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Chapter 956 - Heavenly Tribulation

The heavenly tribulation that should have only came in the last great era appeared in this world again, moreover so fiercely. It was so powerful that all of the creatures' scalps went numb!

No one expected Huang to be so decisive, not hesitating to use his own life as the primer for guiding heavenly tribulation, resist these great heavenly deities. 


Heavenly thunder resounded through this place, the lightning each more vicious than the last. The dazzling lightning radiance were thicker than mountains as they hacked down, making the mountains and rivers explode, the void blast apart. 

The spectators had never seen such terrifying lightning tribulation before. Was there even any path of life out of this? This was completely a disaster, one that would completely erase everything!

There was not even a shred of hope in sight. Normally, how could cultivation at the consummate level of Divine Flame Realm resist this? Even if one ascended to the True Deity Realm during this process, it still wouldn't be enough. 

Ah… Ma Yuan cried out miserably, his face distorting, eyes full of despair. The tremendous lightning radiance crashed down, the curse power it brought unimaginable. 

The strange power was like liquid, surrounding him, making his entire body a grayish-white color. A thick rotting smell emerged from within him, spreading into the air. 

On his body, his flesh was decaying, everything below his knees long turned into white bones. Black-colored blood flowed outwards. It was as miserable as miserable could be. 


An enormous streak of lightning hacked down. His kneecaps exploded, rotting away as well. His calf bones fell, shattering under the thunder radiance, turning into nothing. 

The curse corroded flesh, blood, and bone!

"Little monster!" Ma Yuan roared, throwing himself at Shi Hao to kill him. It was because he knew that he himself was likely in danger, wishing to eliminate Shi Hao before he faced judgment. 


However, Shi Hao was currently at the center of the lightning tribulation, the curse power there even more vicious like that of an erupting volcano. It was boundless, originating from all directions as it frantically surged.

As soon as he approached, a streak of lightning radiance immediately struck down on his skull. Blood immediately flew everywhere, his scalp coming off, hair burning!

That curse was mixed together with the lightning radiance, landing on his body like red molten iron on snow. Chi chi sounds rang out as pieces of flesh came off. His skull was pitch-black, dead spots spreading. 

Ma Yuan screamed miserably, immediately blasted outwards.

The curse was too serious, delivering life threatening danger to a heavenly deity!

"Old thing, you really aren't enough. We've only started yet you already can't hold on?" Shi Hao made cynical remarks. In reality, his own situation was a horrible sight as well. 

His entire body was covered in blood, the first few strikes of lightning radiance already leaving his hair dishevelled, flesh badly mangled, entire body scorched black, receiving extremely serious injuries.

The heavenly tribulation this time was unimaginable, incredibly powerful. Even in the past era when there were heavenly tribulations endless years ago, it was rarely seen on cultivators at this realm. 

This was destruction without any way of life!

When this type of lightning tribulation appeared, it signified destruction, the massacre of exceptional geniuses. Thunderclouds oppressed the world!

The heavenly tribulation wasn't right, the color a bit terrifying. At first, gold, silver, and purple colored lightning hacked down, but in the end, there was blood-colored lightning, the electrical radiance pouring down like corpse water, splitting the heavens. 


A streak of thunderous light hacked down, releasing five-colored light, turning into five thunderclaps, smashing down on Ma Yuan's head. This was 'Five Thunderclaps From Above' not only in name, but reality.

"Ah…" Ma Yuan cried out miserably, because the curse power was too strong, corroding his skull, making the crown of his head decay. 


A streak of blood-colored lightning descended, tearing apart the crown of his head. Black smoke began to rise, blood splashing outwards. It was a ghastly sight. 

In the distance, all those who saw this scene shivered, their bodies breaking out into goosebumps. This was a heavenly deity, yet he was suffering this kind of torment.

This scene made everyone tremble, their bodies shaking, fine hairs and pores feeling cold. 

