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Chapter 967 - Silver Blood Race

The vicious nest was quiet. That 'exiled immortal' didn't come out. 

The remains were quiet. Ning Chuan disappeared, no traces to be found.

The Sea of Death, fluctuations rose and fell, soul figures numerous and full of evil spirits. Ten Crown King was difficult to find. 

Lightning tribulation erupted in many places throughout Immortal Ancient, yet in the end, no one saw any of them leave those restricted areas, everything dead silent, as if those areas sank into a deathly stillness.

This left everyone shocked. Could it be that those individuals all died?

Otherwise, why was it so quiet, without any sound?

No one dared to barge inside, regardless of whether it was the vicious nest or the Sea of Death, because those were both the most terrifying restricted areas. Heavenly deity blood had been shed in both places, normal people not daring to rashly enter. 

This became a mystery. No one could find out anything during this period of time!

If those people all died, then there wasn't anyone left that could successfully cross tribulation. It could be said that those were the only ones in Immortal Ancient who had a chance at competing against Shi Hao. 

"Dead, I saw the vicious nest's exiled immortal scatter blood over the heavens, falling, struck by an enormous streak of lightning, his body even split apart!" Two days later, someone solemnly declared that he just happened to be outside the vicious nest, seeing that scene. 

"Ning Chuan also died. When the last expanse of lightning fell, it illuminated that small world, the entire dangerous remains becoming as brilliant as a blazing sun. I saw his body break apart and fall." Soon after, there was someone else who walked out from the crowd, saying that Ning Chuan died as well.

When this information got out, Immortal Ancient was greatly shaken up.

They all died? Could it be because the arena was about to appear that they felt rushed to break through, wishing to use the lightning tribulation to make themselves the most powerful they could be? Was that why it ended up in this type of terrifying result?

All of Immortal Ancient erupted into commotion, everyone discussing this topic. 

During the following days, the entire world found it difficult to calm down. 

It was clear that Shi Hao appeared more and more extraordinary. Many tribes that had previously remained silent also moved out, heading out to see him, hoping that they could obtain some Lightning Tribulation Liquid in the future. 

Right now, he was the only one who had a chance of obtaining the precious liquid. 

Guidance Ancient Palace was majestic, the golden tiles brilliant. It looked incomparably grand and imposing from the distance. 

At its side, that elevated stage looked more and more real. Several days had already passed. It towered there, releasing the most astonishing aura. 

Only, when someone tried to ascend the altar, they were blasted away. There was still some time, it hadn't completely appeared in this world yet. 

However, everyone knew that it was happening soon. It was about to appear. 

The guardian spirit ancestral land was where Shi Hao spent his time during the past few days, cultivating this entire time. Even though he didn't come out, he was still paying close attention to information regarding that arena, waiting for the day it opens!

"Reporting, Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's experts wish to pay a visit!"

That day, someone made this report in the Eight Armed Soul Race. An extremely powerful race had people who came to pay a visit, shaking up Soul Island. 

It was because they deeply understood how terrifying the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race was. That was a terrifying holy land in Immortal Ancient, known to be one of the most powerful tribes. 

This was especially the case when one considered the fact that that race and Soul Island weren't on too good of terms. A few disputes had happened between the two parties in the past. 

Soon after, Shi Hao was invited over, returning to Soul Island from the guardian spirit ancestral land. Because others wished to meet him, it was difficult even for Soul Island's cultivators to hide these news and prevent them from meeting.

It was a group of three, all of them wearing silver robes. The spiritual essence wafting out from their bodies burned like snow-white flames, extremely terrifying. 

There were two middle-aged men who were heavenly deities, one male, one female, blood energy overflowing, their bodies shining like a silver-colored great sun. 

There was also a youth, his smile warm, glowing with health and vigor, temperament extremely outstanding and unordinary. 

It was clear that those two heavenly deities came to protect him, so one could see that this youth's identity was unordinary. Meanwhile, he himself was quite formidable as well, long reaching the consummate level of the True Deity Realm. 

"Truly a youth among heroes. Brother Shi is so young, yet already established such unmatched glory, successfully crossing tribulation, enough to be recorded in the annals of history!"

This youth laughed loudly and introduced himself as Yin Kun. 

On the side, the Eight Armed Soul Race's old heavenly deity secretly spoke, reminding Shi Hao that this was a brilliant new talent in the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race, his strength exceptional among his peers. In addition, he had an unordinary identity, should belong to the clan's direct line of descent, deep to the point where he was doted on by the clan elder. In the future, he might be one of their main leaders.

Shi Hao nodded and said with a smile. "I wonder what brother has come here for?"

Yin Kun smiled and said, "I came here after hearing about your great reputation, feeling incomparable admiration towards the heroic individual who successfully crossed tribulation, so I specially came to seek a meeting."

