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Chapter 996 - Mentality of All

How powerful was Immortal Palace? Even though they didn't have many core members, their power still shook up all of the higher realms. How many people dared provoke them? 

This was especially the case when the terrifying existence that had already entered a dormant state in the archaic years still existed in the present world, making all experts feel apprehension. 

One had to understand that this was a terrifying figure who dared to challenge Supreme Hall's unmatched sect master, so even other sect masters treated him with great importance. 

However, right now, there was someone challenging Immortal Palace in front of his face, the heavenly deity that fled out dragged back, head removed, and then tossed out. 

How bold and imposing was this? 

It was just too shocking. All sects erupted with commotion, clamoring with noise.

Primal chaos surrounded a bronze palace that suspended in the void, exuding a type of astonishing might in the boundless uninhabited region, intimidating all directions.

The person inside didn't say anything, but everyone felt terrified. As he breathed in and out, the mountains and rivers rose and fell, this normal breathing surging violently like an ocean. 

Someone had woken up from his slumber!

Everyone trembled in fear!

That person was here, only, in the past few years, always remained in a state of sleep. The other sect master level figure from Immortal Palace stood guard on the side, managing everything in his place.

However now, this person was startled, now awake!

"How terrifying! A great storm is brewing in the higher realms!" Someone said quietly. 

Now that this person woke up, great waves were definitely going to beat against the shore. Everyone was greatly shocked. Once he was angered, then it would truly be a frightening thing.

"Part human part bird part beast, I can't eat this, just like Underworld Clan, a trash race without any use." 

A voice sounded from the other side of the realm wall, extremely casual and frivolous, throwing Immortal Palace heavenly deity's corpse out as well. 

Those who were discussing fervently all stopped, every single one of their expressions strange.

This little devil was too unbridled, daring to say these types of words, what was he treating Immortal Palace's heavenly deity as, purely prey? These words were full of disdain. 

He even added a bit about Underworld Clan, making their clansmen's faces fall ashen, glaring angrily at the spatial hole, truly wishing they could rush into Immortal Ancient and tear him to shreds.

This kind of person had never appeared before, brash and domineering. After killing a heavenly deity, he even dared to provoke the people from several outside world ancient sects. 

One had to keep in mind that Immortal Palace's people were known as the descendents of the Human Immortal, their bodies having immortal blood flowing through it. The most terrifying thing was that their race's talents were exceptional, yet they were shown disdain instead.

"It is definitely Huang!" Someone guessed. 

"Of course it's him, I am sure of it! This person deserves to be put to death. Fellow comrades, we must join hands to eliminate this this evil." Celestial Clan's cultivators added oil to the flames. 

It was because they were scared. Shi Hao's growth was too fast! If this continued, he'll pay Celestial Clan a visit in just a few years, going to City of Heaven to display his power. 

At this moment, a few important figures from Celestial Clan immediately felt distracted, regretting greatly. Why did they have to provoke this Devil King? Back then, they were completely possessed, unable to suppress their greed, not hesitating to slander and injure the youth who escorted their clan's pearl, all of the sake of vicious ten precious technique and other things, tying tremendous karma between them. 

As for Fire Cloud Cavern, Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Luofu True Valley and other inheritances, they even more so experienced a type of fear, as well as endless pressure. That sinner's blood descendant had to be suppressed, or else those sects would be in great danger!

They had never encountered such a heaven defying sinner's blood descendant before. He was just twenty years old, yet he could already hunt down heavenly deities. It really was terrifying. 

Once this great vicious being grew up, he might be even terrifying than those at the Desolate Border!

They were scared, incomparably worried. They had to eliminate Shi Hao. 

As for Underworld Clan, Demonic Sunflower Garden, Divine Temple, and others, there was even less of a need to talk about it. Karma had been tied between them. 

Even Heavenly Country's lord, the cold-blooded, cruel, heart even colder than steel supreme being assassin was shaken. He stood on the bleeding ancient war chariot, a sword artifact in hand. His eyes were deep, as if they were going to pierce through Immoral Ancient and see through that person!

Shi Hao's performance finally drew the worry of sect masters. His growth speed made even individuals of this level feel apprehension.

It was because if this continued, this youth was not only the opponent of heavenly deities, he might even be able to challenge the great figures here. 

That would be a truly terrible scene. A youth was challenging this group of powerful figures who had fought since the ancient past, fighting until this present age; this gave them an extremely uncomfortable feeling. 

A youth that had been overlooked by these sect masters, his rise to power now finally drawing apprehension, even these sect masters no exception!

As a result, quite a few people felt great hatred, but also great anxiety, a vague uneasiness within their minds.

"If he doesn't obey, then just kill him!" Heavenly Country's lord spoke, extremely domineering. 

"My Underworld Earth's loses haven't been small. We need a young corpse that has three strands of immortal energy around him. After burying him, who knows, after thousands to tens of thousand of years later, an unmatched corpse might be produced!" Underworld Earth said.

"Death!" Inside the Bronze Immortal Palace, the number two figure of this sect only had this word, killing intent surging. Groups of mountains collapsed. 

All sides were declaring their position. A few super powers set their resolution to eliminate Shi Hao, claiming that this was absolutely necessary. 

"Hey, the children outside, are you all still unconvinced? You all can come here, I'll bring y'all on a field trip around Immortal Ancient for free." Huang's voice sounded from the other side of the realm wall, sounding almost a bit languid and absent-minded. 

On this side, the cultivators from different sects grinded their teeth one after another, the people related to those sects so angry their noses almost went crooked. Of those present, which one of them wasn't older than him? Yet he dared to act proud of his age and experience, harassing everyone like that. 

