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Chapter 952 - Huang's Return

A large half of a year passed, yet Huang never made an appearance. There were some who sighed with regret, and some who took joy in this disaster, everyone's expressions towards this different. 

A genius who cultivated two strands of immortal energy was forced into the Chaos Mosquito Lake by a heavenly deity, dying just like that, it made many people sigh with sorrow. 

Regardless of whether they were friend or enemy, they all felt that it was a great pity. There was never a lack of discussions on this matter.

Only recently did the disturbance begin to calm, fewer people bringing it up. After all, when even the most powerful died, they would still turn into yellow earth, coexisting with the grass  and trees, all of their previous glory in life no longer existing.

"Shi Hao, I will get revenge for you!" Cao Yusheng came out from seclusion. After learning of this, his chubby face was full of anger, angrily vowing. 

Qing Yi and the little rabbit had previously asked heavenly deities to take revenge for Shi Hao, but it wasn't all that effective, encountering resistance. 

No one wanted to offend tribes with heavenly deities for a dead person. A living Huang was a genius with endless potential, but what was a corpse worth?

"Brother Shi, walk in peace!" Chang Gongyan drank to the moon, drinking a cup alone and then pouring a cup onto the ground. 

Immortal Ancient still had geniuses who rose up, glorious legends being born. The focus of everyone's attention was no longer on Huang. There were other events and great figures rising up. 

"What kind of place is that vicious nest exactly, to be that frightening? Even heavenly deities would die if they went inside, no chance of emerging alive!"

Everyone was shocked. The banished immortal-like young man from that vicious nest with the jade flute had previously encountered the pursuit of heavenly deities as well, because it was suspected that he also cultivated two strands of immortal energy. 

However, when he fled back into the vicious nest with heavy injuries, a heavenly deity followed him inside, but unexpectedly died, a rain of blood rising, covering the sky, shocking Immortal Ancient!

For example, someone incurred heavenly tribulation, triggering a huge uproar. How many years had it been since someone like this appeared? To actually use lightning tribulation to temper the body, carry out a baptism!

That day, immortal ancient was greatly shaken. Many people stood around and watched this magnificent scene.

Unfortunately, that ancient freak failed to cross the tribulation, ultimately dying. It was because he took the initiative to draw over heavenly tribulation, sending down incredibly ferocious, unimaginable suffering, ultimately blasted into coal. 

It was also that day that Immortal Ancient's natives were horrified, because when that youth tried to cross the tribulation, endless curse power descended, corroding that person. Even heavenly deities trembled, fearing that they would be affected. 

It was because for outsiders, being attacked by the curse power the first time wasn't much, but for them, it was the same as stirring up past injuries, making their own curse power even more serious.

"Ten Crown King's little tree is actually the young sprout of a World Tree!"

When news of this got out, it left all of Immortal Ancient greatly shaken up. Many experts set out to look for him, stirring up quite the commotion. 

One has to understand that even in the last great era, the World Tree was a supreme treasure. To plant a young sprout into one's body, there was no need to think too much to understand how incredible this was. He could definitely cultivate a second strand of immortal energy.

It was because there had been recordings in the last great era that his was one of the most powerful immortal seeds!

In that great era, someone refined the initial form of a universe, using that as a seed, merging it with the self. There were those who planted a World Tree in their bodies, stepping on the most powerful path since the ancient times, ultimately reaching the peak of immortal dao, their fighting prowess shaking past and future!

The disturbance that was created was naturally incomparable. The natives' heavenly deities couldn't sit still, all of them coming out of isolation, risking the dangers of the curse's corrosion to find Ten Crown King. 

In addition, even other ancient freaks suffered attacks, a few big names being attacked. 

This was the last time Immortal Ancient was going to be opened. All sides brought out their trump cards and natural luck, not hiding anything anymore. As a result, an unprecedented great chaos was stirred up. 

Only much later on when the most well known figures among ancient freaks either died or disappeared did the disturbance gradually calm. 

During this process, there were some who were like brilliant comets that lit up the skies, their names remembered by everyone.

For example, Ten Crown King, vicious nest's exiled immortal, Ning Chuan, and others, every single one of them shining brilliantly, making the sun and moon lose color. They were still alive, yet the heavenly deities temporarily couldn't find them. 

