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Chapter 945 - Heavenly Deity Out of Luck

Scarlet blood scattered outwards, falling onto the ground one after another like great stars. The mountain region began to collapse!

Every single drop of blood could blast through a mountain peak. This was the blood of heavenly deities, a blood that contained endless might. 

"Ah…" A miserable cry sounded.

A few droplets of blood crushed mountain boulders, rubble and blood splashing outwards at the same time, forming a small river of blood. When they landed on some of the cultivators nearby, they were directly killed. 

There were quite a few creatures in this region, including those from the three thousand provinces and the natives. Once they were struck by the falling blood, it was difficult for them to continue living!

This was the power of a heavenly deity, the divine might immeasurable!

"How could he be this powerful? For other creatures, a heavenly deity should be like a True Dragon or the heavenly sun, high up above, difficult to match!" Many people's expressions turned white.

This region was in great chaos. Everyone backed up, fear spreading through them. That was just the splitting of a heavenly deity's palm, yet it created such terrifying consequences. It was hard for others to believe what they were seeing. 

Even the ancient freaks backed up, remaining silent.

Ma Yuan's face was ashen, his face sinister. Even someone as powerful as he was who was high above everyone else had his right hand broken by a mere insect. It was unimaginable. 

However, when he saw the 'immortal seed', his eyes immediately turned from sinister to flourishing again. How rare was a divine object like this? Yet he actually encountered one here!

"Immortal seed? This is too great. They were rare even in the last great era." Ma Yuan was born in this place, so he naturally knew many secrets. 

"Is this an opportunity prepared for this old one?" He roared with laughter, looking like he was going crazy. However, because of the intense pain he felt from his arm, that smile still looked a bit distorted and sinister. 

Ma Yuan laughed in a loud and carefree manner. He stared at Shi Hao's body, and then he looked at that mysterious heaven and earth placenta forming immortal seed. 

Any body that cultivated two strands of immortal energy was extraordinary and incredibly precious. Together with this rare immortal seed, he really wanted to release a long roar.

"Hehe, the heavens really aren't treating me too badly." The smile on Heavenly Deity Ma Yuan's face became even greater. Even though he had been careless just now, he definitely still possessed overwhelming strength. Killing a trifling Divine Flame Realm cultivator was but a simple matter. 

He reached out an arm, releasing brilliant radiance. That shattered arm and scattered blood both flowed in reverse, returning to his wrist, quickly recombining. 

These were precisely the abilities of a heavenly ability, their magical force endless. As long as their flesh was still present, a single will would recombine the true body. 

"As a human race senior, this old one will teach you how to respect your elders." He said coldly. 

Suddenly, his expression changed greatly, quickly moving backwards. He fiercely swung that arm, and then, he looked like he had encountered a ghost, his face immediately turning white, feeling incomparably fury. 

On his arm, lightning crackled about, electricity flying about one arc after another. That was the result of the corrosion of heavenly river's water. At first, he didn't pay attention to it at all.

As a heavenly deity, this type of lightning power couldn't injure him at all. It could definitely be easily dealt with.

However, he suddenly detected that there was a coldness within it, a wave of terrifying and sinister power brewing that couldn't be controlled, a power that could harm his body. 


This was a mysterious type of curse power. At first, it laid dormant, not appearing. However, when he used a great divine ability, it completely erupted.

"Ah…" Ma Yuan was startled and furious.

Unexpected things appeared one after another, these things simply unendurable. He, who was at the glorious Heavenly Deity Realm, was being tormented so miserably by a little bug. What face was there left to speak of?

The short spear in his hand was about to pierce out, a heavenly deity magical artifact, but he suddenly coughed out black blood from his mouth. His arm even more so released a rotting scent. 

"What?!" At this moment, Ma Yuan's fine hairs stood on end. He was now completely scared. He originally wanted to capture Shi Hao first and then deal with the curse, but now, his heart was even about to turn cold. 

What kind of curse power was this? The power was just too great! Even a glorious heavenly deity was affected, feeling as if there were tens of thousands of ants chewing through the inside of his body. 

