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Chapter 946 - Heavenly Deity Command

The heavenly deity of a generation was ridiculed like this. Ma Yuan was alarmed and angered. At the same time, he feared his own downfall in this place.

He really wanted to kill Shi Hao in one thrust with the bronze short spear in his hands, but even though he had the will, he lacked the strength. 


Despite this being the case, when he took action, there was still crazy winds roaring about, mountains splitting, plants snapping, sand and stone flying about. The bronze spear turned into a streak of lightning, piercing towards Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao didn't face it head on. His body rushed out like a streak of flowing light, because the nearby restrictions had been undone, so he had no reason to fight to the death here. After all, there were still ancient freaks and others glaring at him.


A streak of divine rainbow flew over, shining incomparably brilliantly, unexpectedly attacking at Ma Yuan with exceptional power. 

This was a divine arrow shot by Chang Gongyan with his mysterious ancient bow. In the areas where it flew past, the void shattered, creating terrifying scenes, endless corpses of deities and devils floating about. 

It was as if once this arrow shot out, all of the gods and devils between heaven and earth were eradicated, shocking to the extreme!


Ma Yuan's body shone with radiance like a great sphere of flame, crushing this terrifying arrow. However, his body was still greatly shaken up. Everyone became shocked.

Quite a few people looked towards Chang Gongyan. That bow of his was definitely terrifying, and one could vaguely see chaotic power pervading the air, releasing wisps of mysterious life aura.

At the same time, everyone looked at Ma Yuan. The powerful heavenly deity was weakened to this state? The arrow of an ancient freak could actually make his body tremble like this!

Shi Hao stopped, expressing his gratitude towards Chang Gongyan. However, he didn't wish to continue taking action. His body was in tatters, his current state truly terrible to the extreme. 


Right at this moment, something unexpected occurred. Ma Yuan was the first one to move, unexpectedly disappearing with a flash from this place, directly retreating.

Everyone became stunned. A heavenly deity retreated? He ran before Shi Hao did? 

Everyone erupted into commotion. That was the most powerful individual of a high and mighty clan, yet he ran just like that!

"Hey, Old Ma, don't run! How about us two brothers reminisce about old times, properly discuss our ideals towards life?" Shi Hao shouted behind him. The other party acted all pompous, saying how he wished to have a chat, so now, he returned these words. 

Ma Yuan's nose almost became crooked from anger. Even if he met Shi Hao's first ancestors, he could still be their senior, yet this hateful brat dared to ridicule him like this, truly deserving to be killed!

"Send out my heavenly deity command throughout all of Immortal Ancient's worlds. Pursue and kill -- Huang!" Ma Yuan released a loud roar. 

His eyes were full of resentment. He was truly too stupid and cowardly this time. Just a slight bit of carelessness, and it actually resulted in such terrifying consequences, with even the danger of falling. He truly felt incredibly sullen. 

Before leaving, he released this angry roar, expressing the resentment and rage within his heart. 

A heavenly deity wanted to leave, so no creatures here could stop him. 


At the same time, Shi Hao produced the Realm Shattering Symbol, disappearing into a silver passageway, vanishing from this place. He quickly left, urgently needing to treat his injuries. 

When Shi Hao left, there were several streaks of powerful killing energy that swept into the passage, but they couldn't do anything. His departure went smoothly.

However, the disturbance didn't end here!

The things that happened in this small world shook up a large half of Immortal Ancient, leaving many experts shocked. All those who heard about it couldn't help but change their expressions, starting to pay close attention to this matter. 

"Someone cultivated two strands of immortal energy, this… could it be that the rivers of time flowed in reverse, returning to the last great era?" 

"That's impossible, what kind of times do you think we are living in? How can there be that type of person? Even in the ancient periods where there were immortals alive, their numbers were few, their aptitudes heaven warping!" 

When news traveled outwards, all sides were shocked. 

One had to understand that the environment had already changed. The world's natural laws didn't permit the cultivation of immortal energy, yet there were still some who could reach that step. It was definitely not easy!

This affected the mental state of many people, triggering a huge commotion. Even the experts among the natives were startled. 

At the same time, news of Ma Yuan's skin changed color, corroded by the curse was sent out, making many people shocked. Even a glorious heavenly deity was left deflated?

Just how formidable was someone who cultivated two strands of immortal energy? It made others feel more and more alarmed. 

Jun Dao, Heavenly Country's ancient king and Ancient Holy Child all died. This also triggered huge waves. Every single genius from the three thousand provinces was shaken. 

