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Chapter 948 - Fighting For Time

This was a mountain region lush with plant life. Several thousand old medicines could be seen everywhere. 

There was a stone mountain with ancient vines coiling about it. On the mountaintop was a vicious bird nest, the diameter ten zhang. There was medicinal fragrance currently wafting out from it.

Shi Hao 'occupied' the bird nest, hiding in a Golden Falcon's nest, currently stewing medicinal herbs. There were three Crocodile Dragons as well, and after their skin were flayed, they were tossed inside the medicinal soup. 

The medicinal herbs mixed with the meat fragrance, the smell a bit strange, but Shi Hao couldn't be picky right now. His body's recovery was the most important, so no matter how bad it tasted, he still had to swallow it. 

This was a rare period of peace. It had already been two days since he fled from the Centaur Race, and during that time, he didn't stop for a moment, always escaping from attacks.

When he arrived in this ridge, he unexpectedly found many medicinal herbs. He killed three true deity Crocodile Dragons, and then hurried to treat his injuries. 

"I hope the heavenly deities come a bit later!" Shi Hao said. The medicinal herbs and Crocodile Dragon meat had finished stewing. He devoured it with large mouthfuls. 

Then, blood energy surged, completely covering him. He did everything he could to recover. 

One could see cracks covering his sparkling precious body one after another, cracks that unexpectedly stretched into the body's depths, reaching into his internal organs. 

Golden skin silver bones, whenever Shi Hao operated his energy, there was this type of state. This was the embodiment of his flesh being cultivated to the peak of this cultivation realm!

Unfortunately, even with golden skin silver bones, wounds covered his body like a net, about to break apart at any time. This time, he really was injured badly. He first suffered great dao injuries from his isolation cultivation, and then he suffered from Jun Dao and Heavenly Country king's attacks, having both his frontal bone and heart pierced through. After that, he was even pursued by heavenly deities, continuously taking on serious injuries. 

If it was anyone else, they would have died a long time ago. Forget about lasting this long, living more than an hour would already be a miracle.

Two strands of immortal energy wrapped around him, pulling his broken body together, preventing it from truly breaking apart. Roiling blood energy surged. 

Things were changing for the better, but there was no way everything would immediately heal, as these were great dao injuries. Even heavenly deities had a chance of dying from dao injuries. No one was a hundred percent sure that they could recover from these types of injuries. 

Even someone like Shi Hao with astonishing primordial spirit force, his flesh undecaying, cultivating two strands of immortal energy,  still had to focus on recovering in order to make progress. Only after several dozen days would there be a chance of recovering. 

However, would those outside give him this opportunity?

The answer was definitely no!

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, immediately breaking open the sky to depart, leaving behind a streak of afterimages behind him, fleeing from this mountain range.

Jie jie...

A disgusting laughter sounded. It was a golden creature a zhang tall, similar to a divine ape in appearance. Its entire body was covered in gold scales, and there was a snake tail. Its arms hung down to its knees, extremely long.

This was an ancient ape that had the strong characteristics of the dragon, snake, and ape race. It was incredibly terrifying, a mutated creature left behind by the last great era. It was powerful and astonishing. 

This was especially the case due to the fact that it cultivated to the Heavenly Deity Realm. Golden scales covered its body, making it impervious to sword or spear. 

Shi Hao had previously guided it into an ancient formation within some ruins, borrowing the endless sword dao to hack at its body. Keng qiang sounds rang through the air, sparks flew everywhere, but not a single golden scale came off. It was completely unharmed. 

Now, it chased over again, the situation not good. 

Shi Hao sighed. He used another Realm Shattering Symbol. His inventory was truly getting smaller and smaller. However, if he didn't use it, how was he going to run from such a powerful heavenly deity?

"To Burial Realm!" 

This was something he had decided on a long time ago. Now that he ate all of those old medicines, his condition improving again, he felt like he should take the risk.


When the Realm Shattering Symbol was used, Shi Hao appeared in an ancient realm. 

There were many opportunities here, previously containing an immortal dao shrub, immortal bone, and other things. Shi Hao had previously discovered an immortal corpse, shocking all sides. 

Apart from this, there was a Black Abyss here that was a hundred thousand zhang deep. There were traces of immortal battles there, a branch left by the Willow Deity and Kun Peng blood. There were damaged phoenix feathers, and even more so an ancient altar. 

At the bottom of the altar, there were too many mysteries. The nine dragons pulling coffin had previously traveled through this place, escaping, and a source energy cauldron wanted to come into this place, calling out towards Shi Hao. 

