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Chapter 994 - Challenge to Sect Masters

Who dared act this outrageously? Provoking the sect masters, challenging in such an undisguised manner, the head of a heavenly deity used as the declaration of war!

Underworld Lord was right here. At this time, he didn't say a single word as he sat on the floating white bone mountain. Black mists surged, the temperature around that area dropping sharply, becoming terrifyingly chilly. 

That was his direct disciple, an Underworld Clan heavenly deity, yet he was killed just like that. Dying was one thing, but his head was thrown back. If this wasn't directed at him, what was it?!

The uninhabited region erupted into commotion.

Everyone was discussing who it was that did this. Weren't they a just a bit too daring?!

The other sect masters' expressions weren't good either. Just now, that person was quite domineering, the voice that sounded targeting many. 


Underworld Clan's sect master took action. The space between his brows shone, a streak of black-colored flames sweeping outwards, pouring into that opening like a flood. That was an underworld flame that could burn sect masters to death. 

However, the realm wall shone, the symbols within stopping this power that was too great from entering. Otherwise, those sect masters would have entered a long time ago, why would they wait until now?

In the end, only a small amount of black flame entered, but its power was already lacking, and it was even more impossible for those of the outside world to control it. It burned on Immortal Ancient's earth. 

"Whose family's child is playing with fire? Why is there no adult supervising?" Shi Hao said from within.

There was a wave of anger stirring within him. Several great sects were constantly trying to deal with him. Disciples were one thing, but now, even heavenly deities were being dispatched, declaring that they were going to kill him. 

Apart from this, in the lower realm, Underworld Earth and Immortal Palace had already tried to kill him. The seven deities' descent into the lower realm lead to his death, only reviving after being buried in yellow earth for a year. 

Recently, these inheritances were even more aggravating, sending people out one after another after him. How could he tolerate this?

A wave of anger burned within Shi Hao's mind, long erupting!

That was why he didn't hold back at all when speaking. 

Uninhabited region, a group of people were petrified.

Even the corners of a few sect masters' mouths twitched. Some people were trading looks, but not saying anything. 

Underworld Clan's people couldn't sit still, all of them furious. Some of them cleared their throats, asking Underworld Lord for orders, wishing to enter and eliminate everyone to rectify Underworld Clan's dignity. 

That person was too arrogant, actually calling out Underworld Lord as a child, ridiculing and mocking him like this, it truly was arrogant, making the entire clan furious. 

Even Underworld Lord's eyes were deep. Even though he didn't say anything, from the roiling black mists around the white bone mountain and the pair of terrifying eyes that flickered about, everyone knew how powerful his killing intent was. 

Who exactly was this person? Everyone was making their guesses, but they couldn't see the scenes through the Immortal Dao Flower Petals. 

Every since that great crack was opened, a group of heavenly deities sent inside, Immortal Ancient remains gradually underwent mysterious changes, becoming more and more unpredictable. Nothing could be seen.

The Immortal Dao Flower Petals were indistinct, no longer displaying the events that took place within Immortal Ancient. 

That was why the outsiders who entered could only patiently wait, unable to immediately learn about the circumstances. 

However, there were heavenly deities who returned, reporting a few circumstances at the opening, but in the end, news still didn't immediately arrive.

From the secret news they received a few days ago, everyone believed that with the descent of heavenly deities, everything was already within their grasp. Regardless of whether it was Ten Crown King or the Exiled Immortal, they all went into hiding, not appearing again. Moreover, there were heavenly deities who successively seized exceptional dao books, even bringing one out. 

Everything was developing in a good direction. No one knew why this sudden challenge arose. 

Of course, there were people who thought of Huang, but they had never heard his voice before, so they couldn't confirm it.

Only a few people knew that that was precisely Shi Hao!

"Dao friends, lend me a helping hand. Let's open up the realm wall so that our true bodies can travel over." Underworld Clan's sect master said. 

At this moment, there were some who responded, walking with him, displaying force together, the mysterious arts matchless, precious technique heaven shocking. Large amounts of symbols scattered down, pouring towards that entrance. 

In that instant, this place rumbled with immortal sounds, great dao energy pervading the air. The primal chaos was blasted out, exceptionally powerful.

The realm wall was cracking, but it was difficult to truly open. There were supreme laws appearing, symbols interweaving, powerful and sinister. 

"The kid playing with fire is making a disturbance again, a few of his friends also coming to stir up trouble. Is there no one out there to watch over them? Whoever these children belong to, hurry and drag them back. Don't let them be a public disgrace here." Shi Hao spoke with an absent-minded tone, but these words were enough to gravely offend a large number of people. 

If it wasn't for those sect masters' minds being deep, they would have long erupted into a violent rage, doing everything they could to take action and attack.

Despite this being the case, the eyes of those sects' subtle and sophisticated sect masters were still ice-cold, killing intent surging. If they captured that bastard, they would definitely let him taste what it was like to be alive but wish for death. 

It was because this fella's mouth was too dirty, actually daring to belittle and humiliate them.

"Everyone, he might be Huang!" A heavenly deity from the Celestial Clan spoke up loudly, informing everyone.

When Shi Hao inside heard this, his eyes became cold. This clan didn't know how to express gratitude, previously even throwing him into the black prison, almost making him die in the City of Heaven. Right now, they were still targeting him here, telling everyone that it was he who was stirring on enmity. 

Without a doubt, as soon as Shi Hao left Immortal Ancient, a fight to the death against this clan was inevitable.

In the outside world, those sect masters didn't say anything. Even though they had their suspicions that this was most likely Huang, they still didn't express anything.

To speak too much against a younger generation would only shame their status. They didn't want to pay him any attention, only walking forward when they truly captured him. At that that time, they would use extreme measures to suppress and torment him. 