The Eight Armed Soul Race frowned, sensing something wasn't right. This clan was extremely forceful, and the most terrifying was the old ancestor from their race. Even though he had also been trapped by the curse, he could still maintain his consciousness. 

This was also why this race was incomparably powerful, treated by a few tribes as a holy land. 

If it was in the past, the Eight Armed Soul Race would also feel apprehensive. If any party had an ancient existence that exceeded heavenly deity level, then that was world shaking power that could not be matched.

However now, the Eight Armed Soul Race felt a bit of confidence, because the Lightning Tribulation Liquid allowed that million year old ancient ancestor to revive, recovering his mind.

Shi Hao smiled warmly. Since the other party acted politely, he naturally wouldn't ignore this, sitting down to drink and chat with him. 

They chatted for a long time, ranging from cultivation to secret treasures, and then to the rumors and other things within Immortal Ancient. Yin Kun was quite entertaining in conversation, the two of them rather friendly as they talked.

Shi Hao understood what was happening. The Silver  Blood Devil Tree was trying to make him go to their side, to enter their clan instead. However, he didn't declare his position, pretending that he wasn't aware, not wishing to head there.

The Eight Armed Soul Race's heavenly deity began to sweat. He naturally saw through this. The other person was trying to 'steal' from them, wishing to invite Shi Hao away. How could they allow such a thing?

"The tribes that had remained loyal to guardian spirit ancient ancestor this entire time, it will never lack our race. Even though endless years have passed, we have still protected this place, not betraying the guardian spirit. However, the Silver Blood Devil Tree side is different, leaving a long time ago, no longer worshipping the guardian spirit." The Eight Armed Soul Race's old heavenly deity secretly transmitted to Shi Hao.

Shi Hao nodded, expressing that he understood.

Right at this moment, Yin Kun finally directly offered an invitation, asking Shi Hao to follow him back to his clan. 

Shi Hao shook his head, tactfully refusing.

It wasn't because of the Eight Armed Soul Race old heavenly deity's reminder, but because he could sense that Yin Kun, even though he was smiling, was actually extremely arrogant beneath the surface. The reason he came, acting so low-key, was because he had a request to make. One didn't even have to think about it to know that it was for the Lightning Tribulation Liquid.

"Dao brother, are you truly not going to reconsider? Coming to my clan will be much better than here." Yin Kun seemed to have become a bit impatient, because they chatted for such a long time, yet the other party pretended to not know what was going on, in the end even rejecting him. 

"This place is extremely peaceful. I feel quite good cultivating here, so there's no need to switch places." Shi Hao said. 

At this time, the male heavenly deity who came together with Yin Kun spoke up. "Little friend, you know my Silver Blood Devil Tree Race has an unmatched expert overseeing it. As long as you head there, no one can disturb you."

"Are you saying that someone will come to disturb me if I remain here?" Shi Hao asked. 

"I fear that the Eight Armed Soul Race might not necessarily be able to provide complete protection." The other female heavenly deity said.

"Then that is to say, if I head to your tribe, I will be in good health?" Shi Hao said. 

"Correct. As long as you stay in my clan, no one can touch you." Yin Kun spoke directly, losing even more patience. The arrogance in his bones slightly surfaced. 

"I apologize, I do not wish to go." Shi Hao refused quite directly. He could feel that this race was a bit forceful. If he went, he would likely be under house arrest, forced to only give them Lightning Tribulation Liquid. 

"Dao friend, you must make your choice carefully. If you come to my clan and focus on crossing the tribulation and hand over the Lightning Tribulation Liquid, we will definitely offer you the greatest care." Yin Kun didn't smile, now speaking with a bit of coldness.

"I already said that I do not wish to go." Shi Hao shook his head. 

"I fear that you might not have a choice in this matter!" Yin Kun's voice was extremely cold, and even his eyes carried some chilliness.

"Are you threatening me?" Shi Hao began to feel some anger. This race was domineering afterall. He didn't even go there, yet they already dared to treat him like this. If he truly went, then he really would be turned into a tool.

"You can take it that way." Yin Kun calmly said. 

"Silver Blood Devil Tree Race, do not cross the line. This is my Eight Armed Soul Race's territory." The old heavenly deity's face sank, warning seriously.

Shi Hao also spoke up, "You all are acting so overbearing, I won't accompany you any longer. Please leave. I definitely won't go!"

"That is not your choice to make!" Yin Kun said coldly, his arms crossed behind him. "You shouldn't hesitate until things end up even worse for you!"

"Get lost!" Shi Hao only had these words. He was now truly angry. Was this still an invitation? Actually this forceful, daring to speak out like this.

"Telling me to get lost, someone like you still is far too unqualified. I think it is better if you just let your hands be tied and follow us back!" Yin Kun said with an ice-cold voice. His previous warm smile had long disappeared, his expression right now cold, incredibly arrogant. He overlooked Shi Hao, displaying force. 

