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Chapter 949 - Immortal Descendant

For the sake of recovering as quickly as possible, he took the initiative to attack, plundering from a few natives' auction houses!

For example, the Golden Elephant, Horned Dragon, and auction houses managed by other clans were all robbed clean, their losses heavy. Unfortunately, he didn't find even a single stalk of divine medicine. 

Even though holy medicines were effective, their effects were too slow. 

Then, he went into hiding again to treat his injuries. For this, he didn't hesitate to enter places even the natives were scared to approach, entering a few strange small worlds. 

Even though this was the case, he was still found, because there were always true deities looking around. The various divine birds, dragon hounds and other creatures were all experts at tracking down targets. 

Dark Realm, a place where the curse was known to be extremely serious.

This small world was extremely large, the number of races many, but all of them went mad, or to be more precise, suffered from curses that were too severe, making them lose wisdom, only having their primordial instincts left. 

Regardless of whether it was the heavenly deities or the normal creatures here, they all entered a mad state. Normally, they hid here without coming out, but once they were alarmed, they would erupt into activity. 

The reason Shi Hao chose to come here was precisely for the sake of withstanding those heavenly deities, making them feel restraining fear.

However, in just half a day, there were people who found him.

It was a youngster who wore a fine silver robe formed from interweaving snow natural silk. The workmanship was exquisite, and he was handsome as well. His aura was high and lofty, exuding an unhurried type of temperament. 

"You are that Huang?" He calmly asked.

"Correct. And you are?" Shi Hao replied.

"I am Di Kun." The silver-robed male had his arms behind his back, speaking calmly. There was an indescribable type of style. His eyes were deep as they overlooked Shi Hao. 

Even though they were both young men, he clearly seemed a bit incompatible with this world, as if a heavenly deity was standing there and looking down on Shi Hao, not regarding him as anyone important at all. 

However, his true cultivation was similar to Shi Hao's, not all that high and mighty. 

"I killed someone called Di Chong," Shi Hao said. 

"That's my descendant, within his body flows a bit of immortal blood." Di Kun said calmly. 

"A race that has immortal blood flowing through it?" Shi Hao sneered. Then, he looked at the person in front of him. Could it be an ancient freak who stayed behind in Immortal Ancient? 

"Indeed, Di Chong is like myself. As a descendant of immortals, his bloodline is precious, but was actually killed by you." Di Kun released a soft sight. 

Then, his expression became cold. He looked at Shi Hao and began to closely examine him, but there was a type of domineeringness. "You can die now. Have your primordial spirit depart and leave behind the flesh body. You have the choice to take your own life."

This type of speech truly was insolent, yet he spoke it so calmly, so normally, as if it was but a normal thing. 

"Who do you think you are, even daring to say something like that to me!" Shi Hao said coldly. Even though he was seriously injured and close to death, when facing someone at the same cultivation realm as himself, he didn't attach much importance to them at all. 

"I can because I am Di Kun. I was previously unmatched in my generation!" Di Kun calmly looked at him.

"Di Kun? Never heard of him. What generation's big onion?" Shi Hao didn't pay it much attention. The other person was looking down on himself, so he also showed Di Kun despise. 

"Take action then, or else you won't have a chance." Di Kun swept out a glance, still keeping his hands behind his back. He was extremely indifferent, as if none of this was significant. 

Shi Hao didn't say another word, bringing out the Everlasting Immortal Sword and hacking outwards. He also brandished his right fist, displaying the Reincarnation profound mysteries as he rushed forward!

Since the other party acted so brash, then he wouldn't show much kindness, quickly ending this battle so he could leave this place earlier. 

Something that left Shi Hao shocked happened. Di Kun completely abandoned defense, also rushing towards him, only using his arm to block before him in a simple manner. 


Under the reincarnation fist, Di Kun's arm not only began to age and decay, it then immediately exploded. Then, an entire half of his body was like this, a single encounter and the left side of his body was smashed apart.

In addition, the Everlasting Immortal Sword swept out, hacking it at the waist, separating the two parts of his body. Blood splashed outwards.

Everything happened too quickly, leaving one shocked. Someone as powerful as Di Kun couldn't take a single hit. 

Suddenly, Shi Hao's fine hairs stood on end. From within that collapsed body, the frontal bone shone. A streak of primordial chaos flew out, in its hands a purple-colored little bell. With a small sway, his soul became unsteady, as if it was about to scatter!

What was this? Shi Hao was shocked.

That little person wasn't tall, only the size of a fist. The purple gold bell was even more so less than two inches tall, held in that primordial spirit's hands. With a gentle sway, it was about to remove and destroy Shi Hao's soul. It was incredibly terrifying. 

