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Chapter 969 - Continuous Victories

Shi Hao came! As soon as he appeared, he immediately drew eyes from all directions!

After he was invited away by a few clans' heavenly deities, he rarely showed himself again. Many people heard of his name before, but never saw the person himself. 

"So this is Huang? Clearly just a delicate and and elegant looking youth, how could he have such splendid battle accomplishments? He already crossed the most powerful heavenly tribulation, engraving his name into the annals of history!"

Many people were discussing with each other. For many people, Huang's name was like thunder to their ears. However, those who truly saw him weren't many. 

Today, his true self came over, triggering a commotion. 

Not long ago, he established a legend, successfully crossing tribulation and causing the downfall of seven great heavenly deities. This was truly shocking, making him the focal point of all clans' discussions. 

With his battle successes and splendid magnificent feats, regardless of where he went, he would become the center of attention. He couldn't escape attention even if he wanted to!

"Truly a youth among heroes! He is younger than I imagined. Exactly how did he cultivate to this point? One has to understand that he isn't an ancient freak, not accumulating all this time, rising up and rushing into the heavens completely in a single era!"

Someone spoke with a sigh of admiration. Even enemies had to acknowledge this individual. Shi Hao swept through all those in his way, invincible, a genius on the path of cultivation that was rarely seen.

"It wasn't that people like this never appeared before in history, but most of them died young, the only ones left Ning Chuan, Ten Crown King, and a few others, but they still seemed to have fallen."

Everyone sighed. As long as Huang wasn't killed, his future was unimaginable, accomplishments impossible to predict. 

Rushing up in one era, overlooking all experts of his generation, this was a legend, a true young king that reigned undefeated throughout the world, able to fight against all geniuses in his generation!

"Wu, they all said that Huang's cultivation was formidable. Turns out he is also handsome!" There were many young ladies here, currently looking towards Huang. 

"Aiya! He looked at me just now, hehe."

"Can you not look so starry-eyed? He's looking at the arena, definitely not noticing you. Unless you are like Dragon Girl, witch, or like those others, you can forget about drawing his attention."

A few young ladies were discussing among themselves, their eyes displaying brilliant colors, teasing each other and giggling. It was quite lively.

Of course, those that bore hostility definitely weren't few, but they didn't dare expresse it. It was because Huang's battle accomplishments were too terrifying, continuously killing Fallen Divine Child, Jun Dao, Ancient Holy Child, and other ancient freaks, just too terrifying. 

Shi Hao looked ahead, his heart finding it difficult to calm down. He was now already twenty years old. Compared to the previous openings of Immortal Ancient, this amount of time really was just too short, the decisive battle unexpectedly about to happen so quickly. 

That enormous arena was engraved with traces of time, but it remained unbreaking this entire time, towering in the void. That was the stage for the power struggle of young supreme beings!

Shi Hao didn't immediately get in, instead sitting down and looking in that direction. 

"What a pity, our Immortal Ancient Remains' people cannot get on that stage. Otherwise, we would be able to participate as well!" There were natives who expressed their regret. 

"Who dares to fight against me?" On the stage, the Three-Headed Hellhound roared. It didn't notice that Shi Hao already arrived, roaring out in challenge.

Quite a few people turned around, looking towards Shi Hao. However, they discovered that he was extremely calm, not showing any response. 

"Yi, did you all notice that Huang's complexion doesn't seem quite right, becoming much more meager, his skin lacking luster." Someone said with shock. They previously sensed it, but didn't think too much of it, but now, they couldn't help but cry out.

"You're right. Could it be that he was injured? How did this happen?" This drew a powerful curiosity from everyone. Who was it that injured him?

This place began to stir a bit restlessly, quite a few experts' eyes gradually lighting up. This might be a chance! Huang might have displayed something strange, so if he couldn't get onto the stage, that would be… too perfect!

Everyone looked at him, but even after a long time had passed, he still didn't get up, not ascending to participate in the battle. 

This immediately made many people's minds move, feeling more and more like something happened to Huang. Otherwise, with his current power, if he directly got on the stage, he could definitely suppress all of the experts until they felt suffocated.