The Eight Armed Soul Race's old heavenly deity had long stood up, now facing the two heavenly deities on the other side. This truly was going too far. 

Shi Hao was angered. The other party was actually so unrestrained, daring to force him like this, it truly was bullying others intolerably!

"Walk, you don't have a choice." Yin Kun said arrogantly, looking down on Shi Hao.

"Do you wish to die?" Shi Hao said coldly. 

However, there were two heavenly deities on the other side, and right now, they both stepped forward, facing him, ready to act out at any time. 

The Eight Armed Soul Race's people naturally became angered a long time ago. The old heavenly deity released blood energy, stopping them. There were other experts hurrying over as well.

"My Silver Blood Devil Tree Race wishes to bring away someone, so no one can stop us. He is ours." Yin Kun spoke extremely calmly. He didn't give Shi Hao another look, now demanding the Eight Armed Soul Race to hand him over. 

"Too far!" Finally, other heavenly deities from the Eight Armed Soul Race arrived, staring with the old heavenly deity, preparing to take action.

"Forcing us like this, you all will have to take responsibility for the consequences!" Yin Kun was still extremely domineering, actually speaking like this. 

Then, he even more so turned around to look at Shi Hao, saying, "Are you leaving or not? Could it be that you are waiting for us to take action, drag you out?"

"Can I kill him?" Shi Hao looked towards the Eight Armed Soul Race's people.

"You want to take action against me? Haha, the Eight Armed Soul Race can't hold back either. Are you not fearful of the danger of your race being massacred?" Yin Kun said coldly. "Forget it, my race is merciful, only bringing Huang away. You all should back off and not bring trouble onto yourselves." 

The Eight Armed Soul Race's people were all angered, walking forward to surround the other party. Not even the heavenly deities were spared. 

A great battle was on the verge of erupting. Yin Kun was indifferent, shattering a jade shield. In that instant, the void shattered, and a powerful figure appeared. That was a silver-haired elder that descended!

His clan's ancient ancestor arrived!

As soon as he appeared, the void shattered, Soul Island caving in. A terrifying aura pervaded the air, making a group of people immediately fall weak onto the ground. 

"Your hesitation will make things even worse for you!" Yin Kun said coldly. 

No wonder he was so confident in his backing, they actually invited the ancient ancestor over, having him revive, not hesitating to carry out a great battle against an entire race!

In reality, when a powerful expert on this level appeared, a single person was enough to flatten an area, suppress a race without any suspense. 

"Little friend, please come to my clan as a guest." The elder who came spoke. This was a spiritual body, but it was similarly powerful beyond compare. 

The price for his true body moving out was too great. Just this awakening this time was done so at the cost of many heavenly treasures. That was why under normal circumstances, he wouldn't leave the tribe, most of his time spent asleep. 

"Dao brother, you are too overbearing." Right at this time, a voice sounded from the back of the island. In that instant, an elder with dishevelled hair appeared, stopping here. 

"You… recovered your consciousness?" The Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's ancient ancestor was shocked.

"Let's have a chat over there." The Eight Armed Soul Race's number one expert said. 

Their auras were too powerful, making ninety percent of the people here kneel down, their bodies trembling. The void distorted and collapsed, only returning to normal after those two left. 


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao attacked, sending Yin Kun flying with a kick.

"You…" Yin Kun was ashamed and angry.

The Eight Armed Soul Race's heavenly deities took action as well, stopping the two great heavenly deities on the other side. 


Immediately afterwards, Yin Kun coughed out blood, his face trampled on by Shi Hao's foot, his teeth all broken.

Then, peng peng sounds continuously rang out. Shi Hao didn't take action, only stepping down again and again. Miserable cries rang through this place.

The atmosphere that day was quite strange. Many powerful races felt that things were strange, yet they didn't know what happened. They vaguely felt as if two exceptionally powerful individuals were clashing. 

Only later on did everyone see Silver Blood Devil Tree's people thrown out from Soul Island. Even though the two heavenly deities and the race's inheritor Yin Kun weren't killed, their bones broke and tendons snapped, faces distorted. 

"Things are a bit complicated now." Shi Hao rubbed his temples. Before appearing in the elevated stage, Immortal Ancient's great powers couldn't really sit still any longer. A great storm was brewing, unknown what might happen.


Several days later, a great sound rang out. The immortal dao arena appeared.

At the same time, an explosion sounded that shocked the various small words, because an enormous crack stretched across all of the small worlds, making everyone tremble. 

"En? What happened?" In the outside world, there were people surprised in the three thousand provinces as well, because many people saw a faint void crack appear in the uninhabited region, the scene terrifying.

It was extremely faint, but too large, stretching for who knew how many tens of thousands of li!

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