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Chapter 933 - No Life

The stone walls in this ten zhang private room were rough, with nothing inside. This place was peaceful and quiet. 


Suddenly, fiery light flooded outwards, countless symbols emerged, gathering together. It was like a flood as they rose and fell, waves surging forth, sweeping over. These were the symbols of the heavens' ten thousand dao!

Shi Hao was submerged underneath. In his hand was the immortal seed. He sat at the center, sealed within the ten zhang private room, enduring the crushing power of the heavens' ten thousand dao. 

Those symbols turned into fiery light, raging furiously, brilliant like the sun and moon exploded, beautiful like the rebirth of a phoenix, blood dying the starry sky. Cries rang through the air. 

This was a type of indescribable marvel, as well as a magnificent scene. 

Tens of thousands of symbols and patterns interweaved together, the countless 'dao laws' stretching across like chains, connected and interweaving together to form a dao web.


A light sound could be heard. A striking string of blood splashed out from between Shi Hao's brows, looking incredibly miserable. Then, the surging symbols burned it away. 

This was the suffering he experienced while secluded here. His body couldn't move, 'ten thousand dao' added to his body, burning his true self, refining his soul and bones, the danger of dying at every corner. 


A rumbling sound rang through the air. In Shi Hao's surroundings, the void distorted. He formed a furnace, using the heaven and earth as a stove, the ten thousand dao as flame!

A cauldron furnace took form, the artifact's shape beautiful, containing a dao aura. The opening of the cauldron was hazy, chaotic mists surging, sealing him within.

Outside the furnace, there were endless symbols. They turned into fiery light, burning this cauldron, forging his muscles and bones, burning his soul. They formed heavenly scripture meanings, displaying unmatched natural laws. 

In that instant, ten thousand dao rang out. This place erupted into chaos!

Within the stone palace, the fragments of time were restricted, and then it flowed again. The time here was extremely chaotic. 

In this place, time was interweaving, the years changing. Everything was different from the outside world, as if it formed a realm of its own.

Inside the ten zhang secret room, the ten thousand dao rumbled. 

That cauldron was blasted until it was full of holes. Shi Hao's entire body was scorched black as he endured the crushing of the heavens' dao, suffering from the hammering and burning of countless symbols. His body was about to shatter. 

His previous refinement of three thousand dao in the bluestone paths was already nine deaths one life, many times almost dying. Now, it was immediately increased to ten thousand dao, so one could well imagine the suffering he endured!

It was many times harder than before. He took that step, cultivated a strand of immortal energy, and that was why his tolerance increased greatly. 

Otherwise, adding ten thousand dao to the body would directly make his body explode, turn into scattered ashes. There wouldn't be any suspense at all. 

However, despite this being the case, even with the strand of immortal energy curling around his body, protecting him, it was still dangerous to the extreme. His life was like a candle flame in a storm, dimming and fluttering about, about to go out any second now!


An enormous sound rang through the air. The furnace formed from heaven and earth smashed the void, splitting apart into pieces. Meanwhile, Shi Hao also suffered a serious blow. 

Half of his body became like a sieve, pierced by countless symbols, his injuries absolutely terrifying. If the others saw his current state, their faces would definitely turn pale. What kind of suffering was this?

Shi Hao lowered the 'immortal seed'. The source energy of all things withdrew, the world's natural laws growing dim. All of the surrounding great dao symbols disappeared, peace restored to this place. 

He produced holy medicines, ate them, and then silently treated his injuries. 

This was simply a torment from hell, not something normal people could endure at all. It was too difficult, with the risk of dying at any time. 

This place allowed for ten chances of revival, but Shi Hao didn't want to waste a single instance. That was why he ate holy medicines to treat his injuries. His path was too terrifying, so he couldn't squander away any opportunities. 

In reality, different people had different paths. The environments they needed were thus different. 

For example, the little rabbit who cultivated the natural dao wouldn't do something so vicious like this. She didn't have to worry about having her body and bones shattered, the torture of her body burned into ashes.

Shi Hao's path was different. He chose an extremely difficult dao, one that would allow for the cultivation of two strands of immortal energy. How could such a thing be easy to accomplish?!

It was because strictly speaking, a path only allowed for the cultivation of a single strand of immortal energy. 

The recovery process this time took more than ten days. As for how much time passed in the outside world, he had no idea. Only then did his injuries heal.

Then, Shi Hao sat down in cultivation again. He produced a cauldron furnace, using ten thousand dao to burn his soul, forge his muscles and bones!

Just like this, he continuously attacked at his limit, continuously deriving and inferring. He already lost track of how much time had passed. He already had to take time to recover many times, but afterwards, he would continue to cultivate in meditation. 

Finally, in the final time, he didn't grasp the opportunity well. That cauldron furnace exploded, and he himself was drowned out by ten thousand streaks of fiery light. Even when he tried to throw aside the immortal seed, it was still too late. 

The ten thousand flames swarmed over his body, hacking down like over ten thousand immortal blades. They all entered his body, difficult to resist. Even the immortal energy and supreme being blood were burned. 

He sat there, not evading because it was already too late. He could only resist it and experience the ten thousand dao's process of burning his soul, hacking at his flesh, studying the method and comprehending the dao.


After an unknown amount of time had passed, he immediately exploded. His primordial spirit and flesh shell both turned into flowing light, and then turned to dust!

At the final moment, Shi Hao developed a strange sensation. After death, everything returned to nothing, not a single thing in existence, forever sinking into eternal darkness. 

After who knew how much time had passed, in this nothingness, his spiritual awareness gathered once again, specks of blood and everything else moved over, gathering together. 

"I am alive…" 

These three words were as heavy as divine peaks, higher than the dome of heaven. He experienced an indescribable stillness, as well as joy and other emotions towards life. 

