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Chapter 955 - Heaven Defying Killing

There were over a hundred thousand people here, the crowd seemingly endless. 

Right now, there was precisely this type of scene in Dark Realm, and there were far more than a hundred thousand creatures. They all watched from the distance, distributed between the sky and mountain peaks, densely filling this place. 

It was because things had developed too greatly. Several great heavenly deities displayed hatred, insisting on killing Huang. 

"Disasters live for a thousand years after all. He really didn't die!" In the crowd, the little rabbit clenched her fists, laughing with hehe sounds.

The Divine Striking Stone hid between mountain cracks, also sneaking glances over. "Did that fella go mad? Daring to challenge heavenly deities even now. What other types of methods are there?"

Qing Yi, Cao Yusheng, Chang Gongyan and others all came, but none of them revealed their true bodies. They watched carefully, all of them extremely nervous.

They weren't the only ones, this was the case for others as well. They all felt a rather heavy atmosphere, their attention fixed on the situation.

"Huang, I really don't know if you've gone mad or stupid. Do you think you can stop our advance with this lake alone? If a heavenly deity wanted to kill you, it would be useless even if a True Immortal revived!" Di Kun said. 

"If a True Immortal were to descend to earth, a single finger would crush you all to death. No, it should be said that even if a single hair fell, all of you would be blasted apart!" Shi Hao sneered, continuing to ridicule them.

"There's no need to say anything else. Just get rid of him. Towards this thing who doesn't know how high the heavens are and how deep the earth is, there is no need to speak more. What is the point of bickering!" Ma Yuan said with an overcast expression. 

"Old Ma, you really are someone who doesn't know what it means to be shameful. Did you already forget the matters of me beating you up, or maybe even forgot the way you pissed your pants in terror, running for your life after being chased by some mosquitoes?"

The more Ma Yuan tried to feign a dignified stance, the more lowly Shi Hao's mouth became, exposing everything about him, enthusiastically mocking him, angering Old Ma so bad that he began to tremble. 

"Stop speaking rubbish. Going to kill you!" The Golden Ancient Elephant was the first one to take action.

Then, the Ancient Ape also moved. The Pi Xiu even more so spat out divine radiance. 

In that instant, several heavenly deities moved, activating heavenly deity natural laws to suppress and kill Shi Hao. 

However, they were quite crafty. After taking action, they immediately hacked open the void, choosing to flee into the distance. They merely did this to disturb the creatures in the lake, making them move.

Shi Hao's expression changed. The other party acted completely in reverse, using his methods back at him. Those individuals all ran. Even though those mosquitoes felt restraining fear towards the stuff on his body, they still went mad, so they might also attack him. 

Heavenly deity natural laws descended, making the black-colored lake erupt.

Large amounts of mosquitoes died, the lake water even more so becoming a white expanse, the upper portion evaporating.

Shi Hao quickly fled to the distance, no longer staying at the center of the lake. That place was too terrifying. 


The lake's evaporation was stopped. Several golden heavenly deities came out, and those two Chaos Ancient Mosquitoes' eyes became red as well. They flapped their wings, crushing the void. 

The lake was frozen, no longer being damaged. The most terrifying creatures appeared with the world covering mosquitoes. They were furious, frantically searching for their enemy.


The spectators in the distance cried out in alarm, all of them scared until their faces turned white, frantically running for their lives.

Shi Hao also rushed into the distance. Right at this moment, several great heavenly deities appeared at the same time, surrounding him and locking down the void. The entire mountain region was immediately sealed up.

"Youngster, did you truly think we had no way of dealing with you? For a heavenly deity to kill an ant like you, there are just too many ways!" The Horned Dragon said coldly. 

"Why aren't you running? Today, I will slaughter you, and it will be as easy as squashing a bug!" Ma Yuan said coldly. 

"Treating my Elephant Race as food, who do you think you are? Today, I will probably interrogate your soul!" The Golden Ancient Elephant was furious. 

Di Kun even more so directly took action. A divine chain of order shot out, attacking at Shi Hao. He carried cold intent and contempt as he said, "Brat who doesn't understand life or death!"

Everyone in the distance saw this scene. They all released a sigh. Huang was too full of youthful vigor, throwing his own life away in the process.


