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Chapter 971 - Sweeping Through Enemies

"I won't fight against a dead person!" Gu Jianyun's reply was extremely simple, and also extremely decisive, not taking action.

Those in this generation who dared to call Shi Hao a dead person really weren't that many. This type of attitude he displayed truly left everyone shocked. 

"Dao friend is exaggerating, words perhaps going a bit far?" On the side, someone carefully asked, not daring to speak loudly. Gu Jianyun in front of him was extremely powerful. Right now, apart from Shi Hao, he was the only one who successfully crossed a tribulation, so he was definitely one of the most powerful kings. 

"He cultivated a method that harmed his great dao essence, his situation already hopeless, won't live much longer." Gu Jianyun said. This could also be considered an explanation. 

"What?!" Everyone became shocked. Huang was close to dying with not much life left?

This truly was beyond everyone's expectations. One had to understand that all of the most recent disturbances had to do with Huang. How could he suddenly have injured his great dao foundation, possibly falling?

At this moment, everyone looked towards the arena, staring at Shi Hao. There were even more specific ancient kings who cultivated Heavenly Eyes, divine light sparkling as they observed his flesh.

"Correct, Gu Jianyun dao brother's words have reason. Huang is in danger, his blood energy withered up, and his foundation is burning, impossible to stop, gradually heading towards weakness!"

Now, there weren't many ancient freaks left, any one of them exceptional talents who had reigned undefeated throughout an era. Right now, one of them spoke up, agreeing with Gu Jianyun's words. 

At this moment, everyone's eyes towards Shi Hao changed, looking at him with a bit less reverence, more of a bit of pity, a few even taking joy in his disaster. 

What kind of method was it exactly? To be able to harm the great dao foundation, ignite the foundation, this was too frightening. 

"How unfortunately… Huang is so heaven defying, yet he might die, unexpectedly just like those from the ancient past, because of being excessively powerful, the heavens couldn't tolerate him, in the end cutting him down…" 

Everyone was in agreement regarding this. Those who are blessed by the heavens die young, this was the only explanation. 

"Hahaha…" In the distance, someone laughed loudly, truly not holding back at all. This was without a doubt an enemy of Shi Hao's. They were extremely happy after hearing these news. 

The current Huang was impossible to keep in check. Apart from Ten Crown King, the exiled immortal, Ning Chuan, who else was his match? However, those three seemed to have been struck down by lightning.

Previously, all enemies felt terrified, no one able to match Shi Hao. They never expected this type of unforeseen event to happen, so how could they not feel happy?!

If it was anyone else that said this, then that was that, no one would believe them. However, who was Gu Jianyun? He was the only other king in this world who successfully crossed a heavenly tribulation!

Apart from this, there were other ancient freaks who acknowledged this. In addition, anyone with eyes could see that there really was a problem with Shi Hao. His body's energy could devour mountains and rivers, almost unmatched, yet right now, he couldn't easily defeat his enemies, instead sitting there, passively facing fights. This was enough to prove everything. 

This place erupted. This kind of heaven warping divine talented young man was going to die! This made many people feel as if this wasn't too realistic. 

Shi Hao calmly said, "I don't have much time left? When everyone dies and a few great eras pass, I will definitely still be in this world." 

When these words were spoken, everyone became stupefied. Wasn't this too arrogant and insolent?

"Your decision to not come up here is quite sensible, at the very least not having to die right now." Shi Hao looked towards Gu Jianyun and spoke like this.

Everyone erupted into commotion. Who couldn't see that his situation was utterly terrible, spending more than half the time seated on the arena, not getting up? His blood energy and foundational essence were burning, yet he was still acting so powerfully. 

One had to understand that with Gu Jianyun's current unmatched power, even if Huang was at his most powerful state, he still had to treat him seriously.

Gu Jianyun definitely had the qualifications to challenge Huang at his peak!

With Huang's current state, didn't he fear that Gu Jianyun truly would go up and fight with him to the death? With his body's current condition, he might be killed. 

Gu Jianyun sneered, not minding this. He carried a divine sword on his back, eyes staring at that sword core in Shi Hao's hands, not displaying anything else. 

The hundredth intense battle, the great power struggle didn't arrive. Shi Hao sat on the arena, yet no one came up.

No one dared to go up, fearing that he might go mad during his final moments. 

"Truly regretful. Is no one going to come up?" Shi Hao asked. 