"Is anyone going to fight against me?" On the stage, the Three-Headed Hellhound was quite shocked. There was actually no one who got up, making it feel a bit dizzy. However, soon after, it became clear-headed. It definitely wasn't the one who left everyone stunned. 

"Huang… you!" Finally, it discovered Huang. It previously had the luck of witnessing his true appearance. This immediately made it feel a bit flustered, wishing to immediately jump off the arena.

Shi Hao smiled towards it, but didn't get on the arena. This made it feel slightly more at ease.

"I'll accompany you!" Someone got on the arena, a Yaksha Race expert. This was a Golden Winged Yaksha, his entire body displaying golden radiance, in his hands a pike. 

"Good, as long as it isn't Huang great one who comes up, I will keep you company!" The Three-Headed Hellhound said. 

Everyone cursed inwardly. This fella was quite the boot-licker, actually seamlessly offering Shi Hao praise. 

"A dog monster like you should just get off!" The Golden Winged Yaksha shouted. The pike in his hands pierced forward, making the void release a rumbling sound, tearing apart the sky. 

This was a true deity, its power exceptional, making many people suck in a cold breath of air.

The Three-Headed Hellhound roared, the head on the left spitting out a streak of black-colored flames. That was underworld flame, able to burn deities. Meanwhile, the head on the right side released a golden liquid, which was water from the yellow springs, able to dissolve gods and devils. 

Water and fire mixed together, the two heads attacking at the same time to resist that golden pike.


The Golden Winged Yaksha roared, right hand holding the pike, left hand holding an enormous spear, blocking in front of its body. It released resplendent radiance, symbols surging in the thousands to tens of thousands, incredibly compact, blocking the fire and water. 


The pike in his hands shot out like a viper, piercing towards the space between the Three-Headed Hellhound's brows. 


The Three-Headed Hellhound reached out a large claw, striking the pike. Sparks flew everywhere, and at the same time, the middle head released a streak of blood-colored lightning, rushing towards the Golden Winged Yaksha along the war pike. 

"Obliterate!" The Yaksha roared, body shining. Golden symbols rushed out like a stream, resisting the blood-colored lightning. 

Just like that, they fought a great battle that was extremely intense. However, even though they possessed great magical power and displayed power at the True Deity Level, this arena still remained unmoved, not damaged at all. 

After over a hundred exchanges, the Three-Headed Hellhound released a roar, three heads shining at the same time. The space between their brows split apart, actually producing vertical eyes, firing shocking symbol light that penetrated the Golden Winged Yaksha's body. 


The Golden Winged Yaksha's body was blasted apart. It quickly ran, in the end managing to avoid death, successfully jumping off the arena.

Everyone couldn't help but sigh. The Three-Headed Hellhound was quite formidable, the fact that it was able to get on the arena not without reason. This was indeed a race's rare expert.

"I offer this victory to Huang great one who I worship!" The Three-Headed Hellhound's skin was quite thick, actually speaking like this. 

Shi Hao was stunned, and then he laughed.

The others cursed inwardly. This ass-kicking piece of shit, daring to even speak such shameless words. Its skin was just too thick. 

"Let me challenge you!" While speaking, a blood-colored ancient tree reached out its branches, rushing up, arriving on the arena. 

This was an Iron Blood Ancient Tree, its branches strong, winding about like dragons, branches and leaves scarlet red. The symbols it released seemed to cover the skies. Leaves brandished about, shooting forward like swords. 

"Bark, bark, bark…" The Three-Headed Hellhound barked crazily. Its entire body shone, underworld flames burning, fighting a great battle against it. In the end, this ancient tree was set ablaze. 

It won again, drawing raised eyebrows. 

Just like that, it unexpectedly won twenty-nine rounds, shocking a group of people. This fella was actually this formidable, stirring up quite the discussions. 

"About to win thirty, the victory still offered towards the respectful Huang great one." It said rather sickeningly.

"You don't have the chance!" A Pi Xiu leapt onto the arena, blood energy overflowing into the heavens. Its body was enormous like a great mountain, staring at the Three-Headed Hellhound. 

The Three-Headed Hellhound lost this battle, almost killed in the process. It hurriedly leapt off the arena, ending its win streak. 

