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Chapter 947 - Life and Death Danger

The one who came had white hair yet a youthful complexion, a snow-white robe covering his body. He arrived through the sky, his large sleeves fluttering about. A single roar made the small world below him tremble. 

There was no need to doubt that this was a heavenly deity level figure, one who was stronger than Ma Yuan and the others. Following his descent, the small world also resonated. 

"Soul Race's senior, why are you doing this?" Someone spoke up, not expecting a top level heavenly deity to appear and shelter Shi Hao. 

Several great heavenly deities were moved. They were sure Huang fled into this small world, about to reel in their net, but they never expected the Centaur Race, Eight Armed Soul Race and Ancient Fiend Race would move out to protect Shi Hao. 

"You all know that he is related to our ancient ancestor guardian spirit. He previously returned a golden branch!" The elder said.

When the heavenly deity spoke, it traveled far into the distance. Even though the distance between both parties was great, they could still sense this. As such, even though they didn't get closer, they could still converse. 

"Ancient ancestor guardian spirit, that is too old of a matter. This youth is nothing more than an outsider, so what kind of relationship can he have? He merely acquired a branch from the Black Abyss, it can't prove much." A heavenly deity replied. 

"We have already looked into it. He indeed has a connection to the ancient ancestor. In the outside world, he had previously seen guardian spirit great one." The elder spoke slowly. 

"Definitely lies. The ancient ancestor had long fallen in the last great era, so how could this outsider have possibly done such a thing? How could he have met guardian spirit great one?!" There were heavenly deities who immediately rejected that idea.

"You all are wrong. Guardian spirit great one is still alive!" The Ancient Fiend Race's elder stood up emotionally. 

"Dao brother, you are too stubborn. If guardian spirit great one is still alive, why didn't he return here? His divine country is here! That is not something you can just forget about." A heavenly deity sneered. 

"There has been rumors going around that certain races have abandoned the past, forgetting the guardian spirit, no longer admitting the great one's position, it seems like this was indeed the case! You all are these types of races!" The Eight Armed Race's elder said coldly.

"Perhaps you all already knew that he was related to guardian spirit great one, and that is why you wish to capture him and investigate further, is that it?" The Ancient Fiend Race's heavenly deity also shouted in question. 

"I don't know what you all are saying. Even if guardian spirit great one is still alive, it will definitely have undergone a reincarnation, forgetting everything, restarting from the beginning. You two are living in the past! Some people and matters should just be let go after they've disappeared, there is no need to insist on pursuing them." 

"You all indeed abandoned guardian spirit great one!" 

"Dao brother, look forward! There is no need to feel conflicted!"

"That is to say that since we wish to protect that youth, you all don't agree, we should have a bit of a competition?"

"You can take it that way!" 


This small world trembled. Powerful experts released divine will, tearing through the void. It was precisely the extremely powerful heavenly deity from the Eight Armed Soul Race. He was angered. 

An elephant cry sounded. A golden elephant walked out from the distant mountain region, raising its head and roaring. The mountains trembled in response, enormous rocks tumbling, ancient trees snapping. Its enormous elephant trunk lashed out in the void, immediately making it collapse. 

"Dao brother since you insist on doing things this way, you cannot blame us. Why must you bicker so over a long dead willow tree? This youth but has two strands of immortal energy! He might even be able to undo our curse." The Golden Ancient Elephant said. 

Blood energy roiled in that area. A gold-colored ancient elephant towered in the clouds. Radiance flooded outwards, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled; it was extremely frightening!

"As expected, you all feel no respect towards the past guardian spirit. Even though you've lost your belief, there is no need to show such irreverence. What dead willow tree? Will calling it guardian spirit make you lose a piece of flesh?" The Eight Armed Race's elder shouted, reaching out a large hand and slapping forward.


That large hand smashed into the golden elephant trunk. Resplendent divine light erupted between the two, all of it heavenly deity might. It shattered the skies, mountain peaks exploding below. Divine chains of order interweaved everywhere below them, linking up together like a web. It was too vast and brilliant. 

Within that net, natural laws clashed, all things withered, nothing could be stopped. 

