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Chapter 104 – Calm and Collected

“I really am looking forward to it. The Heaven Mending to actually be able to grow such holy medicines, truly makes us hold them in reverence. I really want to see just what that medicine looks like!” A group of people were shocked as they greedily admired.

What kind of object was a hole medicine? It was something that was capable of reviving the dead! It would be tough to find a single one within a million li of this great wasteland! One must be aware that even if one existed, they would be hidden within ancient holy mountains and places that might really be controlled by creatures like the pure-blooded Golden Winged Peng. No one dared to approach; otherwise, it would inevitably end in their deaths.

In this world, it was extremely difficult for one to find a genuine holy medicine, and this was especially true for humans. However, the Heaven Mending Pavilion was actually able to grow one, so how could people not be shocked by that?

They were awaiting with high expectations, and felt that they did not come this time in vain.

“Go, let us take a look at these talented geniuses first, and let us admire their extraordinary elegance. The future belongs to them, this group of young heroes!” elder Xiong Fei passionately said.

“Good!” Everyone nodded in praise as they took big steps forward.

The lake was extremely calm as a silver gowned youth walked by the shores in stress and gazed into the vast lake alone. His black hair was fluttering about, and his figure was tall and straight; he had a distinct style that was difficult to put into words.

Although he did not display his power, the surrounding fierce beasts all avoided him, and the vicious birds distanced themselves as well. Everything was quiet, as if he was the only thing in the world

At this moment, he was fully immersed within nature. His imposing figure seemed outstanding and otherworldly like a little silver gowned God that descended into the realm of man.

When everyone arrived and saw that outstanding figure, all of them could not help but nod. What an outstanding young hero!

“Young man, how many Heaven Mending Rocks did you collect?” Elder Xiong Fei walked over in a friendly manner and asked him.

Xiao Tian was awoken from that indescribable state of sadness, and suddenly turned around. His eyes shot out two terrifying rays of electricity that pierced through everyone, making them tremble.

“Such an outstanding young hero. Black hair fluttering, eyes like cold lightning, horn on the head like…”

Elder Zhuo Yun praised; however, as soon as he said half that sentence, he could not continue. He was tongue-tied. What happened to this child? How come there was such a huge blister on his forehead?!

Everyone was flabbergasted. That blister on that silver gowned youth’s head was huge. How come it looked like an outstanding horn? It was a bit scary.

Many seniors had prepared their words of praise, but were suddenly left speechless. They could not just ignore this fact, since his blister was extraordinarily large.

“This… Are you injured?” an elder of the Heaven Mending Pavilion asked.

Xiao Tian was apathetic, and nodded his head.

“Oh…” Everyone was expressionless. Could this person have lost? However, the aura that he gave off contained the chants of dragons and the roars of lions. He was definitely an exceptionally outstanding talent.

“How many Heaven Mending Rocks have you collected?” Elder Xiong Fei had a serious expression on his face as he displayed his awe-inspiring statue.

In reality, when everyone saw him remain so silent, they all believed that he had lost.

The silver gowned youth did not say much, and directly threw a beast-skinned sack onto the ground. With a kuang sound, it dropped to the ground and astonished everyone.

Everyone was startled. This youth was stubborn and proud, and his character was fierce. The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s elders did not mind, and one of them stepped forward. Upon opening it up, he was shocked, and immediately raised his head.

“There are exactly 28 Heaven Mending Rocks, truly astonishing! This kind of accomplishment is definitely the performance of the number one person here!”

When everyone heard this, they couldn’t stop their emotions from stirring. All of them gazed inside the bag to discover that there were indeed over 20 Heaven Mending Rocks that were flowing with a sparkling and translucent glow.

“What an outstanding young hero!” At that moment, no one held back their praises.

“It’s truly astonishing. In these recent years, this kind of performance would overshadow many geniuses. He could be outstanding even amongst them!” Elder Xiong Fei sighed repeatedly.