A tremendous sound rang through the air. A sphere of light appeared around Shi Hao's body, protecting him within. 

That was the Divine Protecting Symbol. It displayed its might again, stopping the heavenly deities' attack.

"This ancient talisman really is mysterious. However, I want to see how many times you'll be able to use it! If each one of us attacks, it will be destroyed sooner or later." The Dragon Sparrow laughed coldly.


Suddenly, the Chaos Ancient Mosquitoes caught up, carrying several heavenly deities and a hoard of bugs, rushing over like a dark cloud.

This scene was too frightening, making those heavenly deities' expressions all change. They never expected that two ancestral mosquitoes that had lost their intelligence would carry such a grudge, chasing them all the way here.


They restricted this place, and then cut off this part of the void, their bodies vanishing this place, restricting Shi Hao and bringing him with them as they escaped this small world.

In the distance, everyone was shocked. This was too terrifying! The methods of heavenly deities were hard to estimate after all. The fact that they could tear through the void themselves was one thing, but when working together, they could actually bring away an entire chunk of space, bringing the mountains and rivers with them.


What shocked them was that the two Chaos Ancient Mosquitoes were also like this, instinctively surrounding this entire space, bringing the hoard of mosquitoes in pursuit, leaving this realm.

"Heavens, this group of mosquitoes really hold quite the grudge. Something major is about to happen!" There were true deities that cried out in alarm. 

Everyone broke out into a cold shiver, sensing that Immortal Ancient was going to be chaotic. Two Chaos Ancient Mosquitoes left their nest, chasing heavenly deities like this, it was definitely terrifying. 

"Go, chase after them and take a look!" 

"You're crazy! Aren't you scared of being eaten by those mosquitoes? Do you want to become a dried corpse?!"

"Don't worry, those mosquitoes already targeted the heavenly deities, so we can only chase behind them. If something wrong happens, we'll immediately run." 

A large group chased after them. There was never a lack of reckless individuals who wanted to personally witness a scene. They all flocked over. 

The heavenly deities swept Shi Hao along with them, continuously escaping, appearing in several small worlds in succession. However, the mosquitoes still chased after them, not giving up. 

This left those heavenly deities shocked, their faces unpleasant. This was now extremely troublesome. They never expected the ancient mosquitoes to be so hard to get rid off, actually pursuing them all this way. 

Could it be that some of them were going to die?

"Hurry and take action!" The Ancient Ape erupted, taking action against Shi Hao, attacking his Divine Protection Symbol. 

The others' expressions became extremely gloomy. They all brought out precious techniques as well, preparing to bombard this symbol and seize his flesh. They would then separately run, every man for himself. 

Those who chased after them discovered that the mosquitoes were indeed only targeting those heavenly deities.

There were more and more spectators. A small half of Immortal Ancient was startled, and cultivators from every race appeared, all of them wishing to watch this unbelievable scene. 

"Finished, this time Huang is going to die from this disaster!" Someone sighed. 

How is he still supposed to run? Being sealed in the void by several great heavenly deities, if he only had the Divine Protecting Symbol to rely on, sooner or later, it would be broken.

"How could it be like this? This fella is too stupid, putting himself in that kind of dangerous situation. This time, he is most likely going to die!" The little rabbit widened its eyes in a stupefied manner. 

"Sigh, why are you so dumb?!" The Divine Striking stone was disappointed in Shi Hao. 

Qing Yi, Cao Yuseheng, Xue Lin, Luo Dao, Chang Gongyan and others also frowned. Shi Hao fell into a difficult situation. There was no route of life to speak of at all.

Outside world, three thousand provinces. 

The cultivators of all sects saw this scene, because Shi Hao didn't use his immortal energy. This situation turned around too quickly, leaving everyone shocked. 

"He is definitely dead this time. How is he supposed to turn around the situation?"

"Hah, the reason he was able to live before can be considered a miracle, a great swing of luck, but before absolute strength, what kind of splashes can a small cultivator make? Challenging several heavenly deities like this, it is just purely courting death!" 

Some people discussed among themselves. The ones that were previously furious began to laugh now, carrying expressions of mockery as they watched the situation develop. 

"If he can still survive, then I'll slap my own face, consider myself shooting my mouth." Someone carried cold intent. He then began to laugh loudly. 