Right at this moment, news came from the distance. A certain realm trembled violently, the fluctuations more and more intense. There were outsiders who were frantically attacking the great void crack, wishing to enter.

Shi Hao sighed, time was pressing. He had to get on the stage, quickly sweep through his enemies and seize the natural luck!

"Ah, Huang great one is stepping out for me, I offer praise to the unmatched young supreme being!" The Three-Headed Hellhound had on a look of exultation, offering sickening praise. 

Shi Hao got onto the arena, triggering a huge commotion!

The Pi Xiu's eyes were vicious. It didn't back off, rushing forward. When it opened its mouth, a streak of exceptional killing light shot out. It activated a secret treasure.


Under everyone's shocked eyes, Shi Hao reached out a single hand, grabbing that secret treasure. Then, with a forceful shake, it broke apart. Soon after, he raised his hand and pointed out. A golden symbol-formed willow leaf shot out.


Bloody light flashed. The Pi Xiu cried out loudly. Its heart was pierced through, immediately pleading for mercy, feeling incomparable fear.

Shi Hao waved his hand, blasting it off the arena. 

This strike alone was enough to shock everyone. This was too domineering! Suppressing an archaic vicious beast like the Pi Xiu with just a raise of his hand, it truly was incomparably powerful. 

"Yi, something's not right. Why is he sitting on the arena?" 

"Look, his face is like golden paper, complexion not good!"

Everyone was stunned, because they discovered that Shi Hao's state was a bit off. His entire body was trembling slightly, to the extent where they even saw a streak of blood trickle out from the corner of his mouth.


This place immediately erupted into noise. Everyone knew that something unexpected happened to Shi Hao, that here was something wrong with his body.

"This is a chance!"

This result made many people excited. Otherwise, who could stop him? However now, many people saw hope. 

"Huang great one, I wish to consult you for guidance!" A Purple Gold Swan spread its wings, landing on the arena, turning into human form and challenging Shi Hao. 

"Sure, come then." Shi Hao said. He wiped away the blood from the corner of his lips and looked towards this divine bird. 

"Good, I'm going to make my move!" The Purple Gold Swan cried out. A purple-gold divine sword shot out from its mouth, this weapon refined from a bird beak. In addition, a pair of divine wings appeared behind it, hacking through the sky as it swept towards Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao sat in place without moving, only reaching out a large hand that was as large as a house, directly smashing over.

With a peng sound, regardless of whether it was the bird beak divine sword or the Purple Gold Swan itself, it was as if they were struck by thunder. It immediately coughed out blood, flying outwards.

"I ask Huang great one for forgiveness, I admit defeat!" The Purple Golden Swan cried out loudly, immediately withdrawing. 

Shi Hao didn't take action again, allowing it to leave. Meanwhile, his body also swayed. In addition, right at this time, golden flames surged around his body, burning ferociously. That was his own essence blood that was being released and consumed. 

"Yi, what is going on? He is actually burning his own life essence. Could it be that his injuries have already worsened to that state?"

"His body has serious issues, so he wishes to end things in the shortest amount of time possible and then seize the natural luck. I feel like if we stall for time, he might collapse on the arena."

Many people were pleasantly surprised. There was no news better than this. 

No one went onto the arena, waiting until he couldn't hold on any longer.

However, after a period of time had passed, symbols appeared on the arena. 

"What? It counts as him winning a round?" Everyone understood the symbols' meaning.

No one got onto the arena, so after a period of time had passed, it actually counted as him winning a round.

This was definitely not the right way to do things, especially for those who were hostile towards Shi Hao. None of them wished for him to easily win like this. 

"It's fine, find a few people to go up and fight against him. When they can't hold on any longer, they can just admit defeat. Either way, it looks like he won't act viciously." Quite a few experts secretly discussed.

Sure enough, in the following dozen or so fights, even though no one could do anything to Shi Hao, they still managed to worsen his body's condition. It was because he was trying to break through, the exhaustion of his body's foundation essence too great. The blood energy around his entire body burned. 

The dozen or so creatures were all let off. He didn't kill any of them. 

However, soon after, Shi Hao frowned, revealing cold intent. On the eighteenth battle, when he raised his hand, a golden willow leaf flying out, it pierced through the space between his opponent's brows, the corpse falling on the ground.