“What’s going on with that large blister on his forehead then?” Apart from all of the great powers, there were 3,000 children who had successfully passed the trial. They were all discussing quietly right now.

“What do children understand? That’s not a blister, just an unusual feature,” an elder said.

“No matter how I look at it, it’s a blister.” A child was grieving since he felt like he did not make a mistake.

“Stop saying such rubbish. This is a genuine and outstanding horn okay?” A large clan’s elder patiently explained, “Do you know what outstanding means? It means he’s out of the ordinary, and has otherworldly talents, so he… Grew a strange horn. This is his innate ‘heavenly feature.’ For a normal person, they couldn’t look like this even if they wanted to. This is something you’re born with!”

A few younger children were suspicious. They blinked with all their might as they stared at him.

An elder of a large clan warned his grandson in a low voice, “Hai, he is destined to be an amazing lord of the Heaven Mending Pavilion, so you can’t offend him. Whether it’s a large blister or some outstanding horn, it won’t be wrong to have a good relation with him!”

“Oh, I understand.” The young child nodded.

Beside the lake shore, that silver gowned youth felt as if his heart was being trampled upon by 100,000 horses within a swamp. He wanted to shout out, “Outstanding horn my ass. What the f*ck is a ‘heavenly feature’! Ahhh!”

The silver owned youth’s heart was beating like crazy, since he was truly suffering from such harassment. He hated that little kid in the darkness so much, but what was he supposed to say right now? What could he say? The only thing that he could do was to face the sky and feel like crying.

However, in everyone else’s eyes, those action meant something else. This young man was truly exceptional. His gaze into the skies held a deep and profound meaning, and this type of temperament was definitely extraordinary!

The senior did not feel like he was being arrogant. The so-called being proud of one’s own abilities looked exactly like this. This was the privilege of geniuses, and was nothing unusual.

If this silver gowned youth found out what they were thinking, he would have definitely burst into tears. Proud of my own abilities my ass; I was just smashed in the head twice!

“I know him. He came from that Xiao Clan that is 300,000 li from here,” someone said.

“So he was actually an outstanding talent of the Xiao Clan. They control boundless territories and have a population of over 100 million. Such a genius would appear from there.” Someone else at the side nodded.

“Wu, being able to present our young heroic talents is a glory for our Heaven Mending Pavilion. Let’s go everyone, there are more young geniuses waiting to be observed. Let’s continue this viewing ceremony.” Elder Xiong Fei was very satisfied, and at the same time, his heart was fiery. This genius today was truly astonishing. People like Xiao Tian were rarely seen, and he was worthy of being a ‘seed’ that they would heavily focus on nurturing.

At the same time, his mind was preoccupied with a blaze that was even more intense; it was precisely that milk baby! Let’s see how you will get out of this one!

Xiong Fei harbored a stomach full of fire. Even now, that scene of the entire eighth region with 9,000 people endlessly coming out still made him feel dizzy. It was all caused by that devilish brat, driving him mad.

Without a doubt, this event made the Heaven Mending Pavilion the focal point. The entire world was buzzing about it.

People continued ahead and saw some more young geniuses. Some were tending to their wounds as they lost their Heaven Mending Rocks. Some had many pieces on their hands, so their harvest was bountiful. They were all different.

Although they were all very powerful and deserved to be titled ‘geniuses’, there were no other people who was as terrifying as that silver gowned youth. The disparity was evident.

“Wu, this child of the Wood Clan is pretty good. He has nine Heaven Mending Rocks. I heard that he had accumulated seven or eight pieces before. Unfortunately, he met Xiao Tian and they were stolen.” Elder Zhuo Yun nodded as he finally discovered another special child.

Geniuses gradually revealed themselves as they all converged. However during this entire process, a few elders of the Heaven Mending Pavilion began to furrow their brows. This entire forest was too chaotic; ancient trees were destroyed and broken branches were everywhere. There were even mountain peaks that had collapsed. What kind of explosive event happened here?

