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Chapter 953 - Arrogant

The pile of bones on the ground included those from Horned Dragon, Dragon Sparrow, it was a mess. The enormous bones were shining, containing mysterious power. 

Shi Hao laid on his back next to the lake, resting his head on a pile of dragon bones, below him beautiful sparrow feathers that were incredibly comfortable. He released a belch. 

He drank a mouthful of strong alcohol, smacked his lips over the taste, feeling that this type of relaxation was better than being a daoist immortal. 

Half a year ago, he was running for his life, his body seriously injured and on the verge of dying. During the recent few months, he even fought daily against mosquitoes, his body pierced by the sharp needle-like mouthparts to refine his body. It was an incredibly bitter experience. 

Now, he was so relaxed. After eating his fill, he was perfectly content, his pores releasing multicolored light, magical force flourishing and his body full of vigor. This was a rare moment of leisure and enjoyment.

"Heavens, it really is that… devil king, Huang! He is still alive!"

Not far out, there were people who came. When they saw him, they couldn't help but cry out, feeling that this was inconceivable. The rumors were true, he appeared, alive, perfectly fine. 

"Is it really him? That is a well known taboo place, the Chaos Mosquito Lake, a place no one could crawl out of alive. How did he do it?"

Everyone was stupefied, finding this hard to believe. Unless they personally saw it for themselves, they would have all felt that the news was false, that someone purposely fabricated fake news. Now, they were all speechless. "Aiyou, I just had a meal, almost can't even get up. Why did you all appear again?" Shi Hao sat up, rubbed his stomach. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he stared at the clans before him. 

There were Golden Ancient Apes, Horned Dragons, and others. They were all from races that had previously pursued him.

Of course, the ones that came weren't heavenly deities, the highest at the True Deity Realm. When they heard Huang appear in this world again, they just happened to be close by, immediately hurrying out.

Unbridled! Someone secretly clenched their teeth and then quickly withdrew. At first, they didn't believe the news, but now that they personally saw Huang, they were extremely shocked. At the same time, they felt that things were going south extremely fast, wishing to run.

"Since you came, don't leave!" Shi Hao laughed loudly. A large earthen hand covered the sky, descending like a thick cloud, covering that place.


Several creatures shouted loudly, doing everything they could to resist. At the same time, they felt regret. It truly was curiosity killing the cat, running over to to seek confirmation, wasn't this just diving straight into the tiger's mouth?

In that instant, they were completely suppressed.

Several creatures were picked up and pulled to the lakeside. Shi Hao was extremely patient. He produced a Horned Dragon tendon, stringing them all up and hanging them on his body. Now that he saw these delicacies after several months of darkness, his eyes were about to release green light. 

Food? When others heard this, they felt speechless, all of them stupefied. Forget about everything else, this fella really was… too vicious!

The enormous golden elephant, Pi Xiu, and others, their original bodies were like a small mountain, yet right now, they were strung up together and turned into the size of a fist, their miniature forms hanging from his body. It truly was a strange and shocking sight. 

"I'm seeing ghosts! It really is him!" 

As time went on, there were people from other clans that came to investigate, especially the ones that were comparatively closer hostile creatures that were wandering about outside who immediately hurried over. 

As one could well imagine, they were captured one after another. 

Shi Hao hated some of these clans bitterly. He was almost chased to death. Now that their disciples appeared, he naturally wouldn't be too polite. 

These people were all mislead, believing that Shi Hao couldn't be alive, so they came to seek verification. 

Of course, most of the creatures later on were rather careful, not approaching this place and watching from afar. They all sucked in a cold breath of air when they saw the prey strung up around his body. Their scalps turned numb, every single one of them scampering off.

As for those that were unrelated, Shi Hao didn't take action, not 'deranged' to that extent.

"Hey, Underworld Clan, what are you trying to get in on the action for? So stinky and rotten, can't eat you all at all. All of you should crawl as far away from my sight as you can!" Shi Hao pointed out. 

Under pu pu sounds, several Underworld Clan experts that carried bitterness and grudges were killed, collapsing onto the ground, their dark blood splashing extremely high into the air. 

In the outside world, the cultivators of the three thousand provinces were stupefied.

Right now, Shi Hao didn't produce any immortal energy, so they saw this scene clearly. They all looked at each other in dismay. 

As for Underworld Lord, he stood on a white bone mountain, his face as unpleasant as unpleasant could get. This was undisguised contempt. This fella provoked heavenly deities in Immortal Ancient, yet he still didn't disappear, unexpectedly daring to take action like this. 

"Heavenly Country's assassin hadn't been killed yet! Actually still showing himself." Shi Hao spoke again. He released a cold laugh, collecting his smile for the first time. He vanished from his original location, entering the void.


Blood scattered outwards. A humanoid figure appeared from the void, half his body shattered on the spot. 

Heavenly Country's present world number one assassin!

It was actually him, also arriving nearby. 

One had to understand that Heavenly Country's ancient freak, that king's flesh had been obliterated by Shi Hao last time. However, Heavenly Country's present world inheritor didn't show himself. 

Today, he wasn't about to escape disaster. He had half his body immediately removed by Shi Hao, and then with a peng sound, another leg swept out, the kick making Heavenly Country's present world number one assassin explode into a rain of blood on the spot. 

In the outside world, three thousand provinces. 

A blood-colored war chariot that was shockingly bright red continuously poured out blood. Heaven overflowing killing intent rushed out. The ancient war chariot was rumbling with zheng zheng sounds!

This was the first time Heavenly Country's lord was this angry!

Huang, this was humiliating Heavenly Country, declaring war, challenging his dignity. He was doing this for him to see. 