He came to Burial Realm once again, but it was because he had no choice. This was the only place that could protect him from his surroundings. After putting on the tattered armor, he could enter the Black Abyss, while others couldn't. 

In the past, there were heavenly deities and sect masters from Immortal Ancient's native races who entered this place, exploring deeply, but they disappeared forever after going down, all of them falling. 

As soon as Shi Hao approached Burial City, he felt a feeling that made his hair stand on end. His two strands of immortal energy spun about, swirling around him, making him feel uneasy.

Ever since he transcended the ancients and took that step, Shi Hao's divine awareness became increasingly sharp, almost becoming a type of instinct, always able to detect incoming danger before it happened.

He quickly backed off, decisively escaping. 

It was clear that someone had predicted that he would come here, standing guard here for a long time already, waiting for him to enter their trap!

Heavenly deities have all lived for a long time, their experiences profound. A few people researched him, guessing that he would ultimately come here to seek shelter.

Even though they didn't know that he had the Lightning Emperor's tattered armor, and this was why he didn't fear the Black Abyss, they could guess from the Willow Deity branch he brought back that he had something to rely on.

As such, there were people waiting here ahead of time. 


A large hand slammed down rigidly, simply impossible to evade. Shi Hao activated the Divine Protecting Symbol, making it shine, carrying out a defense.


The divine talisman developed a deep crack, being damaged quite a bit.


Then, another streak of golden light shone in this direction, an ancient mirror suspended in the void. That was a heavenly deity magical artifact, and right now, it was used to lock him down.

"Not good!"

Shi Hao panicked. He was in an extremely dangerous situation, feeling even more uncomfortable than before. The ones who came made ample preparations, dead set on making him stay behind. 

Golden Ancient Elephant, Dragon Sparrow, and Horned Dragon appeared at the same time. Three great heavenly deities stood guard here, quietly waiting for him to come. There was nothing worse than this.

With a hong sound, that golden trunk lashed over, its power tremendous, hacking the sky in half. Shi Hao's Divine Protection Symbol erupted with an expanse of brilliant radiance, producing another streak.

Meanwhile, that ancient elephant's preparations were ample. While holding the secret treasure, they retreated after a single strike, not allowing that divine symbol to retaliate. It was clear that they had long made plans to exhaust his precious symbol. 

Shi Hao's expression became cold. "High and mighty heavenly deities, yet three came at once, attacking me from all sides, do you all even want any face?" 

"Little dao friend, where do these words stem from? We only wish to invite you as a guest to discuss immortal dao," said the Dragon Sparrow.

"Even things like you want to discuss the immortal dao?" Shi Hao coldly berated. 

At this moment, Burial City's creatures were all alarmed. Heavenly deities descended, leaving many people shocked. This was especially the case when they heard what Shi Hao said. Every single one of them were stunned.

Even heavenly deities weren't significant in his eyes, not showing any respect! Huang really was confident and bold. 

"Little friend, you really are quite brash, not even believing us to be worthy of discussing immortal dao with, who else do you feel like can discuss dao with you in this world then?" The Horned Dragon said, carrying a smile. However, that type of contempt was clearly out of belief that everything was in the grasp of their hands. 

"Cultivate two strands of immortal energy first before asking me to discuss the dao. Otherwise, get lost!" Shi Hao went for broke. Either way, there was no road of life left, no way for there to be any friendly relations, so what was there to be scared of? 

"Junior, you are too arrogant. Just let your primordial spirit be erased and leave behind your body!" The Golden Ancient Elephant's face sank, taking action once again. 

Shi Hao silently produced a sparkling white piece of bone, holding it in his palm. It was precisely the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram. He felt like the Divine Protecting Symbol might not be able to block more than a few dozen more strikes before being destroyed. 

This bone was sparkling and smooth, pure white like fine jade. It was a portion of the True Primordial Record, something that had previously displayed might in the lower realm, turning into a sky diagram, producing ten thousand spirits. Its defensive strength was world shocking. 

Only, he didn't know if it could still display its power this time. It was because no matter how he activated it, it was useless. It could only passively revive.

"Yi, not good!" Suddenly the Golden Ancient Elephant cried out, its body contorting, face turning dark. 

At the same time, the Horned Dragon also trembled, its entire body swaying back and forth, about to fall out of the sky. The Dragon Sparrow even more so released a long cry, plume feathers igniting, doing everything it could to defend itself.

"This Burial Realm isn't a good place after all, not a place we can easily approach. The curse is activating ahead of time! We have to hurry and return!" They were alarmed and angry, but they were also incredibly fearful. 

