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Chapter 976 - Pinnacle Showdown

On the arena, dragons and tigers fought, four great supreme beings fought for supremacy, their roars causing heaven and earth to collapse. 


A draconic cry tore through the air, nine heavens resonating. Ten Crown King's divine fist was matchless, a True Dragon coiling about it, shattering the void!

When he brandished his fist, his own blood energy overflowed into the heavens, scattering the clouds above. From the distance, it was as if an immortal dao great furnace was releasing spiritual essence.

The Exiled Immortal moved about gracefully, his body vigorous, moving about above through Ten Crown King's heaven overflowing blood energy, not any inferior to the other side, fighting a great life and death battle here. 

Everyone's eyes felt dizzy as they watched, their minds shaken. 

On the other side, Shi Hao and Ning Chuan's great battle reached into the heavens, the abnormal scene shocking. It was as if two supreme war gods were fighting to the death, stirring up the nine heavens and tenth earth!

"Ning Chuan, hand over your life!" Shi Hao shouted loudly. Right now, his entire body was golden. After cultivating the Willow Deity's technique, it was as if he had an indestructible golden body. 

He dove forward, light released in ten thousand streaks, every single one resembling the tail light of a comet. Brilliant divine radiance shone, making the surrounding void split apart. 

He produced ten thousand streaks of brilliant light beams, their lengths reaching several dozen li, smashing over like great stars from outer space. Groups of stars surrounded them in protection. It was dazzling to the extreme, impossible to look straight at!

At this moment, he produced a fist imprint. He was like an unmatched divine king that descended into this world, about to shatter mountains and rivers!

One could see that his golden fist imprint was blazing, golden blood energy pervading outwards, making the arena tremble and shake.

If it wasn't for this arena being sturdy enough, any other place would have long exploded.

The fist imprint's light shone with brilliant colors and in tens of thousands of streaks. When a bit of golden light from within it rushed into the distant mountain range, it directly caused the enormous mountains to collapse. 

One could imagine how terrifying the strength of Shi Hao's fist right now was, simply enough to smash down a star in the heavens above!

Everyone became stupefied. How many people could resist a fist like this?!

"Sinner's blood descendant, accept death!" Ning Chuan shouted, his white clothes fluttering about, silver hair dancing in the air. He was incredibly lofty and unsullied, body releasing divine radiance. He produced the most powerful magical imprint. 

In that instant, around him, nine supreme divine shadows appeared, every single one of them with dignified appearances, their auras overflowing into the heavens. It was as if nine heavenly deities emerged at the same time, about to suppress the person ahead. 


This strike made heaven and earth split apart, ghosts cry and deities howl. There was even lightning and thunder. A rain of blood poured down. The scene made everyone's fine hairs stand on end!

This was a world shocking confrontation between two individuals. They had already exceeded the limits of this realm, transcending above, triggering irregular phenomenons between heaven and earth, displaying strange scenes of the heavens weeping. 

Below the arena, everyone shivered with fear. What kind of great confrontation was this?

In those two's surroundings, great void cracks appeared in the tens of thousands, rushing in all directions. The two of them were like unmatched kings, both of their auras devouring mountains and rivers. Every move they made was enough to tear apart this heaven and earth. 

The great dark void cracks were filled with their fist radiance. It was as if over ten thousand streaks of lightning could be seen above, warping and interweaving about. It became more and more terrifying. 

Blood scattered down, gods and devils howling. This wasn't true blood, but rather one condensed from light, recreating the terrifying bloody battles of past experts that exceeded the limits of this realm. 

The two individuals fought a great battle, making heaven and earth resonate, reconstructing the scenes engraved in the heaven and earth void of battles between the most powerful ancient figures. 

"Unimaginable, too powerful!"

In the rain of blood, within the lightning, in the great void cracks, the white clothed Ning Chuan's style was unmatched, untainted by a speck of dust, not contaminated by blood, appearing more and more transcendent and aloof. 

