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Chapter 995 - Day of Darkness

That day, for the heavenly deities in Immortal Ancient, the sky itself turned black. Shi Hao left behind three spiritual bodies to guard the entrance, his real body tearing through the void, returning to Immortal Ancient’s depths to unleash a great massacre. 

Huang came out of seclusion, massacring heavenly deities. All of Immortal Ancient was shaken up!

All sides were focusing their attention on this, everyone now wondering just how great his strength was now.

That day, many heavenly deities fell, blood scattering over the great earth. This triggered a tremendous uproar. 

Shi Hao sought out the Eight Armed Soul Race Clan, discussing with them secretly, asking them for their assistance in finding those heavenly deities’ whereabouts. 

After all, Immortal Ancient was too large, with many small worlds. Once a heavenly deity intentionally hid, it was quite difficult to find them.

That day, he attacked powerfully. After killing heavenly deities one after another, as long as one wasn’t stupid, most of them would immediately choose to flee and hide themselves. 

Without a doubt, a great storm was sweeping through Immortal Ancient. 

Huang swept through Immortal Ancient, triggering sky shocking waves. 

“Killed another one, another heavenly deity had died!”

Everyone was about to become numb. That day, experts at this level continuously encountered disaster, blood falling like rain, pouring from the skies. It truly shocked left too many shocked. 

How powerful were heavenly deities? They were far above, a heavenly moat separating them from true deities. When they died, irregular scenes would appear between heaven and earth. 

Heavenly deities died in all different small worlds. Lightning rumbling, blood rain pouring down, these scenes were horrifying!

“Fire Cloud Cavern’s heavenly deity is being pursued. It is an archaic vicious bird!”

“Huang is so powerful, too much of a monster! He is chasing after a heavenly ranked divine bird!”

A fiery red enormous bird moved through heaven and earth, feathers enormous like clouds, blasting apart space, continuously fleeing through many small worlds. Meanwhile, Shi Hao pursued relentlessly.

This vicious bird had been targeted for a long time. It was chased without end. 

However, Fire Cloud Cavern’s heavenly deity had quite the skill in protecting itself. Its wings were broken first, and then its tail, continuously using different parts to take its place in death. Even though its entire body was covered in blood, it still didn’t die.

“Where are you going? Leave behind your true feather and heavenly deity flesh!” Shi Hao hollered, these words almost angering that heavenly ranked divine bird until it fainted. 

It was one of the world’s most powerful and terrifying creatures, who wouldn’t feel apprehension before it? Yet today, it was targeted by someone, treated like a meal.

Shi Hao naturally wouldn’t show mercy. He had long ascertained which great sects’ heavenly deities had joined hands to kill him. He was now retaliating, carrying out his revenge.


A golden divine chain flew out, penetrating this fiery red divine bird, locking it down. 

Long cries shook the heavens. This pure-blooded archaic vicious bird was furious. It knew that it couldn’t escape, so it did everything it could to retaliate, turning around to fight a decisive battle against Shi Hao.


Shi Hao’s appearance was dignified and imposing as he stood there. A golden willow tree appeared behind him, employing its precious technique along as he produced imprints. 

In that instant, hundreds of golden willow branches flew out, turning into dao chains, all of them piercing into that heavenly ranked vicious bird’s body. Blood splashed outwards; it was an alarming sight. 

It released a great sharp cry, the sound splitting the sky. Many mountain peaks below exploded from the sound, the dome of heaven also cracking. 

However, this couldn’t change anything. Even though its entire body shone, using the most powerful precious techniques and other things, it just couldn’t free itself from the willow branch, magical force quickly fading.

This was precisely the Willow Deity’s technique. Not only could it recover one’s own blood energy, quickly make it surge, it also possessed extremely powerful offensive strength.

This was especially true now that Shi Hao was at the Holy Sacrifice Realm, so he could feel this even more clearly. With this precious technique, he was like a tiger that had sprouted wings, gaining redoubled power, his strength surging greatly.


A willow branch brandished out, hacking apart this vicious bird’s skull like a heavenly blade. It also penetrated the space between its brows, ending the life of this heavenly deity.

Shi Hao pulled out this heavenly ranked vicious bird’s true feather, storing it away. 

Then, he produced a cauldron, collecting this terrifying divine bird’s body. For him, this was a delicacy that was worth preserving.

After that, Shi Hao began to chase after a Flood Dragon. That was also an important target, a creature that came from Phantom Drake Dao Gate. He didn’t hold back at all when taking action, chasing it down.


