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Chapter 978 - Heavenly Talents Chaotic Battle

A battle between dragons and tigers!

On the arena, several young kings appeared at the same time, shocking everyone. This great battle became more and more intense, making the spectators' blood boil, their minds rise and fall greatly. 

No one expected things would develop to this extent. Ancient kings, a present world king and others all appeared, rushing up.

These people's divine senses were sharp. They felt that the arena permitted multiple people to get on it, allowing for a group fight for the top. It was likely different from the past, about to display unforeseen changes. 

It was precisely because of this that they ascended onto the arena to seize natural luck. 

Zheng zheng...

Sword cries cracked the heavens, the sounds ringing through the horizon, cold air seeping into everyone's bones. Gu Jianyun's hair was dishevelled, entire body covered in blood, looking like he was going to go mad. 

He was utterly furious, angered to the extreme. It was because these people who ascended onto the arena all used him to test their strength. He became a standard for measuring strength!

How could he allow this?

He, Gu Jianyun, cultivated a strand of immortal energy and even crossed a heavenly tribulation, a well known outstanding hero, yet right now, he was looked down upon like this.

He was first seriously injured by Shi Hao, and then he had his arms blasted by the dual-pupils. Then, he continuously suffered attacks, leaving him incredibly resentful. 

During this battle between giants, more people arrived, all of them ancient freaks!

One of them was a female who held an inch tall miniature volcano, within the magma floating a small coffin. It was sinister looking and mysterious. 

There was another girl, golden hair scattering down, releasing golden light. Heaven Art was released, making this place rumble.

This arena became even more chaotic, great battles continuing endlessly, dao sounds rumbling. 

It was because these people all sensed that natural luck was about to appear. If they didn't ascend the stage, then there wouldn't be another chance, so they had to fight during the chaos. 

"Do you think just anyone can come up here? All of you, take a fist from me!"

Ten Crown King was dissatisfied. He suddenly turned around, forming a dragon imprint, his fist shining. The imprint he released was the most ferocious Dragon Fist. A True Dragon brandished its tail, rushing down towards everyone.

He swept through the crowd by himself, facing the people who just arrived, domineering to the extreme.

Those people all suffered attacks, having no choice but to resist. This place erupted, divine radiance covering the sun, symbols erupting like a volcano. 

There were some who coughed out large amounts of blood, among them including ancient freaks, difficult to block Ten Crown King's fist strength!

"Still not getting on the stage to quickly offer assistance?!" There were some who, after injured, didn't withdraw, instead secretly transmitting sound. 


This place erupted. There were experts from all sects below the arena, many alliances formed between them. At this time, they heard these ancient freaks' voices, moving out, separating into different camps, unexpectedly rushing up the arena together.

This was unprecedented muddled warfare!

From past to present, there had never been such a chaotic battle on the arena. It was unknown just how many cultivators ascended the arena, standing together with some ancient freaks, advancing and retreating with them.


There were some who were above the rest. Shi Hao, the Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King weaved through the crowd, sweeping through everyone in their way. Their great battle wasn't affected, killing all those who dared stand in their way.

Those who approached their battle were directly blasted apart, turning into a bloody mist.

This type of person couldn't be faced at all, like devils who cut down everything in their way. No one dared interfere with their battle, nor could they stop their actions. 


Suddenly, a bone dagger flew out, piercing towards Shi Hao's back. Dark light surged. This was a heavenly deity magical artifact that attacked secretly.

Shi Hao released a light shout, spitting out innate spiritual essence from his mouth. It was accompanied by chaotic radiance, guiding and moving the dagger.

In the distance, miserable cries immediately sounded. There were cultivators that suffered a disaster.

"You dare secretly attack me!"

With a point of Shi Hao's finger, Kun Peng true feathers danced about. Golden multicolored light filled the sky as he slaughtered forward. 


In the end, an expert fell. The heavenly deity magical artifact had its own spirit, fleeing on its own.

"Huang is too powerful, truly our great enemy that has to be eliminated." After getting on the stage, someone assisted Gu Jianyun, ending the dangerous situation, secretly transmitting his voice to him. 

"You actually didn't die, also came!" Gu Jianyun was shocked. 

This was Fire Cloud Cavern's ancient freak. Previously, it was rumored that he went mad, dying in meditation in a certain era. No one expected him to still be alive, entering Immortal Ancient. He now stood by Gu Jianyun's side. 