However, every single attack he released carried the power of the sun, moon, and stars. Roiling stellar energy pervaded the air. It was as if stars collided, smashing down.


Any random move he made was enough to pierce through the heavens, his divine might unimaginable.

Everyone's faces turned white. If this type of power was applied to their bodies, who among them could block it? Not even hundreds to over a thousand true deities were enough, still killed without any suspense. 

Only Huang could resist it, fighting fiercely against him. 

Not long ago, everyone was still saying how Huang was about to die, but now, he was like a human heavenly dragon, full of vitality, blood energy roiling, his strength enough to tear apart this world. 

"Heavens, I can't take it anymore!"

Below the arena, someone trembled, falling from the sky with a putong sound, falling weak onto the ground, unable to endure this type of power. 

As for the area in front of Shi Hao right now, no one could remain in midair, all of them unable to resist the terrifying aura produced by that fist imprint. It was simply about to shatter the world. 

This fist imprint was unstoppable, vast and unstoppable, grand to the extreme!

The two of them clashed, instantly exchanging a thousand attacks, clashing like lightning, each time releasing dazzling divine light, illuminating the heavens in an expanse of brilliance. 

This was a battle between heaven warping divine individuals. Compared to them, everyone was too inferior, feeling truly dejected inside. The difference was truly too great. 

This type of people, how many of them existed since the ancient times?

They were all heaven warping individuals, any random strike enough to kill outstanding talents at the same level. Their enemies didn't exist in one era, but rather crossed past and present, only found along the river of time. 

This was precisely why young supreme beings of different eras were sealed until this era, all of them wishing to seize the final natural luck. Only now were they able to encounter each other, encountering worthy opponents.

Otherwise, every single one of them were unmatched in their respective eras. A defeat was hard to find even if they sought it. 

"Ning Chuan, didn't you say on and on and on how you were going to suppress me? Come then!" Shi Hao shouted, attacking viciously. 

"An Era Into Nothingness!" Ning Chuan grunted. He opened his mouth and spat out. Chaotic energy surged, refining the void, making this world become indistinct, about to be refined into a golden core. 

Then, his frontal bone shone, dragon patterns covering it densely. This was his innate great divine ability. Rumors had it that he might be an unmatched forbidden existence reincarnated, previously nourished by dragon blood, leaving behind traces that formed dragon patterns.

Of course, rumors were rumors, no one could prove if reincarnation existed. 


Shi Hao went berserk, lightning radiance erupting in ten thousand streaks. He displayed the Lightning Emperor's secret method. Stars formed from lightning appeared one after another, filling up this place densely.

From the distance, it was as if an ancient stellar domain had been removed, brought over here to suppress the void. 


Shi Hao released a large shout. All of the stars produced by lightning exploded. The ancient stellar stream surged, piercing through heaven and earth, shattering space. 

He used this technique to break through the restriction. The surface of his body was golden like the Unbreakable Golden Body. He rushed in front of Ning Chuan, raised his fist, and then smashed downwards, sending out overflowing electrical radiance. 


The two individuals' palms collided, erupting with endless divine light. All directions were covered in the scorching divine radiance. The arena rumbled and trembled. 

As for the distance, all of the cultivators were alarmed. This type of power, if it arrived before them, many of them would turn into bloody paste, dying on the spot.

The two exchanged fists, one more powerful than the other, as if they were going to break the heaven and earth furnace cauldron and display eternal life!

A battle on this level was rarely seen since ancient times!

In this bloody struggle, all types of multicolored light erupted, as if there was ascension happening right here. A rain of light scattered down, mysterious and shocking. 

Shi Hao sighed. This type of opponent was truly hard to find throughout the world, too powerful. If not for him cultivating to this step, things might very likely not end well. 

One had to understand that ever since he appeared in this world, only once did he attack a single person with others, and the one he faced was Ning Chuan. 

Back then, Stone Clan's three brothers, every one of them self-confident, said that Ning Chuan's spiritual body wasn't much, but in the end, they still attacked it together. 

