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Chapter 931 - Human Immortal Palace

Human Immortal Palace, just this name alone made one's mind tremble. 

These three words were as heavy as a mountain!

"What kind of place is that?" Shi Hao asked seriously. From what the white tortoise had just said, it might be able to solve his issue of cultivating a second strand of immortal energy with the ten thousand dao. If that was the case, then it was definitely extraordinary!

"A palace constructed in the medicine garden, what kind of place do you think it is? It is something constructed by a human immortal, but I feel like it can be called Medicine Immortal Palace," replied the white tortoise. 

That was a cultivation land, as well as a medicine refinement place. The medicinal herbs this ancient garden produced all went there. It was quite obvious that most of them were refined there. 

"After such a long time had passed, what will even remain? Could there be immortal dao medicinal powder?" Shi Hao asked.

"Don't look down on immortals, and definitely don't look down on that ancient stone palace. It is a place of seclusion, as well as a place for medicine refinement." The white tortoise said. It also stated that long life medicines had been refined there before. 

When it spoke up to this point, its eyes couldn't help but contract. It was because back then, its medicinal body had also been cut and sent there to be refined. 

Right at this moment, radiance flourished from within the Unaging Spring. The sword core in Shi Hao's hands erupted with the brilliance of a hundred suns, becoming incomparably dazzling and sacred. 

Following a ka cha sound, the spring water's precious chain broke apart and its radiance grew dim. It was made of a mix of divine golds, but all of the Radiant Platinum it contained disappeared, entering the sword core.

When the resplendent immortal light receded, white mists appeared hazily on the sword core in Shi Hao's hands. It was incredibly divine. That was caused by the Radiant Platinum, which was also called Radiant Immortal Gold. 

"It absorbed another portion?" The Divine Striking Stone released a strange cry. It knew that the sword core had absorbed Seven-Colored Immortal Gold, turning the rain of light seven-colored. Now, it absorbed platinum, making the clouds and mists appear more and more auspicious, hazy, becoming not much different from real immortal energy, flowing outwards. 

Shi Hao felt that things were strange. After weighing it in his hands, he felt that the sword core's weight didn't change at all, still appearing the same as before. This much Radiant Immortal Gold definitely reached several hundreds of thousands of jin in weight. When it mixed together, none of its weight was reflected in this sword core!

"It is a bit strange, but I cannot remember anything." The woman on the white tortoise sank into deep thought, but in the end, she shook her head. 

"Haha…" The white tortoise laughed loudly, bringing the snow clothed woman out from the earth. A precious chain around its body cracked apart with a kacha sound, falling off. 

This precious chain unexpectedly wrapped around it, making it unable to break free.

After losing the Radiant Immortal Gold, the magical chain began to decay, unable to trap it any longer.

"I am extremely grateful, finally free!" The white tortoise carried the snow clothed immortal, moving back and forth, moving right and left. It was extremely excited after obtaining its freedom. 

In the past, it could move about as well. The magical chain had spatial natural laws, allowing for movement within a set distance around the island, but there was no way to leave that range.

"All things will start to wither, the world becoming desolate, everything changing. Divine medicine will decline, becoming half divine medicines, and long life medicines will degenerate as well, becoming inferior to their past selves. Only by completely freeing oneself from this world will it be enough." The white tortoise said to itself, as if it had just experienced a nightmare, breaking out in a cold shiver.

"You… what are you talking about?!" Shi Hao was shocked. 

"Dao brother, if you have a way, then try to flee from the higher realms. Otherwise, everything will change, and it will be like hell itself. Even though there will be creatures alive after the great era's reincarnation, they won't be like before. Even immortal medicines and others will decline…"

"Speak more clearly!" Shi Hao was greatly shaken up. With a qiang sound, his finger struck the sword, producing a cry like that of dragons and phoenixes. The white mists withdrew, recovering its dull and lightless appearance. 

The white tortoise was woken up, falling onto the ground. "There was someone who foresaw that the world was going to change, that one has to escape this realm."

"Where else can you escape to?" Shi Hao questioned closely.

"A place that truly allows for long life!" The white tortoise said. However, as for how one can leave, how to look for such a place, it had no methods either unless one became an immortal!

Shi Hao frowned. All types of signs were pointing towards unimaginable world chaos!

"The world is about to wither away, you are this sure?" Shi Hao asked.

"I don't know, it is just a forecast from the predecessors. It might just be a great change of the environment, the world's natural laws changing greatly. However, it will definitely lead to the most terrifying great disorder!" The white tortoise said. 

