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Chapter 954 - Somewhat Baited

"You…" Ma Yuan's expression became ashen, pointing at him with his fingers. This brat was too brash and rude, not putting a heavenly deity in his eyes at all. 

"You what you? Did you forget how I gave you a beating last time? Still not learning your lesson, in a bit, I'll give your old ass another beating and then directly kill you!" Shi Hao said. 

There wasn't a single person who wasn't stupefied. This fella truly dared to say anything. 

Ma Yuan was so upset his face distorted, expression became sinister. This brat actually dared to talk to him with this type of tone, as if he was older and more experienced, sounding like he truly could oppress him. 

"Old thing, you shouldn't act so stubborn. Last time, didn't you get beat up badly? Truly a good for nothing!" Shi Hao continued to mock.

"Bullshit!" Ma Yuan was furious. He had a legendary reputation, when did he ever get beaten up by a trifling Divine Flame Realm cultivator? Even though he was affected by a curse last time, that was only because he was careless.

"How unsightly!" Shi Hao laughed loudly. 

"Impudent! Kneel!" Ma Yuan shouted, using his heavenly deity secret method, sending his powerful spiritual might sweeping out to injure Shi Hao's divine senses, making his mind weaken.

The space between Shi Hao's brows shone. His divine senses were close to that of a heavenly deity, not much weaker, so he didn't fear this pressure. 

"Old turtle, what are you shouting stupidly for? You trying to run a one-man comic show? Chattering by yourself over there, don't you feel tired? Really are kind of annoying though." Shi Hao's arms were crossed as he spoke, deemphasizing the situation. 

Last time, Ma Yuan almost forced him to death, so Shi Hao's mouth naturally wouldn't be lenient this time, purposely displaying its lowliness. 

Ma Yuan's fury surged. At the same time, it trembled inwardly. He knew that this youth had previously been seriously injured, receiving great dao injuries, but now, he was full of vigor, long recovering.

The other heavenly deities also saw this. His body's state was much better, dao injuries clearly recovered from. This was extremely shocking! One had to understand that dao injuries really were hard to recover from. 

That type of injury would most likely make even heavenly deities fall, requiring an extremely long amount of time before there was any hope of recovery.

However, this person was truly formidable. He had to be immediately killed; this was what all of the heavenly deities here were thinking. Huang was too astonishing, actually relying on himself to treat those great dao injuries. 

"It's useless no matter what we say. Just kill him!" The Horned Dragon said coldly. 

"Good, immediately wipe out his primordial spirit and leave behind his body. We'll make the other decisions later," said the Golden Ancient Elephant. It was the first one to take action, its elephant nose like a mountain ridge as it thrashed out, splitting open the void. 

"Let me!" 

Suddenly, a large golden hairy hand reached out from the void, forcefully grabbing over to imprison Shi Hao. It was an ancient ape. 

Its body was covered in scales, but in the cracks of a few scales were golden hairs, making it look extremely bold and powerful. It was invulnerable to sword or spear, a creature that had previously pursued Shi Hao. 

"Truly lacking, why isn't that bastard Di Kun coming? It would be much easier to just kill you all and simplify matters." Shi Hao moved to the side, quickly avoiding this strike, appearing at the other side of the lake.

Those heavenly deities' eyes became deep, pressing forward. This was a restricted area. If their elephant trunks and large hands continued downwards, striking into the lake, it would definitely trigger a huge disaster.

"You bastards can all forget about leaving. I'm going to kill you all." Shi Hao said. 

Everyone became stupefied. What kind of crazy words were these? A Divine Flame Realm cultivator actually dared to challenge heavenly deities, saying how he was going to kill them all. This… was not realistic at all!

Ma Yuan took a few steps back, because he believed Shi Hao wasn't an idiot, nor was he crazy. He definitely wouldn't walk a road of death either, definitely having some trump card. 

Many cultivators saw this scene, revealing looks of surprise. Even the great heavenly deities' eyes flickered with light. 

