with him.

Qingfeng did not understand at first. However, recently he found out that if a person did not make an inch of progress within the genus camp, they would be quickly eliminated, and be replaced by outsiders.

“They won’t let me heal my injuries in order to slow me down. I won’t be able to make any progress in my cultivation, and they will wait for me to be kicked out. After that happens, their own people will have an easier time getting in,” Qingfeng muttered to himself. There was a large patch of bruises on his little face, and even moving a little bit would make it hurt a lot.

He did not imagine that the competition would be so cruel and intense here. People would even implement these schemes again young people, and form little alliances. The main reason was because the genius camp would distribute rare medicine and bone books that surpasses the outside at the start of each month. Those allowed an individual to advance by leaps and bounds.

“No matter what, I have to endure until the start of next month in order to heal my injuries with those distributed medicines. At the same time, I’ll memorize the contents of the bone books for little big bro,” Qingfeng muttered to himself while clenching his teeth with perseverance.

He knew that although those few people were strong, they were not the most terrifying people because they still relied on others.

“I have to persevere and remain here. Every year, the Guardian Spirit at the depths of this ancient sacred land will explain scriptures. It is rumored that it is extremely world-shocking, and will enable people to gain some sudden insight. I have to remember those scriptures for little big bro.”

Qingfeng dealt with his own wounds, then sat crossed-legged on his bed to start cultivating. Unfortunately, some symbols within the wounds were randomly battering against him. They were left behind by those youths, and it was quite hard to completely get rid of them. It was very detrimental to his cultivation.

“Ai, if little big bro was here, he could certainly oppress them with a lift of his hand. However, I can’t rely on little big bro for everything. I have to try my hardest too. If I cultivated as long as they do, I won’t be inferior!” Qingfeng was cheering himself on.

Outside the window, a little thing stuck its head in to look around, then it slipped inside.

“Hairy Ball!” Qingfeng was pleasantly surprised. These few days were very lonely for him. After being bullied by those people, he reminisced about the warmth of Stone Village. He was almost tearing up after only a few days without seeing Hairy Ball.

Zhi Zhi

Hairy Ball angrily shouted when it saw all types of bruises on his body. Those injuries all had symbols left inside them. Suddenly, it could not sit still anymore and embraced Qingfeng, because they had been together for quite a while, and developed a good relationship.

“It’s nothing. I’m not hurt,” Qingfeng comforted it.

Zhi Zhi

Hairy Ball did not care and yelled non-stop. What it meant was that it wanted to take revenge.

“Don’t go. If they find you, you most likely won’t be able to escape. Those people are very difficult to deal with.” Qingfeng appeased him.

Hairy Ball calmed down, then scratched its head for a bit. It made some gestures in the air and told Qingfeng to inform it of what happened. Then it’ll let the little guy know, and when the time comes, he’ll tidy those people up.

“I’m very happy that little big bro entered Heaven Mending Pavilion, but I don’t want to bother him for everything. Otherwise, I might seem too useless,” Qingfeng said.

Hairy Ball immediately slammed its claw on the table. What it meant was, ‘He knew a long time ago. If you don’t tell him, he’ll worry about you.’

Qingfeng was emotionally moved. Not only did his little big bro care about him, even this little monkey did too. His eyes became red on the spot as tears almost dripped out. Then, he recounted his experiences during these past few days.

Hairy Ball returned during the latter half of the night. After the little guy learned about what happened, his little face immediately darkened as he wandered about his room.

“A few vicious youth with the support of a genius whose surname is Yu2. Could it be the same Rain family from Stone Country?” the little guy muttered to himself. His expression was a bit cold.

“If I take care of those people, I might provoke the Rain Clan. In the end, will this involve Shi Yi as well?” Although this was a small matter, the little guy still thoroughly considered his options.

Hairy Ball waved its little claws beside him. It made some very violent gestures.

The little guy laughed and said, “Hairy Ball, you have to remember that you can’t just immediately charge over and start beating or killing people. Only barbarians do those things.”

Hairy Ball immediately stomped and hopped about while shouting Zhi Zhi non-stop. Its pair of little claws even made some gestures. What it meant was, ‘Don’t you always do that? You’re always so barbarous.’

The little guy was put in an awkward spot. Then he scratched his head and said, “That depends on the situation, and who you’re up again. Naturally, you need to be uncivilized and violent within the great wasteland.

Hairy Ball curled its lips to show its disdain.

“Wu, let me think for a bit. In two days, some people from the genius camp are going to come here to display their extraordinary power in order to motivate us. I’ll just take care of them at that time!” the little guy said.

He had received some news a long time ago that during that day, no teachers would come to teach them the bone text, and they would not need to do labor as well. They only had to wait here for the arrival of those geniuses.

It was mainly because there were many youths who were dissatisfied these days, and felt that they needed some motivation for their cultivation from time to time. It was tough to understand.

In addition, the elders’ words were very simple: If you’re strong enough, and your talents are heaven opposing enough, you can go directly to the genius camp without having to stay here any longer. The reason those geniuses were going to come was naturally to show the difference between them in order to avoid any further complaints.

In the blink of an eye, two days passed by. A group of geniuses appeared between the mountains and rushed of.

This group of people were all glowing with health and vigor. All of them were extraordinary, and they were all elites who distinguished themselves within their large clans. They were all highly regarded by the Heaven Mending Pavilion, and was attracted into the school.

A group of geniuses whose extraordinary gifts were not only in name, but in reality as well. All of them were extremely powerful!

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