This made a few enemies release cold snorts inwardly, but there really was no one who dared to go up. Either way, he didn't have long to live, about to withdraw from the arena, so what was the point in fighting him to the death?

"Who dares to compete against me?" Shi Hao asked again. 

In the dark, all of his enemies were discontent. This was just too brash and arrogant, behaving so ostentatiously in front of everyone, making these people's faces become unpleasant. 

"A dying person is not worth me taking action!"

"What is there to be so arrogant over? In the end, wouldn't you still die? Just waiting to watch you fall!" 

"Who'd be scared of you? Just that no one wants to deal with a dying person!" 

Some people couldn't help but reply, speaking inwardly. 

The hundredth battle, no one got on. A single youth sat alone on the arena, around him a Golden Dao Palace, also floating in the void. 

Time flowed on. Soon after, there were symbols that appeared. It was because no one challenged him, so Shi Hao smoothly passed the trial. 

A hundred rounds of continuous victories. Shi Hao accomplished this feat!

Everyone was looking forward to what was going to happen, waiting for him to leave the arena. In everyone's perspective, because Huang's life couldn't be ensured, he was trying to put up a brilliant display with the last of his strength. 

And now, he already proved himself that he was an unmatched king, winning a hundred battles in a row. No one dared to challenge him head-on. He could leave, not needing to fight anymore. 

However, in the end, Huang didn't leave!

He didn't choose to rest, still sitting on the arena, threatening to take on everyone's challenge. 

This place immediately became noisy. Everyone looked at him, wasn't his life about to go out? Why did he dare to stay behind?

"You really have crossed the line. We showed you respect, allowing you to have a conclusion, yet you didn't cherish it. Do you wish to die in the arena?"

There were immediately enemies that shouted out, not showing any lenience, ridiculing Shi Hao. 

"Clearly body dried up, combat strength in steep decline, but still don't understand how to withdraw, are you just waiting for someone to kill you? Others are showing you face, yet you don't know how to act properly!"

Of course, there were some who were partial to Shi Hao as well, saying, "This is the choice of a king, rather dying in the arena than silently leaving." 

"Correct, powerful individuals like Huang are rarely seen, originally about to become unmatched, yet encountered this type of unforeseen event, so how could he resign himself to such a fate? He would rather scatter blood on the arena. It is worthy of respect."

This place couldn't calm down, people saying all types of different things. 

No one went onto the arena.

As time went on, he won without fighting, already counted to have won more than twenty in a row. This result left the enemies furious. Wasn't this too easy?

Shi Hao indeed didn't wish to get off the arena. Time was pressing. He wished to forcefully continue, stabilize the ultimate throne, obtain the great natural luck. Otherwise, if the outside world's experts entered, that would become much more difficult. 

"Is there really no one who wishes to challenge me? Then I will just silently guard this area alone." He said. 

"My ass, like I'll let that happen!" Someone wasn't able to hold back, having the cultivators under him go up and challenge Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao's eyes were cold, his actions ruthless. He pointed out, Reincarnation symbols pervaded the air, directly blasting that person into a pile of dried bones. 

How was he still this powerful? Everyone was a bit horrified, to the extent where they even began to doubt Gu Jianyun's words. Huang was just too terrifying, right?

"No blood energy left, foundational essence even more so dried up. He really is going to die." Gu Jianyun said. He saw Shi Hao's dao foundation crack apart, about to die.

Shi Hao was alarmed inwardly as well. Willow Deity's technique was too domineering, actually being like this. If it wasn't because he understood all of this precious technique's profound meanings, he would have also suspected that he was dying. 

However, he knew that this was where Willow Deity's precious technique was heaven defying. To desire long life, one had to first experience destruction, without destruction there is no creation!

He wanted to obtain the thriving life force, but had to first experience the body withering up, the sensation of near death. There was no quick fix, as this technique possessed the profound mysteries of balance. 

However, this process was indeed incredibly vicious, a single mistake possibly resulting in dying in a seated posture, thus becoming a pile of white bones. 

His expression was grave as he sat there, not daring to act carelessly. 

Time flowed on. He didn't fight, but he already obtained fifty-eight victories!

Everyone was speechless. Since the ancient past, no one had seen someone like this, winning without fighting. He was clearly dying, yet no one was willing to provoke him. 