"Hahaha…" Shi Hao laughed loudly. He didn't say anything, only reaching out a hand and pointing at Ma Yuan, his face carrying an expression of disdain.

"Younger generation, what are you laughing at?!" Ma Yuan shouted, humiliated and angry. 

"Old Ma with the guts of a mouse, I advise you to hurry and beat it. Even someone like you can cultivate to the Heavenly Deity Realm? Those words I spoke just now almost frightened you to death, right?" Shi Hao's mouth was extremely vile.

Motherfucker! Ma Yuan was seething with anger, simply unable to endure it. The glorious heavenly deity of a generation was actually being ridiculed and humiliated again and again by this youth, it really was great shame. 

"What are you speaking such nonsense to him for? Just directly kill him. We are heavenly deities, high above him! There are so many people here, so no matter who comes, it's useless. Just kill him!" That ancient ape was quite irritable. Golden light flourished, taking action again. 

"Correct, take action!" This time, Ma Yuan was rather imposing, rushing over in the front.

The others also moved, surrounding the black lake, sealing down the space out of fear that he would run. No matter how extraordinary he was, he still couldn't break out of this place. 

Everyone held their breaths and quickly retreated. If heavenly deities took action, that type of might would definitely be unimaginable. They didn't wish to die for no reason. 

It was because once heavenly deities were angered, blood would flow and corpses would appear in the millions. It would be utterly terrifying.

At this moment, everyone watched this scene carefully. They didn't know how Shi Hao was going to live. He was just a Divine Flame Realm cultivator, so how could he resist a heavenly deity?

That type of high and mighty expert, a single finger would be enough to kill other deities!

The black-colored lake was surrounded. The heavenly deities were incredibly cold. They activated natural laws at the same time, all of them harboring different intentions, wishing to capture Shi Hao and occupy his flesh shell.

"Alright, we have pretty much everyone. I'll begin killing everyone now!" Shi Hao said coldly. 


His fist smashed into the great lake, disturbing the peace of this place. 

This was like poking a hornet nest, endless mosquitoes rushing out from the surface of the lake, covering heaven and earth. They rushed towards the heavenly deities, frantically attacking them.

Shi Hao quickly produced the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram and put on the Lightning Emperor's armor, diving into the lake and watching carefully. 

The Divine Flame Realm mosquitoes were bright red like cornelian, while the True Deity Realm bugs were silver and shining. They covered everything densely, blocking out the sun and moon, filling the world. 

No one would have expected that he would be so daring, actually provoking the Chaos Mosquito Lake's creatures, triggering this type of disaster!

"Heavens!" The spectators in the back all cried out in alarm, turning around to run. 

There were just too many bugs, all of them already deities, but having lost their intelligence, acting purely out of instinct. They attacked everything that approached them, incomparably ferocious. 

"Don't tell me that this brat stayed several months in the lake, not fearing these mosquitoes?!"

The sounds of wings flapping was ear-splitting like grinding metal. Bugs swarmed this place, and even the great heavenly deities were immediately drowned out. 

However, their strength were extremely terrifying. Bug corpses fell in large amounts, the ground immediately full of dead mosquitoes, putong sounds continuously sounding. It was because every single mosquito was extremely powerful, weighing several dozen jin.

Sharp sounds rang out, making one's ears hurt.


Golden light flickered. The heavenly deity level bugs appeared, rushing out from the black-colored lake, moreover several of them at once. Their offspring suffered serious casualties, so they were naturally furious. 

Shi Hao was also in danger, but with the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in front of him and that flame within him, his aura was still remembered by the bugs, so they didn't dare approach.

"Hurry and retreat!"

The Horned Dragon cried out loudly, feeling horrified. He never expected the reactions of the terrifying creatures in the lake to be that fast, locking onto it! That was a pair of Chaos Ancient Mosquitoes the size of a palm. They rushed out from the water surface, bringing with them chaotic energy and releasing an aura that made even heavenly deities shiver. 


