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Chapter 960 - Evolution

Even though the golden ancient pond wasn't large, it was filled with Lightning Tribulation Liquid. A single sniff would give one the illusion of ascension. 

Shi Hao collapsed from dehydration. He laid on the ground, not wishing to budge an inch. His body was in tatters, not a single bone unharmed, all of them broken. 


Shi Hao drank large mouthfuls of the golden lightning liquid. He didn't want to do anything other than this, because his injuries were too severe. Calling him a dead person wasn't too far from the truth. 

Continuously breaking through nine heavens, and then climbing through the tenth realm, there wasn't a single place on his entire body that wasn't broken. Even his frontal bone was crushed into more than ten pieces and forcefully pieced together. 

As for his flesh, it was in even more of a mess, completely scorched black and full of bloody holes. His inner organs even more so released a charred smell, his flesh's injuries as terrifying as they could be. 

The reason he could live and even have life fluctuations was simply a miracle!

The half meter wide golden pond looked like it was cut out from a rock. When he touched it with his hands, he discovered that it wasn't produced from lighting. This left him extremely shocked!

How could there be this type of ancient rock immortal pond in the sea of lightning? It really made one's imagination run wild. 

This wasn't the first time Shi Hao saw such a thing. Last time the Lightning Tribulation Liquid was purple, the divine efficacy far inferior to this time.


When the mouthful of Lightning Tribulation Liquid went down, Shi Hao felt his damaged and withered body immediately recover quite a bit of vitality, taking a step out from its state of near death.

When one reached his cultivation realm, the body, magical force, and other things all far exceeded the past. If it was still the Lightning Tribulation Liquid as before, then there was no way it would have such powerful effects. 

"This is true essence!" Shi Hao sighed with admiration. 

A drop of golden liquid was equivalent to a cup of the past one, containing flourishing vitality and life force.

Lightning tribulation represented destruction, but in this type of annihilation power rested this pond of the Ancient Immortal pool, carrying vitality. One could imagine how precious it was!

"This time, the injuries really were serious!" Shi Hao was alarmed. When he truly calmed down, only then did he discover how dangerous the tribulation was. 

Was this body still his own? It was incredibly tattered, every single bone covered with at least several dozen cracks, about to shatter, forcefully held together by his three strands of immortal energy.

His flesh and inner organs were all close to death. There was no aura of life, charred black and ice cold. 

The trial this time was extremely miserable. Only the three strands of immortal energy were left in his body. This was precisely what he used to support himself, or else he would have collapsed a long time ago, turning into skeletal remains. 


Even now, there were still electrical arcs flowing out from his body, attacking at his body. There was still powerful lightning tribulation power left over in his body that hadn't completely scattered. 

This was the case for his primordial spirit as well, dull and lightless, split apart into pieces. It was as miserable as miserable could be. The lightning tribulation light flickered about, continuously interweaving. 

Even though it could be said that he experienced a lightning tribulation, his flesh and primordial spirit were refined and cleansed. If he could revive, he would obtain great benefits. However, right now, he truly was extremely miserable. 

Shi Hao drank a mouthful of the Lightning Tribulation Liquid, his body taking a turn for the better. He could sense that his entire body was recovering, feeling extremely comfortable as he immersed himself in the divine medicinal liquid. 

One could see his dried up body shining, gradually becoming whole again. His tattered flesh was being restored, broken bones releasing kaka sounds, connecting together. 

Many people saw this scene in the distance. 

"That's Lightning Tribulation Liquid, and it is golden. An entire pond of it, who has ever seen such a thing before?!"

There was no heavenly tribulation left in this great era, which meant that there was no way the golden ancient pond could be seen again. Now that it appeared again, it was a world shaking event. 

Huang was incredibly weak, but because of this pond of precious liquid, he was showing signs of recovery, quite possibly shedding his body and exchanging his bones, undergoing a complete transformation!

"This is the only opportunity. Huang just finished crossing the tribulation, currently in his weakest state. Once he is killed, then all of the disturbances will become quiet!" Someone said softly.

There were always people who harbored hostility. Right now, their eyes flickered with radiance, wanting to take action.

"Rumor has it that the golden rock pond is an Ancient Immortal pond, something left behind from the last great era. Drinking that kind of Lightning Tribulation Liquid would be greatly beneficial to one's cultivation in the future!" There were some who couldn't hold themselves back. 

It was rumored that the immortal pond had never been erased, appearing in lightning tribulation. It contained unimaginably great natural luck. Once one obtained the nourishment of this type of liquid, even one's potential might increase. 

