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Chapter 966 - Beginning of a Storm

This wave of tribulations stirred up great waves. All sides were paying close attention, affecting the hearts of all of Immortal Ancient's natives. 

However, there was nothing they could do. The most powerful lightning tribulation wasn't something just anyone could cross. Currently, there was no one who broke Shi Hao's legend, not even able to cross ordinary lightning tribulation, almost all of them dying. 

"Little friend, this is a divine pill that uses Soul Guiding Lotus as the main medicine, as well as several dozen other holy medicines as side ingredients, something that was carefully refined," the Centaur Race's old heavenly deity spoke, his face smiling apologetically as he handed a jade container over.

There was a precious pill inside that was swirling with light, the radiance making the little white jade case shine brilliantly. When it was opened, medicinal fragrance wafted outwards, a rain of light scattering down. 

The Soul Guiding Lotus was a divine medicine, extremely rare, difficult to find. The precious pill refined from it was naturally extremely priceless. 

Shi Hao didn't accept it, instead asking, "I heard your sect's Ma Yue previously ridiculed and looked down on me, expressing deep hostility against me. I wonder if the one who intercepted and tried to kill me was him?" 

The Centaur Race's old heavenly deity was embarrassed. The reason he brought over the divine pill this time was for the sake of easing the tension, trying to fix the relationship between both parties. However, Ma Yue's actions clearly crossed the line. 

The assault from the past had not been cleared up yet, yet in the end, he walked together with those who opposed Shi Hao again, his words sharp as he looked down on Shi Hao. 

"Little friend, Ma Yue is a genius, his age less than a hundred, yet already became a heavenly deity, but this is also the reason why his nature is arrogant and wild. If there is any place where he acted inappropriately, I ask for forgiveness." The old heavenly deity said. 

"This type of arrogance I cannot accept, there is danger to my life at every corner. To be honest, I want to show him some of this 'arrogance' myself!" Shi Hao coldly replied. 

The first time Ma Yue took action was because he desired the immortal dao seed Shi Hao carried, willing to kill someone even the clan offered to shelter, so one could see just how unrestrained he was. 

If this was it, then that was one thing, but this time, just because Shi Hao had previously asked about who it was that took action against him, he already couldn't endure it, not showing any signs of apology, instead, after learning that someone was facing tribulation, directly displaying powerful hostility against Shi Hao, clearly mocking him. 

For this type of wolf natured individual, Shi Hao wouldn't give him Lightning Tribulation Liquid no matter what was said, to the extent where his opinion of the entire clan changed, fearing that after they obtained the precious liquid, it would land in Ma Yue's hands. 

"Little friend, this old one brought over a good item for you." The Ancient Fiend Race's old heavenly deity arrived, handing over a bronze spear rumored to be an immortal remnant. 

They acted similarly to the Centaur Race, also having one of their heavenly deities oppose Shi Hao. Mo Luo's actions were nearly identical to Ma Yue's, causing the race to now act extremely passively. 

"I thank seniors, I will keep these items," Shi Hao said. If he directly refused, he might incur the fear of the two races, so if that was the case, he would rather joyously receive them. 

He didn't say anything else. If there really was Lightning Tribulation Liquid, there was no way he would give it to Ma Yue, and even more so not help Mo Luo dissolve his curse!

The two old heavenly deities returned disappointed, because they didn't obtain any promises, but it was still better than being refused.

They each returned to their clans, immediately holding a conference to discuss the 'curse crisis'. Ma Yue and Mo Luo were, without a doubt, going to receive the clans' old heavenly deities' interrogation.

Only, they were all heavenly deities, and these two were up-and-coming talented youngsters, so there was no way they would be suppressed, to the extent where they weren't even reprimanded. 

Moreover, both of them carried cold intent. Back then, they secretly intercepted and tried to kill Huang for the immortal seed, so it was already hard to turn around. The situation now made them even less willing to apologize to Shi Hao. 

"What's the big deal? We'll just wait until he crosses heavenly tribulation again before we discuss this again. How many people could cross it since ancient times? He'll likely just be directly hacked to death and turn into dirty soil!" Ma Yuan said. 