The moment the Horned Dragon heavenly deity transmitted sound, it was already caught. His heart was in great pain, and before he even saw what exactly happened, an arrow of blood spun outwards, half of his essence blood lost. 


It smashed into the void, turning around to leave, not daring to test its luck again, not trying to capture Shi Hao during the chaos. 


The Dragon Sparrow was the most miserable, because it was the one with he most greed, silently approaching the lake surface. It wanted to sneakily capture and bring away Shi Hao while the heavenly deity level mosquitoes chased after others, never expecting a Chaos Ancient Mosquito to rush out, piercing its wings.

With a peng sound, a heavenly deity wing exploded, and it immediately lost ninety percent of its essence blood, almost shriveling up into jerky. 

When they saw this scene, the other heavenly deities shivered inwardly. Those two Chaos Ancient Mosquitoes were too terrifying, impossible to fight head on against! All of them turned around to run. 

The only fortunate thing was that the two ancient mosquitoes were both muddle-headed, only having instincts left. Otherwise, they would have been in great danger.


Despite this being the case, several people were still injured one after another. Ma Yuan released a large roar, his calf pierced through, blood flowing like a river. He discovered with horror that he lost thirty percent of his essence blood.


The powerful ancient ape's body was covered in golden scales, but they were still pierced through, blood spinning as they flew out. It immediately staggered, its blood loss severe. Its face became pale, releasing a violent roar, tearing apart the void and running!


The great heavenly deities all fled. The attack from all sides was a complete failure. 

If not for the bugs being mentally confused, they would have definitely been a danger to their lives.


When they left this little world, there were heavenly deities that roared, feeling too sullen, truly unwilling to accept this. 

They were glorious heavenly deities who were high above, yet they were unexpectedly defeated, chased away by a group of mosquitoes. 

The most hateful thing was that the brat laughed in a lowly manner within the lake, carrying a look of mockery, sending them off. It truly was unendurable. 

They now finally knew what Shi Hao was relying on, actually able to hide in the black pond. Why didn't those mosquitoes attack him? This truly was unexpected. 

When news got out, a small half of Immortal Ancient was shaken up.

Several great heavenly deities took action, yet in the end, they failed, moreover fleeing in sorry states, every single one of them wounded. This was just too ridiculous and hard to believe!

"I didn't hear wrong, right? Huang is fine and well, while those great heavenly deities met with danger?!"

The various little worlds were all noisy in discussion, all sides shocked, feeling that this was absurd. 

"Disgraceful, truly an extraordinary shame and humiliation!" 

Those heavenly deities were all roaring, but none as loud as Ma Yuan was. He was the one that made those people set their resolution. That brat had to be eliminated, even if he hid in the Chaos Mosquito Lake. 

A day later, they appeared again. This time, there was a Pi Xiu, and Di Kun appeared as well!

The heavenly deities that chased after Shi Hao were pretty much all present. They approached Dark Realm, appearing at the side of the black-colored lake. 

This naturally shook up a large half of Immortal Ancient. Many people arrived, watching from afar. They all wanted to know the result of this battle. It was clear that the heavenly deities came prepared, that black-colored lake likely unable to protect Shi Hao. 

"Di Kun, you old bastard came again! You still aren't resigned after I slapped your mouth last time huh? Today, I'm going to slaughter you!" 

Shi Hao stuck his head out of the lake to look at them, taunting them as soon as he appeared, making all of the spectators stare blankly. This fella really was vicious, brash to the extreme. 

"Little monster, you are dead for sure!" Ma Yuan shouted. 

"I want to see what it is that can save you!" The Golden Ancient Elephant also said coldly. 

"Not even a true immortal reincarnating would be enough. There is no place for you in the heavens above or earth below!" Di Kun said coldly.

"Hahaha…" Shi Hao laughed loudly, and then his expression became cold. "I'll send all of you on your way!"

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