"Soul Sinking Bell!" Shi Hao was shocked. His primordial spirit was in great pain. He immediately recalled a certain magical artifact that was extremely difficult to refine. Few people successfully created such a thing.

Di Kun had a Soul Sinking Bell. This was clearly a strange treasure that was definitely extraordinary. 

This should be a heavenly deity magical artifact!

In addition, that small person released terrifying power, close to the heavenly deity realm, its primordial spirit power exuberant. Di Kun's body was the same cultivation realm as Shi Hao's, but his primordial spirit was extremely terrifying.

"The flesh shell is nothing more than a leather bag, a means of transportation. Today, it's time to change hosts. Since that body was killed by you, I'll exchange it for your precious body then," Di Kun said with contempt. 

Shi Hao understood now. No wonder he was so unflustered. Turns out he had this type of thing to rely on, his primordial spirit ridiculously powerful, launching this type of sudden attack. No matter who it was, they would suffer a loss. 

This was the same as a half heavenly deity. He held a heavenly deity magical artifact, suddenly attacking Shi Hao, catching him unprepared, making him suffer a loss, almost dying here. 

"You aren't bad, cultivating two strands of immortal energy. This body is perfect without faults. I will properly take care of this 'means of transportation, so you can go on your way at ease," Di Chong said. His Soul Sinking Bell moved, making the space between Shi Hao's brows crack. The primordial spirit within was about to scatter away, the situation already decided. It was a simple and direct attack, about to bear fruit.


Suddenly, divine flames raged within Shi Hao's head. Two strands of immortal energy wrapped around the primordial spirit as it rushed out, and then a powerful wave of primordial spirit force pervaded the air, one that wasn't weaker than Di Kun's. 

"What? Also close to heavenly deity level?!" Di Kun was shocked. This was why he had confidence in himself, his primordial spirit close to the Heavenly Deity Realm, because his true body was a heavenly deity, easily nourishing this kind of primordial spirit.

Shi Hao was like a phoenix reborn in flames. That primordial spirit released light, resisting the Soul Sinking Bell, and then it rushed out from the frontal bone. In that small person's hand was a sparkling white bone, the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram. 


Di Kun moved the purple-gold bell again, wishing to erase Shi Hao's primordial spirit, using the heavenly deity magical artifact to attack.

However, this time, it lost effectiveness. The ten thousand spirit diagram, after suffering an attack, finally revived. It surged with life energy, over ten thousand creatures appearing in the void, covering everything densely, roaring at the same time.

Ten thousand spirits, this name wasn't for nothing, and in reality, there were even more, all of them vivid and lifelike. There was even the sun, moon, and stars. They hung in the sky, mysterious and profound as they released chaotic mists. 

The bell fluctuations were stopped. Those sound waves came to a screeching stop before the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram.

However, this diagram didn't retaliate either, only stopping the bell waves. It was wrapped within primal chaos, becoming more and more mysterious, difficult to see through.

"Actually close to Heavenly Deity Realm, cannot leave you alive!" Di Kun shouted. 

At the same time, a bronze palace appeared. An elder opened his eyes. He sensed something inwardly, able to share emotions with the other primordial spirit. 

He quickly walked out from the bronze palace, and then he tore apart the void, heading towards Dark Realm!

In Dark Realm, Shi Hao didn't know these things, but he wouldn't waste this opportunity. With the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in hand, he slapped that primordial spirit, using the sparkling white bone to deliver the most terrifying strike. 


Di Kun and the Soul Sinking Bell tried to block it, but it wasn't enough. When the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram descended, this bell was blasted until it trembled and became dull.

This bell had a spirit, and right now, it was in incredible fear. It shivered in fear before the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram. 

The only fortunate thing was that the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram never displayed its might. Only used by Shi Hao like a brick, viciously smashing at Di Kun. 


Finally, the Soul Sinking Bell that lost effectiveness was struck flying.

Shi Hao frantically beat Di Kun, shouting, "Acting so arrogantly, but nothing more than this, what are you playing at?"


Under the smacks of the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, Di Kun's primordial spirit almost scattered!

With a peng sound, Shi Hao lifted the seriously injured Di Kun with one go, and then he slapped with one hand and then the other in quick succession, immediately making his mouth go crooked. Pi pa sounds rang through the air. 


In the distance, a roar of anger sounded. Di Kun's true body went crazy, simply unable to believe what was happening. Even though he didn't care about that primordial spirit, right now, he felt as if it was happening to his real body. In reality, he also sensed the feeling of being slapped in the face.


