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Chapter 932 - Ten Death Opportunity

The stone palace was peaceful, but Shi Hao didn't dare act carelessly. He proceeded carefully. The two trials from before left him injured. 


Sure enough, not long afterwards, the stone wall shone again. This was a three eyed creature, its diagram traces dim. However, at this moment, it opened its vertical eye, releasing a streak of light.

This light disregarded space, arriving in an instant, as if to pierce through Shi Hao's skull. 

Soul attack!

Shi Hao's body shone, forming a screen of light to protect himself. However, this streak of light was too sinister, unexpectedly piercing through, the effects of immortal dao natural laws!

In that instant, it arrived before his forehead, as if it was going to occupy his body!

The third trial was a battle of the soul, a contest of primordial spirit. 

There were natural laws here that forcefully suppressed everything. The flesh, heaven and earth spiritual essence, and all others were frozen, only the primordial spirit able to contend against the dao light.

Shi Hao was forced to use his primordial spirit. A resplendent little figure walked out from his frontal bone, its gaze possessing penetrative sharpness!


The beam of light that rushed over turned into a bat. When it opened its mouth, ripples traveled outwards like water, fiercely battering over. 

One could clearly see the void distorting, and even Shi Hao's restricted flesh was affected!

His expression changed. His primordial spirit force surged. The little figure supported his only heavenly passage, carrying out this defense like a physical body. It rushed forward to suppress the golden bat. 


The two collided, erupting with sonorous sounds. Apart from this, there was also the most powerful yang force!

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. His primordial spirit was definitely powerful and unmatched. After experiencing the lightning tribulation, it exceeded those of ordinary people. However, the other party's primordial spirit was unexpectedly able to match his own.

It was clear that this bat shaped primordial spirit had experienced lightning tribulation in Immortal Ancient!

In that era, the world's natural laws made it so that all creatures had to endure tribulations, using them to sharpen oneself, making them powerful to the extreme. It completely unearthed the creatures' potentials. 

Shi Hao didn't dare conceal anything during this battle, using everything he had.


He displayed the lightning dao natural laws, suppressing the golden colored bat. When the other party came at a slight disadvantage, it quickly turned into a white tiger, opening its mouth and releasing a roar. The spiritual fluctuations became even more intense, about to scatter his primordial spirit. 

"Primordial spirit refinement!" Shi Hao's expression changed. 

In Immortal Ancient Great Era, the cultivation system was profound and deep. This was a method used specifically to refine the primordial spirit, and right now, it was displayed, attacking him. It was terrifying as expected. 


His fist displayed light, Heaven Calamity Light's symbols appeared, blasting outwards. As a result, the white tiger's roar ended. It rose into the air, turning into a phoenix. Burning flames were released towards him; this was the multicolored light of a primordial spirit. 

"Worth using as a reference!" Shi Hao's eyes were deep, feeling that if he could obtain Immortal Ancient Era's cultivation method, then it would be truly great. 

His primordial spirit encountered danger several times during this battle, but he finally suppressed the other party. With a peng sound, that creature's primordial spirit scattered, turning into a rain of light that returned to the stone walls. 

Shi Hao gasped for breath. The three trials that appeared one after another left quite the toll on him. This was simply unimaginable!

One has to understand that this was a true battle at the same level. Immortal Ancient Great Era was too terrifying.

Outside the Human Immortal Palace, a stone and a turtle were talking. 

"Isn't this just some rotten stone house? Actually having the nerve to call itself the seclusion place of someone with eternal life, what is so special about this place? And what kind of stupid trials can it have?" The Divine Striking Stone asked as if he wasn't concerned at all. 

"Rotten stone house? Only you would be able to say something like that. Not even the descendents of true immortals might be able to return alive! It is a place of self-improvement for the most stunning individuals." The white tortoise was upset. 

Based on what it said, one had to cultivate a strand of immortal energy at the very least in order to have the qualifications to accept the trials. Unless one could obtain the title of Little Immortal King, they wouldn't be able to come back out. 

"You… swindler! Is this how you treat your benefactor?" The Divine Striking Stone felt anxious. 

"Don't be so anxious. As long as the first three trials are passed, even if the later trials are failed, there is still a chance for resurrection, being transported back out," said the white tortoise. 

"You…" The Divine Striking Stone was furious. 

"I feel that he is too arrogant, needing a bit more sharpening on the road of cultivation, take a few setbacks, only then can one forge ahead vigorously," said the white tortoise.

"Turtle, are you looking for a beating?" The Divine Striking Stone's expression was unkind. 

"I am a long life medicine, watch your language!" The white tortoise said. Then, it seemed to have thought of something. Its expression changed, saying, "Not good, I overlooked something, this isn't Immortal Ancient Great Era anymore, the natural laws changed! There is no lightning tribulation anymore, so those at the same level might not be as powerful as their Immortal Ancient counterparts, he might… die inside!"

"Hurry and think of a way!" The Divine Striking Stone really wanted to turn into a large boulder and smash it to death. 

"This… there's no way. As long as someone goes in, the outside world cannot interfere!" The white tortoise wiped at the cold sweat covering its forehead, releasing an astonishing sweet fragrance. That was long life liquid!

In the end, it continuously searched around the Stone Palace's surroundings, discovering a green lamp that released a glimmer of light. 

"He is still alive!" The white tortoise cried out with pleasant surprise, telling the Divine Striking Stone that this was the soul lamp of the Human Immortal Palace. As long as the one undergoing trials inside was still alive, it wouldn't go out.

"I reckon that he should have only passed the first trial and currently struggling with the second. I hope he is able to retreat after realizing how hard it is, no longer continuing to take risks," said the white tortoise. 