Back then, they killed his spiritual body, but that didn't mean that Ning Chuan wasn't powerful enough, but rather that when Shi Yi and Shi Hao fought together, the power they displayed was heaven defying. 

That defeat wasn't enough to call Ning Chuan weak, instead proving how extraordinary he was, previously going one versus three!

Now, his true body appeared, every move he made making heaven and earth harmonize, containing tremendous power. It was as if they could suppress everything, impossible to match!

Shi Hao naturally wanted to sigh in admiration. This person was worthy of being a hero from past until present, an exceptionally powerful individual. 

In reality, Ning Chuan was even more shaken, great waves stirring within him, finding it impossible to calm down.

One had to keep in mind that he was a Six Crown King, someone who had appeared in six eras, displaying his divine might in six worlds. Being unmatched under the sky was but inevitable and to be expected, but the person before him actually rose up in a single era!

Ning Chuan reflected on himself. He advanced himself to the limit during these eras, his own path derived clearly, everything already planned out perfectly without the slightest hindrance, and that was why he could sweep through Immortal Ancient, being unmatched in the world. 

Meanwhile, the one before him actually rushed into the sky in this chaotic era, leaping up in one go, not accumulating in past eras, relying all on this world. His accomplishments truly made even him sigh softly.


At this moment, Ten Crown King's hair suddenly flew about chaotically, releasing a loud shout, making the heavens split apart. This person's blood energy pervaded the air, engulfing the heavens above and earth below. 

Forget about the arena, even everyone who already hid far enough felt uncomfortable, many true deities even coughing out large amounts of blood, flying outwards. 

The few Divine Flame Realm cultivators even more so had their flesh split apart, almost exploding!

This type of world shaking divine might, forget about the three thousand province's geniuses, even the natives' seniors experts' expressions changed. 

"This arena is a place where only the strong can stand. Take on our fist first to see if you two have the qualifications to stay here!" Ten Crown King shouted.

He unexpectedly temporarily stopped his fight against the Exiled Immortal, moving like a dragon, stepping like a tiger, like a heavenly emperor reincarnated, slaughtering towards Shi Hao and Ning Chuan. 

A honglong sounded. Mountains and seas surged!

Ten Crown King released a fist, immediately attacking Shi Hao. This was the unrivaled Dragon Fist! A True Dragon coiled about his arm, his aura devouring tens of thousands of li, directly smashing over.

A fist arrived, heaven and earth capsizing, everything now hidden from view. Only draconic roars that shook the nine heavens could be heard. 

"I also want to see if you have the qualifications to stand here!" Shi Hao released a loud shout, opposing him with equal harshness. He leapt up, rising into the sky like a Kun Peng. 

His fist shone, becoming golden in color, occasionally displaying a bit of black specks. This was the Kun Peng fist!

Kun Peng versus True Dragon!

This was a great collision between vicious ten precious techniques, moreover, the first clash between Huang and Ten Crown King!

In that instant, the sun and moon lost light, heaven and earth losing color. Deafening wuwu sounds rang through the air, as if demons were weeping, deities sobbing. Blood-colored lightning interweaved, endless lightning erupting. There were countless god and devil void figures that appeared, continuously falling.

This was an irregular phenomenon of heaven and earth. It was extremely terrifying. 

A Kun Peng rose out from the sea, tearing at the True Dragon that leapt out from an abyss, incredibly bitter and desperate. Peng feathers dyed with blood covered the sky, True Dragon roaring, scales broken and shattering.

The terrifying scene created by this strike shocked everyone, making many experts' hands and legs go ice cold. What kind of methods and might was this?

"Three strands of immortal energy!" Shi Hao's pupils contracted. He saw three strands of immortal energy around Ten Crown King's fist, just like him, exceptional and unmatched. 

Blood energy overflowed from this strike, divine force suppressing the world.

 The two separated, passing each other.

Ten Crown King revealed a look of surprise. This era was something to look forward to, another opponent now appearing!

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