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Chapter 970 - Unstoppable 

The ninety-fifth fight, a Zhuyan got on stage. It was a zhang tall, muscles swelling, skin shining. It possessed explosive power. 

This wasn't quite like the chubby Hairy Ball from Stone Village. Its body was robust, white headed red footed, the black-red fur on its body a foot long, making it look extremely ferocious. 

Its arms were about to touch the ground. It was robust and powerful. 


A roar sounded, its voice vicious and full of power. The Zhuyan leapt up, making the void split apart. This was a powerful true deity. 

"Zhuyan King, a well known individual among exceptional talents, someone who had never been defeated before!" Someone said quietly. 

Everyone held their breaths, nervously watching the scene. Everyone knew that Shi Hao's body had problems, that it was likely for him to cough out blood and fall on his own.

And today, so many experts clashed with him, so it definitely made his injuries worse, perhaps bringing danger to his life. 


The Zhuyan's power was incomparably berserk, after soaring into the air, it leapt up and trampled down towards Shi Hao, exerting enough force to collapse a mountain. His entire body shone, hair standing on end, making it look incomparably ferocious. 

The void was rumbling!

Shi Hao sat on the ground, the blood energy around him combusting, his golden holy flame illuminating the sky until there was an expanse of dazzling gold. He was like a true immortal that was undergoing rebirth, the image he gave off solemn and dignified.


He raised his hand, sending a fist into the air, facing the Zhuyan's foot. The two attacks were released through the air, symbols shining brilliantly between the two, erupting with world shaking noise. 

Shi Hao's body shook, his problems too great, but the Zhuyan felt even more uncomfortable. The sole of his foot became deformed, displaying cracks, blood trickling out from it. It was as if it saw a ghost. It suddenly jumped, its leg contorting, body trembling. 

The Zhuyan were known for their strength, an extremely famous race that was difficult to defeat. It was a descendant of an ancient beast of the vicious ten, yet right now, just from a contest of physical strength, it still couldn't injure Huang.

The Zhuyan shouted, and then its body immediately swelled. This was its magical projection, a thousand zhang in size. It also displayed the Three-Heads Six-Armed great divine ability, its six arms simultaneously forming imprints, suppressing in Shi Hao's direction.

The void split apart. The Zhuyan's offensive power was exceptionally shocking, the power of the Devil Ape magic imprint astonishing, suppressing others until they felt suffocated. If it was a normal cultivator, they would have directly been slapped into meat paste. It was difficult for even exceptional talents to block it. 

However, Shi Hao raised his hand. Willow wadding drifted about, not white colored, but all golden. They landed on his body, making him cry out miserably. 

The willow wadding displayed roots, revealing branches and tying him up!


The Zhuyan shouted. The thousand zhang body quickly shrank, turning into a mosquito, flapping its wings and trying to escape. 

Shi Hao still sat there. A large hand reached out, directly slapping forward.


The mosquito that the Zhuyan turned into was struck head-on. Its original form appeared, bones broken tendons snapped, spinning as it flew outwards. 


Shi Hao reached out a finger. A streak of sword energy flew out, piercing its body, making it cry out loudly. Its entire body was covered in blood as it staggered while jumping outwards, almost dying in the arena.

The Zhuyan's face was filled with horror. It finally understood how terrifying Huang was. Even though his flesh looked dried up, blood energy scattered, the Zhuyan was still not a match despite being an outstanding talent in his race. 

"Because of my relationship with Hairy Ball, I'll spare you your life." Shi Hao said. He thought of Hairy Ball in the lower realm, and then looked at this Zhuyan, in the end deciding not to deliver a killing blow. 

The Zhuyan staggered about. Its entire body was covered in blood as it leapt off the arena.

At this moment, everyone's expressions became serious. Huang was too powerful, about to win a hundred battles. Sure enough, no one could stop him!

"His injuries are so severe, yet no one could fight him head-on. If he is able to recover, who can be his match? There won't be any chance at all!" 

"Not necessarily. If there is an unmatched ancient king who takes action, Huang won't be able to walk off that arena in this type of condition!"

"I would like to ask for some guidance!"

