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Chapter 944 - Heavenly Deity Ma Yuan

The one who came wasn't that tall, but he was extremely sturdy and robust. When he spoke, his voice was loud and clear like a great bell.

He had white hair and a white beard, his mind healthy, eyes like golden lamps, shining brilliantly. When he walked, there would be a gale behind him, the large mountains in his surroundings swaying. It was as if a prehistoric giant was walking. 

Shi Hao didn't say anything. He held the Everlasting Immortal Sword in his right hand, above his head suspending the pill furnace that carried the heavenly river and curse power, and in his left was the sparkling white bone piece, the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram.

He prepared himself for a bloody struggle. One has to understand that he was facing a heavenly deity. The difference between the two was great.

"There is no need for little friend to be nervous. Let's sit down and have a chat." The heavenly deity, even though his white hair fell down his shoulders, his face was sparkling white like jade without a single wrinkle, making him look like a middle-aged man. However, his eyes exuded an aura of great changes. This was definitely an old monster that had lived for a long time. 

"Senior, may I ask the reason for your visit?" Shi Hao asked, taking precautions while doing so. Even though he could look down on all of his peers, when faced with this type of old monster, he felt a great pressure. There was a great chasm between their cultivation levels. 

In the distance, the ancient freaks also maintained a set amount of distance, watching calmly. Now that a heavenly deity appeared, none of them dared to act carelessly. 

"Someone asked me to leave the mountain to deal with you, but after I came, I changed my mind. You cultivated two strands of immortal energy, which is a truly exceptional achievement, enough to overlook past and present. This old one sincerely invites you to come visit my clan," he said. 

Even though he spoke like this, there was still a bit of pressure that was exuded that made one's mind tremble. Many creatures trembled, powerlessly kneeling down.

This was the pressure of a heavenly deity. It was impossible to defy!

Two strands of immortal energy circled around him, protecting himself and resisting this pressure. He wasn't affected. 

"Senior, I am currently seriously injured and only wish to find a peaceful place to recover. When my injuries heal, I will definitely pay your sect a visit," Shi Hao said. 

He didn't treat the other party's words as true. The other party came a long time ago, targeting him this entire time. If he had good intentions, he wouldn't be feeling such alarm and vigilance right now. 

"Then there is even a greater need for you to come to my clan as a guest. Your body is not in good condition, needing others to protect you. I want to see who dares trouble you!" The elder spoke in a righteous manner. 

At the same time, his eyes widened, sweeping through the crowd. A great wave of pressure spread out, and then with pu tong sounds, many people couldn't take on the pressure, their legs falling weak and bodies trembling, collapsing onto the ground.

In the distance, a few ancient freaks' mouths revealed cold smiles. They retreated a certain amount of distance, not saying anything. 

"Little friend does not need to be on guard. This old one Ma Yuan is just like you, also of the human race." He revealed an important piece of information, telling him that he wasn't a normal native. 

"Senior is a genius from the three thousand provinces' previous generation who remained in Immortal Ancient and didn't leave?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Several hundreds of thousands of years ago, my ancestors stayed in Immortal Ancient. I am a descendant of the higher realms' human race," Ma Yuan said, inviting him once again. 

Shi Hao felt inwardly shocked. Once cultivators of the outside world reached the heavenly deity level, if they didn't die, they they would go mad. However, this fella was unexpectedly fine. 

"Senior, I must ask for a change in date. I already agreed previously to meet my friends, so I cannot go back on my words." Shi Hao said.

Even though they were both from the human race, he still didn't feel any good intentions. This elder was approaching him, making him feel great alarm. He already prepared himself for the worst. 

"Then invite all of your friends over as well." The elder Ma Yuan said, but he wasn't old. His white hair scattered about, skin smooth like fine jade. 

His words were calm, but there was a domineering aura, no longer being as peaceful as before.

"Senior, I still have matters to tend to, so you cannot force me like this, right?" Shi Hao said. During this process, he took some divine medicine with Octadic Treasure Unicorn, quickly treating his injuries. 

However, everything was just too serious. His body was in tatters, harmed by the flames of ten thousand dao, so there was no way it would heal that quickly. 

"Little friend, you truly aren't giving this old one any face…" Ma Yuan said, his eyes flickering as he walked over step by step.

