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Chapter 958 - Great Dao Guillotine

"I have to become stronger!" Shi Hao roared. He faced the sea of lightning, staring into the endless lightning. He wanted to produce a third strand of immortal energy. 


Lightning struck down, making heaven and earth split apart, ghost and deities howl. Bloody rain scattered down onto this world, bright red and striking. Endless lightning rumbled with ear-splitting sound. 

It was a boundless expanse, nothing else visible, only heavenly tribulation. 

"Ah…" Shi Hao released a low roar. He already rose to the highest level he could currently, the consummate level of the divine flame, reaching the peak, about to step into the True Deity Realm. 

He had never been this powerful in his life, exceeding the past. His body released all types of multicolored light, blazing in the darkness, illuminating eternity!


When that enormous streak of lightning struck down on his body, there were unexpectedly sparks that flew out, as if metal was striking against each other. Ear-splitting keng qiang sounds rang through the air. 

This was simply unimaginable. When those in the distance saw this scene, there wasn't a single one that wasn't stupefied. 

Was this still a person? Lightning radiance crashed down, if it was any other creature, it would have definitely been hard to stop the heavenly might, turned into ashes. Even if they weren't dead, they would be seriously injured. However, he was currently so heavenly defying.


Another enormous sound rang out, lightning radiance concentrated. They hacked down one after another, thick like mountains, crashing down on his body. Sparks flew in all directions, releasing zheng zheng sounds. It was too shocking.

Everyone was stupefied, shivering inwardly. Huang's body was just too powerful. 

Shi Hao's breakthrough was imminent, all of his potential now released. After recovering to his peak, his body was advanced to its greatest peak. While resisting the lightning tribulation, he displayed shocking methods, facing it head on without breaking. 

However, he didn't act carelessly, because the terrifying lightning radiance was still behind him. This time, if he acted with even the slightest bit of carelessness, he would die. The heavenly tribulation this time was too powerful. 

"Third strand of immortal energy, is it still not going to appear?" He became nervous. At this final moment, there were still no changes. He never took that legendary step.

It was rumored that in Immortal Ancient Great Era, a few people, when experiencing the most terrifying tribulation, would produce a strand of immortal energy directly while in the transformation, bringing themselves to the highest peak. 

It was already hard for him to suppress himself, about to break through, but there was still no sign of the third strand of immortal energy. This made him feel incomparable despair. 

"Is there none?!" Shi Hao looked into the heavens.

Up above, a sea of lightning roiled about, not completely erupting. It poured down like an ocean. 

"Not good!" Shi Hao's expression changed. The most worrisome thing happened. Those creatures in the sea of lightning revived, developing life force. They began to rush murderously at him.

Aohou… A Taotie moved its head and tail, devouring all things. It stepped out from the lightning clouds, its body even larger than a mountain, throwing itself over.

This was formed from enormous lightning radiance, incredibly concentrated. It was like a divine fetus, currently possessing a soul. It was unstoppable.

Shi Hao released a roar, taking action with all of his power, not holding anything back as he faced that Taotie. He was going to strike it down in the void. 


The lightning erupted, piercing through the void. This place broke apart into pieces.

In addition, the Taotie devoured all things, opening its enormous mouth to refine everything. 


Shi Hao's flesh was cracked and broken, blood dripping everywhere. He finally couldn't hold on in this lightning tribulation, taking on this terrifying strike. His hair became dishevelled. 


However, his gaze became even more sharp. After staggering a bit, he straightened his body again. 

"Since there is no third strand of immortal energy, then I won't force it." Shi Hao said softly. Then, he raised his head towards that Taotie, starting to crazily take action.

In addition, he already began to display his final vital energy, charging at the True Deity Realm. 

"Aohou…" A roaring sounded, erupting in the lightning tribulation, overwhelming all of the thunder sounds, so one could imagine just how powerful the void was. That Taotie went crazy, clashing against him. 


Shi Hao, who didn't hold anything back, was incomparably vicious, even more so than a vicious beast. His speed was too fast, dancing about in the lightning. His fist unexpectedly pierced through the space between the Taotie's brows. 

It was because right now, he was just too powerful, half a step into the True Deity Realm, his life advancing, exceeding the self, carrying out a transformation. 

Right now, he was more powerful than he had ever been before!

It was precisely at this time that he widened his eyes with shock, because there was an indistinct strand of immortal energy that slowly gathered, about to form, appearing outside his body.

However, at this moment, the heavenly lightning erupted, the sea of thunder endless, completely smashing downwards. Shi Hao was completely covered.

"Not good!" Shi Hao was greatly shaken up. This type of feeling was too terrible, like the arrival of judgment day, making all of his fine hairs stand up. A layer of goosebumps appeared.

His heart was about to stop beating, oxygen not moving properly. This was his body instinctively telling him that a great disaster was descending, that he might die here.


Sure enough, a streak of lightning that was unimaginably powerful could vaguely be seen. Shi Hao saw many creatures roar, charging at him, shadows everywhere, all of them incredibly terrifying.

This lightning sea smashed down on his body, the tremendous weight crushing down on him!

Shi Hao coughed up large amounts of blood, many of the bones all over his body broken. Vicious beasts and divine birds all threw themselves over, roaring endlessly.


The most frightening thing was that a golden heavenly monument appeared, descending from the sky, suppressing him below. His body immediately released pi pa sounds, all of his bones about to shatter. 

"What is that?!" Shi Hao was shocked.

