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Chapter 977 - Power Struggle Between Deities

"Ning Chuan, you have to take a blow from me first as well!" Ten Crown King shouted. 

What is the so-called the boldness and confidence of being unmatched? This was it! After forcefully clashing against Huang, he turned around and then rushed at Ning Chuan, not fearing enemies from any direction, wishing to test him out as well. 

One had to understand that on this stage, the Exiled Immortal, Huang, and Ning Chuan were all exceptional individuals. Facing any one of them would be a great disaster, yet Ten Crown King was fearless. 

With a weng long sound, smoke and light surged between the two, flames burning the sky. Natural laws interweaved, bone texts blossoming, the sounds deafening. The space in that area was torn through like a painting. 

Ten Crown King's divine bravery was unmatched, unleashing a great battle.

"You will take a strike from me as well!" When Shi Hao saw this, he rose into the air, rushing over, fist imprint like a furnace, magical force roiling and surging, erupting with the most world shocking divine radiance. 

He also wished to size up how powerful Ten Crown King was. Even though they clashed once, he wasn't able to measure his depth.


Ten Crown King shouted. His back shone, releasing brilliant light. A massive dragon tail took form, sweeping outwards and hacking towards Shi Hao. 

It was the True Dragon precious technique again!

Moreover, it was the powerful, unimaginable True Dragon Tail, this great divine ability even stronger than the Dragon Fist. Back then, when the True Dragon brandished its tail, experts everywhere fell from the skies with pili pala sounds, the nine heavens even hacked apart.


This was a great world shocking confrontation. Shi Hao's fist imprint and the dragon tail clashed. Endless divine radiance surged. It was as if ten thousand streaks of sword energy were cutting apart the heavens!

Powerful and tyrannical, there weren't any true deities that weren't shaken. When this type of aura flowed out, everyone trembled inwardly. How was anyone supposed to stop this power?


The void continuously caved in. Chaotic energy flowed out between the two, drowning out everything.

In the surroundings, thousands of dao laws, tens of thousands of streaks of auspicious lights shot into the heavens, extending along the great void cracks, rushing out from the arena. Fortunately, everyone was far enough away, or else countless people would have died. 

Despite this being the case, there were still many people who were shaken up by the fluctuations until they almost fainted. 

This was especially the case when a few natural laws fragments rushed into the mountain range. A few tall mountains immediately collapsed, and there were even some that were blasted until they were uprooted from the ground, and then exploded in midair. 

This scene left everyone horrified, their bodies feeling ice cold. Even cries of alarm and all discussions were stifled. They only felt a deep fear!

Then, they didn't stop, instead continuously clashing several dozen times!

Meanwhile, in another place, Ning Chuan and the Exiled Immortal clashed, also facing off, the two displaying great divine abilities, fighting fiercely. 

"In the past, I almost encountered danger by the vicious nest, turns out it was because of you!" Ning Chuan said.

His white clothes were purer than snow, silver hair scattering about, his temperament extraordinary. However, right now, there was a wave of coldness. In the past, he almost got caught in the vicious nest, an unexpected event almost happening. 

This was a seed of grudge between the two, and that was why a great battle unfolded.

Neither of them were ordinary individuals, their characters extraordinary. 

The Exiled Immortal's style was exceptional, pure like an immortal. His attacks weren't all that forceful, but he moved like the wind, his dao natural laws extraordinary, making all things dissolve away!

His attacks weren't tainted by the world of mortals, but were terrifying to the extreme, destroying all things, impossible to defend against.


The two exchanged more than ten moves in the blink of an eye. The Exiled Immortal rushed over, both arms moving. Raging flames surged into the heavens, all different colored lights shining beautifully.

Phoenix Spreading Its Wings!

He was like a heavenly phoenix that soared past, graceful and elegant, yet carrying unmatched divine might. This was the Heavenly Phoenix's great divine ability, its power unimaginable.

Ning Chuan released a long roar. His arm shone, and then an indistinct image appeared from his back. He was like a divine king as he clashed with the Exiled Immortal, forming imprints to suppress that Heavenly Phoenix. 

Vicious ten precious technique, Ning Chuan had them as well!

However, outsiders couldn't see it clearly. At their level, after accumulating for several eras, they all had extraordinary natural luck, previously obtaining world shaking precious techniques. 


Between the two, the void caved in. Demonic flames burned the nine heavens, all directions collapsing, heaven and earth shining brilliantly.

They clashed, and then separated.

"The vicious nest's debt, the two of us should settle it as well!" Shi Hao shouted. 

The Exiled Immortal rose into the air, displaying the Heavenly Phoenix divine ability, soaring past. It truly was like a phoenix spreading its wings, gorgeous and exceptionally beautiful, aloof and otherworldly.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao had just rushed over, clashing with him head on, using the Kun Peng's technique to attack. From the distance, one could see an enormous Peng bird spreading its wings, clawing towards that phoenix. 