"Do you children still want to take action and come over? I'm waiting for all of you!" Shi Hao boasted shamelessly, continuing to challenge them.

"Sect master, let me go inside!" Someone asked for the order, an expert from Underworld Clan, its entire body releasing all types of dense multicolored light. The paths he had walked through had already been corroded beyond recognition. 

This was a poisonous insect. Even though it was in human form, its innate instincts and divine abilities were still there. All things it passed through were damaged. 

"Insect King, forget it, if you enter like this, it will easily result in problems." Someone said. 

Insect King, a creature second only to the emperor of ten thousand bugs, definitely a terrifying individual. This was an ancient bug corpse that became a heavenly deity after developing sentience, its status revered, an exceptionally terrifying individual.

"Little child, are you going to release a bug? Let it in, I'll play house with you all." Shi Hao's mouth was extremely vile. 

He directly referred to Underworld Lord and others as children, showing them contempt like this, and he called the Insect King an ordinary bug, treating them like they weren't important at all.

"Junior, when we reached the heavenly deity level, it was unknown what kind of mud your ancestors were rolling in. Not knowing how high or low heaven and earth is, you are following the path to your own doom." The Insect King said coldly. He asked Underworld Lord for instructions once again, requesting to enter Immortal Ancient.

Insect King, this was definitely a special heavenly deity that wasn't like ordinary experts. Underworld Clan's sect master's lips opened and closed, transmitting sound to him, having him send out a spiritual body. His true body should not enter.


The sect masters joined forces, assisting its spiritual body from behind, about to send it in. 

"A group of trouble stirring little brats, they really are going to let a big one in. Not knowing how  high or low heaven and earth is." Shi Hao feigned profoundness, acting cockily inside.

Then, the moment he saw the bug stick out its head from the realm wall, he released a palm wrapped in immortal energy, slapping over, attacking with the most powerful methods.


Insect King shone, spewing out divine multicolored light from its mouth. That was extreme poison, even heavenly deities would die upon making contact with it. This was the path of its dao, the essence of its body.

Unfortunately, Shi Hao's body was impenetrable, immortal energy able to avoid many strange things. 

Insect King had previously expected that hand to be corroded rotten, turned into a pool of blood, extremely confident, but now it didn't change at all.


The large hand descended, blasting it, its body ruptured, flesh splashing out in all directions. 

This Insect King had scaled armor covering him that was tougher than many heavenly deity armors, yet it was still struck until it cracked, leaving it heavily injured. 

Shi Hao was shocked. If it was anyone else, they would have definitely turned into a bloody paste, yet this person could hold on. 


Unfortunately, even though Insect King was formidable, Shi Hao's large hand continuously slapped down. It exploded with a hong sound, turning into a rain of blood.

Those outside were shocked and furious, especially Insect King's main body. It had spoken so domineeringly, yet in the end, a spiritual body was directly eliminated. 

Inside Immortal Ancient, Shi Hao's body swayed, the multicolored light not approaching his body. In that instant, he already felt a bit dizzy. This poison multicolored light really was a bit too formidable. 

Golden symbols surged. Willow Deity's technique operated. He immediately surged with vitality, completely recovering, not being affected.

The outside world was a bit too quiet, everyone silent.

Even the sect masters' faces fell. There was someone stopping the entrance, this really was going to be a long-term issue! Not even a single person could enter. 

One had to understand that the different sects had all talked things over. Even though some heavenly deities were sent inside, they were still far from reaching their target number. 

It was because this passage wasn't stable, each time only able to send in a few individuals. There were still a large number of individuals waiting to enter, yet this person now stood here, plugging up the main path.

"Reporting, bad news, heavenly deities are being massacred!"

Within Immortal Ancient, there was someone roaring, speeding over from the distance, charging towards the entrance to deliver a message. 


Right at this moment, a large golden hand moved through the sky, grabbing that person. With a pu sound, he was crushed. 

As expected, the sect masters' suspicions were correct. This fella was guarding the crack, waiting for the rabbits, preparing to massacre everyone that came through this place. 

Then, there were others that came here to deliver news, yet all of them were covered by a large hand, slapped into a bloody mist without any suspense. 

There were even some heavenly deities that personally came, wishing to deliver information from within Immortal Ancient, inform the various sects.

The results were extremely miserable!

Those heavenly deities were all killed by that person, not a single person able to escape, heads tumbling about. Shi Hao threw them out from Immortal Ancient remains, triggering a huge uproar in the outside world. 

Underworld Clan, Celestial Clan and others were even more angered, their killing intent completely exposed, yet they were currently helpless, unable to do anything to that person.

"Everyone, are you going to send in more people? If not, I'm going to do some cleaning. What heavenly deity, what elite disciples? I am going to sweep them all out of Immortal Ancient!" Shi Hao said with an ice-cold voice.

Now, no one came to deliver information, all those who headed to this entrance were killed by the person here!

Sweep through Immortal Ancient? The faces of everyone outside changed. What kind of domineering and tyrannical tone was this?!

However, they didn't think that person was joking, that this was likely really going to be the case. The disciples inside might be in great trouble, suffer a purge. This was a great disaster!

What were they supposed to do? Sect masters couldn't enter, and no one else was his opponent!

"Everyone, do you still remember those mysterious guests that descended in my three thousand provinces? These people are ridiculously powerful, those four or five youngsters all heavenly deities who cultivated immortal energy. If they are guided over, they might be able to devour tigers and wolves." Someone suddenly suggested. 

This immediately made the eyes of many light up.

However, not everyone approved of this, some saying, "I fear that it might be like working together with villains!"

"Everyone, do your best to shape up. I am setting off to sweep through Immortal Ancient!" Shi Hao's voice sounded from within. He already rose up, about to depart!

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