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Chapter 993 - Rise of the Divine King

When Shi Hao came out, he did it quietly without stirring up any great activity. No one knew that the four heavenly deities died.

He immediately rushed towards Ning Chuan's ancient land, heading towards that place suitable for Holy Sacrifice. 

That person was definitely a great enemy, so he wanted to eliminate him earlier. Unfortunately, he got there too late. Those several dozen stalks of Saint Wood were all dim, almost completely withered up. 

Ning Chuan left. If there was nothing unexpected, he should have also entered Holy Sacrifice Realm.

Shi Hao searched about in this place, and then didn't stay here longer, nor did he feel any disappointment. It was precisely because the other person was so sharp, cultivation speed monstrous that Shi Hao viewed him as a terrifying opponent. 

Of course, he didn't feel any fear. After all, the other party had accumulated for six worlds, so having this type of speed was only natural and to be expected. 

"Should stir up some waves." Shi Hao said, his voice ice-cold, making the small world almost freeze. 

Then, he took a step out. The mountain region became indistinct, heaven and earth turning in reverse, disappearing from this place.

Shi Hao headed for Cold Realm. He had previously cultivated there. He suspected that the place the Great Yin Water was guided from was precisely that small world. He was going to take a look before the great slaughter unfolded. 

Cold Realm, a place bitterly cold, ground frozen. 

Sure enough, he discovered some abnormalities on the snow mountain. A large amount had been melted, forming a large black-colored lake. All of it was Great Yin Divine Water.

As he stared at the snowy mountain, looking at the black lake, Shi Hao suddenly became distracted. He thought of Qing Yi and Yue Chan, the intense battle that had happened here, the endless charming and gentle scenes in this small world. 

Even though his strength was now comparable to that of a heavenly deity, his heart still experienced great waves. Everything that happened that day was inconceivable. A beautiful and aloof fairy, her snow-white and sparkling body, great emotions that took place…

"Where did Qing Yi go? Don't tell me that she has one now?" Shi Hao's expression became strange as he said to himself. 

When he spoke these words, his expression changed. It was because he sensed the aura of a heavenly deity not too far away. 

He raised his head, seeing a man with a darkened face, currently looking at him with an ill expression, eyes suging with flames of anger.

"What are you talking about?!" That man said. 

"What does it have to do with you?" Shi Hao shot him a sidelong glance. 

Several months ago, when he saw heavenly deities, he still had to hide, but now, he was completely without fear. He could face any one of them that dared come.

"How could that not have anything to do with me? Qing Yi is Yue Chan's second body. You little evil, what did you do to her?" That person's mind was greatly stirred up. 

Shi Hao was shocked. This was a heavenly deity, someone who should be shrewd and sophisticated, so why was he so indignant, almost losing self-control, staring hatefully at him?"

"You are a heavenly deity from Heaven Mending Sect?" 

"I am!" That person released a cold snort.

"Oh? Then that makes sense. Qing Yi is unaffected, but as for Yue Chan, she might become the mother of my child soon. Have you seen her?" Shi Hao with a laugh. 

He was naturally flipping things around. He had no relationship with Yue Chan. 

"What are you talking about? Just try speaking another sentence!" This seemingly young and heroic heavenly deity was furious, the veins on his forehead jumping. 

"What are you so agitated for? That's my child's mother, yet I'm not even that anxious. What are you jumping all around for?" Shi Hao put on a look as if he was in a bad mood, warning, "You better not set your eyes on my child's mother!" 

"Utter nonsense! Little evil, hand over your life! Actually daring to slander my sect's holy lady!" 

This young and handsome heavenly deity rushed over, directly producing a four divisions pagoda. It released black light, releasing strands of chaotic energy to suppress Shi Hao. 

"Are you looking for a beating? Bringing up my child's mother, what are you so excited for?!" Shi Hao was naturally acting cocky on purpose, truly angering the other party badly. 

Of course, he didn't hold back, immediately erupting with heavenly deity level strength. 


He forcefully held up the mountainous heavenly deity pagoda, and then his palm slapped outwards, striking this ancient pagoda until it released keng qiang sounds. Sparks flew everywhere, immediately breaking off a piece. 

"Yi, so tough, it didn't break?" Shi Hao was shocked. 

This seemingly young heavenly deity was incomparably shocked. This pagoda was definitely not an ordinary object, yet it actually had a corner smashed off. This was truly a bit shocking. 