"Go!" Ma Yuan wanted to flee. He was just too terrified. This was just the beginning, yet he was already corroded so miserably by the curse power. All of the previous dormant afflictions now flared out.

However, something that made his scalp go numb happened. In the distance, the two Chaos Ancient Mosquitoes went mad. They didn't stay within the range of the heavenly tribulation, but they were stirred up to the point of going mad. 

A boundless domain surged, affecting the space around them. The two ancient bugs sealed up this place. 

The other heavenly deities moved even earlier than Ma Yuan, all of them wishing to escape from this cursed place, but they suffered an ambush. As soon as the Horned Dragon tore apart the void, a streak of bloody light appeared, half of its body breaking off. 

That was a Chaos Ancient Mosquito taking action. The terrifying mouthpart broke its dragon tail, drinking half of its body's essence blood in one go.

No matter how powerful a heavenly deity was, it would still take time for them to recover, unable to restore its condition on the spot. Meanwhile, in this cursed land, a slight bit of weakness would be incredibly terrifying. 

"No, ah…" The Horned Dragon roared. 

It backed up, returning to the lightning radiance. The curse corroded its body, flesh splitting, pieces falling off. It was like old bark falling off a withered tree over endless time. 

Snow-white bones were revealed. The Horned Dragon screamed miserably. Half of its body was destroyed, a part of its body lost, and now, another portion became sparkling white bones. 

This was but a heavenly deity! When had it ever been in such a terrible situation?!

"No! My heart is bleeding! That is dragon meat, heavenly deity grade, yet it was wasted just like that!" Shi Hao screamed from the distance. Even though his face was drenched in blood, hair a complete mess, entire body covered in cracks and scorched black, he still shouted loudly. 

When the Horned Dragon heard this, it was so angry its entire body shuddered. A trifling Divine Flame Realm cultivator even dared to act so impudent, lusting after its flesh, it truly was intolerable!

Only, right now, it truly was at its wits end. The heavenly tribulation crashed down, thunder radiance still continuing. The main issue was that the curse was too strong, completely making the heavy curse that had already infected their bodies flare out, setting off a barrel of explosives. 

"This isn't the useless flesh of that bastard Ma Yuan, but Horned Dragon meat!" Shi Hao grieved.

Ma Yuan's nose almost went crooked from anger, smoke coming out from his seven apertures, feeling endless resentment. 

Right now, they truly wished they were rather dead than alive. 

"Youngster, you aren't allowed to die easily!" The Horned Dragon angrily berated. This vicious younger generation youth actually incited heavenly tribulation, getting them all involved as well.

"Dao friends, let's run and leave this blasted place first. If we die because of this, it will be too sullen!" Ma Yuan advised, standing together with the Horned Dragon, preparing to break out. 

However, the scene that happened not too far out made their fine hairs stand on end, making them immediately stop their footsteps. 

The Dragon Sparrow broke out, using its heavenly deity wings to hack apart the sky, about to escape, but a palm-sized mosquito disappeared with a flash. With a pu sound, it pierced through its body, entering inside.


The Dragon Sparrow screamed miserably, its body immediately withering up, all of its blood essence disappearing. 

Immediately afterwards, it broke free, forcing away that ancient mosquito, but it couldn't endure the curse's corrosion. It staggered about, but when it returned to the lightning radiance, it was hacked by a streak of heavenly lightning, its entire body becoming ash-colored. Curse power completely devoured it. 


It began to split apart from between its brows, all of the flesh over its entire body turning into thick blood. Only a skeleton remained, and even the heavenly deity bones were rotting. 

A gray-colored divine bird flew out from its skull. That was its primordial spirit, currently without the slightest bit of luster. It gradually darkened as more thunderous light appeared. 


In the end, its primordial spirit scattered!

A heavenly deity fell!

The Dragon Sparrow was the one with the weakest cultivation, its heavenly dao unsteady, barely reaching this cultivation realm. As such, it was the first to encounter disaster, dying here. 

