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Chapter 965 - Heavenly Tribulation Reappearance

"I hope everyone can protect my secret, temporarily not leak it out." Shi Hao clearly stated. 

There were three strands of immortal energy surrounding his body, able to shroud this place in mystery. Those of the outside world couldn't pry about his circumstances through the Immortal Dao Flower Petals, so only those present could leak out this information. This was to be treated with the utmost secrecy.

Those present nodded, these races all relying on Huang for their future.


A great fluctuation was released like a mountain flood. The elder in the great formation opened his eyes, his eyes a bit clearer than before as he said, "Still a bit off!"

He was an existence that existed above the level of heavenly deity, his power extremely great, so the power of the curse was profound. A cup of golden liquid was definitely not enough to neutralize all of the curse power.

After all, even a heavenly deity needed two cups of lightning tribulation liquid!

"Little friend, our great gratitude cannot be expressed with words. I will wait for your good news, hope that you can successfully face tribulation!" The Eight Armed Soul Race's number one expert said. 

He didn't leave, continuing to remained sealed. Even though his consciousness was no longer muddled, it was hard to say when things would relapse, so they had to be careful. Only when the curse was truly neutralized would it be safe. 

Shi Hao already stayed in the guardian spirit ancestral land for many days. He wanted to leave for quite some time, but the great sects nearby all insisted on him staying here, asking him to enter seclusion here. 

He had previously visited the Centaur Race, Ancient Fiend Race, moreover vaguely sensing the auras of the two heavenly deities who had tried to intercept and kill him. However, those two races never said anything.

He quickly left, not willing to get too involved to avoid anything unexpected happening.

"He feels a grudge against my clan. This is definitely not something good. In the future, if he truly succeeds in crossing the tribulation again, will we even have some Lightning Tribulation Liquid given to us?" Someone said softly. 

"Heng, you think heavenly tribulation is that easy to cross? Especially later on, it will definitely be even more frightening. This person might not even exist the next time." There were heavenly deities who were discontent.

It was clear that the heavenly deities that had previously made a move against Shi Hao didn't wish to stay low, let alone ask Shi Hao for forgiveness, secretly observing the situation with cold intent.


Several days later, a world shaking enormous sound erupted, lightning radiance shooting out in tens of thousands of streaks.

Someone was facing tribulation, and the power was incredibly great!

This information was shocking without a doubt, creating a sensation. 

After Shi Hao successfully crossed tribulation, there was someone else who stepped on this path, guiding down heavenly tribulation to refine the self.

A heavenly sword tore apart the void. A figure stood alone below the heavens, triggering the terrifying tribulation. Endless lightning poured down, blasting the great earth until it caved in. 

One person, one sword, faced the lightning tribulation. 

This shocked Immortal Ancient, especially the natives who all rushed over. Even the Eight Armed Soul Race, Beauty Race, Holy Spirit Race and others were no exception. Even though they obtained Shi Hao's promise, they still wished to immediately hurry over. 

The effects of this were too great for the natives, the meaning great.

"Someone is facing tribulation again! I truly wish he can succeed. That Huang thinks he's all that, believing that we all can't leave him!" Ma Yue said. 

"Good, I hope this person can succeed. I will personally take a look." Mo Luo nodded.

The two who spoke were the heavenly deities of the Centaur and Ancient Fiend Race, as well as the ones who took action against Shi Hao. 

The heaven and earth great disaster left all sides shaken. 

Soon after, news came out that the one who was facing tribulation was Gu Jianyun, an ancient freak!

This was the one who came from Sword Valley, the one who challenged Chang Gongyan in Sin Province before entering Immortal Ancient. His power was extremely great, ranked among the best of the ancient freaks. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he frowned. Sword Valley, Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Fire Cloud Cavern, and others were all powers that treated sinner's blood descendants with malevolence. They worked together to suppress Sin Province. 

"Sword Valley's disciple, I truly wish to take a look!" He said to himself.


The heavens fell and earth cracked. Ghosts cried and deities howled. Gu Jianyun faced the tribulation, his might flourishing with greater and greater ferocity, attracting a few heavenly deities. 

"Succeeded, another person succeeded in crossing tribulation, establishing a great glory!" Someone shouted loudly. News was transmitted to guardian spirit ancestral land.

All sides were greatly shaken!

That day, Gu Jianyun succeeded in crossing the tribulation, similarly leaving Immortal Ancient's great earth shaken, triggering great waves.

In that instant, many people rushed over, surrounding that place.