"He's definitely dead. What road of life is there to speak of?!" The others also shook their heads. That was definitely a dangerous situation with no way out.

Underworld Clan, Heavenly Country, Immortal Palace, Fire Cloud Cavern, Celestial Clan, and other clans all revealed faint smiles, releasing a breath of resentment. They all felt their moods becoming much better. 

However, right at this moment, a sky shocking radiance shone, making everyone's eyes sting with pain. Their minds were greatly shaking, all of them stupefied.

"Heavens, what is he doing?"

"Could it be that he wants to turn around the situation, able to come back from death's door?!"

"He is… defying the heavens!"

Many people cried out, and even heavenly deities were no exception. They were all stupefied. 

Three thousand provinces, the cultivators of all sects were shaken, staring blankly at the scene reflected off the Immortal Dao Flower Petals, finding everything hard to believe. 

At the same time, many people felt their faces turn hot, as if they were slapped. 

Within Immortal Ancient, a small world.

Shi Hao stood at the center, no longer suppressing himself. He operated his divine force at full strength, his entire body shining. He erupted into the most powerful state he had been since birth, using the Lightning Emperor's secret technique to move endless lightning radiance. 

In that instant, a thick streak of heaven connecting lightning crashed down. It was terrifying to no end, shocking all directions!

This was heavenly tribulation, not regular lightning, the divine judgment rained down from the heavens!

If a normal person tried to bring about such a thing in an era without heavenly tribulation, it would be extremely difficult. However, Shi Hao cultivated the Lightning Emperor's secret technique, and carefully researched this dao, so it wasn't too strenuous. 

However, this heaven defying matter of forcefully guiding heavenly tribulation was incomparably terrifying, much more terrifying than the lightning judgment that normally descended.

It was just the beginning, yet the most powerful lightning descended, piercing through the void, blasting everything apart. The noises that rang out were like the explosions of stars, making everyone's ears bleed. It was difficult to endure. 

This was too ferocious and terrifying!

No one would have expected Shi Hao to be this decisive, actually doing this type of thing that shocked all of Immortal Ancient!


Several heavenly deities cried out miserably, their faces full of fear. 

It was because in that terrifying heavenly judgment, there was extremely strong curse power descending along with the lightning radiance, completely submerging them. 

Shi Hao was crossing a tribulation, but they suffered disaster with him! 

This curse power was rich to an unimaginable level, like liquid as it surrounded them, the corrosion seeping into their bones, simply unable to escape from.

If they never encountered the curse, then that was one thing. They wouldn't be directly obliterated the first time.

However, these individuals were long 'beyond cure', corroded by the curse for several tens of thousands of years. Now, it completely, thoroughly erupted. 

"No, no, no!" Ma Yuan cried out, starting to decay from the feet up. Large pieces of flesh came off, almost becoming a skeleton in an instant.

"Ah ah ah… go away!" The Golden Ancient Elephant roared. Even though its skin was rough and its flesh thick, golden divine skin incomparably sturdy, right now, dead skin covered its body, quickly decaying.

It was originally someone with shocking defensive prowess, but because it had pursued Shi Hao for a while, it suffered the most from the curse, immediately 'buried' under the terrifying curse power. 

The Golden Ancient Elephant cried out miserably, its head in tatters, pieces of flesh coming off. It immediately revealed white-colored bones. 

In addition, even its heavenly deity bones were decaying, becoming like rotten wood, continuously cracking.


A streak of heavenly lightning descended, perfectly hacking down on its tusks. The two snow-white weapons broke, carrying decaying black blood as they fell from the skies. 

"Too… domineering, what a waste! My heavenly deity elephant meat!" Just as Shi Hao was hacked until he was grimacing in pain, he still didn't forget about food, speaking this sentence, angering the Golden Ancient Elephant until its entire body was contorting.

"Ah…" Di Kun was roaring angrily, his flesh covered in discolored skin, flesh continuously separating. 

This was true for all of those great heavenly deities without exception. They all encountered a disaster!

"I am unwilling to accept this!" The heavenly deities all roared. 

"Heavens, did Huang do this?" In the distance, everyone was shaken up, not daring to believe their eyes. 

"He is crossing the tribulation, using this to trap and kill those great heavenly deities! This is too crazy! Doing it like this, will he even be able to live?" 

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