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Chapter 964 - Soul Island

Soul Island. It was suspended in the air, blue-green multicolored light shining and auspicious energy swirling about. It looked auspicious and holy. 

This was the Eight Armed Soul Race's precious land, the place outside the guardian spirit ancestral land. Many people came today, so it was extremely bustling with activity. 

"Many thanks for senior's hospitality. As long as I don't die and can continue living, I will definitely face tribulation again, bring back pool after pool of Lightning Tribulation Liquid for everyone!" Shi Hao said rather brazenly, making this promise while slapping his chest as a pledge. 

"Little friend truly is a giant among men, about to rush into the sky soon. We will offer our thanks in advance, wait for that day to arrive!" Grievance Race's heavenly deity spoke.

After leaving guardian spirit ancestral land, they arrived in Soul Race's restricted land, exchanging cups and drinks here. This could also be considered a welcoming reception for Shi Hao's success, congratulating him for crossing the tribulation. 

It was clear that Shi Hao was the main character of the banquet, his table full of heavenly deities, all of them treating him with great respect, touching cups with him. 

A few people sighed inwardly. Huang truly couldn't die, nothing bad could happen to him. It was because he had already become their last straw of hope.

However, there were some who cursed silently, feeling that this brat was too wicked and cunning, definitely realizing beforehand that the Lightning Tribulation Liquid could neutralize the curse power, yet didn't treasure it, gulping it down like a whale in the lightning clouds. Later on, he even gifted it out unbridledly, having Chang Gongyan, rabbit, and even a stone drink it. This was just too disgraceful!

This not only was a waste and squandering, it was even more so a sin. When the extremist natives thought back to this, their eyes all became a bit red. It was too much of a waste. They really wanted to roar towards the sky. 

They knew that Huang did it for the sake of self-protection, doing this for his own benefits, making the heavenly deities do everything they could to protect him. 

It was because if he did this, everyone had to protect him, moreover having to hope that he crossed tribulation again!

Soul Island was extremely large. It floated in the air, clouds rising and multicolored light hazy. There were beautiful mountain peaks on it, divine springs trickling about. Divine birds spiraled about, clouds and mists swirling around. 

Cao Yusheng, Xue Lin, Chang Gongyan, Dragon Girl, and others also came, borrowing Shi Hao's spotlight, lucky enough to enter this divine ancient island. 

"So many medicinal herbs!" The little rabbit stared at the distant medicinal garden, a miserly look appearing on her face. She was not interested in the food on the table at all, instead staring at the medicinal field. 

"Haha, if little girl needs, then I can gift you some holy medicines." The Eight Armed Soul Race's elder spoke, face full of smiles, full of benevolence.

Saying 'loving the house and its crow' was definitely wrong, but it was to give Shi Hao face. The heavenly deities here all saw that the youngsters' relationship with Shi Hao wasn't shallow, worth roping in.

"Okay, I don't need the whole stalk of medicine, just half a leaf of every single one!" The little rabbit immediately jumped up, grabbing the Eight Armed Soul Soul Race old heavenly deity's arm, immediately calling him grandpa intimately. 

"Just a small matter!" The Eight Armed Soul Race heavenly deity waved his hand, having someone bring her out to pick them. 

However, soon afterwards, a miserable cry sounded within the Soul Race's ancient medicine field. 

"What happened?" Everyone turned around. 

They only saw a stalk of divine medicine cover its head and run for its life, disappearing without a trace, running from one end of the medicine garden to the other.

Divine Medicine!

Many people's eyes went straight. The little rabbit took a bite out of it, eating a small piece of its leaf. 

All those that became divine medicines already developed intelligence, able to move about though mountains and valleys, extremely crafty.

The Eight Armed Soul Race felt their heart become sore. Normal medicines were one thing, but the divine medicine of a clan was actually discovered by this rabbit. It seemed like they couldn't allow this rabbit back into the medicinal field again no matter what.

"Cough, it's fine, just half a leaf." Even though the Eight Armed Soul Race's heavenly deity felt his heart become sore, he still spoke with a smile. 

Then, everyone continued to touch cups, discussing various secrets within Immortal Ancient, speaking about many dangerous places.