It was because someone saw an immortal pond in the lightning tribulation clouds that contained Lightning Tribulation Liquid. Gu Jianyun sat beside it as he treated his injuries. 

This made people go crazy. Another exceptional figure appeared.

"Haha…" Many people laughed loudly, and the heavenly deities that previously bore hostility against Shi Hao became even more carefree, the shadow over their hearts completely swept away.

What did they still have to worry about? Another exceptional genius appeared who similarly crossed lightning tribulation, grasping the mysterious precious liquid. There was no need to beg Huang. 

"Huang, who does he think he is? The best since the ancient times? Another person succeeded to take your place!"

"Haha… there is hope in eliminating the curse, we might not necessarily have to ask Huang for assistance. So what if we kill him?!" 

There were heavenly deities standing in the distance who spoke like this, their blood energy terrifying. 

Only the remains of the lightning radiance were left of the heavenly tribulation, already considered ended. However, Gu Jianyun was still treating his injuries, guarding the lightning pool.

A few heavenly deities immediately isolated this place, protecting him at the center, waiting for him to walk out from the lightning clouds to invite him back to their clans. 

What happened was shocking. Centaur Race and Ancient Fiend Race each had a heavenly deity here, precisely Ma Yue and Mo Luo, the two of them laughing loudly here, leaving many people stunned. 

"Yi, didn't those two races go to ask Huang for help? Why are they working together with the heavenly deities who they previously clashed and conflicted with?"

"Shush, lower your voice, Ma Yue and Mo Luo, these two heavenly deities had previously taken action against Huang, leaving him in an extremely passive state before. Now, they are completely relaxed."

In the end, Gu Jianyun walked out from the lightning cloud, completely succeeding, carrying powerful aura, advancing into the true deity domain, becoming one of the most powerful heaven warping geniuses!

In the outside world, even though a major event happened, after everyone learned of Gu Jianyun's success, a great uproar was still raised throughout the three thousand provinces, making many people tremble.

"This Gu Jianyun is quite something, actually this formidable, guiding lightning tribulation and making it through, surpassing the past!"

All sides were shaken, the three thousand provinces unable to remain calm!

"Sinner's blood descendant, do you think you can lead everyone alone? Our people can do it too! Once Immortal Ancient remains open, it will be time for your downfall!" An ancient sect's heavenly deity said coldly.

Fire Cloud Cavern, Phantom Drake Dao Gate and the others hated Shi Hao bitterly, truly wishing to have him killed. Unfortunately, they couldn't enter Immortal Ancient. 

"Little friend, are you willing to go to my clan?!" 

Within Immortal Ancient Remains, a few heavenly deities were incredibly enthusiastic, transmitting sound to Gu Jianyun, stopping all other clans' cultivators. All of them were wishing to bring him away.

"Little dao friend, could you bring out Lightning Tribulation Liquid?" There were heavenly deities who were even more direct. 

"My Centaur Clan and Ancient Fiend Clan are willing to escort you, help you seize Immortal Ancient's greatest natural luck." There were two great heavenly deities that walked up, leaving everyone stupefied. It was precisely Ma Yue and Mo Luo. 

If Shi Hao was here, he would naturally understand everything that was going on.

Soon after, others' eyes became fiery, wishing to exchange for Lightning Tribulation Liquid for sacred objects with Gu Jianyun. 

"I'll just gift it to seniors here!" Gu Jianyun said calmly, not taking anything in return, directly gifting out a few jade containers. 

This triggered a huge uproar!

It was unknown just how many pairs of eyes stared there. Even the Eight Armed Soul Race's heavenly deities and others almost rushed over, but they were a step late.

"It is still little friend who is straightforward and upright, not thinking of reciprocation, offering such precious liquid out. Do not worry, we will not treat you unfairly!" There were heavenly deities who laughed loudly, greatly stirred up. 

The heavenly deities here all offered praise.

"This is the difference between them. They both successfully crossed tribulation, but one hoards the rare commodity, white little friend is so straightforward, admirable," Ma Yuan said. 

This was already devaluating Shi Hao. Ma Yue held a jade container in his hands, Lightning Tribulation Liquid sealed within, so he naturally didn't feel any fear, nothing to be scared of. 

This was the case for Mo Luo as well, overjoyed at this great turn of events. He knew that the curse should be neutralized now. "Two people really are different. Little friend is of noble character and unquestionable integrity, in the future will definitely have great accomplishments. I believe someone will feel nervous now, after all, he's not the only one anymore, haha!" 