Shi Hao thought to himself for a bit. Regardless of what the future was like, what he could do now was only increase his own strength. If that day truly came, then he had to rely on himself to blast his way out from this world with his own fists!

"I am someone true to my words. Since you helped me escape, then I will gift you a great opportunity. However, whether you can enter or not will depend on your own destiny."

"Wait." Shi Hao saw Luo Dao, Lan Yichen, the little rabbit, Lu Yi, and the others appear outside the island, hiding outside the chaotic spatial streams. 

They were worried about Shi Hao's battle with the ancient freaks, so they followed as well, wishing to see what exactly happened. None of them expected to see the ancient medicine garden's appearance.

"Can you bring them inside?" Shi Hao asked. 

"No problem. However, they are not allowed to bring disaster into the Immortal Medicine Garden," said the white tortoise.

"Wa wa wa…" When the little rabbit ascended onto the island, its little face became rosy with color, rolling all over the ground and crying loudly. There were so many medicinal herbs that it almost went unconscious from excitement. 

She cultivated the natural dao, so the more medicines there were, the more beneficial it became to her. All of these medicinal herbs naturally left her intoxicated.

The Black Prosperity divine medicine shivered inwardly. Letting a rabbit into this island, this… was too much, right? This was truly inviting a disaster!

"Don't worry, I won't act randomly, only tasting half a leaf of each stalk of medicine. It'll be enough if I just eat a flower petal!" The Lunar Jade Hare puffed its little chest, making a solemn vow.

Then, a Golden Butterfly emerged from a cocoon, dancing about lightly and gracefully, becoming incomparably excited as well. This was precisely the Emperor Butterfly!

When the Black Prosperity divine medicine saw this, it immediately became stupefied, feeling a bit dispirited. 

The white tortoise remained quite calm, however. Since it let people inside, it was naturally confident, because it was the only one that understood the arrangement of the formations here. If it wasn't the one controlling it, then those who entered would quickly be in danger. 

This island didn't look all that large, a single glance reaching the border, but there were a few regions that were mysteriously hidden, requiring spatial gates to enter, worlds of their own. 

Shi Hao was brought over by the Black Prosperity divine medicine. They set off, traveling through several void passages, and only then did they arrive in an ancient place. 

There were no plants here. It was calm and silent. 

A stone forest rested before them, a place that had remained tranquil for millions and millions of years. 

"This medicine palace is quite strange. If you all can enter, then there will be tremendous natural luck. However, if you are rejected, then that would result in death. You have to think things over carefully." The white tortoise's voice was serious as it transmitted over. 

It was a medicine palace made of stone, rumored to be opened by an immortal. However, it really looked too ordinary, not all that majestic or imposing as it rested in the stone forest. It looked rather ordinary. 

This palace hall was two zhang in height, the stones grayish in color, everything looked simple and crude. 

It was to the extent where instead of calling it a palace, it was better to call it a stone house. The workmanship was simple and crude without any radiance or aesthetic perception to speak of. 

"Are you sure that this is an ancient immortal palace and not some random stone house you piled up with rocks out of boredom?" Shi Hao was suspicious, feeling that this old tortoise was a bit unreliable.

"What are you showing contempt for? You cannot look down on this place. It was previously the place of seclusion of a human immortal, as well as a place where long life medicine was refined. Do you know how many unmatched experts' eyes became red with greed for this place? If they could have broken into this island, this place would have definitely been pillaged. Unfortunately, the passage of time erases all. However, the leftover traces should be enough to grant you benefits," said the old tortoise. 

It was rather irresponsible. After a simple introduction, it backed off. As for whether or not to really go inside, it was up to Shi Hao to decide. 

"Right, there were a few creatures that entered. Can you activate the formations to kill them?" Shi Hao asked.

"I can only guide others, cannot guide the formations…" The white tortoise shook its head.

Shi Hao left behind the Divine Striking Stone, entering the stone palace alone. As soon as he took a step inside, he had a feeling of stars shifting and time fragments flying in reverse. 

He vaguely saw a Kun Peng spreading its wings in the cosmos, stars shattered one after another, a True Dragon soaring, piercing through the nine heavens. He saw a large black hand crush a starry domain…

Then, he felt that the heavens became blurry and the earth turn dim, immediately falling into primal chaos, witnessing the grand view of the world being opened.

Shi Hao felt a wave of perplexity. What kind of place was this? Who was he? Why was his mind in such a daze? His head felt like it was splitting open. 

