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Chapter 148 – Broken Sword Beheading All Directions

The White Tiger’s speed was too fast. It was like a white streak of light as it moved vertically and horizontally, bringing with it a strong gale. The hundred to thousand jin boulders were all lifted up, flying randomly within the dust and sand.

It collided together with the little guy continuously, tiger claw versus fist. Kengqiang sounds rang out, and symbols danced in the air. The surrounding boulders all soared into the air, flying outwards from the tremendous shock waves.


The white tiger opened its mouth to roar, spitting out a boundless milky way like radiance that carried an heaven overflowing killing aura. The little guy’s entire body emitted light, about to block that attack. Meanwhile, behind him, that stone mountain collapsed with a loud rumble. Soon after, it exploded, turning into fine powder.


A white-colored large claw dropped down. The little guy avoided it, but the ground where he previously stood on immediately shattered, being sliced open. A deep ravine appeared, completely black and terrifying.

The White Tiger was powerful. It fiercely attacked, weapons covering its entire body. Even when it had its back towards the little guy, a swaying snow white tail would sweep over. It still had the power to instantly smash apart a giant ten thousand jin boulder.

This type of crazy fierceness made everyone tremble!

“The big cat went crazy! What powerful attack power!” In the rear, regardless of whether it was the big red bird, Flame Crow, Nine-Headed Lion or the others, they were all fearful.

The little guy lifted his hand to fight back, erupting with endless lightning. It flooded its way over towards the White TIger, because he also began to fight with boiling blood.


The White Tiger released a long hiss, spitting out an area of white symbols. It flickered with metallic luster, welcoming the lightning in midair. The two individuals erupted with blazing radiance, and the sound of metal weapons striking together were emitted, guiding all of the lightning into the ground.

According to legends, during the ancient years, the White Tiger was located in the west. Its attribute was metal, and it was in charge of assassinations. It was the most terrifying and deadly creature.

Right now, it was spitting out a metallic qi, appearing to be proving this true. It pierced through the heavens and shook the earth, even dissolving all the lightning. It channeled towards the boundless great earth, splitting open a sea of lightning.

“Fresh and powerful taste, I like it more and more.” The White Tiger shouted, its eyes ice cold. It leapt up suddenly, once again throwing itself over.

Not only was its physical body incomparably tyrannical, its cultivation realm was high as well. It was comparable to that of a ‘restricted’ individual, so it was definitely powerful. It used the most ferocious and forceful killing method to charge towards the little guy.


The little guy’s fist smashed out, and the two individual’s bodies violently shook. The symbols were like falling stars as they continuously rushed out. This area was like a volcano erupting, and even the ground began to violently tremble.

The White Tiger and the little guy retreated at the same time, once again launching their precious techniques.


With a roar from the White Tiger, twenty eight battle spears appeared. They were silvery white and shiny, circling with symbols. They erupted with a heaven soaring killing aura, and brilliant rays of light began to flourish.

These twenty eight battle lances were formed out of tiger teeth. As they towered over the ground, they seemed like pillars that supported the heavens. Thick and cold, they gave people a strong shocking and terrifying feeling.

These enormous battle lances were the White Tiger’s precious artifacts. After they were brought out, they oppressed the heaven and earth. In addition, when theses battle spears appeared, they were all polluted by blood, creating a shocking scene.

“Kill him for me!”

The White Tiger roared, throwing itself forward. The twenty eight battle spears made a u-turn, their spearheads pointing forward. They were arranged all around its body, piercing towards the little guy together.

This type of attack made people’s hearts feel fear, as if the White Tiger’s strength was comparable to that of a ‘restricted’ individual’s. Just who could guard against such a powerful precious artifact within this small ancient world?

The White Tiger was imposing and heroic. The twenty eight battle spears by its side seemed as if they came out of a bloody prison, bringing with it an aura of calamity. The radiance was terrifying as it drew near.

The little guy’s expression changed. He took out the Suan Ni bone mirror and fetched the dragon shears soon after. The multicolored light was bright and resplendent, revealing tens of thousands of bright streaks as they fiercely fought it out against these precious artifacts. At the same time, his body was also bathed in lightning. He used everything he had to fight the White Tiger head on, carrying out a life and death confrontation.