The other heavenly deities generously offered their praise as well, all of them wishing to rope Gu Jianyun into their own clans. 

It had to be said that Gu Jianyun was blessed with talents, extraordinarily powerful, crossing the heavenly tribulation. 

Right now, his smile was calm. The effects of successfully crossing tribulation this time really were enormous, he could now borrow the natives' power to do many things. His own strength also shot up greatly. 

He laughed. Everything was going as planned. By acting so modestly, behaving in this manner, he could definitely rope in a few heavenly deities, gather a terrifying group of power!

Moreover, in this way, he would occupy an even greater advantage over Huang. His smile became more and more brilliant. 

"I am going to immediately neutralize the curse power!" A heavenly deity said.

In reality, there were some who couldn't wait at all, already drinking the Lightning Tribulation Liquid, sitting in the void and closing their eyes to dissolve the curse. 

As time went on, the one who drank the Lightning Tribulation Liquid first opened his eyes, revealing a look of puzzlement, saying, "What… it seems to be useless?"

"Something's not right, my curse is still here, not weakened!" Another heavenly deity opened his eyes, his expression confused.

Gu Jianyun's smile immediately went rigid, frowning.

Then, all of the heavenly deities stood up, all of them lowering their heads to look at the jade container in their hands. They clenched their fists one after another, their expressions complex, all of them becoming silent. 

In the distance, there were many cultivators who couldn't help but feel stunned when they saw this scene. 

"Why is it useless?" There were heavenly deities who released a low roar. It really was too disappointing. It was both Lightning Tribulation Liquid, and it also carried a golden color, so why didn't it work?

When they were certain that the curse was still present, impossible to dissolve, these heavenly deities felt like they fell from heaven down to hell, all of their joy vanishing, instead feeling extreme despair!

"What is going on?!" Someone roared. 

They reached out with their powerful divine senses and carefully sensed everything. In the end, they released a sigh.

This Lightning Tribulation Liquid carried a golden color, but there was purple light within it as well. If they didn't look at it carefully, they wouldn't have noticed it, but the more they looked, the more they could see the purple, hidden within the golden radiance. 

Someone purified it, but only a small amount of gold liquid remained, most of it actually purple liquid. The wisps of golden liquid were actually enough to dye all of the purple liquid golden. This was extremely shocking.

"This type of Lightning Tribulation Liquid is ineffective!" Those heavenly deities were shocked and angry.

Even though they were heavenly deities, they had never underwent the heavenly tribulation, and as such, everyone only saw a single person trigger heaven and earth lightning before. Everything they knew about it came from bone books. 

When Gu Jianyun crossed the tribulation, they saw the lightning pond, as well as the endless lightning sea, so everyone thought that this was also the most powerful lightning tribulation. Now it seemed like it was too far off!

Only the Lightning Tribulation Liquid produced by the most powerful heavenly tribulation was effective!

At that moment, the Centaur Race's Ma Yue's face fell ashen. When he thought of those words he spoke before, he clenched his fists tightly. 

The Ancient Fiend Race's Mo Luo was even more regretful, truly wishing to slap himself in the mouth. What was he supposed to do now?!

The words he spoke just now, if they reached Huang's ears, he could forget about ever neutralizing the curse. There was no way Lightning Tribulation Liquid would be left for them.

The other heavenly deities' expressions were also ugly. This made them realize what 'extreme joy turns to sorrow' really meant. They were happy too early. In addition, the words they spoke just now most likely offended Huang. 

News transmitted into the guardian spirit ancestral land. Shi Hao only spoke a quiet sentence. "Purple Lightning Tribulation Liquid, I already obtained a pond of it while facing it at the Supreme Expert Realm." 

When these words were sent out, it triggered a huge uproar. It was too shocking.

This was the first time everyone learned that he had previously crossed tribulation while in the Supreme Expert Realm!

Gu Jianyun's expression became ugly. The deity tribulation he crossed with such difficulty, the Lightning Tribulation Liquid he obtained was useless. Meanwhile, Huang already faced tribulation when he was in the Supreme Expert Realm, at that time already seeing purple Lightning Tribulation Liquid.

Gu Jianyun was furious, his face white.


Heavenly tribulation sounded again. There was unexpectedly another person who was facing tribulation. 

Ma Yue, Mo Luo, and other heavenly deities immediately rushed over. Unfortunately, those who tried afterwards all failed, their bodies and spirits erased.

"Not everyone can be Huang, all crossing tribulation, moreover the most powerful heavenly tribulation!" Someone said. This was immediately acknowledgement by many people. 

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