"Heavens, a heavenly deity died, turned to ashes under the curse power just like that. This… is all because of a single youth."

"But Huang is still alive, still challenging the tribulation!"

Everyone's lips were shaking. When they saw this scene, every single one of them trembled with fear. A high and mighty, unequalled heavenly deity died just like that. 

It was like something out of a legend. One has to understand that this was all brought about by a small cultivator!

"Ah ah ah… it hurts so much!" Shi Hao screamed with incomparable pain. "Heavens, return me my Dragon Sparrow meat! What a waste of natural resources, how can you destroy it just like that? I want to eat heavenly deity grade divine bird meat!" 

His injuries were severe, many places already revealing bone. His body was badly mangled, struggling under the lightning radiance. However, his mouth just wouldn't close. 

"Little monster, serves you right to be hacked by lightning. You'll die without a proper burial site!" A heavenly deity roared angrily.

"Ah pei! This old one just isn't going to die! You old turtles can die instead!" Shi Hao responded, enduring the pain, replying through gritted teeth.

At this point, both sides were in incomparable pain, even Shi Hao himself felt that things weren't quite right. There was curse power spreading, wishing to enter his body. 

Fortunately, he wasn't a native, his body previously not housing endless curse power, so it didn't flare out. He wouldn't immediately die from being affected the first time. 


Lightning radiance was released everywhere, blood-colored lightning interweaving, forming a web, blasting Shi Hao until he flew outwards, smashing into the ground. His body released pi pa sounds, cracks covering his bones densely. 

Right now, those heavenly deities weren't feeling all that great either.

"Not good, dying in the hands of a younger generation youth is too shameful. We have to escape no matter what!" The Horned Dragon roared. 

A Pi Xiu appeared at its side, as well as a Golden Ancient Ape. They were both well-known figures among heavenly deities. They displayed might together, rushing outwards. 

"Not good, don't tell me that the ancient mosquitoes revived, developing a bit of intelligence? Why are they attacking now?" The Ancient Ape shouted.

The situation was dire. Its defensive force was definitely astonishing, golden scales covering its body, but it still wasn't enough to block the penetration of the ancient bug's mouthparts. Blood began to fly out like a whirlwind. 

"Monkey, you dare run? Leave your monkey brain behind! My food isn't allowed to be brought away!" Shi Hao roared. 

"I fucking swear…" The Ancient Ape was furious, its temper irritable to begin with. Now, after suffering this kind of torment, its temper naturally became even more unfavorable, wishing to trample Shi Hao to death in one go.

"Not good, dao brother, save me!" Ma Yuan screamed miserably. 

Turns out that he actually escaped to the side after breaking out from the siege of three heavenly deities, but then, another ancient mosquito pierced through him, half of his body now completely lost. 

In an instant, dead spots quickly covered his body, his flesh crumbling away. 

"Old Ma, I am going to fight a decisive battle with you!" Shi Hao put on a look of devoted righteousness, descending.

"Decisive battle my ass!" Ma Yuan cursed. He really wanted to skin Shi Hao alive.

When Shi Hao threw himself over, the heart of the heavenly tribulation also moved. This without a doubt sped up Ma Yuan's destruction. 

"No…" Ma Yuan cried out miserably, his eyes filled with despair, carrying remorse. Why did this disaster have to come? It wasn't worth it at all! He threw his own life away in the process. 

In the distance, those heavenly deities didn't take action, all preoccupied with protecting themselves. Who had enough time to tend to Ma Yuan? 


He turned into a skeleton, his primordial spirit also about to shatter, on the verge of vanishing.

"Old Ma, I'll help you out!" Shi Hao descended from the sky, bringing with him thunderous light and curse power, a foot trampling down viciously.


Ma Yuan's skull cracked, primordial spirit scattered, his body and spirit thus erased. 

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