Moreover, he immediately snapped awake. Could it be that this fella was comparable to heavenly deities? This was just too fast! Was he going to break the ancient record?!

This person from Heaven Mending Sect really was strong, unordinary among heavenly deities. Even though his weapon was damaged, it didn't affect his fighting spirit. He instead became furious, shouting, "Little evil, you better quickly speak about what you did to Yue Chan and Qing Yi!"

While speaking, a great divine ability hacked down. 

Shi Hao didn't pay much attention to this, displaying the Lightning Emperor's precious technique. His palm released a dazzling beam of light, blasting this person.

This person didn't evade, but faced him head on. In addition, the precious technique in his hands became even more resplendent, slaughtering towards Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao's brows jumped, quickly evading. It was because he knew that the other party definitely grasped the Heaven Mending Technique. After destroying indiscriminately, they could reverse their own state at the final moment, turning the situation around. 

Sure enough, as soon as he evaded, the Heaven Mending Technique displayed undying symbols!

This person was indeed unordinary, actually able to trade attacks with Shi Hao, extremely powerful.

Even though Shi Hao wasn't a true heavenly deity, Holy Sacrifice already possessed the corresponding power, his strength terrifying. However, this person unexpectedly held on for some time. Moreover, anger flourished, making him more and more ferocious. 

"You old bastard, as Heaven Mending Sect's heavenly deity, you are targeting my family's mother, did you grow shameless with age?! I'll properly discipline you!" 

After a wave of ping pang sounds, Shi Hao erupted with power, destroying all of the magical artifacts this person produced, as if metal was striking against each other. 

Even though this person was quite strong, he was still blasted flying by Shi Hao, blood flowing out from his mouth. 

When that person returned to his feet, he staggered about, feeling shock and displaying complicated expressions as he looked at Shi Hao. How old was this youngster? Only around twenty, yet he was defeated by him?!

He was a bit speechless. However, when he thought of the youngster's words, that bit of admiration in his mind was completely eradicated, anger filling his eyes.

Shi Hao was still completely clean. He formed an imprint, and then slapped this person into the earth, striking him until there were injuries all over his body, eyes even becoming black. 

However, this person had secret treasures that allowed him to protect himself, so there was no danger to his life.

"Speak, what exactly did you do to Yue Chan and Qing Yi?!" This heavenly deity roared. 

"Old bastard, who do you think you are? Just how many times did you ask already?" Shi Hao gave him a look of disdain. 

"I am Yue Chan's granduncle!" This seemingly young and heroic individual said angrily.

Shi Hao was speechless, immediately revealing a blank expression. The foot he stamped down with retracted, and his fists also lowered.

He immediately grinded his teeth. Wasn't Yue Chan's granduncle also Qing Yi's granduncle? Yet in the end, he was given a beating. When he saw the other party's black eyed face, he truly didn't know what was proper to say. 

"You are working together with Immortal Palace and Underworld Earth, those people, wishing to eliminate me?" After a long time had passed, Shi Hao asked this question. 

"I didn't participate, only passing by this place, just happened to run into you!" This heavenly deity said through clenched teeth, once again asking for his relative's whereabouts. 

"I didn't kill Yue Chan. If you find her, you can hurry and bring her away. As for Qing Yi, I don't know if she has one or not." Shi Hao said. 

"I am going to fight you to the death!" This heavenly deity was truly angered. As Qing Yi and Yue Chan's granduncle, he truly hated this youngster, feeling that he was too lacking in moral sense. 

"I am speaking the truth, not trying to start a rumor, nor am I taking advantage of your Heaven Mending Sect. I'm also pissed at this." Shi Hao said. 

In the end, the two of them exchanged attacks, causing pilipala sounds. Yue Chan's granduncle collapsed again, this time, his heroic face swollen, beyond angry. 

In the end, Shi Hao vowed to the heavens that what he said was true.

This heavenly deity became even more angry, truly wishing to stake it all against Shi Hao. Using his words, she was a holy lady, pure and perfect, but was targeted by a lowly little bastard, and that was why there was this result, intolerable.

"I am the one taking a loss here, okay? This is a humiliation I'll have to bear my entire life! I was imprisoned by another!" Shi Hao shouted. 

Then, this granduncle was beaten a few more times.

Finally, he tore open space, throwing this granduncle out, not arguing with him anymore.