The Golden Ancient Elephant roared, retreating backwards. Its enormous body swayed. If not for its skin being rough, its flesh thick and its  golden elephant skin's defensive strength astonishing, it would have likely cracked apart from that slap.

Despite this being the case, blood still trickled out from its mouth, dying its white-colored tusks. 

However, it laughed loudly, saying, "Worthy of being the most powerful heavenly deity. However, I am still in my prime, the road still quite long." It backed off, no longer attacking.


In the sky, an enormous Horned Dragon appeared, as well as a Dragon Sparrow, even more so a few humanoid heavenly deities. They pressed forward together to stop the Eight Armed Soul Race expert. 

The Golden Ancient Elephant was just a test. There were several other powerful heavenly deities here. 

"You all truly are quite something." Right at this moment, someone spoke from the distance. An aged figure appeared in the sky. 


The Golden Ancient Elephant and others all changed their expressions, and then they disappeared with a flash, quickly escaping, not daring to speak another word. 

"That old thing is still alive? He should have reached the sect master level at the very least, so how can he still leave the tribe?" Only when it left the little world did the Horned Dragon speak softly, clearly feeling great fear.

They were all heavenly deities, so if they left their tribes for too long, they had to pay a great price, let alone that 'living fossil'. It was definitely even more difficult for him. 

"It's not his true body, just an embodiment. He is warning us." The Dragon Sparrow said. 

"Eight Armed Soul Race, Centaur Race and Ancient Fiend Race are worthy of being some of the most powerful great sects. We cannot fight them head on. Let's temporarily retreat!" The Golden Ancient Elephant said. 

In reality, their races weren't weak either, to the extent where they could be considered to be extremely strong. However, they lacked sect master level figures overseeing them, so they didn't dare clash too powerfully. 

They could secretly take action, as long as they don't make it too obvious!

That day, news spread throughout half of Immortal Ancient that a few races joined hands, offering to protect Huang, neutralizing his dangerous situation. 

Everyone trembled inwardly. This outsider actually possessed such great charisma, able to make powerful races take action. It made quite a few experts feel restraining fear. 

"Yi, where is that youth? Why isn't he in this mountain region?"

When the Golden Ancient Elephant and the others left, the Eight Armed Soul Race, Centaur Race and other experts looked around, their divine senses sweeping through the mountains and rivers, but they didn't find any trace of him.

"That little fella is quite slippery, escaping a long time ago. Even if we didn't come, he might still be fine," the Ancient Fiend Race's heavenly deity said. 

Shi Hao had long ran ahead of time, not being trapped here.

"Where did that fella run to? Why isn't he quickly appearing?" The little rabbit muttered with her small mouth. Her pretty silver hair shone like silk fabric. 

"Why did he run so fast?!" The Divine Striking Stone said. 

Their group of people, like Xue Lin, Luo Dao, Lan Yichen, all came. Recently, they were cultivating with the Centaur Race. After obtaining the news, they immediately asked the experts for help, carrying out this rescue.

This time, they truly mustered great forces!

"Send out a few people to look for him." A heavenly deity ordered. 

News traveled out, leaving all sides alarmed. Many of those who had wanted to get their hands on Huang had to reconsider. 

Even Shi Hao knew about this. Not long after he escaped, he heard rumors. He set his resolution, deciding to head towards those tribes.

"En? There was someone who followed me." Shi Hao was astonished. It was a heavenly deity. Even from far away, he could still sense it. That was the Ancient Fiend Race's expert. 

Black-colored scales covered an enormous, mountainous body. It was extraordinarily strong, making this place tremble slightly as it steeped in the void. 

Suddenly, Shi Hao's expression changed. As soon as he wanted to meet this individual, he felt a wave of coldness. This was an instinctive feeling. The road ahead was extremely dangerous!

Without even thinking about it, he turned around to leave, quickly fleeing towards the horizon. 

"Yi, little friend, why are you running? My respected clan elder sent out an order to look for you, specially offering to protect you. You do not need to worry." That Ancient Fiend transmitted sound, shaking the skies.

The sense of danger became stronger and stronger. Shi Hao quickly ran, using the sword core to slice open the void and leave this place, entering a brilliant passage.


Behind him, a fist slammed over. That black fist was as large as a house, black gold scales covering it. It was ten thousand times tougher than steel, shattering the void.