A hong sounded, deathly aura pervading the air. An enormous white skeleton descended on the arena, a divine flame burning in its head. This wasn't an expert from Underworld Clan, but a bone creature that evolved into a deity. 


Shi Hao directly used the Lightning Emperor's precious technique. Lightning radiance covered the skies as it swept over, full of yang energy, electrical arcs filled every inch of this place. 

Waves of cries sounded. This skeletal true deity did everything it could to resist, but in the end, it still wasn't Shi Hao's opponent. The space between its brows was pierced by lightning radiance, its soul light scattering, dying on the spot. 

"Huang took the initiative to attack, sending a torrent of attacks. He… won't be able to hold on, has to finish things as quickly as possible!" Many people seemed to have realized this. 

This made quite a few experts excited, but also nervous. It had already reached the crucial point. He still had the last four battles!

"Gu Jianyun came!" Right at this time, someone cried out in alarm. 

Many people turned around at the same time, looking in the same direction. They were all shaken. An ancient freak appeared, and this one stood out from the masses, previously successfully crossing tribulation. 

This was a powerful individual who came from Sword Valley, one sword sweeping through all under the sky. He had previously challenged Four Crown King Chang Gongyan, 

Now, he came. Everyone knew that Huang was in danger!

This person not only cultivated immortal energy, he also crossed a heavenly tribulation, definitely one of the most powerful individuals. He could compete against anyone. 

Let alone now when Huang was already injured, his situation critical. 

Was Gu Jianyun going to take action?

Sworld Valley, Fire Cloud Cavern, Phantom Drake Dao Gate and others sects simultaneously suppressed Sin Province's ancient inheritances. Gu Jianyun came from this kind of sect, so it could be said that he naturally stood against the sinner's blood descendant. 

Everyone held their breaths, calmly waiting for the nerve-racking moment to arrive.

"Haha, dao brother, I'll go up to test things out for you!" Someone walked out from not too far away, smiling and saying this to Sword Valley's inheritor. 

"No need!" Gu Jianyun shook his head. On his back was a divine sword, possessing an impressive appearance. He didn't have plans to take action yet, his expression indifferent. 

"I originally wanted to have a go at it anyway. Even if I lose to Huang, I can still escape from the arena." This person was extremely confident.

Everyone cried out with alarm, because they saw him reveal his original body. 

This was a Flying Dragon Snake, its entire body silver and shining, enormous like a mountain ridge. It leapt onto the arena, coiling into a snake mountain, not inferior to a true great peak. 

Then, his body shone. Symbols covered his body densely, producing the Snake Race's greatest profound mysteries. Draconic cries sounded, symbols suppressing forward. Meanwhile, it moved as well. 

Endless symbols surrounded this snake mountain, all of it suppressing towards Shi Hao!


Shi Hao was shocked. This Flying Dragon Snake was even more powerful than an ordinary exceptional talent, the symbols erupting like a volcano, making even him feel a set amount of threat. 

However, it still wasn't enough. Even if almost all of his blood energy was exhausted, his body extremely weak, he was still able to deliver a thunderous blow!


He blasted apart the snake mountain, using Heaven's Hand to cover the sky, fiercely slapping down. With a peng sound, the Flying Dragon Snake was blasted until it coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, its enormous body rolling on the ground.

It released a long roar, the snake tongue turning into a whip, sweeping outwards. Endless symbols burned to withstand Shi Hao.


This time, both of Shi Hao's hands brandished about, quickly enlarging, becoming like two mountain ridges. He grabbed this enormous snake's body, and then exerted force, directly ripping it into two parts. 

"Ah…" The Flying Dragon Snake cried out loudly. It pierced through the void, jumping outwards. As expected, it had some methods, actually able to escape through the void!

Everyone released a sigh. Huang was formidable as expected, able to defeat such a powerful exceptional talent even while so heavily injured. 

At the same time, there were people who nodded. This Flying Dragon Snake was extraordinary, able to live after taking Heaven's Hand was formidable in itself. Only, these people were quickly stunned, because Shi Hao didn't stop his offense!