After leaving the tribe, once the amount of time was reached there was danger to their lives. They had to hurry back, or else they would definitely die.

This time exceeded their expectations. Burial Realm had too many strange things, having immortals who died, the curse power left behind extremely strong!


The were unwilling to let things end like this, working together to capture Shi Hao.


The Divine Protecting Symbol became covered with more cracks.


At the same time, in Burial City's Black Abyss, black mists surged into the sky. It was incomparably terrifying.


The Dragon Sparrow cried out miserably, half its body festering, feathers falling out, almost falling head first onto the ground. It tore open the void, turning around to escape. 

"Burial Realm, damn place!" The Horned Dragon was resentful. Dragon scales continuously fell off, its skin changing color. It also fled for its life. 

The Golden Ancient Elephant was unwilling to let things end like this. Its gaze was extremely vicious as it stared at Shi Hao. However, it couldn't stop the discoloration from appearing on its golden body. It released a long cry, and then ran. 

Shi Hao was stupefied. He put the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram away. There was actually this type of thing that happened!

He quickly flew out from the Black Abyss. When he arrived here, he couldn't help but suck in a cold breath of air. Black mists roiled outwards, making one feel cold. There was no way of approaching.

In addition, he discovered a heavenly deity formation here that had previously been arranged by those three, waiting for him to rush in. There was no way of entering this place. 

"It is most likely because they rashly arranged a formation here, triggering this type of chaos." Shi Hao said to himself. 

Right now, the entire city was in great disorder, many Immortal Ancient natives screaming miserably, fleeing for their lives. The black mist was incredibly deadly against them. Many of them directly turned into pools of blood. 

Shi Hao didn't dare stay here for long either. He also ran. 

That day, immortal valley was greatly shaken up. Burial Realm was in chaos, three great heavenly deities suffering from curses, making everyone shocked. Many natives felt a chill run down their backs. 

In addition, that very same day, all of the heavenly deities that left the tribe returned, going into hiding, temporarily not daring to come out again.

It was because when they calculated the time, they realized that their curse period was quickly arriving, needing to return to the tribe to neutralize it. Otherwise, they might very well die outside. Even though they did immediately return, they still had to pay a great price while resisting the curse in seclusion. 

This was the last time Immortal Ancient was opened. When this era passed, no one knew what would happen in this ancient land. That was why some of the heavenly deities were going crazy. 

For example, the Golden Ancient Elephant, Horned Dragon, and others believed that as long as there was a bit of hope, for example, the two strands of immortal energy able to neutralize the curse, then the risk to hunt down Shi Hao was completely worth it!

In a certain small world, within a mountain region, buildings could be seen everywhere. 

Upon closer inspection, they were made of bronze, their appearance ancient. The one at the center was incredibly magnificent, the style extraordinary. 

If there was a higher realm sect master here, they would definitely be shocked. This type of scenery was extremely similar to Immortal Palace, just too alike. 

"Your curses should have flared out. It's my turn to move out." In the bronze palace, a male got up. 

What was shocking was that when he walked out from the ancient palace, an elder in a distant dao platform opened his eyes, his aura similar to his, even his appearance similar!

Only, one was a heavenly deity, somewhat aged already, while the other was like a youth who had reached the consummate level of the Divine Flame Realm. 

"Strand of primordial spirit separated, seizing the body of an ancient freak, it seems like in the end, I, Di Kun, still cannot let go of my ambitions. Even after staying behind in Immortal Ancient, I still wish to prove myself, using a young body to cultivate immortal energy, is it even worth the trouble?"

Two individuals, one old, one young, opened their mouths at the same time. This type of scene left one horrified.

He was Di Kun, previously Immortal Palace's most powerful inheritor, no opponents throughout all of the higher realms. All of his peers treated him like a sovereign, recognizing him to be number one in the world.

Due to a few reasons, he stayed in Immortal Ancient, not leaving, cultivating to the Heavenly Deity Realm. In addition, in a certain era, he sent out a streak of divine will, seizing the body of an ancient freak, obtained a second terrifying flesh shell. 

He had been suppressing this second flesh this entire time, not breaking through so as to allow it to compete against the geniuses who entered Immortal Ancient from the outside world. 

"Why am I even bothering with this? Perhaps I should change bodies and get revenge for Di Chong, obtain his enemy's body and use it for myself." His young body disappeared, while his old body also stood up.

"Treat injuries, break through, I need to transcend above!" At this time, Shi Hao continuously operated bone texts to treat his injuries. He also frantically searched for medicinal herbs and continuously ate them.

He had to break through during this period of peace, and then use the new power to protect himself!

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