Shi Hao remembered them one after another, especially the Saint Wood and other heavenly treasures that he might use in the future. The Eight Armed Soul Race didn't hold anything back as they told him about their locations. However, they also warned again and again that those places were extremely dangerous, that he definitely couldn't take risks. If he truly needed them, they can consider helping him look around.

Not far out, Cao Yusheng, Luo Dao, and the others were full of envy. This… was simply ridiculous. There were actually heavenly deities that were offering to be his escort!

"This fraud, purposely using up all of the Lightning Tribulation Liquid, not leaving any behind, instead having so many great heavenly deities attach such importance to him." They cursed silently.

"Seniors, who was it exactly in the past among the esteemed clans that wanted to kill me?" Shi Hao looked at the Centaur Race's heavenly deity, and then at the Ancient Fiend Race. 

The two great heavenly deities immediately felt a bit embarrassed. The events of the past really were a bit unjustifiable. Shi Hao tried to seek shelter from them, yet in the end actually encountered the pursuit of heavenly deities from their races. 

If they carefully investigated this matter, they would definitely find out. Even among the most powerful clans, how many heavenly deities would they have?

The two sighed. This matter was truly hard to settle. Could it be that they had to denounce the heavenly deities of their own clan? The loss was just too great. However, if they don't give this youth an explanation, then he definitely won't be satisfied.

"Little friend, you already reached the True Self Realm. Do you need any heavenly treasures?" The Centaur Race heavenly deity asked. 

The intention of this shift in topic was too obvious, but this was also what he was implying, trying to compensate Shi Hao with holy objects and other things.

"I only wish to find out who it was that displayed hostility against me, wishing to kill me. Otherwise, I just won't feel at ease inside." Shi Hao said. 

The Ancient Fiend Race's heavenly deity frowned. This was a bit troublesome. If this youth didn't yield, the consequences would be great. They were still hoping to obtain Lightning Tribulation Liquid from him.

However, to punish their clan's heavenly deities severely, that was too difficult. They would directly reject that idea.


Suddenly, a roar sounded, shaking up this entire island, making everyone shiver inwardly, the heavenly deities no exception. Their fine hairs all stood on end.

"Who is this?" Shi Hao was shocked. 

This roar was just too terrifying. One could see large amounts of ripples emerge from the depths of the island. That was an ancient great formation that was shining, displaying protective effects. 

Otherwise, if this formation wasn't in place, the entire island would explode, shattered by this great roar!

In reality, the heavenly deities present all became a bit pale, their expressions a bit ugly.

"If that person was released into the outside world, it would definitely be a sect master level exceptional figure. However, why is it so ruthless, its roars like an ancient beast's?" The little fatty Cao Yusheng asked. 

Xue Lin asked for guidance, inquiring who that was.

Those heavenly deities all sighed. The Eight Armed Soul Race heavenly deity even more so looked at Shi Hao, saying, "Little friend, in the future, you definitely have to succeed and save my Soul Race." 

He didn't hide anything. That was the Eight Armed Soul Race's old ancestor, as well as their clan's number one expert. His strength was deep and profound, long exceeding the Heavenly Deity Realm, his age close to a million years old. 

"What?" Xue Lin and the others were shocked.

An ancient sect master level figure who had lived for a long time, its strength powerful. If someone like this was released into the outside world, he would definitely become an extremely powerful figure, to the extent where he might even be the most powerful.

The natives could still remain clear-headed if they reached the heavenly deity realm. As long as they didn't leave the ancestral land, living wasn't too big of a problem. 

However, once they exceeded the heavenly deity level, then that would be troublesome. Along with the passage of time, even if they hid in the clan, the curse would become more and more severe. 

At that cultivation realm, one naturally possessed unmatched magical force, able to suppress their bodies. However, even if they didn't die, they would become muddle-headed and display all types of terrifying problems. 

It was clear that the Eight Armed Race's number one expert experienced precisely this type of situation. He had already gone mad for several hundreds of thousands of years, normally always spending his days asleep. 

They never expected him to wake up today, going mad once again.

"Can I take a look?" Shi Hao asked. 

At the back of the island, a thick black-mist pervaded the air. This was a stone mountain region where not a single blade of grass grew. It was completely different from the peacefulness they previously witnessed. 

This scene was all because of an elder restrained by thick chains. He was restricted at the center of the great formation, his hair disheveled, skin wrapped around bones.;

However, he still tenaciously lived on, moreover possessing astonishing power that surged like great waves. 