With a qiang sound, he pulled out a simple and unadorned sword core. Dazzling radiance immediately erupted, illuminating the arena. The Everlasting Immortal Sword appeared, piercing through the void with a chi sound. 


The Flying Dragon Snake cried out miserably, hacked out from the void. A bloody hole appeared between his brows, pierced through by a sword, dying on the spot.

"How vicious, what forceful methods!"

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. Earlier, many people lived because Huang didn't decide to act too viciously, but now, his killing intent appeared. Not even the powerful exceptional talent Flying Dragon Snake could escape!

Everyone looked towards Gu Jianyun, because the Flying Dragon Snake had previous spoke before going up the stage, saying that he was going to test out Huang. 

Now that the Flying Dragon Snake was killed, what kind of reaction would he show?

Everyone knew that the sinner's bloodline and Sword Valley, Fire Cloud Cavern, and other sects stood in opposition, the great grudge between them impossible to dissolve. Huang taking action like this, was it a warning towards Gu Jianyun?

One had to understand that Huang was heavily injured, his condition terrible, yet he was still so powerful. Wasn't this forcing Gu Jianyun to take action?

Gu Jianyun's expression was calm, not taking action. Only, his eyes were extremely deep, staring at the Everlasting Immortal Sword in Shi Hao's hands, gradually displaying a blazing radiance. 

He used the sword, so he was naturally fond of this exceptional sword core!

"Very good, this sword, I like it!" He said softly.

When everyone heard this, they were all shocked. Was this a declaration of war, going to take action against Huang?

"If you like it, then you can come over to take it." Shi Hao said indifferently. He sat on the arena, using his sleeves to wipe off the blood at the corner of his lips. At the same time, holy light burned around his body, his body becoming more and more withered up, as if he was all skin and bones. 

"I will!" Gu Jianyun said. After a slight pause, he then said, "However, I won't fight against a dying person."

He didn't take action, only calling Shi Hao a dying person.

"Let me!"

The ninety-eighth battle started. A Black Tortoise entered the arena, challenging Huang. 


At this moment, Shi Hao didn't hold back any longer. It was because he knew his body's problems were worsening. With a chi sound, the sword core shone, drawing out a streak of exceptional brilliance.


The black Mysterious Tortoise released a loud cry. Its shell was directly cut apart, turning into two halves, falling on the ground. 

"Isn't that the Black Tortoise Race's exceptional talent? Its defensive ability is known as this generation's most powerful, yet it was actually cut up like this?"

Everyone was shocked, their eyes widening. 

Not even the most powerful defense could stop the exceptional sword core's strike. The Black Tortoise threw aside its shell, stood up and immediately turned around to flee, running while shouting, "I admit defeat!"

When he saw it comically run for its life, the killing intent in Shi Hao's heart disappeared, watching as it left, leaving it with its life. 

Then, the ninety-ninth battle came. An exceptional talent ascended onto the arena. 

"You are an ancient king, yet you're willing to exhaust my vitality in another's place. You are going to give up on the power struggle just like this?" Shi Hao said. 

"I know myself well, never cultivated immortal energy, nor can I cross heavenly tribulation. Since its like this, it is better to just give up on fighting over natural luck and make a deal with others, using other things to make up for the difference," he said. 

This battle was a competition between dragons and tigers. This person had long reached the True Deity Realm, and was already at the consummate level!

Shi Hao was injured, his blood energy dried up. After fighting intensely, it left him quite exhausted. 

However, when he took a forceful breath, hot blood surging, everything turned around. Not even an ancient freak was enough!


He didn't use the immortal sword, only forming magical imprints. He displayed the Reincarnation divine ability, causing time fragments to flutter about nearby. It was incredibly terrifying, making this person quickly age.

Then, Shi Hao's right hand hacked through this person's neck, sending a head flying out diagonally.

In addition, Shi Hao added a finger, piercing through the space between his brows, dark red blood trickling out. An ancient freak was killed!

No one could stop him. Even though there was a great problem with his body, not even an ancient king was enough!

"Do you want to come up now?" Shi Hao gave Gu Jianyun a look. Only the last battle remained. 

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