Ma Yuan was but a heavenly deity, so a little deity like Shi Hao shouldn't be able to do anything to him, so how could there be such terrifying curse power?


Ma Yuan cried out loudly, his entire body in great pain. The skin on his arms changed color, the smell of rotting assailed the nostrils. It was incredibly terrifying.

This result left Shi Hao shocked. Even though he knew that that the Immortal Tomb heavenly river's curse was extremely terrifying, the effects more severe the greater one's strength, that a sect master previously even encountered disaster, when he personally saw this result, it was a completely different matter.

When everyone else saw this, they couldn't help but feel horrified. Even heavenly deities would undergo such strange changes. 

"Something's wrong, there is more than a single curse displaying power, triggered by the river water in that pill furnace! His own curse from Immortal Ancient itself is also breaking out, the liver mortis a reflection of this curse power." A native said this softly, feeling a chill run from head to toe.


Ma Yuan was extremely decisive, cutting off his right arm, enduring the pain, his face extremely pale. He continuously operated divine force, extracting wave after wave of black blood. 


Soon after, he removed a small half of his body. Blood was also released from his mouth and nose. 

As for the half of his body that was even more so corroded by black blood beyond recognition, he didn't stop, quickly forcing out the corroded black blood, wishing to eliminate the curse.

Everyone was stupefied. This scene was too terrifying!

A glorious heavenly deity actually ended up in such a miserable state, continuously removing parts of his own body all for the sake of eliminating the curse power, shocking the crowd until they trembled with chilliness, breaking out into a layer of sweat.

"Too terrifying, this is a heavenly deity! Once the curse power breaks out, humans wouldn't be humans, ghosts wouldn't be ghosts anymore, rather be dead than alive!"

Ma Yuan cried out miserably, flesh removed from time to time. He was shining in the void, sitting down and burning his true self to remove that curse. 

"Old Ma, take your time, don't shave off your bones now, leave a bit more meat." In the distance, Shi Hao said sarcastically. He already retreated, standing in a comparatively safer place, now carrying out this type of ridicule. 

"Little demon!" Ma Yuan found it difficult to stay calm. The moment he opened his eyes, an expanse of blood redness could be seen. He was angered to the extreme. Today, he tried to gain an advantage, but ended up worse off. 

It was to the extent where there was worry for his life, encountering incredible danger. 

He really wanted to grab the other party in a single go and crush him into a meat paste, but reality was incredibly bitter. He didn't even know if he could make it through this disaster. 

"You won't be able to leave!" Ma Yuan spat out viciously. His entire body was pale, skin discolored by the curse power, but he still didn't remove his magical force, still locking down this area.

Shi Hao was standing within a formless cage, unable to break free, unable to use the Realm Shattering Symbol. 


Ma Yuan opened his mouth, spitting out a streak of black light. It condensed into natural laws, sweeping towards Shi Hao to destroy him.


The outside of Shi Hao's body released light. That Divine Protecting Symbol released a crisp sound, producing a small crack. That barrier of light wasn't weakened, still surrounding his body.

"Old thing, with only that much black dog blood left, will there still be three jin left? Take it easy, don't let it all out like that, or else it'll be ugly when you die in a bit, like a mummy." Shi Hao ridiculed. 

He naturally did this on purpose. The other person wouldn't take down the domain even if he died, still sealing this place up, so he couldn't escape. 

As a result, he could only think of a way to make the other party crumble and break apart, forcing him to remove the barrier. The best way was to incite the curse power to work faster. 

As a result, Shi Hao blabbered on and on, provoking and humiliating the heavenly deity without restraint, continuously taunting and ridiculing with contempt.

Everyone felt a bit stupefied. This was originally a one-sided battle, to the extent where it couldn't even be called a battle, more like a heavenly deity slaughtering a younger generation, yet the results were so unexpected. 

The first one to suffer a loss was actually Ma Yuan, a heavenly deity!


Ma Yuan forced out the black blood. While carrying a smell of decay, it all shot in Shi Hao's direction. He wished to trap the other party while treating his own injuries. 