A loud roar woke him up. Everything he saw disappeared, only the simple and ancient stone palace remained.

Those were all ancient drawings carved into the enormous stones, long muddled by the passage of time. However, those scenes from just now truly appeared, making him feel suffocated. 

Shi Hao walked into the palace step by step. There were definitely spatial natural laws here. It didn't look all that large from the outside, but the interior was exceptionally vast. 

This place didn't have any light, as if it was a cavern carved by primitive people. There were simple and plain stone engraved wall paintings and others. 

Skeletal remains!

Along the way, he saw many bone remains, all of them long decaying, damaged under the passage of time. 

"These are skeletal remains from creatures of the last great era?" Shi Hao was astonished. He saw many of them, some incomparably enormous like mountains, as they rested there. 

There were a few that were less than a foot tall, but the bones were still extremely sturdy. 


Suddenly, on that stone engraving, a creature shone, releasing ripples. 

"It came!" He had previously heard the white tortoise's introduction, knowing that his was a type of trial. If he couldn't make it through, then he would be just like the creatures below. 

This type of trial was focused, the power displayed relative to the power of the intruder. 

However, Shi Hao's expression quickly changed. These ripples were accompanied by a strand of immortal energy, the greatest power of his cultivation realm, able to suppress ancient freaks who didn't take the final step yet. 

"An attack that contained a strand of immortal energy!"

Shi Hao understood why there were so many bones. So all of them died like that...

Even in Immortal Ancient Great Era, where the world's natural laws allowed people to become immortals, there weren't that many individuals at the Divine Flame Realm who cultivated a strand of immortal energy. 

This was a great battle. Shi Hao did everything he could to resist the power of this ripple. 

In the end, the stone diagram shone. That humanoid figure unexpectedly appeared, jumping over murderously at him. 


After exchanging several hundred attacks, Shi Hao's fist smashed through the other party's forehead, making that creature explode into a rain of light. Together with the streak of immortal energy, it returned into the stone wall again. 

He won this battle, but his shoulder suffered an attack, a bloody hole opened. This made him frown.

The last great era was terrifying after all, making one fearful. The first trial already injured him. 

"I am not familiar with his method of enlightenment. Apart from a few secret techniques that have similarities, their method of operating power and cultivation dao are completely different from that of the present world!"

Shi Hao sank into a state of contemplation. Immortal Ancient Great Era's cultivation methods were a whole different system, not similar to that of this world at all. Only the divine abilities were similar.

"If I can cultivate Immortal Ancient's method, what kind of accomplishments will I have in the future?" Shi Hao said softly. 

With a different system, the battle felt unfamiliar as well. That was why during the first exchange, he suffered a loss, almost dying.

He continued forward. The stone palace was extremely dim, only having a few stone diagrams, plain and simple to the point where it could be considered crude!


A vibrating sound rang through the air. A wall painting that was of an expanse of brilliant stars shone!

At this moment, a large star unexpectedly flew out, suppressing above Shi Hao's head. It was impossible to evade; he could only directly resist its power. 


His arms shone, suddenly rising. 

However, the wall painting flickered with radiance again. Another star appeared, gradually becoming larger and crushing down on Shi Hao's head. The tremendous pressure made all of his bones creak. 

He resisted it again, feeling a bit drained.

These strange stars were incredibly heavy, hard to say just how heavy they were exactly.


The third great star appeared, colliding with the other two, crushing down on Shi Hao's head, immediately making the veins on his arms bulge.

However, great stars continued to appear, and just like that, nine of them crushed down on Shi Hao's body, making him feel like he was about to explode.

This was an extreme trial of the physical body, the powerful pressure making him feel as if he was suffocating. 

A tenth star appeared, dropping from above him!


It was as if an entire starry sky crushed down. Blood trickled out from Shi Hao's body. This type of power was too great!

However, he still stuck it through. 

Then, all of the stars dimmed, disappearing from this place. 

"This is absolutely crazy! Even a body as powerful as mine almost can't hold on any longer, who was this trial created for?" Shi Hao shivered inwardly. 

Suddenly, he recalled what the white tortoise had said previously, that aside from other experts, there were successors of true immortals who would come to this stone palace to comprehend the dao, acquire medicines, as well as for training and cultivation. 

"Immortal Ancient truly is terrifying, but it was still destroyed in the end. How powerful will my enemy be?" Shi Hao said to himself, his mind greatly shaken!

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