Without experiencing death, how can one understand the brilliance of life?

There was a new type of understanding in his heart. He wanted to speak, but when he opened his mouth, nothing came out. He could only silently experience it within his mind.

Blood condensed, producing flesh and constructing bones. His flesh shell reappeared. Spiritual light appeared all over the place, condensing into divine awareness, producing the soul, and others. The primordial spirit was reconstructed, appearing in this world.

Shi Hao revived. An aura of new life swept over him. He seemed to have arrived from the archaic years, stepped over into this world from the archaic years, travelling through eternal darkness alone, experiencing a reincarnation, reappearing at this time. 

Shi Hao was completely quiet and without sound, silently sitting there like a boulder. 

He recovered from his sudden moment of enlightenment, but he still didn't move, because he saw an image on the rough walls of the ten zhang private room. 

That was a bright and handsome youngster, his natural talents exceptional, far above his peers. He rarely encountered opponents, known by others as Little Immortal King. 

He had long cultivated a strand of immortal energy, but he wasn't satisfied, wishing to take another step and become the most powerful in this world!

He chose this path, similar to Shi Hao's, also using ten thousand dao to burn the body. It was full of endless suffering and repeated torment. He endured it all, not backing off.

In the end, with a pu sound, Little Immortal King exploded, his body becoming a bloody mess, primordial spirit scattered. Then, everything was burned into ashes. 

"Was it worth it? This path, this path is too dangerous, impossible to succeed on." Someone asked Little Immortal King. This also took place in this secret room.

That youngster's body reassembled, becoming alive once again. It was clear that he had the same experience as Shi Hao, already dying once. 

"There is no worth or not worth, this is my conviction, my path, my dao!" His eyes were deep, his mind calm and resolute, will unwavering. He continued down this path. 

Then, the scene disappeared. 

Shi Hao woke up. He silently experienced everything. There was a youngster from the last great era just like him, coming here to comprehend the dao, borrowing the ten zhang private room, using ten thousand dao to burn his body.

Just now, he saw the scene of Little Immortal King being burned. 

Shi Hao carefully thought to himself for a long time. He compared the two process's, continuously thinking to himself. Then, he began to cultivate in isolation again.

In the outside world, time flowed on, but not too much time passed. 

However, in the private room, Shi Hao seemed to have already lived an entire lifetime while seated in meditation. 

During this process, he had to stop many times, eating holy medicines to treat his wounded body along the way, not allowing his body to die that easily.


However, after many instances of this, he was still killed by the ten thousand dao. Fiery light flooded outwards, turning him into a piece of charred coal, dying for a second time.

It was another dark journey, and then a revival. This was like reincarnation. It was unknown where his body went, and only after waking up did he realize that he had died, but now revived. 

This type of experience, this type of torment, if it was an ordinary person, their dao heart would have long collapsed, difficult to stay steady. 

Meanwhile, Shi Hao treated it like precious experience, regarding it as a millstone for self sharpening. He was going to grow through this!

Scenes appeared on the rough stone walls again.

"Are you still going to continue? If you continue on, your dao foundation will be shaken! This path is too difficult, impossible to succeed, you are walking a road of self destruction." 

Little Immortal King, that handsome young man was still resolute, his gaze steady. "Aside from, this route, what else do I have to compete against those people? I won't be weaker than others!"

"They had opportunities, natural luck, their paths impossible to duplicate. It is difficult for you to forge an unmatched path. This is only a broken road."

"How will I know if I don't continue? I can't even compare to them, so how can I enter the boundless battlefield? If I don't' become the most powerful, how can I change the battle situation?"

"You are too stubborn."

"My father has already died in battle, his blood not even turning cold yet. His name shook this world, but he was still not a match. If our generation cannot exceed our limits, then we will all die. There is already no path of retreat. I am going to follow in my father's footsteps into the battlefield to fight until the end of this great era." 

Shi Hao began to think to himself, finding it difficult to stay calm!

In the end, he released a sigh and shook his head, no longer thinking about the last great era's matters. Instead, he began to think about Little Immortal King's gains and losses during this instance of seclusion dao comprehension, comparing it with his own.

Shi Hao entered isolation cultivation for a third time. Fiery light overflowed into the heavens, turning into mountains and rivers, forming the sun, moon, and stars. Everything smashed downwards.

He had to stop again and again. Along the way, he ate holy medicines, using them to replenish his life, but in the end, he still died.

Then, Little Immortal King reappeared. He didn't waver, cultivating bitterly at the end of Immortal Ancient Great Era, wishing to rise up, hoping that this would change everything. 

The fourth reincarnation, fifth… 

All the way until the ninth reincarnation, Shi Hao already died nine times. This road was too difficult. The void furnace was blasted through, his flesh and primordial spirit burned into ashes. It was terrifying to the extreme. 

During this period of time, he had seen Little Immortal King's experiences as well, exploding and dying just like him, unable to transcend above and cultivate a second strand of immortal energy. 

On the rough stone walls, the scenes appeared once again. 

"Change to a different path, perhaps you can still cultivate a second strand of dao immortal energy. There are some who have succeeded, their power similarly incomparable." Someone urged. 

"I already made my decision. There's no way to turn back." Little Immortal King calmly replied. 

"You can turn back, why do you have to burn yourself with ten thousand dao to rise up? It will be hard for you to stay in this world if you continue like this. You will definitely fail!"

"This is my path, my dao! If the day comes when this heaven and earth change, the natural laws change, the universe becomes completely different, if I don't transcend, what kind of result will there be?" Little Immortal King's words were overcast. 

Shi Hao's gaze became resplendent as he stared at this scene. He didn't say anything, but he realized something!

There was only one final revival opportunity left.

He entered seclusion for the tenth time, closing his eyes. 

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