"Evil thing, what are you saying? Right now, everyone is hoping that he succeeds, could it be that you are still hoping for him to die?" The clan's old heavenly deity berated. 

This was the same for the Ancient Fiend Race, encountering a similar problem. Mo Luo didn't repent at all, instead sneering continuously, hostility strong. 

"If he successfully crosses tribulation, being tactful is that. Otherwise, I'll go and seize it myself. There is no way I'll allow the curse to act out. I have to dissolve it!"

"You… even wish to seize it?!" The clan's old heavenly deity was alarmed and angry. 

"I am also thinking about the clan you know? After I neutralize my curse, the Lightning Tribulation Liquid that is seized will naturally be gifted to the clansmen!" Mo Luo said coldly.

In the outside world, the various clans were all discussing among themselves. There were people facing tribulation left and right, producing great waves. 

In addition, during these past few days, even the natives had quite a few geniuses face tribulation, wishing to succeed and take a gamble. It was because Huang succeeded, this reality motivating many people. 

Many young outstanding talents wanted to copy him, also wishing to leave their names down in the annals of history.

However, the results were quite cruel. People continuously fell during these days, all of them turning into ashes, no one able to make it through. This was the terrifying reality!

"Huang is indeed formidable. After all this time passed, the most powerful heroes from various clans continuously fell, unable to resist the terrifying lightning at all."

The more this was the case, the more extraordinary Huang looked, truly standing out from the masses. 

Of course, Gu Jianyun was also acknowledged by everyone. Even though what he faced wasn't the most powerful lightning tribulation, he still made it through, the only other person that survived aside from Shi Hao. 

Many experts tried to rope him in, believing his potential to be astonishing. In the future, he might still very well obtain the qualifications to charge at the most powerful heavenly tribulation!

"Chang Gongyan, this cannot be tolerated. Back then, the one that provoked you now succeeded in crossing the tribulation, so don't you want to get one over him?" The little fatty Cao Yusheng urged.

Chang Gongyan remained calm, not saying anything.

Shi Hao inwardly nodded. This Four Crown King was indeed extraordinary, his mental control extremely well, not being disturbed by others, will resolute. His accomplishments in the future would be difficult to estimate. 

"I want to give facing tribulation a try as well." Cao Yusheng said. It was because he successfully cultivated a strand of immortal energy, just that he never publicly announced it. 


A terrifying energy erupted, shaking all of Immortal Ancient's small worlds. At this moment, everyone sensed it, a powerful wave of fluctuations spreading. 

Cloud Realm, the peace was disturbed.

An ancient palace appeared in the void, around it streak after streak of black cracks that continued to extend outwards, making this realm look like it was going to cave in, as if a prehistoric colossus was appearing. 

It was grand, tall, its aura majestic. It was situated in the void, slowly taking form.

The golden tiles, ancient relief sculptures, surging auspicious colors and rising mists made it look ancient, as if it experienced the vicissitudes of time, as if it crossed time from a different great era into this one. 

In front of the palace, the stone steps released a great dao vitality, and there were enormous pillars that towered here, stretching into the sky as if they propped up the heavens. 

The Golden Dao Palace -- Guidance Ancient Palace, reappeared!

Back then, when Shi Hao cultivated two strands of immortal energy, he had previously seen it. At that time, Ten Crown King, vicious nest's 'banished immortal', Ning Chuan, and others had hurried over, wishing to seize natural luck.

In the end, only a mysterious primordial spirit that seemed to have struggled free from the black prison, rushed into the ancient palace. 

"Heavens, this palace truly took form! It's not a void image, but is completely entering this world."

News swept outwards like a tide, engulfing all directions!

Everyone knew what this signified. That elevated stage was going to appear!

All competed for supremacy, geniuses confronting each other for the peak. Who was number one? Who could step foot in the final place of natural luck, who was the supreme being, all of this was going to be revealed on that ancient arena!

Since the ancient times, that arena always appeared together with the Guidance Ancient Palace!

Sure enough, after the Golden Dao Palace appeared, a massive ancient construct emerged, created from mysterious stone. It was an ancient arena. 

