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Chapter 957 - Hunting Down Heavenly Deity

Two heavenly deities died. The effects of this waere huge, an event that would definitely shake up all of Immortal Ancient!

Dragon Sparrow and Ma Yuan had great reputations, both of them the heavenly deities of a clan, but now, they died because of a youth. These news swept through everything like a storm. 

In addition, the storm was still brewing, continuing to grow!


Scarlet lightning descended from the sky like blood, dying the sky in scarlet red. It was incomparably terrifying. This streak of lightning became more and more terrifying, dying heaven and earth red. 

It was as if the blood of an unmatched creature scattered down, creating a bleak and frigid expanse. 


Shi Hao coughed out large amounts of blood, seriously injured. His body was hacked flying, and the bones in his body broke, flesh badly mangled, releasing a scorched black smell. 

"Run, leave this place!"

These heavenly deities said to themselves. They were much more miserable than Shi Hao, their white bones revealed, flesh about to completely fall off. The curse power already completely seeped into the bones. 

Only, those two Chaos Ancient Mosquitoes weren't far out, not willing to leave, leaving them in an extremely helpless situation. 

"Break out, I refuse to believe that they can stop all of us!" Di Kun said viciously. The only thing they could do now was take risks, or else there wasn't a single road of life to speak of. 

In addition, even if they could escape, could they still live? The curse power within their bodies flared out, so it was possible that they might decline and die in meditation later. 

Aohou… The Ancient Ape roared ferociously. It couldn't take it any longer either, preparing to fight with its life to escape. 

"Fine, then let's just go at it together!" The Horned Dragon agreed. It only had half its body left over, incomparably frail. If it stayed here any longer, it would undoubtedly die. 

"Kill!" The Golden Ancient Elephant was the first one to move. Even its snow white tusks were hacked apart, its flesh badly mangled, rough golden elephant skin even more so already full of holes, decayed to an unbearable state.


As soon as the Golden Ancient Elephant moved, it immediately triggered crazy lightning!

It was because Shi Hao wasn't far off. Even though he was seriously injured, his body about to fall apart, he still did everything he could to rush over. This was the same as bringing lightning radiance over, supporting the curse power. 

He didn't want to leave behind a single person, taking action with purpose. He went out to stop that Golden Ancient Elephant. 

The blood-colored lightning overflowed outwards as if the heavens were crying, scattering tears from above. When they landed on the heavenly deities' bodies, it sped up the decaying process. The Golden Ancient Elephant immediately released a miserable scream. 

Shi Hao also released a muffled groan. At this moment, it was already hard for him to shoot his mouth, because the pressure he faced was too great, potentially falling at any moment. 

This was especially true if he acted recklessly, as it would be even more dangerous. 



At this moment, the others already took action, rushing towards different directions.

Ah ah ah...

The Ancient Ape released a miserable cry, the golden scales on his body blasted apart. A palm sized Chaos Ancient Mosquito pierced through its body, sucking out its essence blood. However, it was still running.

The decaying of its flesh was sped up during this process. When it charged out a hundred li, it was already almost a skeleton monkey. 

However, it succeeded, freeing itself from the heavenly calamity and the ancient mosquitoes!

The Ancient Ape ran away. In the end, it turned around to look backwards towards Shi Hao who was at the center of the lightning radiance, its eyes revealing incomparably cold radiance.

"Killing disaster, do you think you can live?!" Shi Hao provoked while in the heavenly calamity, roaring loudly. 

In addition, he began to chase after it, supporting the heavenly lightning and curse power, splitting the skies and quickly rushing over. 

The Ancient Ape was furious. A glorious heavenly deity actually couldn't do anything, only able to run, chased to such a miserable state by a small cultivator. It made it release a heaven shaking roar of anger.


The sounds of bones cracking rang through the air. The Ancient Ape was horrified. Its skull began to decay under the curse power, now pretty much only its primordial spirit left.

"Not good!" 

It released a loud cry, no longer daring to stop for even a moment, quickly leaving into the distance. 

Even though it did this, could it continue living? That was too difficult. Its flesh had been completely destroyed, only having a primordial spirit left, how was it supposed to resist the curse power?

The Ancient Ape didn't return either, rushing towards its own residence. It wanted to return to its clan and immediately enter seclusion to recover.

"Ah…" Behind it, the Horned Dragon released a miserable cry. The breakout siege failed, because it only had half its body left. It was the one in the weakest state to begin with. When its skull was pierced through by a Chaos Ancient Mosquito, it died on the spot. 

"Little monster, you can enjoy your happiness for now. When I come back, I will definitely kill you!" Di Kun said with an overcast voice. His flesh had also been ruined, only having his primordial spirit and skeleton left as he fled towards the distance. 