When one's strength was exhausted, each bit of potential obtained would have tremendous effects on their future accomplishments!

"Huang had massacred so many. Let's join hands to eliminate him, using this time when he is weak to completely strike him down!"

"A whole pond of Lightning Tribulation Liquid, we can share it equally!"

A few people couldn't hold themselves back. Killing Shi Hao wasn't the main goal, seizing the Ancient Immortal pond was. When they saw such a shocking opportunity, a few people wished to 'pluck peaches along the way', seize the results of Shi Hao's hard work. 

"Take action!"

More than ten beast teeth shone, turning into flying swords. They produced magnificent radiance, releasing brilliant sword radiance. They hacked towards Shi Hao by the lightning tribulation pond. 

An exquisite pagoda shone. Five-colored radiance seeped out, carrying heaven overflowing mists with it, turning into the size of a mountain, crushing down from the heavens, covering Shi Hao. 

In that instant a Heavenly Everlasting Fan moved, covering the world. Strand after strand of ark energy descended, drowning out that place. 


In that instant, several dozen weapons appeared. All of them were incredibly powerful. Many experts took action together. 

There were geniuses from the three thousand provinces here, as well as natives. They all bore hostility and carried greed. There were some who truly had enmity against Shi Hao, while some just wanted to seize the Lightning Tribulation Liquid, believing that this was the best chance.

"You dare?!"

There were some who shouted loudly, for example, the Divine Striking Stone, Cao Yusheng, and the others already appeared. They displayed methods to stop them.

This was the moment Shi Hao was at his weakest, having just crossed the lightning tribulation. His flesh and primordial spirit were about to be destroyed, possessing no fighting strength at all. 


A streak of heavenly thunder erupted. Unexpectedly, the seemingly faint lightning radiance layer that looked like it was about to vanish appeared again, erupting with world shocking thunder rumbling.

However, this time, it didn't attack Shi Hao, but rather rushed towards those weapons.

Above the nine thunder seas, the tenth realm, this place was like the paradise of an immortal. Pavilions and kiosks rested here, divine birds spread their wings, immortal beasts moved about. The mountains were imposing, holy medicines everywhere. 

It originally became indistinct, but at this moment, after being attacked, it appeared again. Quite a few of the auspicious birds and vicious beasts carried immortal energy. They rushed down murderously.


All of the weapons cracked and exploded. Under the lightning radiance, those creatures' attacks were completely useless, all of them destroyed. 

This immediately left everyone stupefied. Why did the heavenly tribulation appear again?

Could it be that the heavens were protecting Huang?!

The most frightening thing was that the lightning radiance followed those weapons, reaching outwards. There were a few divine birds and immortal beasts who swooped down as well.


Miserable cries sounded. Most of the ones who took action just now suffered from lightning radiance or were killed by immortal birds and other creatures on the spot.

Bloody light rushed upwards. Those people exploded within the lightning. 

"What? What kind of power is this?!" Everyone became horrified.     

Not everyone had Huang's strength. Even if they were geniuses, it was still too hard to block the lightning tribulation. They were destroyed without any suspense. 

A large half of those who took action just now died, because they didn't hold back at all. As a result, they incurred the most powerful heavenly tribulation force.

Those who were fortunate enough to live were swept through by the leftover lightning radiance, their bodies charred black, releasing strand after strand of black smoke, obtaining serious injuries. 

"It has been too long since there were heavenly tribulations. Later people no longer understand it. When others cross the tribulation, how can one interfere? That is just inviting trouble!" An elder said, his eyes deep. This was clearly a heavenly deity.

There was one line he didn't say, which was that not even he dared to rashly provoke it, let alone these people. The greater the power of interference, the greater the lightning radiance that was triggered flourished!

"Good job, lightning tribulation! Who told you all to be so vicious, attacking Shi Hao in this type of situation? Completely self inflicted!"

"Serves you right, actually wishing to pick peaches halfway. These people are too despicable and shameless, deserving of being hacked to death by lightning!"

The Divine Striking Stone and Cao Yusheng spoke quietly, making a few people's expression become unpleasant, falling ashen. 

"Dao friend, Huang is about to cross the tribulation and succeed, are you all not scared? Are you all waiting for him to establish a glorious period? Everyone will only serve to make him look even better!" Someone was still unwilling, secretly transmitting sound. 

"Right? An opponent like this, if he tries to seize Immortal Ancient's natural luck in the future, how many could match him? Using this chance to eliminate him is the right way. We should think of a method together.