This was a provocation, as well as contempt.

"How boring. I'm going to sweep through Immortal Ancient, bye!" After saying this, he turned around to leave, also bringing his spiritual bodies. It was because once his time was up, his fighting strength would decrease. Leaving his spiritual bodies outside would be a problem. 

Right now, in Immortal Ancient, great waves rose and fell, surging greatly. It was all triggered by Huang's rise to power.


Qing Yi stood on a snowy peak, clear as ice and clean as jade. She watched as snowflakes danced about alone, unknown what she was thinking. 

When Yue Chan heard the news, she immediately became lost in her thoughts. Right now, she was currently standing together with her granduncle. The fairy who was far above the mortal populace was a bit anxious and nervous, finding it difficult to calm down.

"What could there be between me and him?" Yue Chan's thoughts wandered, not even raising her head. 

"Child..." Heaven Mending Sect's heavenly deity, despite having an extremely high cultivation, his skill in communicating with the younger generation really wasn't all that. Just a single sentence he spoke was enough to make his grandniece jump as if she had her tail stepped on.

"Granduncle, what are you saying?!" Yue Chan was both ashamed and angry. 

"Actually, this youngster isn't that bad, his potential great without limit, few people could compare to him since ancient times. If you weren't my sect's holy lady, it really could be discussed. If it really comes down to it, maybe the sect master will be more flexible…"

"Granduncle, did you go crazy?" Yue Chan's entire face was red.

"What going crazy? That hateful brat, even I was badly beaten by him, angering me to death. Not even the sect master had ever treated me like this before!" Heaven Mending Sect's heavenly deity said furiously.

In another area of historical remains, a purple-clothed girl sighed softly. She also heard the rumors outside, learning of Huang's rise, how he hunted down heavenly deities. 

Moreover, it was still continuing right now. That person was unstoppable, killing who knew how many heavenly deities, to the extent where there were even those from her clan!

Yun Xi looked at these remains, saying with a sigh, "I knew you would rush into the skies one day, but I never expected you to be this domineering, directly entering the nine heavens. I believe those great ones in the clan are probably feeling regret now… Only, your situation is also becoming more and more dangerous."

She looked distracted, emotions complex. Immediately afterwards, she became lost in her thoughts. 

"This person is indeed extremely formidable, even more powerful than those I saw in the ancient times!" There was a youth in the remains. He sat on a large purple-colored stone, staring at the red clouds in the horizon. 

"Three Stone Senior, even with your terrifying strength, could it be that you are going to challenge him?" Yun Xi was shocked, asking in this way.

"I don't wish to anymore." This youth shook his head, and then said, "I slept for an extremely long amount of time, my mental age not that much greater than you all, so there is no need to call me senior."

If there were others here, they would definitely feel incomparable shock. This person was the Three Stone Heavenly Monarch that had disappeared in the endless river of time!

In the archaic era, the Celestial Race rose up because of their six great matchless celestials, and that was why they were known as an Emperor Race.

Those six individuals had previously accepted Heaven's Mandate Stones. 

In later generations, the clan had a disciple who obtained three pieces of the Heaven's Mandate Stone alone, shaking past and present, titled Three Stone Heavenly Monarch!

This person was extremely strong, deep and immeasurable, praised as the Celestial Clan's Lord of Restoration. However, later on, he disappeared mysteriously, never appearing again. 

"Wahaha! Shi Hao rose up, in the future, if he sweeps through Immortal Ancient and travels unhindered under the sky, will I be able to go for strolls in the medicine gardens of all different sects? I'll pull a radish or two and nibble on them. No, I meant holy medicines. To just randomly squander away, just the thought alone is wonderful!" The little rabbit was laughing loudly, blinking her large red eyes, a longing look appearing on her face. She was so happy her mouthful of pretty teeth were revealed. 

Cao Yusheng and Xue Lin were both quite speechless. 

That day, the reactions of the various sects were all different. 

Shi Hao unleashed a great slaughter, no one could stop him. Quite a few of those heavenly deities that entered Immortal Ancient were killed, chased until there were no paths into heaven and no doors to hell. 

Only when the others all went into hiding, unable to find any traces of them anymore did Shi Hao stop. 

He immediately headed to Soul island to discuss with the clan's old heavenly deity, as well as to seek guidance from the Soul Race's ancient ancestor. He was preparing to face tribulation to make himself even more powerful!

He needed to ask about all types of matters he had to pay attention to, wishing to ask them to secretly provide protection. 

Even though he didn't fear much, having some protection was always better than facing tribulation alone. 

The Eight Armed Soul Race, without a doubt, was shaken up from top to bottom, extremely excited, stirred up to the point where they couldn't be any more excited. Everyone was looking forward to this, all waiting for this moment to arrive. 

It was because this was related to their lives. Whether or not they could neutralize their curses all banked on this!

For this day, they had waited too long. 

And now, Shi Hao was going to face tribulation, immediately finding them. This meant that he viewed them as those close to him.

This made the old heavenly deity and ancient ancestor feel grateful. Previously taking action, not stinting to offend those of the outside world, this wasn't done in vain. This youth bore good intentions towards them after all, everything now worth it.

The Eight Armed Soul Race didn't dare act carelessly, secretly contacting the people of other races to protect Shi Hao, assist him in smoothly making it through this trial. 

They were extremely worried, because this youth was still going to face the most powerful heavenly tribulation, his path destined to be extremely difficult. No one knew what would appear in the mysterious lightning, unsure if he could live through this or not. 

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