"Killed! An expert died!" Everyone cried out in alarm.

It was clear that the bitter fights were now starting. Everyone had to think it through before heading up. 

Meanwhile, at this time, the blood energy burning around Shi Hao's body flared out with even greater ferocity, his body quickly drying up, his entire being looking a bit like flesh wrapped around bones. 

"He truly might not be able to go on!" 

This was the conclusion everyone came to. Many people were excited. 

Since this was the case, no one dared to rashly ascend onto the stage, scared that they would be killed.

"Not good, someone has to go up and exhaust his blood energy, worsen his injuries, definitely cannot allow him to continuously win a hundred fights. There is a chance that he might be kicked off, or even killed!" Someone said viciously.

However, who was willing to take the risk? They likely had to use their lives to fill in that quota. 

"Let's draw lots. The one who gets picked will go up!"

There were quite a few creatures who bore hostility against Shi Hao. They gathered together, actually acting viciously like this to deal with him. There were some who indeed didn't fear death. 

Of course, many people had their own self-defense methods, so they believed that they could escape at the crucial moment. 

Just like that, creatures got on one after another. Shi Hao's body became more and more dried up, and when he took action, it was no longer as vicious. When he won the fifty fourth fight, he only killed half the enemies, the other half jumping off the stage.

"Everyone, our opportunity has come!"

They had to stop Huang while his body was injured, making him stop. Otherwise, no one could compete with him over the natural luck. 

Seventieth fight, eightieth…

Even though Shi Hao was on the verge of collapse, he still successively won up to eighty-five, shaking all of Immortal Ancient, making everyone shiver in fear.

"Everyone, we invited an expert. He doesn't fear Huang's speed, and at the very least will be able to jump off. I ask that everyone give him their most powerful secret treasures to use."

Shi Hao sat there, feeling his own body's weakness. His blood energy was still burning, body becoming more and more dried up.

Eighty-sixth fight, he saw a familiar individual -- Child of Lightning. 

Back then when they were in Origin Sky Secret Realm, Shi Hao had killed him once. However, in that small world, a few exceptional talents had life symbols, able to revive once. 

"Huang, we meet again. However, you current state doesn't seem that good." Child of Lightning said, his face cold. 

"Indeed, we meet again. Do you still have a beast tooth life symbol?" Shi Hao asked. 

"This time, you should worry about yourself!" Child of Lightning said. He didn't use any trickery. As soon as he went up, his crown shone, forming a mysterious symbol, sending heaven overflowing lightning radiance over towards Shi Hao. 

"Were you not aware that I just crossed a lightning tribulation? What I fear the least is lightning!" Shi Hao said coldly.

Child of Lightning didn't say anything. When he raised his hand, more than ten secret treasures shot out, exploding here, their power enough to threaten him.


Immediately afterwards, he moved, unable to sit in place any longer, using powerful methods to protect himself.

Everyone was moved. This was the first time they saw Huang evade.

"Huang, you can go to hell!" Child of Lightning roared, activating another dozen or so secret treasures. They were detonated once against, surrounding Huang. 

After several times of this, everyone was left stunned. Child of Lightning destroyed several dozen secret treasures, all of them priceless. 

What was shocking was that Shi Hao was unharmed, none of the exploded precious artifacts able to harm him. 

Child of Lightning trembled inwardly. He was a powerful exceptional talent, but today, he felt so discouraged, feeling an even greater sense of defeat than when he was in Origin Sky Secret Realm. 

He turned around to leave, quickly escaping. He knew that he was far from being Huang's opponent. 

"Why don't we just settle things here!" Shi Hao said. 

His arm shone, and then a golden willow branch shot out like divine chains, catching up to Child of Lightning who sped up with lightning, fast to the extreme. 


Child of Lightning cried out loudly, struggling fiercely.


Golden chains pierced through his body, crushing his primordial spirit and taking his life.

Everyone was shocked. Did Child of Lightning really die that easily? Huang really couldn't be fought against with force. 

Ninety-one, ninety-two…

Shi Hao continuously won. No one could match him in strength!

Everyone became stupefied. His body already displayed great problems, yet was no one able to stop his footsteps to victory?

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