This was a clash between supreme immortal birds, both belonging to bird clans, their divine abilities unmatched.

The precious techniques left behind by the vicious ten were known to be unmatched, any one of them enough to shock the heaven and earth, cause the supernatural to weep, too rare to come by. 


Countless feathers continuously fell between the two, all of them dyed with blood, shaking up the world. 

Two unmatched creatures were tearing at each other, their appearances heaven shocking. They clashed together, erupting with resplendent light, the feathers bright and beautiful, with every single one of them like divine swords as they tore through the void. 

This was a deity shocking collision. The two immortal birds attacked viciously, rushing into the nine heavens, creating the most terrifying and shocking scene. 

In the end, the irregular scenes disappeared, the two experts revealing their true bodies.

The Exiled Immortal smiled, appearing extremely gentle. "I heard that your divine force was unmatched. Today, me and you should exchange a palm!"

He withdrew his spiritual essence, clothes began to flutter about. He no longer operated the Heavenly Phoenix' precious technique, but used his hand to directly hack over.


Immediately afterwards, heaven and earth erupted!

Even on the great earth far from the arena, the distance who knew how many li, sand and stone began to move about. Under the exuberant blood energy and divine force, all directions were shaken.

One could even see some of the mountain peaks on the great earth splitting. 

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. Was this still an Exiled Immortal? Actually having such a berserk side, blood energy roiling, it was as if a True Dragon rose into the air, breaking through the dome of heaven!

This type of aura was too terrifying!

Shi Hao shivered inwardly, going all out as well. 

Behind that Exiled Immortal appeared a creature's void image. It covered heaven and earth, exceptionally tyrannical.

"It's that creature! Actually this precious technique!" Many people cried out with alarm, revealing looks of shock.

The vicious nest contained a type of world shaking divine ability, and it was actually acquired by the Exiled Immortal! In the past, many people didn't know what kind of secret technique it was exactly, but now, the truth was revealed.

"Heavenly Horned Ant!"

One of the vicious ten, Heavenly Horned Ant, known as the one with the greatest strength, incomparable and utterly terrifying. 

Now, it had long died, no longer appearing in this world.

However, its descendents still existed, leaving behind many bloodlines. The Archaic Divine Ant, Single Horned Immortal, these two archaic vicious bugs both evolved from its descendents. 

Regardless of whether it was the Archaic Divine Ant or Single Horned Immortal, they both possessed strength greater than the vicious bugs of this world. If they were the same size as other creatures, there wouldn't be any with greater strength than them.

Meanwhile, their ancestor, the Heavenly Horned Ant, was even more unimaginable, able to tear apart the universe, overturn the nine heavens!

Right now, the Exiled Immortal became completely different, his power matchless, a single palm slamming over. The void was blasted apart, power surging forward like a great wave. 

Shi Hao's expression became grave. He used his own three types of divine abilities. Even though it wasn't complete, when used together with his most powerful precious techniques, the power would increase greatly.

This innate precious technique was extremely powerful. It could increase the power of divine abilities, make their power increase sharply. 

When the fist and palm collided, the most terrifying scene happened. Heaven and earth were pierced through, the divine might immeasurable. The stage became hazy, chaotic energy pervading the air. 

The heavens was covered densely in cracks, the scene terrifying to the extreme!

This was a contest of strength. It made heavenly deities' expressions change!

"How powerful, now terrifying!" There were Immortal Ancient natives that said so softly. 

The blood energy of the Exiled Immortal poured out in torrents, becoming completely different from before, now terrifying to the extreme, burning like a sun. It was so bright everyone's eyes were in pain, unable to look straight at it. 

His vitality was too vigorous, blood energy like a sea. 

Shi Hao inwardly nodded. This didn't exceeded his predictions. One had to understand that the Exiled Immortal used the blood of countless geniuses to refine his body, using all types of bone texts to temper himself. It would be strange if his blood energy didn't flourish so greatly. 

This strike shook the arena until it even began to release ka ka sounds, as if it was going to collapse. This was something that had never happened before!

When the two clashed and passed each other, Ten Crown King rushed over, facing the Exiled Immortal. It was clear that he wanted to experience that terrifying divine ability, the Heavenly Horned Ant's precious technique. 

"Sinner's blood descendant, continue our fight!" Ning Chuang rushed over. 

In reality, the four of them were now carrying out a chaotic melee, taking action against each other from time to time. It became more and more intense.

Shi Hao didn't feel any fear. Even though he only had a single world's accumulation, not like the other three who 'accumulated' so much, gathering over the years, long making their dao fruits perfect, he still didn't fear any opponents!

In everyone's opinion, Huang's divine valiance was simply a miracle. 


Ning Chuan shouted, silver hair scattering about, divine and untainted. A heaven diagram appeared on his back, boundless and immeasurable. Great stars surged within, silver rivers falling, comparable to a universe of its own.