However, the curse power broke out, simply unimaginable, exceeding all of his predictions. He unexpectedly couldn't hold on any longer. He panicked inwardly; could it be that he was going to die?

He lived for so many years, making it through several disasters, if he died here, then he really would be turned into a joke!

He would definitely be regarded as the most lamentable and stupid heavenly deity.

Ma Yuan roared loudly, only able to wait for death. He produced a purple skinned gourd, and then he frantically poured a type of liquid into his mouth. This was the miraculous divine liquid he normally used to neutralize Immortal Ancient's curse. 

However, today, he didn't try to save it at all, because the curse from the river water Shi Hao released merged with the curse originally inside his body, making it even more complicated. 

Following a rumbling sound, Ma Yuan went crazy, frantically igniting his own essence, not hesitating to burn up all of his lifespan to eliminate that dark energy.

"Heh, old thing, don't be in such a hurry, slow down, you won't die for some time. In my opinion, you should dig up a grave for yourself first so that your corpse doesn't just sit in the wilderness later on." Shi Hao's mouth fired insults. 

Ma Yuan didn't pay him any attention, treating him like air. 

Shi Hao stirred on the pill furnace, sending the heavenly river out again to add some more fuel to the flame. However, this time, it was useless. Ma Yuan stared viciously at him, using symbols to blast it away.

Suddenly, a piece of yellow earth appeared, produced by Shi Hao. This earth was normally left in the pill furnace as well. Right now, it flew towards heavenly deity Ma Yuan. 

Ma Yuan originally remained expressionless, doing everything he could to ignite his foundation. When he saw the yellow earth, he used magic force to stop it, but something shocking happened. The yellow earth, even though it received some obstruction, still ended up passing through the magical force barrier, brushing his body. 

"Ah…" Heavenly Deity Ma Yuan roared angrily. A large piece of flesh immediately came off from the area the yellow earth brushed past, quickly turning into thick blood. The scene was too terrifying. 

This piece of yellow earth was something Shi Hao brought out from Origin Sky Secret Realm, something he obtained from the Sun God Vine's hands, rumored to have originated from the higher realms' uninhabited region depths. Even though it wasn't the sinister mud that could directly refine a sect master, it was still extremely terrifying. 

However, when Shi Hao fled with Yun Xi across the Blood Plains, he had previously used it to destroy a heavenly deity level magical artifact. 

In his opinion, this yellow earth might be able to hurt a true heavenly deity. Now that he tried it today, sure enough, its power was great. The seriously wounded Ma Yuan displayed carelessness again, suffering another injury.

Moreover, this piece of yellow earth, because it was normally soaked in the pill furnace's heavenly river water, it also obtained curse power. Right now, it delivered twice the damage. 

Ma Yuan was so angry he felt like his lungs were going to explode. Could he be called unlucky today? Unexpected things appeared again and again, the things on that brat's body were too strange. A slight carelessness and he had to shed a layer of skin. 

"Get lost!" 

The heavenly deity roared. He released a mouthful of innate dao energy, sending the yellow earth flying.

"Thanks a bunch! Since you don't like it, I'll just put it away. I definitely can't leave this good stuff laying around," Shi Hao said, using the pill furnace to collect the yellow earth. 

"Courting death!"

Ma Yuan sat in the void, and just like that, moved over, his eyes releasing bloody light. He truly couldn't tolerate this brat any longer, wishing to kill him no matter what. 


In the end, after three successive palms, three fine cracks appeared on the Divine Protection Symbol. They were all blocked.

Ma Yuan roared angrily, because his reckless use of divine force incurred the retaliation of the curse power, making his condition even worse.


When quite a bit of his body underwent liver mortis, he was truly frightened, knowing that he couldn't waste any time. If he continued like this, he would undoubtedly die without any path of life.

Along with his body's weakening, the seal in the surroundings were completely undone. Even a heavenly deity had times of powerlessness. 

Shi Hao laughed loudly. The difference between himself and a heavenly deity really was great, but at this moment, Ma Yuan seemed to have swallowed a bitter fruit. Being laughed at by Shi Hao like this felt as if a whip was viciously lashing at his face. 

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