It sensed that someone walked over, standing outside the formation. He suddenly raised his head, withered yellow hair like wild grass, a pair of eyes releasing shocking beams of light through the hanging hair.

How powerful!

Even heavenly deities felt their hearts shaken, not daring to take half a step into the formation.

"Is there a way to make him clear headed for a moment?" Shi Hao asked. 

When the others heard this, they were all stupefied. This was especially true for the Eight Armed Soul Race, all of them looking towards him. Even if they woke him up, what purpose would it serve?

"There is still a bit of golden liquid left in this cauldron." Shi Hao said. He produced that white jade little cauldron. Along with his movements, the white walls shone, releasing drop after drop of golden liquid. A wave of fragrance wafting out.

"Ah, little friend, you still have Lightning Tribulation Liquid?!" Everyone became shocked, their eyes widening, eyes burning with incomparable passion. They truly wanted to immediately throw themselves over. 

However, this was the Eight Armed Soul Race's territory, with a great formation locking this place down. No one dared to move rashly, and at the same time, they didn't wish to offend Shi Hao. 

"Little brother, you truly hid it well, actually still having precious liquid." The Eight Armed Soul Race's heavenly deity cried out with pleasant surprise, his fingers even shaking. 

"Only the final cup left." Shi Hao handed the white jade cauldron over to him, indicating for him to look inside. This was indeed the case. The total liquid stored within the cauldron was only a bit more than a cup. 

The Centaur Race, Ancient Fiend Race's heavenly deities' breathing became hurried. They already drank one cup, so if they were given another cup, they would be able to completely eliminate the curse.

Their chests rose and fell greatly, now completely understanding that in the end, this youth was unsatisfied with their races. He had previously been attacked by their clan's heavenly deities, so he hid this last bit.

"Sigh!" The two of them sighed, feeling regret and resentment towards their clansmen's actions. 

"Our clan has a Soul Suppressing Stone that can temporarily awaken him." An expert from the Eight Armed Soul Race said. 

Everyone was envious. The Soul Suppressing Stone was a strange treasure, extremely beneficial towards one's soul cultivation, to the extent where one almost didn't have to worry about going mad.

Even if one was cursed, reaching the very end of the road, it could still reawaken a muddle-headed soul for a moment. 

Shi Hao nodded. The Soul Race knew what to do. 

A strange stone was produced, affecting everyone's souls. It was only the size of a fist, as if it could suppress endless souls in the underworld. It was entirely silver-white, glistening with radiance. 

The Divine Striking Stone frantically swallowed its saliva. Unfortunately, it could forget about this stone. There was no chance for it to devour it. 

Everyone watched nervously. The elder in the great formation immediately calmed down, the light in his eyes no longer vicious, becoming a bit clearer. 

"Old ancestor, hurry and awaken. You curse might be able to be neutralized!" Eight Armed Soul Race's heavenly deity shouted. 

"Who… is calling me?" That elder that was a million years old woke up, its eyes displaying a bit of radiance, recovering its consciousness. 

"I am your distinguished self's sixty-third generation offspring!" The Eight Armed Soul Race's heavenly deity said respectfully.

Everyone was shocked. This elder's background was indeed great, his status too high. How many times greater was he than even the clan's most powerful heavenly deity? His strength was definitely terrifying. 

"Neutralize the curse?!" The number one expert of the Soul Race that was already a million years old's eyes immediately erupted with divine light. Even with the great formation between them, it still made heavenly deities feel waves of pain. 

The Eight Armed Soul Race's heavenly deity quickly explained the situation, and then directly brought over the small white jade cauldron.

The golden liquid disappeared into the elder's mouth. He closed his eyes, and soon afterwards, roiling black mist emitted from the surface of his body, moreover burning, turning into black light.

Everyone was shocked. It was effective after all. 

Shi Hao was satisfied. He finally saved a great figure who possessed enough weight. He had a feeling that Immortal Ancient would probably open up earlier, not like the past where it would continue for over a thousand years. 

In the outside world, he reckoned that there would be a group of old fellas waiting for him, preparing to kill him.

If he rescued several exceptional sect master level figures in Immortal Ancient, then he could directly slaughter his way out!

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