This was a great era without heavenly tribulation. Forcefully stirring on lightning tribulation produced terrifyingly astonishing effects after all. There were sinister events at every turn, incredibly frightening. 

There was actually a golden heavenly monument that even appeared, covered densely in symbols. There were even many terrifying creatures roaring at its side, releasing ear-splitting sounds. 

Meanwhile, this was all produced by lightning!

The sea of lightning contained a heavenly monument. How was it created? Was this monument going to crush down itself?

Shi Hao wasn't one to believe in supernatural things. He raised his fist, smashing over, striking the heavenly monument. Thunderous light erupted, creating a boundless expanse between the two. It was incomparably brilliant, nothing visible. 

Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao was sent flying, bright red blood falling down. He was seriously injured by the boundless lightning radiance.

This heavenly monument wasn't simple. Countless creatures were kneeling and bowing around it, figures everywhere. They possessed terrifying power, erupting with incomparable lightning. 

"Do you think this alone is enough to stop me?" Shi Hao shouted loudly, his head of hair sticky with blood as they stood vertically. He raised his fist and punched the sky. 

However, that monument really was extremely terrifying. It slowly descended, suppressing him below, making him sink down inch by inch, collapsing the void. He was going to be suppressed and killed.


Shi Hao roared angrily. This heavenly monument couldn't be hid from. It continued to crush down on his head, and now, it was going to kill him.

Dang dang dang...

He brandished his fists, all of the attacks striking the heavenly monument, making it release loud rumbling sounds. Slight cracks appeared. 

At the same time, Shi Hao was about to become a true deity. That strand of immortal energy became a bit clearer, about to fully form and appear in this world.


The moment a corner of the golden heavenly monument was shattered, the endless creatures that were kneeling in worship cried out in alarm, all of them shuddering. 

Even though this was formed from lightning, the scene was extremely real. 


A streak of snow-white blade radiance surged, tearing through the clouds, momentarily scattering the sea of lightning, making all things in heaven and earth reappear. 

"Heavens, what is that?" In the distance, everyone widened their eyes, their faces filled with fear and shock, finding this hard to believe.

The golden heavenly monument actually floated there, releasing blade radiance from within. The boundless white light covered almost everything in blinding brilliance, making that area look incomparably divine. 

This was a guillotine!

The so-called heavenly monument was just its external appearance. Right now, all of the symbols on its surface shone, releasing brilliant light, forming a mysterious guillotine blade.


It was incomparably terrifying, possessing mysterious power. Before Shi Hao could even react, he was swept over, a streak of bloody light splashing, cutting Shi Hao in half at the waist!


Shi Hao roared, feeling extreme pain. He felt himself break apart, not only his flesh, but almost as if his primordial spirit was also cut apart.

"When the Great Dao Guillotine appears, all those beneath will be vanquished!"

Vaguely, he heard this type of grand voice. Everything was formed from natural laws, including the guillotine and law voice. 

Everything was incredibly terrifying. What exactly was engraved in this world? Did this type of guillotine really exist in the past? What will was it carrying out?

When this blade descended, Shi Hao's body was chopped to pieces. Natural laws spread. He felt himself breaking apart, even his primordial spirit about to go out. 

Intense pain, unbearable pain!

The most frightening part was that the immortal energy around him was cut by the blade. Underneath the Great Dao Guillotine, death not only came to man, but also magic and dao!


At both sides of the Great Dao Guillotine, countless creatures crouched down, weeping and howling, all of them shaking, kowtowing in worship as if they were offering a sacrifice, using Shi Hao as the offering. 


Shi Hao was unwilling. Blood flowed from the corners of his lips. He roared angrily towards the sky. How could it be like this? He bitterly cultivated three strands of immortal dao energy, yet they were broken just like this. 

Natural laws interweaved, thunderous light invaded, blasting his broken body full of holes, wishing to carry out the final destruction.

Walking beneath the Great Dao Guillotine was the most frightening disaster in Immortal Ancient. Normally, it was prepared for the most powerful individuals who cultivated three strands of immortal energy.

If one couldn't make it through, they one could forget about everything and disappear into ashes. Only if one made it through would there be a possibility of advancement!

It was that harsh. The most powerful heavenly tribulation appeared again. 

Shi Hao thought of something the white tortoise said, realizing something. This was the most terrifying sharpening and test, the critical moment of life and death. 


He ignited himself. Two strands of immortal energy appeared, forcefully gathering his flesh, reassembling in the lightning radiance. 

Every single piece of his flesh contained lightning, thoroughly refined. Even though he was scorched black, if he made it through, he would definitely reach an even higher level, his body born again. 

"Ah…" Shi Hao roared. His flesh was pieced together, two strands of immortal energy coiling about, the blood energy around his entire body surging. 

"I cannot die! I still have to enter the nine heavens to gather Lightning Tribulation Liquid!" Shi Hao roared. How could he be stopped here? He was going to break into the nine heavens and bathe in the golden Lightning Tribulation Liquid, thus shedding his body and exchanging his bones. 

This was a life and death struggle. Shi Hao released a fist, fully displaying Reincarnation profound mysteries. Fragments of time danced about his surroundings, immediately disturbing time and space. 


The Great Dao Guillotine turned into a heavenly monument again, becoming indistinct in the void, vanishing in the sea of lightning.

Shi Hao made it through this trial. His blood energy roiled, divine force erupting, recovering his injured body. In addition, the third strand of immortal energy appeared!


At the same time, a crisp sound rang out within his body. Some type of shackle had been broken. He advanced to the True Self Realm, becoming a true deity!

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