However, he successfully broke free.

"Ah…" The Golden Ancient Elephant roared, doing everything it could to free itself from the lightning tribulation. It rushed out from the sea of curses, but in the end, it was still unlucky, its entire body breaking apart. 


It was injured too severely. In the end, even its skeleton cracked, falling apart. 

Its primordial spirit changed from a gold color to a grayish-black. This was a reflection of the late stage of the curse's development. It carried grief and unwillingness, and then exploded in the void. 

The Golden Ancient Elephant also died!

The Dragon Sparrow, Ma Yuan, Horned Dragon, and Golden Ancient Elephant, four great heavenly deities had fallen.

"Aohou…" In the distance, a silver-colored Pi Xiu roared, paying a huge price. Its scales shed light, blood flowing out, another half of its body removed by the Chaos Ancient Mosquito, and only then did it leave. 

Seven great heavenly deities, yet in the end, only Di Kun, Ancient Ape, and Pi Xiu lived, withdrawing from this place. 

Soon afterwards, the Chaos Ancient Mosquitoes also left. 


No one expected that Shi Hao would actually be the one to hunt after heavenly deities. 

He used the Realm Shattering Symbol, and based on what he understood, moved through the void, breaking realm walls, chasing after them. 

This was utterly terrifying. The void was in tatters, blasted to a completely ruined state. No one had ever heard of someone moving through the void while crossing a tribulation! Others couldn't endure it even after making an all-out effort. 

Shi Hao was naturally in danger as well, many cracks appearing on his bones, quite a few of them broken, but he still clenched his teeth and endured it. He didn't want to leave behind any trouble, wishing to use this to get rid of future troubles. 

The Pi Xiu was the last one to run, and as a result, he followed it. 

This was an ancient land with a lot of rubble, the Pi Xiu Clan's place of residence. However, there weren't that many people, the number of residents few.

Strictly speaking, these weren't natives, but rather the descendants left behind by the Pi Xiu Clan geniuses who stayed after entering. 

Unexpectedly, when Shi Hao followed it here, there wasn't an intense battle. That ancient Pi Xiu was already breaking apart, its bones collapsing, primordial spirit declining.

"Younger generation, this has nothing to do with my clansmen!" The Pi Xiu shouted.

In the lightning tribulation, Shi Hao was almost blasted rotten, his bones broken and tendons snapped. However, he still resisted it. These weren't great dao injuries. He forcefully stirred his blood energy to recover. 

Shi Hao didn't say anything, only staring at that Pi Xiu. 


Its primordial spirit cracked corroded by the curse power, still unable to resist it in the end, ultimately dying.

Shi Hao turned around, not rushing into the forest depths, not taking his anger out on this clan. He went on his way again. 


The void was smashed apart. He faced tribulation in the darkness, bathing in lightning radiance in the passage. This type of scene had never appeared in the past, the first time someone moved while crossing tribulation.


Shi Hao released a low roar, his body splitting apart. However, when the two strands of immortal energy covered his body, his situation improved somewhat, recovering his injured body.

This weren't great dao injuries, so it couldn't harm his foundation. He could still suppress it. 

"What a freak! Huang is hunting down heavenly deities! He forced a Pi Xiu to death, this… is there still heavenly reason?" A small cultivator able to accomplish this, this can also be considered heaven defying!"

There were people who followed over, moreover not just a few. When they discovered that the Pi Xiu died, they were all stupefied. Only a few people were able to open their mouths and cry out with shock.

Ape Mountain, this was a grand and massive place. They towered one after another. The native Ape Race resided here.

However, when the Ancient Ape returned, it didn't enter the clan, instead sitting outside. It was because the curse power on its body was too serious, continuously spilling outwards. It might harm the clan. 

Even though it was vicious and violent, its actions against enemies fierce, it still cared greatly about its clansmen. 


The void split apart. Shi Hao appeared while carrying lightning tribulation and curse power. Light flourished in all directions, an aura of destruction spreading. Scarlet red lightning swirled about him, making him look like a world-shocking demonic god.

"Vicious ape, didn't you want to kill me?" Come then!" Shi Hao roared.

The Ancient Ape opened its eyes. Within its skeleton, there were only five organs that were preserved. It released a roar, turning into a streak of golden light, rushing over, a battle spear appearing in its hand, hacking it at Shi Hao. 


Curse power flourished with the lightning radiance.

The Ancient Ape staggered, its natural laws actually distorting. This was a sign of its extremely weak state. 


The Ancient Ape struck out with the spear in its hands, penetrating the void, bringing with it natural laws, flying into the lightning. 