Everyone else's expressions changed. Was this Huang who cultivated two strands of immortal dao energy? He was extremely powerful after all! How terrifying was Heavenly Country's assassin against people of the same level? However, in the end, he was killed as soon as they encountered each other.

Everyone was deeply aware how serious the matter was. If he grew up, that… would be unimaginable!

"So what if I ate too much?" He returned to the lakeside, rubbing his stomach as he said this. 

In reality, his figure was tall and handsome, his stomach not swelling out at all. When everyone saw this scene, they knew that he was definitely trying to humiliate those great heavenly deity clans. 

"How should I aid my digestion?" Shi Hao muttered. He suddenly stared at the creatures behind him and laughed loudly. "The seed delivery is here!"

Those creatures were extremely hateful, turning around to leave. Those were Demonic Sunflower Garden's experts. They were naturally mortal enemies of Huang, part of the main force of seven deities that went to the lower realms. 

This time, Shi Hao didn't kill them, merely capturing them. Clattering noises ran out, and after shaking them, he plucked at them madly, producing a pile of sparkling black jadelike seeds. 

It was clear that these actions would make their cultivations decline steeply. This was where their essence was accumulated. 

Ka ka!

Shi Hao began to crack the seeds by the lake, his appearance carefree. Those experts covered their faces as they ran, feeling too much grief and indignation.

In the distance, those who were watching were speechless. Regardless of whether it was the natives or the geniuses of the three thousand provinces, they all widened their eyes. This really was a devil king!

In the outside world, the border of the uninhabited region. 

Demonic Sunflower Garden's lord was so angry an enormous mountain was slapped, rage overflowing into the heavens.

Many people kept quiet out of fear. They knew Huang was doing this on purpose.

Not long ago, those clan's cultivators were still laughing and ridiculing Huang, believing that he definitely died, that he couldn't live for long, but in the end, not only was he still alive, he was even provoking them like this. 

This was the same as slapping them in the face, their cheeks struck with no place to hide.

Many people felt their faces become hot, their skin extremely uncomfortable!

By the lakeside, seed shells were all over the ground, his body surging with spiritual essence. Every single seed contained dao and divinity, a type of mending medicine. 

"This fella… too arrogant, too unbridled! Actually sitting right there, eating and drinking, is he going to face the heavenly deities here?!" 

"Unforgivable, he will definitely be killed! Actually daring to challenge the bottom lines of every clan like this, he will die without a burial site!"

It was clear that there were many hostile creatures in the crowd, all of them furious. They clenched their fists tightly, waiting for heavenly deities to arrive and kill him. 

"The seeds are so greasy. How great would it be if there was a plate of fruit?" Shi Hao said. 


A divine vine was pulled up from the ground, someone from the higher realms' Sun God Divine Temple. This was a golden stalk of sun vine, also part of a hostile party. Shi Hao dragged him over, and with chi chi sound, treated it like a sugar cane, starting to chew on it. 

"He won't be allowed to live!" In the outside world, a golden ancient vine roared, Sun God Divine Temple's lord. He had part of its body removed by the Willow Deity in the lower realm, then fled in a sorry state. 

This… was originally a shocking scene. Huang returned alive, drawing everyone's attention, but no one expected this fella to make this type of play. It really left them stupefied. 


Heaven fell and earth cracked, ghosts weeped and deities howled.

Finally, a heavenly deity descended!

This small world trembled intensely, the void splitting apart. Several figures emerged from a large black crack, overlooking the black-colored lake. 

When it saw the pile of bones on the ground, the face of the Golden Ancient Elephant in midair fell. It was as large as a mountain, its aura terrifying.

"Little monster, you are too arrogant, do you feel that just because you have some backing, you can offend heavenly deities? Today, you won't be able to continue living!"

The Golden Ancient Elephant coldly spoke. However, soon after, the veins on its forehead jumped, its golden pupils firing two streaks of sharp light, at the end of its patience. 

It was because that brat was actually… using a snow white tusk to pick at his teeth!

Shi Hao was calm and unruffled, using methods to shrink a snow white, jadelike enormous elephant tusk. He pinched it between his fingers, carelessly using it like a toothpick.

Everyone became dumbstruck. This fella was… too unbridled. Wouldn't this anger the Golden Ancient Elephant to death?!

"Brat, provoking me like this, even if you wish to die, it'll be difficult. You'll wish you were dead rather than alive!" in the skies, an enormous rumbling sound rang through the air. The Horned Dragon Race's heavenly deity appeared, his eyes like lanterns as they stared downwards. 

Shi Hao casually flung aside the toothpick and put on a set of armor. It shone brilliantly. Upon closer inspection, they were made from Horned Dragon Scales.

"You are courting death!" The Horned Dragon roared, its eyes becoming red. 

"Younger generation, you are going too far. There won't be a good end for you." A Dragon Sparrow with bright and beautiful feathers spread its wings, covering the sky as it spoke.

Shi Hao still didn't say anything, using his actions as a response. He picked out the most resplendent Dragon Sparrow feather, the only 'true feather', similar to a primordial true feather. Then… he began to pick at his ears. 

"Accept death!"

In the void, the Dragon Sparrow shook its wings.

"Brat, you have quite some guts, but you can forget about defying the heavens. Not even a true immortal can save you today!" Ma Yuan also came. The heavenly deities' pursuit began precisely because of him. 

Shi Hao finally responded directly, saying, "You old turtle, I'll stew you alive in a bit. Also, those others like the ancient apes, Pi Xiu, and Di Kun's bunch of bastards, all of you should just crawl over too!"

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