If not for Shi Hao producing a Realm Shattering Symbol, he would have likely been injured again, suffering the attack of a heavenly deity. His expression became unpleasant. Why was the Ancient Fiend Race also targeting him?

Based on normal reasoning, it shouldn't be like this. 

"Right, most of those from the Ancient Fiend Race have good intentions, but there are heavenly deities that long for my flesh and immortal seed, so they are secretly taking action to kill me."

Shi Hao understood the situation. He quickly fled, running towards other small worlds.

"This Immortal Ancient is too strange, every single stalk of grass, every single tree having spirituality, all of them able to give away my whereabouts. If I continue like this, I won't be able to escape. This isn't the right way."

Shi Hao frowned. He ran for his life these past few days, but he was still unable to escape the pursuit. Not even the seventy-two transformations could conceal his true body. The clans were just too familiar with this ancestral ground.

In addition, every clan had magical treasures similar to the 'Evil Reflecting Mirror', able to reflect the true body and search out one's tracks. These were secret treasures refined through the last great era's ancient methods. 

"This will continue unless I become strong enough until I could erase all of my own traces. However, my injuries are so severe that I cannot do anything." Shi Hao frowned. 

In the end, he set his resolution, preparing to head towards the Centaur Race. The creatures there still believed in the Willow Deity, so he wanted to directly meet the clan's old clan chief to seek protection and recover from his injuries first.

Two days later, before he even closed in on that ancient land, he was discovered. There were still several thousand li separating him from his destination when a powerful divine sense swept over. 

"Thank goodness, little friend is safe and in good health. Hurry and come to me, we'll head to the tribe." A powerful Centaur Race heavenly deity towered in the sky. 

"How could it be like this?" Shi Hao felt a heart alarming sensation, feeling a great cold intent. He rushed into the void without looking back once again, cutting open a passage with the Everlasting Immortal Sword. 


Behind him, the Centaur Race's expert held a black-colored enormous bow. It pulled back the bowstring, shooting out a thick arrow, immediately piercing the void, smashing over with terrifying radiance like a sun. 


Shi Hao evaded it, not being struck. However, that arrow was thicker than a spear and possessed the natural laws of a heavenly deity. The radiance it released was incredibly terrifying. 

The void shattered. Shi Hao was brushed by the power, immediately sending him flying outwards and coughing out large amounts of blood. There were injuries all over his body.

This sudden attack left Shi Hao greatly shaken. The Centaur Race were worthy of being natural divine archers, too terrifying. He was that close to being killed by that heavenly deity!

"There are experts from the Centaur Clan who also covet my two strands of immortal energy!" Shi Hao tried to run once again. 

He shivered inwardly. Regardless of whether it was the Centaur Race, Eight Armed Soul Race or Ancient Fiend Race, most of the clansmen were good, willing to protect him, but even though there were some who carried hostility, it was still extremely dangerous. He couldn't head there at all.

Otherwise, once he entered the tribe, it would definitely be dangerous, likely having his body stolen by a heavenly deity within a few days, his divine senses wiped out!

In the blink of an eye, Shi Hao felt that even though Immortal Ancient was big, there was no place for him to stay in, feeling unprecedented danger. All clans were dangerous, and he had to stay far away from them.

In that instant, he deeply understood that everything was fake, only becoming strong oneself was the root of everything. He had to become stronger!

He didn't have many Realm Shattering Symbols left. Even though he had taken quite a few from Fallen Divine Child, Jun Dao, Di Chong, and the others, continuously running still exhausted a large half of them. 

Apart from this, he didn't dare rashly use that Divine Protecting Symbol again, only producing it when there was danger to his life. Otherwise, the consequences would be too horrible to imagine.

"I need to nurse my injuries, pass a heavenly tribulation that should no longer exist in this great era. I am going to break through!" Shi Hao clenched his fists, his eyes becoming brilliant.

Currently, he was facing a life and death predicament, death possible at any time. However, he didn't feel sullen, instead using this as a type of self sharpening. If he made it through this trial, he believed that he would be like a reborn phoenix, transforming into an even more powerful self!

When that time came, he would grasp his own fate instead of being tossed and turned by others. No one would dare pursue him with murderous intent. 

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