Dang dang sounds rang out. The spear released sparks, but it still wasn't destroyed!

Shi Hao released a sigh. He quickly evaded and also used the Divine Protection Symbol. With a weng sound, he was surrounded, and even the heavenly tribulation was temporarily stopped. 

The spear was stopped, the natural laws unable to hit him. 

However, it was precisely at this time that the heavenly tribulation became more vicious, incomparably brutal. 

Shi Hao's face became pale. He put away the Divine Protection Symbol and frantically ran. Everything in that area was destroyed, completely wiped out. 

The enormous black hole was blasted through. That type of divine might was unimaginable!

"This…" Even the Ancient Ape was shocked. He flew outwards, coughing out large amounts of blood. This lightning tribulation was too terrifying, because the interference of heavenly deity natural laws made the lightning tribulation immediately become even more crazy.

"Why would it…" The Ancient Ape cried out loudly. After the lightning tribulation enlarged, part of it rushed at it, the curse power becoming even more strange. 


There was no way to evade it. The Ancient Ape's bones completely rotted, and the primordial spirit was corroded, ultimately vanishing like smoke into thin air. 

In the distance, color vanished from Shi Hao's face. Just now, it was too dangerous. The lightning radiance was likely enough to directly hack a heavenly deity to death. It seemed like because this great era was without heavenly tribulation, everyone understood much less about it. 

When others interfered, it unexpectedly triggered heavenly tribulation of the corresponding cultivation realm, inviting trouble onto themselves. It would also make the tribulation even more terrifying!

Shi Hao was lucky, avoiding that disaster. 

He didn't stop, bringing the lightning radiance through the void again in pursuit of Di Kun. 

This was an ancient place where bronze structures towered one after another. They were all incomparably massive, unexpectedly all formed from bronze!

Di Kun suddenly opened his eyes. He was currently sitting in the bronze ancient palace at the center, resisting the curse. 


He rose up, looked at Shi Hao, and then said, "Crossing the tribulation… yet still dare to chase over!" 

"You should have all your clansmen leave!" Shi Hao's voice was hoarse. He endured the intense pain. Right now, his bones were broken and his muscles severed, severely injured under the lightning radiance. It was because facing the tribulation like this was quite difficult. 

"My curse power is difficult to bring under control, and this is Immortal Ancient's final opening. Even if they continue living, what is the point?" Di Kun said to himself. 

"You…" Shi Hao was shocked. This heavenly deity was too deranged. Was he going to bury his clansmen with him?

"I was originally Immortal Palace's greatest inheritor, but I was then ordered by the sect ancestor to take root in Immortal Ancient and slowly arrange things. However, in the end, I was stranded here, not obtaining any great opportunity." Di Kun spoke in self-mockery. His expression was gloomy, carrying hatred and resentment. 

Shi Hao's mind was shaken up. He didn't choose to stay behind himself, but rather accepted an order in the past. Immortal Palace's schemes were not small, but… the results weren't great. 

Di Kun was corroded by the curse, and each year couldn't leave many times, only able to hole up in a corner, unable to do anything grand. 

"Immortal Palace truly… is full of ambition." Shi Hao said. 

"Come then!" Di Kun said coldly, carrying a cruel smile. He rushed forward, already knowing that he couldn't live much longer. It was because he tried to neutralize the curse, but it was completely ineffective. 

He wanted to drag Shi Hao with him to his grave!

He didn't try to resist the curse any longer, allowing it to spread, instead focusing on displaying his heavenly deity natural laws. 

"How could it be…" His face was full of horror and regret. It was because the lightning radiance rushed at him, incredibly massive, the curse becoming several dozen times richer. 


In that instant, his skull decayed, and the primordial spirit turned to ashes, thus having both body and spirit destroyed. 

"Ah…" Shi Hao immediately fled into the distance, crying out miserably. It was because he suffered too many blows, his body in tatters, almost dying as well.


Finally, right at this moment, when he was about to break through and enter the True Deity Realm, a powerful aura pervaded the air. The blood energy became more ferocious, nourishing his body.


His body shone. In that instant, his body's endless potential was released. His flesh became sparkling, immediately shining resplendently. 

Under pi pa sounds, his bones reconnected, flesh recovered, quickly reaching the most powerful state. 

He was about to break through! This was the result of his potential fully flourishing!

"It's coming, can I cultivate a third strand of immortal energy?" Shi Hao was nervous, because these were his final moments in the Divine Flame Realm. 

Right now, the heavenly tribulation became even more ferocious. One could vaguely see the lightning form ancient trees, creatures, and other things, becoming more and more frightening. 

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