Shi Hao took steps backwards. While stalling for time, he continuously treated his injuries and used the Heavenly Eye. He could clearly see the blazing greed within the depths of Ma Yuan's eyes, staring at his two strands of immortal energy. 

He knew that the other party coveted his physical body, most likely wishing to seize it and occupy it in his place. 

"Senior, are you forcing me?" Shi Hao said. 

"Little friend, I invited you with good intentions, but you didn't appreciate my kindness, insisting on leaving, are you looking down on this old one?" Ma Yuan's face fell slightly. 

Shi Hao wanted to slap him in the face. This old thing clearly wanted to seize his body, yet he still acted all dignified, forcing him in this manner. 

If his cultivation was great enough, he would slap this old thing to death with a single slap. 

The divine medicine and Octadic Treasure Unicorn's medicinal effects dissolved, recovering his body a bit, and also releasing waves of fragrance. Radiance surrounded his body, making him appear sparkling and transparent. 

"Little friend, this old one has things to discuss with you. Are you not going to appreciate my kindness?!" Ma Yuan pressed forward, the smile on his face long disappearing, now replaced with a wave of coldness. 

"In Immortal Ancient, races stand in great numbers, the competition intense." Shi Hao looked all around, sweeping his eyes over all different races, and then he looked at Ma Yuan, saying, "We are both of the human race. You not helping me is one thing, but why is our meeting so rushed?"

Things already reached this point, so he knew that he couldn't stall things any longer. As a result, he no longer felt any misgivings. 

"Youngster, what are you saying? As the senior, I am extremely willing to guide you, bring you back to my clan. Speaking to me like this is simply not understanding gratefulness!" Ma Yuan's face fell, and then he said, "As a senior of the human race, I have reason to discipline you, not allowing you to act so brash. One should show a bit more respect to the older generation." 

"Old thing, you truly are nauseating. Please stop giving me all this bullshit." Shi Hao became hostile. Since the veil on the surface has already been torn and there was no way to stall for time to heal, he no longer held back.

"You dare speak like this to me, humiliate a human race senior? I am going to teach you how to be a person. Return with me to the clan!" Ma Yuan shouted. He reached out a large hand, grabbing forward. 

"You shameless old thing can even be called a human race senior? Just an old hunting dog that was hired by outside clansmen to deal with me, and you are even longing after my body that cultivated two strands of immortal energy, do you even have any face?" After the falling out, Shi Hao was extremely decisive, immediately paring the skin off of the other party's face. 

At the same time, he also took action. 

This area was restricted by a strange domain, so he couldn't use Realm Shattering Symbols. He could only fight with his life on the line and force open a way out.

The pill furnace above him shone. The lid opened, and then heavenly river water poured out, sending thunder radiance everywhere with curse power. They poured outwards, all of it landing on that hand. 

"Little friend, stop moving for me!" Ma Yuan revealed a sneer. At his level, he could erase mountains and rivers with a raise of his hand, able to pick stars from the nine heavens, his magical force boundless. 

With a peng sound, that large hand moved down, and then all of the heavenly river water and lightning radiance was restricted, unable to approach his body. This was the boundless might of a heavenly deity, something that was unimaginable. 

"A young generation youth like you truly doesn't know how to show appreciation!" Ma Yuan sneered. He froze the heavenly river, and then he pointed out a finger, suppressing Shi Hao. 

This was, without a doubt, undisguised contempt, only using a single finger. It quickly enlarged, and like a pillar, it descended towards Shi Hao to suppress and kill him here. 

As a heavenly deity, he indeed had the qualifications to be so confident. His strength was much greater.

Shi Hao was resentful. This was bullying others too far! The other party's eyes burned with greed, wishing to seize his body that had just cultivated two strands of immortal energy, yet he was still acting so arrogant and domineering. It was more than he could bear. 

The sword core in his hands released a light cry, and he tightly held the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram. At the same time, he produced a divine symbol, not willing to give up just like this. 


Following a light sound, when that enormous finger crushed down, a fine crack appeared in the precious symbol in front of Shi Hao, releasing resplendent light.

At the same time, an enormous sound rang through the air. The radiance that was released by that precious symbol smashed against the enormous finger. 

This was extremely shocking!

Ma Yuan released a muffled groan, his face distorting, eyes rapidly contracting. He was furious. That finger released a kacha sound, unexpectedly breaking, blood trickling out.