Three great kings, every single one of them with names that shocked creatures past and present. In the end, they raided Huang's place of seclusion, but were killed instead! This made the young geniuses of all clans suck in a cold breath of air.

Everyone sensed that Huang's rise was unstoppable. As long as he didn't die, in the future, the higher realms' prosperity and decline would be greatly affected because of him!

"Who else dares to trouble Huang? His talents are unstoppable, truly unmatched! I reckon that only Ten Crown King, vicious nest's immortal, Ning Chuan, and a few others like him can contend against him!" 

"Inconceivable, he is rising up too quickly, forging ahead unstoppably. He already has unmatched might!"

Immortal Ancient's great earth was shaken up, all sides unable to calm down. 

"Who says no one dares to touch Huang? Look around, there are many people looking for him, all of them wishing to obtain his unmatched flesh shell!" 

"What happened?!"

"Ma Yuan issued a heavenly deity order, asking all friendly parties to take action, wishing to capture and kill Huang."

"What? There was actually this type of thing that happened?!"

Immortal Ancient was in great chaos. Heavenly deity Ma Yuan suffered a great loss, the greatest humiliation he suffered his entire life. He almost died, currently laying low inside of the clan to resist the death tribulation, but he entrusted this task to his old friends, asking them to take action. 

It was clear that he spoke about everything Huang had to them, telling the experts that Huang cultivated two strands of immortal energy, and that he had he had a supreme treasure on him, the heaven and earth placenta. 

It was because these things couldn't be concealed even if he wanted to. As such, it was better to just immediately tell everyone, have those people capture Huang, destroying his divine consciousness and bringing away his body.

This was an extremely large scale event. The natives participated, a few great tribes immediately taking action, searching for Huang's whereabouts in various small words. 

It was because once one cultivated to the Heavenly Deity Realm, the curse they suffered from in this ancient place would become stronger, the dangers of going mad or falling drawing near. It was rumored that creatures that cultivated two strands of immortal energy might be able to resist the curse power. Even though it was completely without proof, just someone's speculation, it still moved some heavenly deities. 

Once one reached their level, it was difficult for their cultivation to advance even an inch. If they could switch their bodies out for a perfect flesh shell, they might be able to advance again, perhaps even stepping foot into the immortal dao!

As a result, a small half of Immortal Ancient's small worlds moved. Countless experts moved about, searching for Huang.


A streak of bloody light flashed past. A golden elephant collapsed on the ground, blood flowing everywhere.

This was a mountain region. Shi Hao's entire body was covered in blood. He sat there, silently producing a flame, roasting this powerful golden elephant. 

This place was extremely quiet, with only sounds of him eating the food. If it was like in the past, he would definitely properly savor the taste, but now, he could only devour it like a wild beast, unable to eat slowly.

He had already been on the run for several days. He never expected the cultivation of a second strand of immortal energy to trigger such a storm. There were now many people pursuing him. 

The experts among the natives were just too terrifying. In these past few days alone, he already encountered many heavenly deities, almost dying during the many encounters, escaping with great difficulty. 

Along the way, he continuously slaughtered, walking within the wild mountainous country, moving through different small worlds. 

"My injuries still aren't getting better!" Shi Hao frowned. It was because he was constantly fighting along the way, no time at all to treat is injuries. 

He knew that these were 'dao injuries' left behind from his seclusion cultivation, the hardest ones to heal from. If normal people received great dao injuries, forget about healing, they wouldn't even be able to live.

Even someone as powerful as Shi Hao, only by going into seclusion and stabilizing his injuries for a long time could he treat this type of dao injury.

Wu hou...

Suddenly, the sound of an elephant rang through the air, making this entire mountain region split apart. One could see the tens of thousands of ancient trees explode, mountain rocks rolling and ancient peaks caving in. 

Following the elephant cry, many large, interweaving black cracks appeared. 

This type of scene was terrifying to the extreme!

An ancient elephant that was even taller than a mountain peak walked in the mountain region, every single footstep producing countless cracks in the earth. There were even a few mountain peaks that were trampled under its feet. 

This was a heavenly deity, the most powerful expert of the Golden Giant Elephant Race. 

It was one of the heavenly deities that were pursuing Shi Hao, its golden body impossible to move, its skin rough, flesh thick, its nose able to shatter the heavens. 

"He's back!" Shi Hao released a sigh. He sliced open the void, quickly fleeing this place.