Shi Hao's primordial spirit quickly returned, using his palm to seize that primordial spirit, continuing to beat it. The primordial spirit's large mouth was smacked with Reincarnation power, already about to scatter. 

In the distance, the real Di Kun was seeing stars, his rage burning ferociously. Terrifying energy rushed into the clouds in the sky. He quickly chased over.

Shi Hao fled. He knew that this small world had many secrets, containing powerful curse power and other things. Not even heavenly deities were willing to set foot here. 

"Race with immortal blood my ass, just some brat that needs his face slapped!" Shi Hao beat the primordial spirit while flying in retreat.

"Brat, I won't kill you, but have you live for several tens of thousands of years. I am going to make it so that you wish for death but can't get it, suffer greatly for many, many years!" Di Kun's true body displayed his hatred, shouting from behind. 

There was a steep cliff up ahead. Beyond that was a lake that was pitch-black like ink, the coldness seemingly able to freeze and shatter one's soul. There were several ruined palaces there right by the shore. 

After arriving here, forget about Shi Hao, even Di Kun's true body felt uncomfortable, his entire body felt like it was being cut by blades, his skin in pain. A wave of terrifying baleful energy seeped into his bones.

"Chaos Mosquito Lake?!" Di Kun shivered inwardly, quickly stopping himself.

Shi Hao knew where he was heading. He had previously heard about it. All of his fine hairs stood on end, his skin also feeling like there were blunt blades pressed against him, slowly moving across, cold and painful. 

It was as if a prehistoric beast was in that lake, opening its large mouth, waiting for people to jump in.

"Youngster, aren't you going to keep running?" Di Kun sneered.

"Old thing, what are you being so arrogant for? Are you looking for a beating?!" Shi Hao saw Di Kun's real body in the distance. After saying this, he picked up the primordial spirit in front of him, giving his mouth another beating.


Di Kun was so angry he felt as if his lungs exploded. He sent a palm slapping forward, simply angered until smoke was coming out from all seven orifices. He had lived for such a long time, but this was the first time someone beat his mouth. His entire body was shaking. 

Even though that was just a primordial spirit he separated from, the feeling was too clear, as if his true body was being beaten again and again. 

"Old bastard, you still refuse to be obedient?!" Shi Hao quickly dodged, and then he lowered his head to look at that primordial spirit. Pi pa sounds rang out again, and then another vicious beating was carried out. He then even more so threw it onto the ground, stepping on it more than ten times. In the end, with a peng sound, he directly kicked it into the lake. 

"Ah…" Di Kun released a miserable cry. He held the space between his brows. That primordial spirit was badly damaged, and he felt a wave of pain as well.

He wanted to sever the connection, but he also felt a bit unwilling. After all, he already cultivated it to that step, so if he could merge with it again, his strength would improve a step further. 

Shi Hao was shocked. Di Kun's primordial spirit fell into that large black lake, but even though it was seriously injured, it didn't die, still able to struggle. 

When he saw Di Kun rush over murderously, he didn't even think twice, producing the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram and then put on the tattered armor that seemed to be left behind by the Lightning Emperor, diving straight in. He grabbed Di Kun's primordial spirit and then dove into the lake's depths.

"Ah…" At the lakeshore, Di Kun's true body clenched his teeth, severing his connection with the primordial spirit, a small puddle of blood trickling out from between his brows. 

"Younger generation, I want to see how long you can stay inside the lake for!" He said viciously. 

Suddenly, the lake water surged. Rubylike mosquitoes flew out one after another, all of them a foot long. They covered heaven and earth, all directions rumbling with sounds as they clashed left and right.

These mosquitoes all went mad, only having instincts leftover. They lost their intelligence, but most of them had the cultivation of the Divine Flame Realm, making this hoard incredibly terrifying. 

When they flew out, they brought with them waves of curse power. 

Di Kun's expression changed, continuously taking steps backwards. 

Soon after, the sound of wings shaking sounded again. Several tens of thousands of mosquitoes rushed out from the lake surface, all of them a meter long. Their bodies were shining, all of them at the True Deity Realm. This group was even more vicious and sinister. 


Suddenly, a golden mosquito also rushed out, the aura even more terrifying, possessing heavenly deity fluctuations, shocking Di Kun until he quickly backed up, cold sweat appearing on his forehead.


A sharp sound was released. Di Kun felt a chill run through his heart, blood shooting out, sucked away by a creature in the lake, making him tremble continuously. 

There were two mosquitoes releasing chaotic energy, not bigger than the size of a palm, but they were more powerful than all of the other mosquitoes. They emerged from the lake. 

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