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Chapter 959 - Lightning Tribulation Immersion Complete

Broke through!

The third strand of immortal energy took form, spotlessly white like jade as it swirled around Shi Hao's body, extremely mysterious. 

Forget about this world, even if it was the last great era, this was the limit, something only the most powerful had. Three strands of immortal energy carried special meaning. 

In the Divine Flame Realm, this was already the absolute limit, representing the greatest accomplishment.

Dao produces one, one gives birth to two, two to three, three to all living things!

Three strands of immortal energy matching each other, resonating with the dao, in the future, they would transform because of this, their foundations definitely incomparably firm.

This was in agreement with some type of road, an embodiment of the most powerful's path!

Shi Hao understood now. Previously, he was trying to think up every way possible way, hoping to cultivate the third strand of immortal energy, but he couldn't obtain it. However now, the moment he broke into the True Self Realm, it finally emerged. 

"The highest extreme of advancement, only able to succeed at the final moment." He thought to himself.

Right now, he had already become a true deity, his flesh moving about intensely, bones releasing pi pa sounds. A wave of astonishing power spread from the depths of his flesh, replenishing his body. 

It was because he broke through, his life form's fundamental level changing, undergoing an advancement. His body's treasury opened on its own, releasing its potential.

In that instant, all of Shi Hao's previous injuries were healed, spiritual essence roiling like smoke signals, rushing into the heavens, tearing through the sea of lightning. This scene was extremely shocking.

The broken bones reformed, cracks disappearing, every bone in his body snow-white and sparkling, carrying moving luster.

As for his flesh, it became even more transparent and brilliant like jade. Great power flowed through him!

This was precisely a true deity. He now stood in this domain, devouring the the fundamental essence between heaven and earth, allowing the lightning tribulation to pour down, quickly transforming his own power.

Shi Hao was becoming stronger, and this process was continuing, never stopping. He continuously increased from the initial stage of the true deity level, his aura quickly becoming forceful and powerful.

This transformation left all those who were watching shocked. He had just broken through, yet his strength increased so drastically, leaving them all shaken. 

Soon after, lightning tribulation roiled, lightning interweaved. Shi Hao released a penetrating beam of light from his eyes. He immediately shot up to the True Self Realm[1] mid level, his divine might intimidating.

Right now, Shi Hao's clothes had already burned into ashes, his skin sparkling like jade, his long hair dyed in bloodstains. His entire being releasing a brilliant light, magical force flourishing. 

"He immediately shot up to the mid-stage True Deity Realm after breaking through?" Everyone was stupefied. This was just too ferocious and strange. 

In reality, Shi Hao had long reached the consummate of the Divine Flame Realm, only suppressing himself further for the sake of immortal energy. He definitely had a large amount accumulated, staying at that critical point for a long time.

Now, the breakthrough was like a tide, and that was why it was so domineering, sending his cultivation immediately into the mid stage, enough to look down on everything under the heavens.

This type of rise was extremely astonishing.


This was also precisely the reason why after the heavenly tribulation slightly calmed, a momentary silence surrounding this place, this area immediately erupted, the heavens falling and earth splitting. This small world was even blasted through.

There was a creature that appeared, with others that emerged from the sea of lightning. Great banners fluttered about, iron-blooded killing energy overflowing the heavens, rushing at Shi Hao.

Men shouted and horses neighed, armor was broken, blood flying everywhere, it was like a hundred undying war veterans that slaughtered over from the most terrifying battlefield, about to drown Shi Hao within. 

Their mounts were all archaic vicious beasts without exception, all of them the most terrifying creatures, let alone the experts themselves. 

In the distance, everyone was stupefied. What kind of lightning tribulation was this? Why did it produce creatures? This was just too terrifying!

They felt terrified just by watching from the sidelines, let alone actually being in it. That was simply a massacre, a place of disaster, too horrifying. 

Everyone felt that even true deities would undoubtedly die if they went inside. Let alone fighting against those experts, just any random mount alone would trample over a true deity. 

Aohou… A Pi Xiu roared, its large claws slamming out, sending sand and stone flying out, ghosts and demons howling. 

The so-called sand and stone were all like great stars, looking like enormous spherical balls of lightning. Any strand they released was enough to blast apart a true deity. It was too terrifying. 

As for the rider on its body, a single spear thrust was enough to pierce through heaven and earth, rays of light resplendent, illuminating all of eternity, exceptionally sharp!

"Too terrifying, one man one mount, enough to sweep through ten thousand men, massacre groups of deities, how could it be this forceful?"

Everyone shivered coldly, sighing softly. This type of expert was rarely seen in the world. Meanwhile, he was only at the True Self Realm. 