"Let's help Ning Chuan kill Huang. The sinner's blood descendant must be eliminated!" Fire Cloud Cavern's young king said coldly. 

Just now, the reason why someone used a heavenly deity magical artifact to attack Shi Hao was precisely because of his instigation. 

It was precisely as what the people predicted. There were some great sects that had prior arrangements, working together with the natives, creating heavenly deity magical artifacts in Immortal Ancient, using them to deal with a few ancient freaks. 

Fire Cloud Cavern, Immortal Palace, and others had previously done this, those heavenly deity magical artifacts and secret powers now appeared.

Gu Jianyun frowned. Even though he wanted to kill Huang, joining up with others like this wasn't his style. 

"What is the point in having misgivings now? I will help Ning Chuang kill Huang, and then we will just watch from the sidelines as Ten Crown King and Exiled Immortal mutually destroy each other. When the time comes, our group will be able to win and obtain the natural luck!" Fire Cloud Cavern's ancient freak said with a low voice. 

"Should we make our move?" Right at this time, someone approached, transmitting sound to those two. 

Gu Jianyun was shocked. There were still others, this… was also an ancient freak!

"I contacted two dao friends. When the time comes, they will use heavenly deity magical artifacts to assist Ning Chuan." Fire Cloud Cavern's supreme being said. 

"Ning Chuan dao friend might not necessarily appreciate this." Gu Jianyun hesitated. 

Ning Chuan didn't belong to their inheritances, but but he had previously read their ancient sects' ancient books and records, and that was why he carried a great responsibility. 

Sometimes, Ning Chuan was their representative.

"Take action!" Fire Cloud Cavern's expert said. He originally thought that there was something wrong with Shi Hao, that he would definitely die, never expecting him to produce a golden body. It was completely unexpected.


In the end, Gu Jianyun nodded. He carried his divine sword, slaughtering his way forward.

The four separated, secretly advancing, fighting against those in their surroundings, advancing through flying blood.


Suddenly, a heavenly deity pagoda shone, appearing above Shi Hao's head, suppressing downwards, surrounding him. 

Shi Hao's fine hairs stood on end. He dodged to the side, and sure enough, a heavenly deity spear pierced over. Cyan radiance shone, piercing through the void, the aura powerful beyond compare!

He dodged again. A large web, sparkling and translucent, moved over, about to bind him within. 

In addition, Gu Jianyun also took action. A divine sword hacked apart the sky, slicing over.

This all happened in an instant. Four great experts attacked, and then the formidable opponent Ning Chuan also joined in, surrounding him within!

One had to understand that there were heavenly deity weapons pressuring Shi Hao!

Everyone's expressions changed, because at this moment, heavenly deity magical force swept through this place. It was too vigorous and forceful! Many cultivators in the surrounding immediately turned into a bloody paste, exploding on the spot. 

Apart from ancient kings, many cultivators found it difficult to retreat. Dying miserably without being able to even utter a sound. This area immediately became empty.

"Courting death!"

Unexpectedly, Shi Hao didn't dodge this time, standing there and facing all four enemies!

In his hands, a spotlessly white bone piece appeared. It wasn't that large, but it was gentle and sparkling. He used it to face the heavenly deity magical artifacts. 


The void images of all types of creatures appeared, withstanding the heavenly deity might, stopping those heavenly deity magical artifacts.

This was the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, the first time he displayed it before everyone since entering Immortal Ancient. He used it to face his enemies!

"What is this?" Fire Cloud Cavern's inheritor shouted loudly. The heavenly deity spear in his hands couldn't move, all of its magical force dissolved, unable to press forward. 

The only fortunate thing was that this bone piece didn't erupt with divine might, only passively guarding. It displayed all types of void shadows of different creatures.


At this moment, Shi Hao erupted. This was intolerable. He discovered that those were actually ancient freaks. These types of individuals actually joined hands to launch a hidden assault on him!

Kun Peng wings appeared behind him, and in front of him, the most powerful lightning erupted. A sword condensed from Reincarnation symbols was held in his hands. He rushed forward murderously. 

He faced Ning Chuan head on, and then turned around to kill Gu Jianyun.

Gu Jianyun was greatly alarmed. This type of power couldn't be faced head on! As soon as that person rushed over, it gave him a suffocating feeling. Symbols surged, making him cough out blood with a wa sound. 

He resisted the sword as he moved, immediately retreating.


Fire Cloud Cavern's king cried out loudly, because Shi Hao targeted him. That sword hacked over, Reincarnation symbols erupted, time disappearing. He felt as if his life was being plundered.