This was the magical diagram that had existed since his birth, the patterns engraved in his back, heavenly might matchless.

Right now, he used this innate precious technique to suppress Shi Hao, wanting to collect and restrain him inside.

Not long ago, he used this secret method to refine the ancient freak who held a heavenly deity magical artifact into a pile of bones, the power exceeding everyone's imagination.


Shi Hao shouted. In his hand, a Reincarnation sword appeared. This was constructed out of symbols. Fragments of time danced about, covering the sky. 

He already experienced life and death, this precious technique now evolved to its limit. The power was great to the point of making one's soul tremble, carrying the power of time!


Two types of precious techniques collided, setting the void on fire. Time became unstable, once again causing heaven to cry, blood rain to pour down, and other types of sinister and abnormal scenes. 

This seemed to have broken the imprisonment of heaven and earth, producing the undecaying and immortal!

A sword cry sounded, the sound rushing into the heavens, there was even exceptional sword radiance that erupted. Gu Jianyun jumped onto the arena. 

Everyone cried out in alarm. This ancient freak that had crossed a heavenly tribulation got on the stage again, also wishing to join in.

His eyes were sharp like a sword, staring at Shi Hao.

Right at this moment, a great roar sounded from the horizon. A figure turned into a divine arrow, penetrating the void and descending on the arena. On his body were lightning burn marks, but his blood energy was as exuberant as a sea. 

It was precisely Chang Gongyan. He arrived here to stop Gu Jianyun.

Everyone was shocked. Chang Gongyan who attempted the heavenly tribulation not long ago, clearly just succeeded.

Shi Hao laughed loudly and said, "Brother Chang Gongyan, there's no need to be in such a hurry. Let me teach him a lesson first."

Sword Valley, Fire Cloud Cavern, and others had suppressed Sin Province's ancient inheritances, so Shi Hao didn't have the slightest good impression towards them. When he saw Sword Valley's descendant get on the stage, he directly slaughtered over.

Shi Hao immediately brandished his fist, light shining in tens of thousands of streaks, blasting the heavens apart!

Gu Jianyun pulled out his sword, exceptionally sharp, the sword radiance hacking apart the void, releasing tens of streaks of light. Biting cold chilliness froze the void.

Dang dang dang...

Sparks flew everywhere here. Shi Hao bare-handedly faced the sword's edge.

At this time, he didn't hold anything back, every single fist carrying his own matchless divine ability, his divine valiance unstoppable.

After the great collision, blood flowed out from the corner of Gu Jianyun's lips, the divine sword growing dim. He staggered backwards. 

"The most powerful young king of Sword Valley was nothing more than this!" This was what Shi Hao said. He then slaughtered towards Ning Chuan, abandoning Gu Jianyun. 

It was because Ning Chuan also came over to provide assistance!

No one looked down on Gu Jianyun. Under Huang's supreme divine might, not dying on the spot was already the meaning of possessing great power. After all, there was only one Huang!

"The dual-pupils are undefeated, unmatched since ancient times. How can this type of battle lack my presence?!" In the distance, someone else said quietly.

Shi Yi appeared, stepping on the void, arriving quickly, descending on the arena. 

"Sword Valley suppressed Sin Province, oppressing my sinner's bloodline. When have I ever given permission for such a thing?!" Shi Yi said. He also wanted an explanation from Sword Valley. 

Immediately afterwards, the void exploded, chaotic energy pervading the air. Shi Yi's eyes seemed to be able to open the heaven and earth, shocking everyone.

His eyes released two beams of light, flying towards Gu Jianyun.

Gu Jianyun was furious, raising his hand and charging murderously, sword radiance splitting the sky!

However, in the end, he was blasted by the two beams of light until the space between his fingers ruptured. Then, he was even struck until his arm dripped with blood.

A long roar sounded. Another person landed on the arena, brash and arrogant. "What a pity that there's no exceptional beauty. Otherwise, I'd just take with me."

Shi Hao turned around, immediately recognizing this person. He had crossed blows with this person before, precisely the mysterious flame male back then who had a reincarnation disk. 

"Why are you all choosing him to test out your skills? Is he that special? Let me have a try as well." The divine flame mysterious male said, also targeting Gu Jianyun.

Gu Jianyun was furious, his expression falling. He was so powerful, yet he became a target for these individuals to test their strength!

"Haha…" A great laughter sounded, raging flames burning the heavens. A male rushed over, his hair chaotic, carrying a demonic type of wildness as he said, "I, Zi Yanfei have also come out from seclusion. The Great Sky Burning Art has already been refined to an unprecedented level, so how can I not kill a few ancient freaks?!" 

The arena was extremely chaotic. The most powerful people had pretty much all arrived, so now, the most terrifying great decisive battle was about to begin!

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