"Heaven Mending Sect's fella, after calming down, probably won't try to fight me to the death. Perhaps the Heaven Mending Sect outside will stand at my side?" Shi Hao spoke with incomparable optimism. 

Of course, he wasn't that serious. Regardless of what the result was like, he didn't feel fear.

In the end, Shi Hao threw himself into the Great Yin Lake, and after using up half a day of work, broke through the formation, producing a piece of Great Yin Essence Stone. 

Was this the supreme treasure left behind by that tribe's expert back then after failing to ascend to immortality? Shi Hao thought to himself. He could gift it to the Great Lunar Rabbit. 

"Mine!" The Divine Striking Stone cried out strangely.

"I'll give it to you after the little rabbit finishes comprehending it." Shi Hao said. He also wanted to study it a bit.

Shi Hao left this place, starting the true great massacre. 

"The Devil King has come!"

Shi Hao's vicious name was brilliant. A true great Devil King was moving out!

It was because he had killed three heavenly deities in succession, all of them under the eyes of the masses, leaving everyone shocked. 

"What is the deal with Huang? Has he still not been eliminated?" Underworld Clan's heavenly deity asked another.

"Not good, Huang came!" Someone transmitted sound, shaking up the heavens. 

Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao slaughtered his way over, chasing a heavenly deity here. 

Finding these heavenly deities was too easy, because the heavenly deities from the outside world didn't hide themselves at all, believing that they could overlook Immortal Ancient. All of them were searching for opportunities in a few pure lands.


The eyes of Underworld Clan's heavenly deity became deep. He was all skin and bones, entire body pitch-black, looking like a skeleton. A ghost flame pulsed within his eyes sockets. 

As of this moment Shi Hao had already abandoned all else, only focusing on this heavenly deity. It was because he knew that Underworld Clan and Immortal Palace's heavenly deities were the main instigators in his pursuit.

"Little bastard, could it be that you think you are all that after getting a bit stronger?" Underworld Clan's heavenly deity said coldly.

Immediately afterwards, he understood the severity of the matter. After Huang erupted with strength, blood energy overflowed, comparable to a heavenly deity, not any bit weaker.


The two sides exchanged a palm. This Underworld Clan expert, even with his previous era sturdy golden body, reborn from a corpse, equipped with the power of this body, still felt like he couldn't hold on. 

His entire arm was in great pain, as if it was going to break. 

Underworld Clan's heavenly deity did everything he could in this battle, but in the end, this arm was still broken. Black-colored underworld blood flowed out from the withered skin. He turned around to run. 

He chased after this heavenly deity!

Shi Hao sped along, chasing after Underworld Clan's heavenly deity in murderous pursuit, not in a hurry, but not moving too slowly either, following behind.

Along the way, many people were petrified, completely stupefied. That was Huang? He was relying on his own strength to hunt down a heavenly deity? It was too inconceivable!

Just how much time had passed, just how old was he? Yet he had such heaven defying fighting strength. 

If he could live over a hundred years, thousand years, ten thousand years, what kind of accomplishments would he have?

This was a living divine legend!

Shi Hao purposely let him run, letting him seek aid so that he wouldn't have to find them one by one.

Sure enough, a few heavenly deities joined in along the way, attacking him.

Shi Hao unleashed a great massacre, this time erupting with thunderous rage, taking action bloodily, killing another four heavenly deities in a row!

This really was too shocking!

In the end, Underworld Clan's heavenly deity was cut down, his body splitting apart, the black underworld skeleton broken apart.

The people along the way who saw this scene were completely dumbstruck, great waves stirring violently inside their mind.


"I wonder what it will be like inside. With heavenly deities entering the battlefield, there should be enormous harvests to be had." In the outside world, the uninhabited region, a sect master spoke.


Just as he was talking, a head flew out from that entrance, primordial spirit eradicated, only a black-colored skull left.

"En? Underworld Clan's heavenly deity?"

"What? Who did this? Actually daring to throw it out of Immortal Ancient in such an audacious manner?!"

In the uninhabited region, those people were shocked, this place completely erupting with noise.

"Do you all not fear death? Sending in heavenly deities one after another, you send in one, I'll kill one, send in two, I'll kill both!" Someone spoke coldly from the other side of the realm wall. 

This was a provocation, an undisguised declaration of war against those sect masters.

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