Three thousand provinces, the uninhabited region's borders.

The hearts of cultivators of all sects were rising and falling, emotions surging. They witnessed what happened in the past half year within Immortal Ancient through the flower petals. All of them found it difficult to calm down.

"Good! My clan's genius rose up, dug up a stalk of divine medicine, his strength increasing greatly. I hope he can safely return."

"Ning Chuan is formidable! Actually avoiding the pursuit of heavenly deities!

"What a pity, that genius who tried to cross tribulation originally had incredible talent, yet in the end became a piece of charred coal. Truly a pity."


There were discussions everywhere.

Some people felt joy, some worry. Shi Ziling and his wife both fell dispirited, feeling extremely terrible.

"Heh, half a year has already passed, but Huang still didn't come out. He's definitely dead." 

"Behaving so ostentatiously, he was destined to wither away early. Being able to continue living is what's not normal!"

It was clear that there were quite a few great sects who were dissatisfied with Shi Hao, for example, the Celestial Clan, Fire Cloud Cavern, Immortal Palace, Underworld Clan, Great Sky Border, and others. Right now, the people of these sects all released a breath of relief. 

"What a pity, he died. I was still waiting for him to return." WIthin a blood-colored chariot, an owl-like cold voice sounded. That was Heavenly Country's lord, his voice extremely terrifying. 

It was clear that the reason he hoped Shi Hao could return alive was so that he could personally take action, not because he truly wished him peace. 

"Should count him as being lucky! If he appeared alive, he'll wish he was dead rather than alive!" Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people laughed coldly. 

"Dying like this is like being set free. He is too lucky." Demonic Sunflower Garden's people also spoke. 

These ancient sects all had many of their disciples cooked and eaten by Shi Hao. There was already enmity between them before, so they hated him bitterly.

This time, Shi Hao landed in the black-colored large lake. Many inheritances all ridiculed him, some Divine Flame Realm creatures even more so laughing incessantly. 

Of course, there were many people who felt regret. A genius like him dying like this was too much of a pity. 

Regardless, Shi Hao didn't come out for the larger half of a year. No one believed that he was still alive. 

If they wanted to find his traces through the Immortal Dao Flower's petals, that was impossible, because as soon as immortal energy was cultivated, wrapping around the body, everything would be hidden.

The other result was that if they died, then there was no way to observe them either. 

The reason they were able to learn of Shi Hao's battle accomplishments, as well as the matter of him having two strands of immortal energy was by investigating bystanders. 

Back then, when they heard that Shi Hao cultivated two strands of immortal energy, everyone immediately became stupefied, producing a heaven shaking commotion. Everyone looked like they had seen a ghost.

"Haha, after dying, even geniuses are nothing more than a pile of earth!"

"Wu, what if he appears again alive one day? What if he cultivates a third strand of immortal energy? Then that will be interesting!" 

"Dao brother, what kind of nonsense are you spouting? How can a dead person appear alive, let alone cultivate a third strand of immortal energy!"

Just as the outside world and Immortal Ancient were discussing spiritedly, Shi Hao came out from isolation, emerging from the large black lake, scanning his eyes over the surroundings. 

"En? There are still people guarding the surroundings? Were they scared that I might not be dead?!" Shi Hao's eyes revealed a look of surprise. A hint of coldness flashed past. 

There were a few creatures here, such as a golden elephant, Horned Dragon, and a few humanoid ones. 

Shi Hao swallowed his saliva. It had been almost a year since he ate anything. When he saw the Golden Ancient Elephant and Horned Dragon that had draconic energy swirling about, he was overwhelmed with a desire to eat. 

"I have to economize!"

Shi Hao muttered inwardly. Before touching those beasts, he silently dragged a humanoid creature into the lake, not startling anyone else.

It was actually Di Kun's descendant, someone who came from his tribe. 

Soon after, Shi Hao learned from his mouth about the things that happened in Immortal Ancient, his expression falling greatly. In the end, he fed this person to the mosquitoes and walked ashore with large steps.

"Heavens, someone walked out from the lake!" A Dragon Sparrow cried out in alarm, its bird beak extremely large, not believing what it was seeing.