"Kill!" He shouted loudly. However, no matter how he struggled and continuously took action, using his most powerful methods, displaying all types of precious techniques, it still wasn't enough, unable to stop Shi Hao. 

When Shi Hao rushed in front of his face, he already used several dozen secret methods, but that was all he could do, withstanding several dozen moves before his head was cleaved open by a sword.

His primordial spirit wanted to flee, but in that instant, it was hacked through by the fragments of time, turning into ashes.


Ning Chuan took action from behind, but Shi Hao's Kun Peng wings moved, hiding the sky and covering the earth, stopping him.

 In addition, Shi Hao rushed forward, using the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram to stop the heavenly deity pagoda. His fist smashed over, blasting a king apart, turning him into bloody mist.

Then, he continuously produced Lightning Emperor imprints, slapping out incessantly. Lightning interweaved, blasting another ancient freak flying, turning him into a chunk of charred coal. 

"Not even cultivating a single strand of immortal energy, yet still dare to try and kill me!" Shi Hao said coldly. 


The moment Shi Hao rushed towards Gu Jianyun, Chang Gongyan took action, firing an arrow, making Gu Jianyun cough out large amounts of blood. That arrow pierced through his shoulder, making that area explode.

Gu Jianyun flew outwards, falling off the arena. 

"It's time to end this. All of you, move out of the way!" Someone shouted. It was precisely the mysterious flame male who came from the lower realm. A Reincarnation Disk appeared in his hands. 

In the beginning, this disk's power was never displayed, but as his wrist produced blood, the ancient disk slowly revived, displaying waves of chaotic energy, releasing the greatest power. 

It could be brought into Immortal Ancient, not stopped by the great dao flower petals, this Reincarnation Disk was unimaginable!

At this moment, he activated this corner of Reincarnation Disk to suppress everyone, wanting to blast everyone off the arena, making him the final victor. 

"Just like that goose who became first in Immortal Ancient, possessing a chaotic precious artifact!" There were people who turned pale with fright. 

Those who rushed up all felt their scalps turn numb, unable to withstand it at all.

"Do you think this alone is enough to suppress everyone? Still not enough!" Ten Crown King shouted. In that instant, a small tree appeared in his hands. It was less than a foot tall. He grabbed the trunk, fiercely sweeping outwards. 

At this moment, auspicious light flew out in ten thousand streaks, natural laws endless, completely erasing all of the chaotic energy that pressed down towards him. 

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of ait. That… might very well be a World Tree!

On the other side, the Exiled Immortal was even more calm, in his hands appearing a horn, simple and natural. However, when he lightly brandished it, the heavens and earth split apart, ghosts and deities howling!

"Heavens, that's the Heavenly Horned Ant's single horn, an unmatched vicious ten immortal horn!" Everyone became stupefied. 

The mysterious flame male's expression changed. This attack actually failed, actually two people able to stop his power.


Right at this time, heaven and earth trembled. That great void crack suddenly released ka ka sounds, continuously expanding, about to explode. It also affected the arena's stability.

"What? There are people from the outside world who want to enter!" Everyone cried out in alarm. 

The natives were even more shaken, feeling greatly alarmed. Great changes were about to take place. 


The great crack spread, rushing past in front of the arena, creating an intense collision. 

A weng sounded. The arena flashed, quickly forming a gate, starting up a transport formation. A streak of light swept towards Shi Hao, about to bring him away. 

"It chose him!" Everyone clenched their fists. 

There was an external force interfering, an unforeseen event now arising. This arena became unstable, so it made its choice. 

Everyone knew that Shi Hao previously won eight hundred rounds, the one who won the most among these people, and that was why he was chosen.

"Get back here!" Ten Crown King shouted. He brandished the small tree in his hands, producing ten thousand natural laws, forcefully stopping Shi Hao, wishing to drag him back. 

At the same time, the Exiled Immortal also took action, using the Heavenly Horned Ant's single horn to suppress Shi Hao!

"Kill!" Ning Chuan also moved.

They weren't the only ones. Others also tried to stop this from happening. 

At this moment, Shi Hao didn't hold anything back, putting on the tattered armor that seemed to be related to the Lightning Emperor. Moreover, he held the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in his right hand, his left hand producing a foot long scale.

This scale released draconic energy that rose densely. It came from the blood dyed black-colored ancient boat.

"Those who stop me will all die!" Shi Hao roared. 

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