Inside a small world, a battle erupted. This creature possessed exceptional heavenly deity level magical force, but it still wasn’t a match. Scales covered in blood flew out in all directions. Shi Hao slaughtered the Flood Dragon here, killing an extremely powerful heavenly deity.

Kuang dang!

A cauldron’s lid was opened, sending out brilliant colors, collecting this Flood Dragon as well. He now obtained another prey and enemy. 

In reality, Shi Hao was always looking for Immortal Palace’s heavenly deity. This one acted the most vicious against him, appearing when he was cultivating in seclusion, wishing to kill him again and again. 

However, he didn’t find this person even now. The Eight Armed Soul Race dispatched their forces, using some favors inside Immortal Ancient, yet there was only a small amount of progress.


Another battle erupted. Shi Hao chased after Demonic Sunflower Garden’s heavenly deity.

“You, seed seller, you better stand still!” Shi Hao roared from the rear, killing intent surging.

Demonic Sunflower Garden’s heavenly deity roared in anger, truly wanting to turn around and slap this brat to death. However, it endured this impulse, because it knew that it wasn’t his match. 

That brat reached the Holy Sacrifice Realm, now comparable to heavenly deities. There were also three strands of immortal energy surrounding his body, so he was far above them, impossible to fight head on.

One had to understand that even thought they were outstanding, once one cultivated immortal energy, that was a heavenly trial that was too difficult to surpass. Those in the same cultivation realm couldn’t compare.

“Seed seller, you can’t escape! Didn’t you bully me together with Immortal Palace’s heavenly deity back then?” Shi Hao shouted. 

Winds and clouds changed during this battle, heaven and earth losing color!

Demonic Sunflower Garden’s heavenly deity was forced into a desperate situation. The black sun behind it shone, and then sparkling black jade flew out one after another, blasting towards Shi Hao.

Without a doubt, these were all sunflower seeds, every single one containing a strand of its innate essence energy. They exploded in front of Shi Hao, their power exceptional, making the void explode.


Shi Hao released a light shout. His great sleeve brandished out, magical force interweaving, collecting all of the sunflower seeds. These were comparable to divine pills, the value extraordinary. 

It could be said that this was the crystallization of a heavenly deity’s qi and blood!

Demonic Sunflower Garden’s heavenly deity died!

Shi Hao put away half of the black divine seeds, inflicting great damage to its vitality. He brandished the Everlasting Immortal Sword, removing its head and erasing its primordial spirit. 

Immortal Ancient was greatly shaken up, all sides trembling with shock.

Forget about the geniuses who came from the Three Thousand Provinces, even the natives were stupefied. This was just too vicious, continuously killing heavenly deities, was he trying to pierce through the heavens?

Ever since the Immortal Ancient remains existed, there were three thousand great battles, three thousand power struggles, but it had never been this miserable. 

In the past, where would they find a youth hunting down a heavenly deity? Yet today, this Devil King blood purged this place, slaughtering all heavenly deities. Even now, not a single person could say for sure just how many exactly he killed.

This was even more so the case for the geniuses from the three thousand provinces. They were about to go stupid, startling them until chills ran through their entire bodies. They had never seen such a disaster. 

Which one of the heavenly deities killed were weak? They all came from great sects, who dared to provoke these individuals? Yet he did it like picking vegetables, immediately unleashing a great slaughter, shocking everyone!


Suddenly, the void exploded. An enormous palm appeared. It was too sudden, suppressing down at Shi Hao, wishing to grab him away.

A sect master level figure took action! This aura was definitely unmistakable.

Not even heavenly deities could resist this, the power too tyrannical. 


However, Shi Hao unexpectedly seemed to have expected this. A Realm Shattering Symbol was activated, immediately bringing him away. 

He wasn’t a true deity right now, but comparable to heavenly deities, and he even had three strands of immortal energy surrounding his body, making him far above others. Even though he couldn’t fight head on against a sect master, if he wanted to escape, he still had an inherent advantage.

At the same time, the Eight Armed Soul Race’s ancient ancestor appeared. A palm greeted out, making heaven and earth fall, sun and moon sway back and forth, ghosts cry and deities weep. 

Shi Hao’s eyes were ice-cold. When he sliced open the void, he only took a hurried glance, immediately knowing who it was that was trying to deal with him. It was Silver Blood Devil Tree Race’s ancient ancestor, someone who had previously tried to capture him on Soul Island. 

Meanwhile, not long ago, in front of Immortal Ancient’s arena, Shi Hao had even more so killed an important disciple of its clan, Yin Kun, so this naturally made it impossible for reconciliation.

This Ancient Devil Tree clearly realized how terrifying Shi Hao was, not hesitating to launch a hidden attack, also wishing to eliminate him out of fear that he would continue growing, bringing danger to its clan. 