"It's him… it's actually Huang, he didn't die!" The golden elephant cried out loudly, its trunk rushing towards the sky, releasing wuwu sounds, forcefully screaming. 

"Correct, I, the one surnamed Shi, have returned from hell. You all can forget about wasting energy. Not a single one will be able to leave!" Shi Hao walked out from the black-colored lake water, arriving ashore. He swept his eyes over the powerful individuals present. 

This was too shocking, leaving every single person stunned. Then, they felt a wave of chilliness run through them. This was too strange. Didn't he die? How did he make his way out from the lake?

They guarded there just out of routine, respecting the clan's heavenly deities' orders. They didn't treat it like a real job, not believing that Shi Hao could still return alive. 

However now… a ghost appeared before the living!


These creatures screamed, taking action at the same time, wishing to escape. There were even some that brought out Realm Shattering Symbols. 

"Don't waste precious symbols!" Shi Hao shouted.

These people were horrified, discovering that the void was locked down. Not a single person was able to leave. They all activated precious techniques, secret treasures, and other things, but everything was shattered by the other party's fists that were surrounded by immortal energy. 


Shi Hao gave each one of them a fist, quickly settling the battle. Not even the true deities could resist his attacks.

An hour later, smoke rose from the side of the black lake. A large cauldron was propped up, the water within long boiling. The Dragon Sparrow, golden elephant, Horned Dragon and others were all placed inside and slow-cooked.

Fragrance wafted outwards, traveling several li out. Shi Hao gorged himself heartily. It had been a larger half of a year since he last ate, so he almost ate his own tongue. 

"Tastes so good, so good! Horned Dragon, golden elephant, and Dragon Sparrow, these are all delicacies! I truly wish I could eat my fill every day!"

Shi Hao's mouth was extremely artful. If it was in the past, he would definitely be quite picky, but with how hungry he was now, even if someone cooked a pig, he would feel that it was a delicacy. 

"Huang… appeared again?!" 

News swept through the world like a tornado, immediately spreading, shaking up a few small worlds in Immortal Ancient.

How could a dead person appear again?

"I don't believe it. That is but the Chaos Mosquito Lake! Once one falls in, not even a heavenly deity can revive. How can Huan appear in this world again?!"

This triggered a huge uproar, many people refusing to believe this. 

However, there were some that brought conclusive evidence, telling those of the outside world that Huang returned alive, currently cooking a golden elephant and Horned Dragon by the lake, roasting a Dragon Sparrow and eating heartily. 

Everyone was stunned. This… was too absurd, right?!

Shi Hao didn't bother himself with this stuff. He knew that news had already leaked out, but he didn't feel any fear, purposely doing it like this.

"He… as soon as he returned, he cooked a pot of meat. Is he fighting back and provoking those heavenly deity clans?!"

This day definitely wouldn't become calm again. The news were too shocking. 

At the same time, quite a few cultivators from the three thousand provinces learned of this as well.

At the edge of the uninhabited region, everyone saw scenes through the Immortal Dao Flower's petals, learning about what happened inside. 

Of course, they still couldn't see Shi Hao, because he had immortal energy covering him, but they learned through the mouths of others, understanding the situation. 

"How could it be? Huang… he is still alive, returned again?!" 

Not long ago, there were still those who were taking delight in his disaster, ridiculing how Huang wouldn't live for long, destined to wither away early.

However, in the end, he appeared again!

Quite a few people were showing hostility, unbridledly laughing and chatting, for example, Heavenly Country, Underworld Clan, Immortal Palace, Celestial Clan and others, but in the end, they discovered that they seemed to be slapped in the face. Huang… he was still leaping and frisking about, appearing again!

This was especially the case when someone joked not long ago that Huang might appear again, that if he cultivated a third strand of immortal energy, then that would be interesting. Of course, everyone laughed, believing that was impossible.

However, this nightmare was now real!

Many people felt their faces turning hot. This youth appeared again. There was definitely going to be a great storm!

Within Immortal Ancient, next to the great lake, Shi Hao gorged himself with food, a pile of bones on the ground. He was finally satisfied. He released a sigh, saying, "I'm full. They should appear soon too, right?"

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