"You dare look down on my brother? Turtle, how about the two of us have a go!" The Divine Striking Stone said. 

"Get lost, I'm a long life medicine, I never fight!"

If others learned that a stalk of immortal medicine was arguing noisily with a strange stone, it would definitely leave them stupefied. 

"I hope nothing truly serious ends up happening…" The Divine Striking Stone muttered. 

"Hurry up and say your prayers. Hopefully he makes it out through the second trial alive, and then decides to back out," said the white tortoise.


The fourth trial made Shi Hao's fine hairs stand on end. He felt as if something was staring at him.

Right at this moment, a humanoid diagram on the stone walls shone. A sphere of light appeared from within, shining brilliantly like a sun. 

Then, with a chi sound, it charged out!

"What kind of blasted place is this?" Shi Hao was shocked. That sphere of light was extremely strange. It rushed at his body, about to make its way in.

"Dao bell?!" Suddenly, he thought of a few things Cao Yusheng and Qing Yi said. Their masters knew about many secrets, previously unearthing historical remains, seeing a few recordings on ancient jade books. 

Immortal Ancient's cultivation system was completely different from the current, an important part of it was that the creatures of the last great era all had a 'dao bell', relying on its inheritance to cultivate. 

"Comparing dao seeds with me?" Shi Hao was astonished. Then, without even thinking further, he produced the mysterious egg that had source energy swirling around it from between his brows.


This time, it was quite straightforward. The immortal seed he obtained from the Celestial Clan's ancient mine displayed its use, blasting that sphere of light apart with overwhelming advantage.

"It seems like even in Immortal Ancient, the immortal treasure seed I obtained is truly precious!" Shi Hao was shocked.

The fourth trial was passed smoothly, succeeding without using up much effort. 

However, the fifth light, then the sixth trial… Shi Hao saw blood. Every step was difficult, inflicting upon him injuries. 

On the following path, there were several times where he almost fell. His body was already in tatters. These trials were too difficult, miserable even after he cultivated a strand of immortal energy!

There were a total of ten trials. Shi Hao went through them one after another, nine deaths one life, rushing towards the end. 

He breathed heavily, eating a few holy medicines to restore his injured body. Being able to live through them was not easy. His entire body was covered in blood, with even his bones revealed.

"Truly never expected the so-called Human Immortal Palace to be so difficult. I almost died here."

Finally, after a long period of rest, he recovered, walking over towards a shining ancient gate. That place was full of chaotic light mist. 

Outside, one stone and one turtle were waiting anxiously.

"His endurance isn't bad, still holding on and not dying. I reckon that he is in the third trial. If he really succeeds, then he'll be able to stay safe," said the white tortoise. 

"What you should be saying is that he already passed six or seven trials!" The Divine Striking Stone said. 

"That's too hard, even in our era, only a few people would succeed. It wouldn't be that many." The white tortoise shook its head. 

"You dare look down on this great era?" The Divine Striking Stone was unconvinced. 

"I'm not, it's just that the natural laws of the present world are different, so it is truly difficult to produce the most terrifying experts." The white tortoise shook its head. 

The two of them argued, neither of them backing down.

Suddenly, the white tortoise's eyes went straight,because that soul lamp's radiance flourished. It was fully aware of what this represented!

"He… passed the trials, not weaker than Little Immortal King?!" 

Its eyes felt a bit dazed. Wasn't this path known as ten deaths no life? Even in the Immortal Ancient Great Era, there weren't that many people who succeeded!

In this era, under such a terrible cultivation environment, there was someone who succeeded? The white tortoise was stupefied. 

At the end of the ten trials, a gate of light blocked the road.

Shi Hao walked over calmly. He arrived at a private room that wasn't that large, roughly ten zhang in size. There was nothing on the four walls. 

"This is Human Immortal Palace's place of seclusion?" He thought, carefully sensing his surroundings. However, there was nothing special about this place. 

When he sat down, a sudden beam of light struck his body and a wave of fluctuations entered his mind, and only then did he understand how formidable this place was!

"Ten opportunities, using the body to take risks, even if one goes crazy, even if one dies, they can still revive!"

Shi Hao was shocked. How shocking of a place was this? It was the same as having ten lives, comprehending the dao here as much as one likes. Even if he ends up injured, he can still live. 

This was a place of seclusion prepared for lunatics, allowing one to go all out while comprehending the dao and experience one's methods without the fear of dying.

"That white tortoise didn't fool me. I've already treaded upon the road of burning the self with ten thousand dao, a path that is difficult to live through. However, this place really did help my situation!" 

Shi Hao was shaken up, and also extremely surprised. 

He had previously heard about similar precious lands in a few of the higher realms' ancient sects, but there was no way it would allow one to continuously revive ten times. Having three times was already quite good.

"I never expected to obtain the same treatment as the great sects' most powerful disciples. Today, I can squander it away as much as I want!" Shi Hao said to himself. 

After his excitement passed, he began to calm down, about to enter seclusion here. 

This place was extremely strange. When Shi Hao calmed down, time seemed to have come to a standstill, no longer flowing, as if it was frozen at that instant. 

"How terrifying, how astonishing!" Shi Hao sighed with amazement. He truly sensed the imprisonment of time fragments, everything stopping.

Shi Hao produced his immortal seed, holding it in his hand. Source energy flowed about, and the natural laws of the heavens descended, linking up with the egg in his hands. This was like a placenta connected to heaven and earth!

"Heaven and earth as the furnace, ten thousand dao as flames to burn the true self!" Shi Hao's gaze became firm and persistent, sitting there to start his seclusion cultivation!

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