"This won't do. Get on there, force him to take action, making him die faster!"

A few experts gathered, and after discussing with themselves, they demanded their subordinates go up and fight with Shi Hao. 

Ini the end, Shi Hao continuously killed. Even though his eyes were dim, skin dried up, body like a skeleton, essence blood burning around his body, he still possessed astonishing killing power. 

In the end, several dozen people fell. He continuously won another ninety nine battles!

To be more precise, it should be a hundred and ninety-nine in total.

"You still aren't coming up?" Shi Hao looked towards Gu Jianyun. 

Gu Jianyun didn't reply. On his back was the long sword. He still chose not to fight against a dying person.

Soon after, Shi Hao continuously won two hundred rounds!

This created an uproar. If this was the past, continuously winning a hundred rounds, even the most powerful freaks would take some time to rest, not daring to show any bit of carelessness. 

However, Huang had already won two hundred rounds, but still didn't leave, wishing to guard his position!

"This… can't continue! We have to stop him, or else this ancient arena will acknowledge that he won, no one able to match him, giving him the natural luck!" Someone said. 

Even ancient freaks couldn't stay calm any longer. Gu Jianyun's expression also changed slightly. If this continued, then it might really become a joke. How could a dying person be allowed to be first?

The two-hundred first battle began. The battle was a bit fierce, no longer winning without fighting. Shi Hao continuously took action.

Many people were forced onto the stage, and quite a few people believed that Shi Hao was becoming more and more weak, that there might be a chance. They wanted to seize his immortal seed, and then immediately flee. 

In the end, the results were extremely cruel. More than eighty experts lost their lives, dying on the arena. 

Eventually, Shi Hao won three hundred rounds!

This triggered an uproar.

However, his condition was indeed becoming more and more terrible. While he sat there, his body unexpectedly began to sway about. 

This gave others a gleam of hope. Perhaps the chance to personally kill Huang had arrived!

Only, from the three hundred first to the four hundredth round, Shi Hao killed another sixty or so experts, immediately making everyone shiver inwardly.

Was this a monster?!

Everyone saw that Shi Hao was like a lamp that ran out of fuel, his foundation essence already gone, but he just didn't die, continuously killing experts that bore hostility against him. 

They all became speechless. This was too heaven defying, right?

Even Gu Jianyun was in a daze, feeling that this was inconceivable. 

"Is there anyone else going up?" Shi Hao asked, incomparably weak.

From the four hundredth round, there were several dozen rounds where no one got up. He began to win without fighting again, reaching the four hundred thirty-ninth round in the blink of an eye. 

"He can't hold on any longer. Look, he can't even sit steadily any longer, so he can be killed. We cannot waste any more time. If we allow him to continuously win anymore, this ancient arena will definitely regard him as the ultimate victor!" Some people became nervous. 

Shi Hao was indeed spent. In the following battles, he couldn't defeat his enemies with just a few moves. He had to use up even more time.

However, he still won. Another fifty-six corpses were added to the arena, all of them killed by him.

Thus, he already continuously won five hundred rounds!

Meanwhile, at this time, the elevated stage shone, unexpectedly scattering light on his body. This was an award, as well as the recognition of his completion of this stage.

"We have to stop this! This arena is clearly reviving. If this continues, it will be bad!" Someone said seriously.


Outside world, Central Province. 

During this period of time, a great storm erupted at the heart of the three thousand provinces, the effects far-reaching.

It was to the extent where because of the things that happened in the central ancient land of the three thousand provinces, many great sects temporarily forgot about Immortal Ancient. 

Half of the sect masters were attacking Immortal Ancient Remains' great crack, and then another half were here by the immortal dao magical formation, because the things that happened here left too great of an effect on the three thousand provinces. 

"Could it be that you all… came from outside the higher realms, the people from those places?!" 

"Wrong, not the earth, but the sky!" A youngster said, incomparably proud and arrogant. His eyes carried disdain as he said, "You all here are too disappointing. These are your heavenly deities? I already won eighty-one times in a row, the so-called well-known figures among heavenly deities aren't enough even if they come at me together!"

The expressions of the heavenly deities here all became unpleasant. Even a few sect masters' facs fell. However, what the youngster said was true, he was just too powerful. 

"Why don't all of you heavenly deities come up together?" There was immortal energy around that youngster. It formed great dao flowers around him, appearing above his head as he spoke proudly. 

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