It was extremely large, like a floating island, standing adjacent to the Golden Dao Palace. 

The arena was without luster, nor was there any immortal dao energy, looking dim and plain, on its surface dark red blood traces and broken weapons, mottled with imprints. 

However, a sky reaching wave of murderous intent was felt by everyone as soon as it appeared. Normally, all those who came here would cry out in alarm, falling weakly onto the ground. 

This was too frightening. It looked ordinary, but it seemed like it could devour souls, a single look leaving people terrified, their bodies shivering uncontrollably. 

This was precisely Immortal Ancient's most powerful battlefield, the arena for the most exceptional geniuses!

Since ancient times until now, it was unknown just how many died on its surface, all of them the most powerful individuals of different clans, the greatest heavenly talents. Otherwise, they wouldn't even have the qualifications to set foot inside that arena. 

If one were to ask where the most ancient freaks died, then it would without a doubt be this arena. 

No one would forget the great battles of the past, and even Immortal Ancient's natives would sigh when recalling those scenes. 

Everyone still remembered Ning Chuan's first appearance, his divine looks, eyes looking down on the crowd, bloody battles continuing for several months, killing everyone, ultimately standing alone on that battlefield .

There were others who recalled Ten Crown King overlooking everything under the sky, experiencing the most bitter battle, encountering an Eight Crown King, the two carrying out a world shocking great confrontation, making everyone's blood boil and crying out loudly as he killed his opponent. 

There were even others who remembered when Four Crown King Chang Gongyan sealed the world with an arrow, freezing the arena, the scene of enemies in all directions exploding at the same time!

Heroes emerged in large numbers since the past, powerful individuals rising from every generation. The decisive battles each time would light up Immortal Ancient, making everyone's blood boil. 

This era was different from the others. All of history's kings were concentrated together, all of them about to appear, meeting at the final era. 

Whether or not they could still display their previous style, their past powerful might, this already made many people's blood surge, their fists clenched tightly, looking forward to when those kings appeared one after another to fight for the top. 

"Already entered Immortal Ancient for several years, but there are some kings that have not displayed any activity. They previously left behind the most brilliant fiery light, so I hope they can appear one after another!"

"I believe that they will come out and display their confidence of being unmatched!"

The geniuses of the three thousand provinces were all waiting, and even Immortal Ancient's natives were paying close attention, their emotions also rising and falling. This was going to be a grand occasion.

"The arena is extremely clear, seemingly completely appearing. I reckon that the great decisive battle will be carried out in a few days!"

Everyone sighed. The end of this era arrived just too fast, everyone only entering for a few years, yet Immortal Ancient's final battlefield already appeared.


Enormous lightning radiance appeared, startling creatures from all directions.

"Crossing tribulation, someone is undergoing tribulation again! This aura is just too powerfuL!" There were some who were shocked in Nest Realm, all of them raising their heads in the vicious nest's direction.

Without a doubt, it was the 'exiled immortal' who was facing tribulation, the lightning he incurred unimaginable, far exceeding the tribulation clouds Gu Jianyun faced. It surrounded all of the sky above. 

One could vaguely see bloody moons move above the vicious nest. The enormous red sun shone, the irregular scene shocking. 

Everyone was shaken, but no one dared to draw close. That place was a restricted area with powerful ancient formations. Even heavenly deities had fallen there.


Lightning radiance shocked the heavens. Within Immortal Ancient, lightning released in hundreds of thousands of streaks, linking together and forming a sea. 

That was a cursed place no one normally approached. The natives usually remained at a distance, but today, someone was crossing tribulation inside.

Everyone saw a white clad male with a heaven diagram on his back within the sea of lightning, otherworldly and divine. 

"Six Crown King -- Ning Chuan!" Someone trembled, shouting this name. 


Lightning shocked the world. Above a black sea, there was someone facing tribulation as well. All of the water was submerged in lightning radiance, utterly terrifying!

"That is the Sea of Death, a place no one dares enter, yet now, heavenly judgment is descending, that person is… Ten Crown King!" Someone spoke with a trembling voice.

That day, too many things happened. A great storm erupted within Immortal Ancient!

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