"Immortal Ancient Great Era is too terrifying. This is the so-called heavenly tribulation they experienced? How could it be so powerful? Who in this world can cross it?"

Everyone became alarmed. If it was them that was crossing the tribulation, a single encounter would turn them into ashes. 

One has to understand that the man and mount were just one unit in the chaotic army. There were many of them, and they were swarming over, surrounding Shi Hao. Precious techniques immediately swept outwards, divine light illuminating the heavens.


Shi Hao roared angrily. His body formed the Kun Peng, wings reaching the heavens, sweeping angrily towards all enemies, fighting a bloody struggle against them. 

Even someone as powerful as him, even though they had just began, already made his body drenched in blood, his entire body full of injuries. Those spears, halberds, polearms and others landed on his body, all of them creating a bloody mist. 

These types of enemies were too terrifying, any one of them enough to overlook others at the same level in this world. 

Shi Hao entered a life and death predicament. This group of freakishly powerful experts appeared, all of them attacking him. He was in the most dangerous life and death situation. 


Bloody light flashed. Shi Hao staggered backwards. He already turned back into a human, his body impaled with feathered arrows. They turned into lightning radiance, blasting him until his flesh was badly mangled.


He moved his wings, bringing them together. Chaotic energy pervaded the air, yin and yang energies swirling. Shi Hao swept out with the Kun Peng extreme art, displaying the golden vortices. Within each vortex was an indistinct divine fetus, frantically seizing the outer world's power.

"Kill him!"

That army unexpectedly released war cries, becoming even more ferocious.


Shi Hao shouted. He also went all out, treating the creatures in the lightning tribulation like true mortal enemies, fighting with no regard for personal safety, doing everything he could as he fought intensely. 

This was the most powerful lightning tribulation, and it wasn't more than this even in Immortal Ancient Great Era. Only the most powerful creatures who offended the heavens would have a chance of experiencing this.

Those examples were extremely few!

Shi Hao forcefully incurred it in a great era without heavenly tribulation, so it naturally stirred up the anger of the heavens. As such, the most powerful lightning tribulation in all of history descended, forming many similar level experts to surround and kill him. 


Shi Hao's hair was dishevelled, his body covered in injuries. He raised the Kun Peng technique to its limit. The entire sky was covered in golden feathers, turning into heavenly swords that shot out towards enemies in all directions. 

The Kun Peng wings even more so formed yin and yang energies, tangling together, forming a divine diagram that illuminated the primal chaos!

The Golden Vortex Ripple Technique covered the surface of his body in vortices, and within every single one of them was a human shaped divine figure, chanting scriptures there to suppress enemies in all directions.

Shi Hao displayed the Kun Peng's laws to the extreme in this battle, as if the Immortal Ancient's Kun Peng reappeared.


Shi Hao raised his hand, piercing through the space between one of his enemy's brows.


He moved his wings, tearing apart two powerful enemies together with their mounts. 


When the final enemy's head flew out, he knelt down on one knee, supporting himself with a spear he seized. His entire body was covered in blood, difficult to budge an inch.


That spear exploded, the sea of lightning erupting. Shi Hao flew outwards, flesh badly mangled, bones broken.

After this trial was passed, his body was covered in serious injuries, but he was still alive. Even though he was seriously injured, on the verge of being blasted to death by the humanoid lightning and other things, he still ultimately made it through.

However, this was only the beginning. There were even more terrifying disasters waiting. 

He had a short period of time to adjust his breathing. Three strands of immortal energy swirled around him, seizing the essence of heaven and earth, quickly treating his injured body, replenishing his body.

His injuries improved at a visible rate, his flesh healing, broken bones connecting. His entire body shone again, to the extent where it even seized power from the heavenly tribulation.

In the distance, everyone was stupefied. How terrifying was this? He could actually do something like this!

In reality, even Shi Hao himself was a bit shocked. When facing this type of heavenly tribulation, only by surrounding himself in immortal energy would one be able to make it through. Otherwise, there was no hope at all.

Immortal energy surrounded his body, allowing him to recover quickly. This allowed him to face what was to come calmly.

"This… is the most powerful heavenly tribulation originally prepared for those with at least two strands of immortal energy!" He understood, and that was why he had hope of crossing it.


Shi Hao rushed into the sky, tearing apart the sea of lightning. It was as if he shattered the heavens. He rose to an even higher place, a brand new heaven and earth.

In this place, there was flower fragrance and bird cries, pavilions and kiosks, beautiful like a fairyland. There were wisps of pure white immortal energy. It was incomparably peaceful and otherworldly. 

The thunder sounds from before all vanished. This place was quiet and refined. 