The symbols were bright, and the rays of light were like countless comets as they covered the sky. It flooded this area, divine energy diffusing everywhere. Countless ripples crushed the mountain stones, splitting open the mountain and making people tremble in fear.

Dang dang sounds rang out incessantly. The golden bone shears and Suan Ni precious mirror would sweep out divine light from time to time. They collided with those battle spears, and lightning interweaved.

The Archaic descendant’s fierce teeth precious artifacts were all sturdy. Sparkling in the sky, a wave of heaven shocking killing aura swept  over, almost twisting iron and stone into shattering. However, the little guy stood there like before, his flesh not being split open. He withstood it by attacking with precious methods.

“Go die!”

The White Tiger roared, its pupils ice-cold. It opened its mouth to spray out white light, and the twenty eight battle spears began to burn even more magnificently. Piercing the clouds and breaking through the mist, it penetrated the symbols and pressed towards the little guy’s flesh.

Their great battle reached the climax. The little guy was shaken; these battle spears were too powerful! It wasn’t a single spear, but rather a total of twenty eight spears, making it extremely tiresome to deal with.


The giant spear points flew over, piercing through the ground beside him. Its might was unmatched, completely penetrating the great earth and breaking it down.

Every single battle spear was shockingly thick, as if they were giant pillars. These were already no longer thrusting weapons, but rather massive mountains that pressed down. Once you were struck, you weren’t pierced through, but rather smashed into bloody paste.


Twenty eight battle spears dropped at the same time. The little guy dodged by a hair’s breadth, however, the ground that he stood on collapsed. Twenty eight dark and large holes extended out, smashing this place apart. The falling rubble battered him until he flew into the air, and as killing intent engulfed everything, there was no way for him to evade. In the end, it made contact with his body, causing blood to flow out from the corner of his mouth.

Along the way, the little guy had fought with many race’s geniuses, broken and exhausted the entire time. While sweeping through his enemies, he rarely received injuries. He wiped off the blood from his mouth; the radiance in his pupils flourished, and his fighting spirit was raised.

The opposing side’s cultivation realm was higher than his, and this was the terrifying reality of the situation. However, his fighting strength was heaven opposing, and he was not scared. With a qiang lang sound, the golden bone shears rushed out, separating from the little guy’s side and slaughtering towards the White Tiger.

Meanwhile, the Suan Ni precious mirror also emerged, shining out more than ten streaks of lightning. They struck out in front simultaneously, surrounding the White Tiger.

With a weng sound, silver light flickered, and a layer of battle clothes appeared on the White Tiger’s body. It was dazzling, and the multicolored light was blinding. Soon after, symbols covered the sky, preventing the golden bone shears and Suan Ni precious mirror from getting near.

“White Tiger Battle Clothes!” Someone cried out. Those were the battle clothes refined from the precious skin of an Archaic species. It’s defensive capabilities were astonishing, and under ordinary situations, it was truly difficult to breach.

No wonder the White Tiger was so confident, it actually mastered so many terrifying precious artifacts. No matter who ended up here, within its peers, it was definitely invincible.


The dragon shears emitted light, fiercely attacking forward. In the end, it was useful, breaking apart that white light. It cut a slit through the White Tiger battle clothes, making blood trickle out.

“Such powerful precious shears!” Everyone’s expressions changed. It could actually cut through the White Tiger Battle Clothes! These golden bone shears definitely came from a shocking origin.

Even that giant golden bird that watched from the distance was astonished, carefully staring over.

Hou… The White Tiger roared in anger, its aura flourished even more. Below, the twenty eight battle spears emitted light. Killing intent overflowed into the heavens as they swept towards the little guy.

“Not good!” The little guy was shocked. These battle spears did not pierce forward, but rather stayed penetrated on the ground. However, they erupted with countless symbols, forming a killing formation; it wanted to trap him to death.

The boundless white light was like a vast body of water as it surged, submerging this area instantly. The little guy coughed out a mouthful of blood, and was swept back and forth by ten of these waves. These were all made of symbols, and were filled with the force of profound mysteries and laws.

“Come!” The little guy shouted loudly and lifted his hand. The Suan Ni precious mirror swooped down from the sky. It appeared in his hand, and the the sound of thunder immediately exploded.