This was just too hard to believe!

A glorious heavenly deity, while attacking a younger generation, unexpectedly had the bones in a finger broken. This was inconceivable!

"Younger generation!" Ma Yuan was furious. His eyes widened, staring at that precious symbol. 

Shi Hao was shocked. This precious symbol and the Realm Shattering Symbols he had on him were all obtained from Fire Province great prairie's underground ruins. Back then, when he discovered the nine dragons pulling the cauldron, he also saw the remains of an ancient city, discovering these ancient talismans.

Back then, a great explosion had happened, with even the bronze precious case breaking. After the explosion, this Divine Protecting Symbol blocked everything, not being destroyed. 

One had to understand that this bronze precious case was an archaic divine treasure, within it a small world. It was something that even heavenly deities would find difficult to destroy. 

Back then, Shi Hao knew that this divine talisman possessed powerful protective strength, likely able to stop the attack of a sect master, so he always kept it by him. Today, it finally displayed its effectiveness.

Ma Yuan felt great rage and humiliation. He formed imprints, and then rushed forward murderously. In addition, the space between his brows shone. Powerful divine sense pressure surrounded Shi Hao, wishing to imprison him here. 

"Younger generation, you still aren't kneeling down and accepting your guilt?!" He shouted. 

"Accept guilt my ass!" Shi Hao cursed. He hated these types of people the most. They were both of the human race, yet in the end, they bullied and humiliated someone from the same race, longing after his body. 

The Divine Protecting Symbol shone again. In addition, the space between Shi Hao's brows shone, primordial spirit force surging. It was unexpectedly able to resist the heavenly deity's might. 

"What?" Not only was Ma Yuan shocked, even Shi Hao himself was greatly startled, feeling a bit stupefied. He immediately understood. 

In that black cage, his harvest was actually this plentiful. It wasn't that he didn't know his primordial spirit's power increased, he just never expected it to match that of a heavenly deity's so fast.

Even though it was still a bit lacking, it was still barely enough to contend against his opponent.

This was definitely a great natural luck!

What kind of place was that exactly? To contain soul force, surrounded by darkness, cultivating there would actually make the primordial spirit increase so sharply, powerful to this state.


That large hand crushed down, but it was stopped by the protection symbol again, unable to break in. However, Ma Yuan's reaction was extremely fast, not being harmed by the retaliation of that light.

"Old thing, your strength really isn't all that special. You wanted to intimidate me with just this? You know, I think it is you that should be kneeling!" Shi Hao mocked, speaking while retreating, wishing to leave this place. 

"Where do you think you are going?!" Ma Yuan said coldly. He used a great divine ability to suppress forward, determined to make Shi Hao stay here, wishing to kill his primordial spirit and only leave behind the body. 

Shi Hao allowed him to attack him, and then used the protection symbol and Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram to protect himself. He also used his primordial spirit to resist the other party. 


Suddenly, following an explosion sound, heaven and earth trembled, mountains all around them shattering. All cultivators were shaken up until they trembled, their faces turning white, not daring to believe everything they saw. 

Shi Hao unexpectedly produced the 'immortal seed' in secret. It had source energy swirling around it, smashing into Ma Yuan's body. 

One had to understand that this heaven and earth source energy was extremely terrifying, used to nourish the immortal seed like a heaven and earth placenta. If it flared out, every single strand could collapse mountains and rivers. With this energy so concentrated, it possessed boundless power. Normally, it was fine, not harming others, but once it was stirred on, it was terrifying to no end. 

Ma Yuan threatened him like this, using his large hand to form an imprint and slam downwards, it perfectly smashed into the immortal seed Shi Hao produced, causing an explosion on the spot!

The heaven and earth source energy was like a heaven and earth placenta, transcending the past, the amount of power it could produce unimaginable. As a result, that palm immediately shattered, breaking to pieces, blood dying the skies red.


In addition, this time, Shi Hao activated the pill furnace, the curse river water successfully pouring over his injuries.

"Ah…" Ma Yuan roared with anger. Half was because of anger, his face ashen and distorted, but the other half was because of pain. A glorious heavenly deity actually suffered such a loss at the hands of a younger generation individual.

This was impossible for him to endure. What kind of face did he have left after this?

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