However, Shi Hao's fine hairs all stood on end, his scalp going numb, feeling more and more terrified. Every blade of grass, every tree, every drop of water, every flicker of light was produced by lightning tribulation symbols.


He was bombarded as soon as he arrived. 

A bronze ancient palace descended, turning into the most terrifying magical treasure, suppressing him within, wishing to destroy him and turn him into a pool of blood.

This was a bloody battle. Shi Hao blasted apart the bronze place with difficulty. A nine-layered pagoda then crushed down, around it faint immortal energy. It was incredibly terrifying, crushing him below. 

This battle used up even more time. Shi Hao started from the first layer, breaking free only after slaughtering his way up to the ninth layer, within it endless demons and ghosts. 


A great bell rang. It quickly flew over!

It was extremely terrifying. The character 'Without' shone on the bell's walls, illuminating the heavens. Sound waves swept out, shattering everything in its way.

"Without… it's that bell again!" Shi Hao was shocked. 

Unfortunately, he still only saw a single character, unable to see the other blurry ancient character on the great bell.


Bells sounds rang out. It was finally destroyed by him. 

Precious artifacts appeared one after another, enough to crush any true deity into pieces, blasting them into bloody mist. However, Shi Hao endured it all, forcefully facing all of the ancient treasures. 

In the end, there were fragments all over the ground. Lightning radiance erupted, blasting him until his bones broke, flesh in tatters, on the verge of death. 

"Another trial!" 

Shi Hao gritted his teeth, standing up with difficulty. He used the three strands of immortal energy to treat himself, moving all things in heaven and earth, acquiring their fundamental essence.


When he soared into the sky, leaping to a higher layer of heaven, entering a brand new domain, everything was surrounded in darkness, the wuwu weeping sounds making one tremble with fear.

He could vaguely see black cages one after another accompanying a river of time. Many powerful primordial spirits were imprisoned!

Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath of air. Could this be the place his primordial spirit previously fell to?

This trial was, without a doubt, even more terrifying. Shi Hao slaughtered until he became even more crazy. He encountered too many dangers. This was a great battle of primordial spirit. He was about to go mad.

Ah ah ah...

In the darkness, a youth abandoned his body, his primordial spirit wandering about the fragments of time, sealed inside of a black prison, fighting against terrifying creatures. 

Shi Hao's primordial spirit was almost wiped out. It was a spectacle too horrible to endure. He fought a great battle against enemies on all sides. In the end, while wrapped in thunder light, he finally slaughtered his way out, returning to his flesh.

This was a journey through hell. Too many terrifying creatures appeared, fighting intensely against his primordial spirit. This was an unimaginable type of tempering. 

Lightning radiance tempering the flesh and primordial spirit. Shi Hao broke through the trials, nine deaths one life. He advanced towards the ninth layer of heaven.

Right at this moment, he tore through the nine heavens, rising above. However, it still wasn't the end.


Shi Hao was already completely exhausted, but he still continued on, tearing through the tenth layer of the boundless divine sky, finally reaching the end. 

"The limits of the nine extremes, will it end with the tenth realm?"

The tenth layer lightning domain was covered in powerful enemies. The great mountains were imposing, ancient trees covering everything. The fragrance of medicinal herbs wafted through the air. 

When he picked the ancient medicines that were formed from lightning, he could unexpectedly treat his injuries, nourish his body. This left him stupefied. 

However, the creatures here were too terrifying. There were those with immortal energy surrounding them, to the extent where he even saw an Undying Heavenly Phoenix. 

Fortunately, not all of the creatures attacked him. Some only gave him an indifferent glance, some of them viciously attacking. 

Of course, the most terrifying thing was that there was a high platform here, on top of it three great words that shone brilliantly: Immortal Killing Stage

"Immortal Killing Stage!"

This was too shocking!

Shi Hao didn't recognized those ancient words, but he could sense its meaning. 


There was immortal light that swept out, as if it could cut down immortals!

After a bloody struggle, the Immortal Killing Stage wasn't able to deal with him in the end. That place gradually faded. This wasn't an ancient platform prepared for him. He merely encountered the remaining blast wave. 

Despite this being the case, Shi Hao was hacked to pieces many times, making it through alive with difficulty. 

"Has it ended?" At the final point, he was already completely drained, not the slightest bit of strength left.

Finally, he saw a golden pond. It was less than half a meter in size, next to the pond an ancient golden divine tree. Shi Hao struggled his way over, and with a putong sound, fell by the side of the lake, starting to devour the Lightning Tribulation Liquid with large mouthfuls!

1. Same as True Deity Realm, author uses these two terms interchangeably

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