Shi Hao continued moving, not wasting time here. The Eight Armed Soul Race’s ancient ancestor told him that he had to be careful. 

In the end, he obtained news that Immortal Palace’s heavenly deity appeared, currently fleeing towards the entrance. 

Shi Hao laughed. He was waiting for this moment!

He left three spiritual bodies there precisely in preparation of someone trying to escape, and everyone else that headed there before this had been killed, not allowing any news to leak. 

Now, his true body was here, so no one expected there to be anyone guarding that entrance. Now that they were forced to this extent, there were heavenly deities who began to consider retreating.

Shi Hao slaughtered his way over, dealing with another heavenly deity along the way. 

That day, for the outside world’s experts, was a day of darkness, too frightening and disastrous. When had they ever heard of heavenly deities falling in succession?

Even in the darkest times of this world, there shouldn’t be something like this that happened, right? A youth was continuously slaughtering heavenly deities!

Darklight Realm, the place where Immortal Ancient’s entrance rested. 

Immortal Ancient’s heavenly deities were laying low. The other heavenly deity that also returned with him had already been killed.

When he saw two figures appear from the other side, walking over step by step, Immortal Palace’s heavenly deity was both shocked and angry. What kind of status did he have? Yet he was actually forced to this step.

That day, Shi Hao acted completely ruthlessly, taking action decisively, not showing a trace of benevolence. 

It was because these heavenly deities were all great enemies. They, as well as those behind them, wanted to kill him this entire time, so why should he show mercy?

Immortal Palace’s heavenly deity produced a magical imprint, displaying the restricted art, the Human Immortal Imprint!


This place erupted with chaos. One had to admit that this person was extremely powerful, or else he wouldn’t have been able to escape unharmed from a sect master level sable’s hands.

“What? Immortal Palace’s heavenly deity was stopped, fighting against someone intensely?!”

In the outside world, someone saw this scene through the entrance. There were experts cutting off the path, stopping Immortal Palace’s heavenly deity from returning. 

Immortal Palace’s people were naturally furious, but they couldn’t do anything. Sect master level figures couldn’t enter!


At the crucial moment, Shi Hao’s real body arrived. In that instant, golden willow branches appeared all around him, turning into divine law chains, moving ten thousand zhang through the air, slaughtering their way over.

Even though Immortal Palace’s heavenly deity was powerful, how could he stop Shi Hao’s true body with three strands of immortal energy? Bloody holes appeared as soon as they crossed blows.

As the great battle continued, Immortal Palace’s heavenly deity’s entire body was covered in blood. In the end, following a pu sound, his magical imprint was blasted through, the center of his palm penetrated, blood pouring outwards. 

“Ah…” He released a loud shout, rushing towards the entrance in escape. 

Unfortunately, Shi Hao already released the fatal blow. Over a hundred golden willow branches flew out, half of them striking at the light screen ahead, penetrating the other party’s defenses. 

Blood splashed high into the air. Dozens of willow deity branches pierced through Immortal Palace heavenly deity’s body. 

However, this person really was strong. He ignited himself, displaying a secret method, blasting away all of the branches. His entire body gushed out blood, rushing with great speed towards the entrance to get out.


An especially thick willow branch turned into a war spear and flew out, unstoppable. Even though his armor shone, precious techniques protecting him, everything was still instantly penetrated. 

This golden willow branch turned into a war spear, killing Immortal Palace heavenly deity’s primordial spirit, coming out from the back of his head. 

“Coming out, he fled out!” Those outside were currently crying out loudly, pleasantly surprised. 

This was the leftover inertial of Immortal Palace’s heavenly deity, perfectly rushing out, escaping. However, in reality, his primordial spirit had already been erased. 

“What is going on?” Everyone cried out loudly, discovering that the body that had fled halfway had its legs wrapped up, forcibly pulled back.

In the outside world, Immortal Palace’s people were furious. 

An expert was taking action, sealing up Immortal Palace’s heavenly deity. In the end, they discovered that he had long been killed. Right at this moment, a gu lu sounded. A head fell onto the ground, Immortal Palace’s heavenly deity dying before everyone’s eyes just like that, that headless corpse forcibly dragged back. 

“Kill!” Immortal Palace’s people couldn’t endure it any longer, one person shouting loudly.

However, they still couldn’t enter Immortal Ancient. 

Now, everyone understood that the heavenly deities that entered Immortal Ancient should all be killed, important figures all lost. 

For many people, this day was one that was incomparably dark. It was thus called, the Day of Darkness. 

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