There were some who remained unresigned this entire time, really wishing to kill Shi Hao during this moment of transcendence, full of evil intentions. 

"Eight Armed Soul Race grandpa, please take action!" Outside the crowd, a little girl with silver hair spoke , her large ruby-like eyes swirling about. It was precisely the little rabbit. 

"This group is too repulsive, truly should send them all into the heavenly tribulation," Xue Lin also spoke. Her appearance was exceptional, also possessing silver-colored long hair. She stood with the little rabbit, both of them shining.

"Alright!" An elder's large sleeve moved, fiercely moving his sleeve. Heavenly winds swept out, restricting more than ten individuals. They were all thrown into the lightning radiance. 

This was the reinforcements the little rabbit and the others brought over after spending much effort, the Eight Armed Soul Race's elder, a respected heavenly deity.

In reality, half a year ago, this elder from the Eight Armed Soul Race was already invited out, leading the people from a few clans to rescue Shi Hao, only, he remained in seclusion this entire time.


The dozen or so creatures all screamed with horror. When they entered the lightning radiance, they had to face tribulation, truly a tragic sight.

Before an exceptional heavenly deity, their actions they believed to be hidden still gave them away, all of them encountering disaster.

Only when comparing the results did everyone understand even better how terrifying Huang was. He faced the sea of lightning head on, while these people exploded as soon as they entered. 

Of course, it couldn't be said that these dozen or so individuals were too weak, but rather that the lightning was from the tenth realm, the highest level of heavenly tribulation. Even the most powerful true deities, if they went in without cultivating immortal energy, would undoubtedly die.


The last person also exploded, everyone finally eliminated. 

In reality, the heavenly tribulation already no longer hacked at Shi Hao. He already made it through, so it was just the remaining lightning sea that took form, not retreating in the end. 

Shi Hao sat by the side of the ancient immortal pond, everything taking a turn for the better. He was originally like a lamp that was out of fuel, but now, everything was reversing, exuberant vitality gathering, his body shining. 

Soon after, Shi Hao's body became like seven-colored glass, sparkling and translucent. His injuries healed, bones becoming snow white and shining. 

At this moment, his dim primordial spirit even more so shone, starting to release dazzling multicolored light. It burned like a golden sun. 

A small figure stood behind his frontal bone, its precious image dignified, powerful beyond compare!

One could vaguely see that the primordial spirit had heavenly deity aura. It was truly shocking!

This little figure was extremely terrifying. It wore battle clothes that looked extremely extravagant, formed from primordial spirit force. His hands formed magical imprints, unyielding before heaven and earth, self-proclaimed supreme being. 

It sat there without moving. A great dao aura pervaded the air, as if it could suppress the past, present, and future!

In the blink of an eye, Shi Hao drank a third of the Lightning Tribulation Liquid, now completely recovering. He was flourishing with vitality, his body glistening brightly.

In the distance, everyone's eyes became straight upon seeing this, their mouths gulping down saliva. That was Lightning Tribulation Liquid! Moreover, golden, something that was rarely seen since ancient times. It made their eyes turn red.

Anyone could see its medicinal effects. How long had passed so far? Yet the dying Huang was already vigorous and lively, recovering, even surpassing his past self. 

"It is still continuing. He really is going to 'break through the cocoon and become a butterfly'!" Everyone sighed with admiration.

Huang was originally about to die, making it through the lightning tribulation with difficulty. However, in the blink of an eye, he left that realm of death, completely recovering.

Moreover, the changes were still continuing, vitality brewing. After becoming a true deity, his path of transformation was opened and now carried out. 

It was clear that Huang was far greater than a normal true deity, truly evolving, breaking out of a cocoon. His fundamental level of life was increased tremendously, an unmatched evolution in true meaning.

Layer after layer of old skin came off of Shi Hao's body, and there were also all types of shattered bones that came off, sent out from his body!

Blood flowed like lightning, rumbling as it cleansed his body. He was sparkling and translucent, brilliant like a blazing sun!

Shi Hao shed his skin and exchanged his bones, his life evolving, solidifying the dao fruits that he obtained, tearing through his path like a hot knife through butter. His fundamental force was astonishing. Right now, he was incredibly powerful.

Only after a long time had passed did the sky full of lightning radiance disappear, his body releasing astonishing blood energy, now opening his eyes. Two sharp streaks of light shot out, moving through the sky like lightning!

Then, he produced a white jade cauldron, quickly storing the remaining Lightning Tribulation Liquid within.

Forget about everything else, even heavenly deities' eyes revealed light. This was the liquid from the golden ancient immortal pond!

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