This Golden Ancient Elephant couldn't be fought head on. He could only run when they encountered each other. 

"Tuo Lan, you were killed?" The Golden Ancient Elephant was furious when he saw the elephant bones on the ground. It roared towards the sky, the elephant cry immediately shaking the entire small world. 

A day later, Shi Hao's entire body was covered in blood, continuously killing more than ten True Deity Realm horned dragons. All of them had their tendons pulled and their skin flayed, thrown into a cauldron to be stewed.

Soon after, a fragrance wafted through the air, releasing a salivating smell. This was a pot of dragon meat. 

Even though they weren't True Dragons, they still possessed bloodline strength that was beyond the imagination of ordinary people. It contained incomparable medicinal characteristics, a cauldron of great flesh medicine. 

Shi Hao wolfed it down. Towards those that were hunting him down, he didn't show any sympathy. He used them to eat his fill and treat his injured body.

It was because all of the holy medicines, divine medicines, and other things had been used up. If he didn't have those things, he would have died a long time ago. His situation was extremely dangerous. His injured body hadn't recovered, and he was even pursued by heavenly deities. 

Soon after, Shi Hao left. Fifteen minutes later, an angry roar sounded here, groups of mountains and tens of thousands of ravines trembled, the mountain region cracking apart!

This was a horned dragon rough like a mountain ridge, incomparably large. Its eyes were like little lakes, green and deep, carrying endless killing intent. Its descendants were eaten by another just like this, only leaving behind a few ruined bones, making it furious.

It was clear that this was one of the heavenly deities that was chasing after Shi Hao!

In these few days, Immortal Ancient was greatly shaken up. 

It was because Huang was running for his life, but he was also taking action. Regardless of whether it was natives or outsiders, all those who went and targeted him suffered serious losses. 

Of course, there were also news that Shi Hao was already seriously injured and close to dying. After suffering from the pursuit of several heavenly deities, his entire body was in tatters, already about to fall.

"The Golden Giant Elephant Race's genius died, many of the Horned Dragon bloodline's true deities were killed as well, the Dragon Sparrow Race had their most powerful geniuses slaughtered…"

These were Huang's battle accomplishments, and news was circulating among the people. 

Now, not only were the outsider geniuses shaken, even the natives were incredibly shocked. This youngster was too formidable, his destructive power great, continuously killing the geniuses of all different races, absolutely unstoppable. 

"Huang, where are you going? I am going to find and kill you!" The Golden Ancient Elephant roared angrily. 

"There is no place for you in Immortal Ancient. No one can save you!" The Horned Dragon Race heavenly deity roared, immediately splitting the heavens.

A bird cry rang through the air. The Dragon Sparrow Race's heavenly deity also arrived. They arrived at a small world at the same time to pursue Shi Hao. 

"This one has come as well!" An old lion appeared, its entire body silvery white. It released a roar, shaking mountains until they collapsed. This was a well-known individual among heavenly deities. 

Heavenly deities surrounded him. Shi Hao's situation was incomparably dangerous. 

"Wait until I break through, and then I'll settle things with each and every one of you!" Shi Hao clenched his fists. These people all pursued him for the sake of stealing his flesh shell, desiring his two strands of immortal energy and immortal seed. 

"Everyone, listen up. As soon as you discover Huang, immediately report to us!"

Several heavenly deities took action together, giving the order for all races to report to them if there is any information. If they dare conceal anything, then there would be a great killing disaster, to the extent where it would involve their respective clans.

"I need to become stronger and break through!" Shi Hao said with a low voice.

"Huang, you can't escape!" A heavenly deity roared, shaking up this heaven and earth. Several great heavenly deities were still searching. 

"Heng, you all issued your heavenly deity commands, yet you wish to involve our races?" Suddenly, that day, the Centaur Race, Eight Armed Spirit Race, Ancient Fiend Race, and others spoke up, calling those great heavenly deities to question.

Among the natives, several powerful clans declared that they were going to protect Huang. There were even heavenly deities that slaughtered their way out. 

This was the assistance the little rabbit, Xue Lin, the Divine Striking Stone and the others requested for. Shi Hao had previously gifted the Willow Deity's branch to those races, establishing good karma. 

Recently, the little rabbit and the others even cultivated with the Centaur Race. When they learned that Shi Hao was being pursued, they immediately asked everywhere for help, finally obtaining the help of experts from several clans. 

"I want to see who among you all dares to touch Huang!" An elder roared, making mountains collapse, starting several great heavenly deities until they trembled. 

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