“Why do I feel like a flood of beasts ravaged through this area, and Big Black also destroyed a few regions.” An elder muttered, and quickly found a genius to inquire about what had happened.

“What? There was actually a flood of beasts? Flood Dragons, Ancient Alligators, Three-Footed Dragon Birds all revolted?” Some of the Heaven Mending Pavilion elders were shocked. They continued to ask questions until they finally understood the cause behind the situation.

“So you’re saying that you saw a fuzzy figure that actively went and irritated these vicious beast overlords, making them revolt?” Elder Xiong Fei’s brows jumped.

One of the geniuses stood up. He described how he saw a figure who was provoking all types of vicious beasts, and as a result triggered this terrifying upsurge.

Everyone was in an uproar. This was too big of an over exaggeration. Even for geniuses like these, they would still retreat when facing these vicious beast overlords. Why would that individual actively provoke them like this? That individual’s strength must truly have been terrifying.

Every single one of the elders had a nasty look on their face. This entire mountain range was battered and bruised everywhere. The destructive force of the vicious beast overlords was truly astonishing.

“Are you saying that the individual was on the ground, then with a leap, he surpassed the peak of those mountains and crossed over the mountain ridges?” The elder of Heaven Mending Pavilion obtained very useful information from the young genius’ mouth.

“That’s right!” A youth nodded.

Everyone stared at each other, then they simultaneously thought of one person. It had to be that heaven angering milk baby.

“Milk baby!” Elder Xiong Fei shouted until his throat was dry. As he shouted loudly, he was very angry yet excited. This proved that this little thing had to be here.

“Prepare to move out. Capture him for me!” Another elder seemed like he caught sight of chicken blood as well, and became abnormally excited.

“Stay calm,” elder Zhuo Yun said. His expression was as relaxing as the breeze. Although his heart was barely resisting the temptation to immediately take action, it was better if they did not destroy the mood and their image.

A few few elders looked at each other before laughing. Since he came inside, could he still escape? If he had a Heaven Mending Rock, it meant that he was a disciple of the Heaven Mending Pavilion. In the future, any type of discipline they employed on him would be fine!

“Everyone, we’re going to look at the precious medicine, then we’ll go and meet that baby,” elder Zhuo Yun calmly said.

“Good!” Everyone nodded. All of them were satisfied, and had high expectations.

The geniuses of the second battlefield joined the group as well. A boundless group of people started journeying into the depths of the mountain range. As they followed the route and saw the battlefield for this trial, they all nodded.

“Everyone, we’re almost there. This medicine has been growing for over 800 years. It is very likely that it with go through a transformation as it turns a thousand years old.” Elder Zhuo Yun introduced.

When they finally reached the depth of the mountain range, they discovered a vast and empty region ahead of them. The ground was hard and dry, and the air was filled with black mist. It seemed as if there was a huge and terrifying gaping hole across the ground.

“So powerful! This is a genuine Black Tiger Demon!”

“Heavens! This is an enormous black tiger. It shouldn’t be any weaker than an Archaic Descendant!”

Very quickly, people discovered a pair of huge eyes shining within the dark depths of the cave. They looked like two bloody moons, frightening and terrifying everyone.

Elder Zhuo Yun was acting naturally, and was staying completely calm. Very leisurely, he lifted his hand, pointed forward, and said, “Everyone, please look at that…”

Suddenly, his fingertips stiffened. His smile which had been full of warmth had froze, and his gentle eyes instantly stared wide as he almost passed out.

There was a hole there. The Black Demon Lotus was gone! Even the roots, the stem and the leaves were dug out by someone!

“God dammit! Where’s the medicine? Where’s the precious medicine?!” All of elder Zhuo Yun’s calm and coolheadedness disappeared. He began to jump up and down as if someone had pulled on his tail. Clear veins appeared on his forehead and exploded as he howled in rage toward the sky.

Elder Zhuo Yun went crazy, as if he had transformed into an ancient madman.

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