At the same time, the golden bone shears also suddenly attacked from the air. It sliced apart another portion of the White Tiger battle clothes. Blood once again squirted out, and the White Tiger was injured again.

“You made me angry!” The White Tiger originally wanted to depend on its body’s absolute strength to suppress the enemy. It wanted to crush its opponent’s fighting spirit to make its own confidence seem even greater. However, in this battle, not only did its cultivation realm not suppress the little guy, it even received a heavy injury; this was unbearable!

It opened its mouth and released a long roar. Spitting out a lump of hazy light, it emitted a large multitude of propitious vapors. While rising, they created an extremely dazzling sight.

This was a beast skin pouch. The White Tiger took out its most powerful precious artifact, wanting to capture the little guy’s precious artifacts. It also wanted to suppress him within, thoroughly killing him.

Releasing the golden silk rope, the pouch’s entrance opened. Thousands of multicolored light streaks immediately appeared, as well as numerous streaks of auspicious colors. It overflowed with countless precious splendor, completely enshrouding the area below, wanting to collect everything.

“Not good!”

The little guy’s expression changed. He already previously saw how terrifying the Heaven and Earth Pouch was. Out of fear that the golden precious shears might be collected by it, he quickly withdrew it. Forming a streak of flowing light, it dropped beside his body.

The White Tiger had the precious clothes, and so it could stay in midair. Currently, it stood on top of a mountain peak, coldly speaking, “You have to understand just how petty and low you are. If I wanted to kill you, I could have finished it in an instant. Just now, I gave you a chance, and you didn’t take it. Now, I won’t waste any more time and take your life!”

It spoke in a cold and threatening tone while overlooking everything below. Opening the heaven and earth net, it wanted to deal the fatal blow!

As expected, a terrifying fluctuation diffused. The entrance of that pouch poured out inexhaustible auspicious radiance and began to swallow everything. Below, all types of enormous boulders flew up, and the little guy could no longer stand still; he was on the verge of being sucked into the net.

“Big Cat, you are asking to die!” The little guy coldly shouted. With a qianglang sound, he pulled out the broken sword from his back and pointed it towards the heavens. His arm suddenly shook, and a wave of heaven overflowing sword qi rush out immediately.


The auspicious colors being released by the Heaven and Earth Pouch was actually resisted. It did not have the ability to spread downwards, and did not suck the little guy inside.

“It’s that rotten sword?” The White Tiger was shocked. It personally saw the sword’s condition after being dug up. Being enveloped inside the ancient battlefield’s dark baleful aura, it almost completely rotted. How could it still contain this type of power?

The little guy really did not want to use it, because revealing it too early would make that giant golden bird wary. However, now that the White Tiger used the Heaven and Earth Pouch, he had no other choice.

Qiang, qiang…

The battle lance rang out with kengqiang sounds, and the twenty eight silver battle lances formed from tiger teeth shook at the same time, piercing towards the little guy. At the same time, the Heaven and Earth Pouch once again emitted light. The White Tiger exhausted all of its power to try and kill this terrifying human youth.

The little guy’s pupils were ice cold. With the broken sword in his hand, he swept out in all directions. A wave of terrifying sword aura filled the air, pouring out as if it was a tsunami. Qiang qiang sounds continuously rang out, and the twenty eight battle lances were completely chopped in half.

“Aiya, my heart hurts too much!”

While everyone was in shock, this type of sentence was heard. It sounded like someone’s heart was tearing and their lungs were cracking. However, it was not the White TIger, which made people baffled. The little guy beated his chest and stamped his feet, because he didn’t think that the rusted sword’s might would be so strangely great. All of the battle spears were destroyed; originally, he wanted to collect them.

The White Tiger almost spat out a mouthful of blood. That was its precious artifact, and was typically collected within its body. It truly hated to part with it and use it, yet the White Tiger didn’t even shout out its heart’s pain. That human youth instead shouted out so loudly, it truly angered it to death.

The little guy truly felt regretful. In his eyes, these battle lances already belonged to him. In the end, he never would have thought that the rusted sword would directly slice them right through the middle; slicing these precious artifacts was truly too wasteful.

You have to understand that he did not truly activate this broken sword! The ancient saint’s artifacts are truly too terrifying!

“The Heaven and Earth Pouch is mine!” The little guy mumbled softly. His two eyes revealed a burning light as he stared at that supreme treasure. This time, he decided to take it for himself, and absolutely no mishaps can occur.

His foot stood on the Suan Ni precious mirror. Releasing rays of lightning, it soared up, rushing towards that mountain peak.


The White Tiger roared angrily, and it almost went mad from anger. Its precious artifact was destroyed, yet this human youth still provoked it like this; it was unforgivable. Ordinarily, who dared to treat it like this? Those who dared to offend it were all immediately killed, becoming a pool of blood.

“It’s me who will kill you!” The little guy was extremely powerful. He grasped the broken sword as he hacked over, but he avoided the Heaven and Earth Pouch, directly aiming for the White Tiger’s body.

You are looking to die!” The White Tiger’s gaze was heavy. He dared to show such contempt towards it, avoiding its precious artifact; this was looking for the route to death. Multicolored light erupted beside it, and after spitting out with its mouth open, a precious mark flew out and smashed forward.

Everyone became astonished after seeing this. This White Tiger’s origins were definitely great; otherwise, how could it have so many precious artifacts? You have to understand that it was difficult for other geniuses to have the right to use even a single one.


The broken sword in the little guy’s hand immediately hacked out. This precious mark directly shattered, forming a lump of terrifying radiance.

“Aiya, my heart is so sore. Why didn’t you give me a heads up before taking out the precious artifact?!” The little guy was furious. His heart was sore and uncomfortable; another spoil of war disappeared.


The White Tiger couldn’t take it anymore. It directly spat out a mouthful of blood out of anger. Who felt more sorrow than itself? It was so angry that its heart was about to split open, and even its stomach was in pain. The precious artifacts that it raised and refined with blood essence for all these years were ruined like this.

This battle’s conclusion was already decided. The little guy avoided the the Heaven and Earth Pouch, tore through the auspicious light, and slashed forward diagonally with the broken sword.


The White Tiger howled severely. Blood gushed out, and one of its hind legs were sliced off.

“Big Red, catch it! Don’t waste any!” The little guy’s voice rang out. This was the White Tiger meat from legend, and had supplemental effects that would be shameful to waste.

He carefully controlled the broken sword, and was finally able to handle it. He did not hack the White Tiger into pieces, and once again chopped forward.

Even though the White Tiger fought back, in the end, it was still not a match. With a pu sound, it was sliced right at the waist. Its lower half fell down, blood frantically surging out.

Meanwhile, the little guy successfully seized the Heaven and Earth Pouch after the White Tiger’s divine strength lost control over it. Its symbols were drawn inside, gradually becoming dimmer. It was seized into the little guy’s hands.

“What a great treasure!” The little guy fondled it admiringly. His large eyes were like crescent moons, and as he revealed his small sparkling fierce teeth, he was incomparably happy.

“With the Heaven and Earth Pouch, I could pack up all the Archaic species within the Hundred Shattering Mountains to go and it wouldn’t be a problem.” He eyes were full of stars, and he quickly wiped away a mouthful of saliva.

The big red bird, Nine-Headed Lion, Sable, Flame Crow and the others were originally joyous and cheering, but after seeing him act like this, they immediately shut their mouths.

Hou… The White Tiger was at the end of its road. It never would have thought that it would fall here and meet this type of end.

With a weng sound, a streak of golden light rushed into the heavens. It suddenly filled the sky, and the dusky world immediately erupted with divine splendor, enveloped in divine radiance. A wave of terrifying might hid the sky and covered the earth, making the mountains, rivers, and land tremble.

The giant golden bird finally moved. It spread its wings and rose into the clouds, appearing high in the sky. It was like a golden divine spirit, overlooking everyone below.

“All of you, go and kill him!” It ordered the ten or so Archaic descendants below to kill the little guy.

“He… Has that broken sword. Our precious artifacts cannot defeat it.” These Archaic descendants were ranting and raving. That broken sword was too terrifying.

“Don’t worry. If he dares to move, I’ll take that broken sword, so give it your all and kill him!” The giant golden bird spoke with an ice cold tone. Its body seemed like it was made out of gold, emitting endless brilliance. It was incomparably terrifying, as if a divine king was overlooking the commoners.

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