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Chapter 923 - Divine Dark Child

A sword moved through the sky, cold light illuminating Gold Spirit Realm, killing Divine Temple's most powerful inheritor. How tyrannical was this?!

One has to understand that this was one of the most powerful geniuses of the three thousand provinces, someone with heaven warping talent that looked down on all of his peers. However now, Huang's removed his head with a single cut. 


Cracks filled the void. The great battle up ahead was heaven shocking. That place had long erupted into chaos. 

Divine Dark Child was facing Huang!

"What is that? Why is there a strand of white energy around his body?" There were some who were suspicious as they watched the terrifying battle. Their mind was trembling, soul shaking. 

Heaven and earth split apart. The metal mountains below continuously melted. Even though they were far away, there were still some whose bodies were swept through by these two's bone texts, injuring them heavily. 

Those two individuals were extremely blurry, but there was one distinctive trait, and that was that both of them had a pure white strand of energy that came out from their bodies, making them look mysterious and powerful. 

"Why is it that I feel like they far exceed us, as if they are heavenly deities, their power not something we can match at all?" An exceptional talent spoke, his voice trembling slightly. 

Everyone became horrified, because this was a real feeling. The two people up ahead were just too terrifying, not even true deities able to stop them if they went up. They were powerful to a ridiculous degree.

"Immortal energy! They… actually took that step!"

Someone cried out with shock. Even though quite a few people had guessed at this, when someone really shouted it out, it still left them deeply shocked. 

"Heavens! They cultivated a strand of immortal energy, actually succeeded, surpassing the ancients!"

This cry of alarm stirred up heaven reaching waves. Everyone found it difficult to stay calm, their eyes filled with shock and agitation. This was simply a miracle!

This was the first time they saw immortal energy, causing their hearts to rise and fall greatly, their eyes full of fanatical expressions. For them, this was simply inconceivable. 

Last time when Shi Hao fought with Fallen Divine Child, the battlefield they selected was a vicious place that was surrounded by baleful energy all day, so even if there was immortal energy, they wouldn't be able to see it. 

Meanwhile, that battle, even though many people had their suspicions, quite a few people suspecting that they took that step, cultivating a strand of immortal energy, in the end, they still didn't obtain any proof.

Moreover, later on, Jun Dao asserted that Shi Hao and Fallen Divine Child didn't succeed, and that was why no one continued thinking about it. 

Now, they saw it with their own eyes!

"It seems like Fallen Divine Child's death was now wronged, Jun Dao also mistaken. Huang… had long taken that step!"

"Too terrifying. He actually succeeded!"

This place erupted with commotion, triggering huge waves. 

Towards Divine Dark Child, everyone still had some mental preparation, because his flesh was too extraordinary, an ancient corpse that had been buried in the Archaic Era, only awakening in the present. 

Needless to say, his previous life definitely had a tremendous background!

It was to the extent where people speculated that he might be an expert from the last great era! After his death, he was buried in the earth, his flesh not destroyed, existing until now.


In the void, the two people's speeds were too fast. The space around them exploded, turning into mists as they erupted. They attacked viciously, symbols blasting apart like exploding stars. 

Suddenly, someone took action secretly, Heavenly Country's most powerful assassin. Those who lived and reached this step were all the very best. This person was extraordinary, silently arriving at Shi Hao's back, only when he took action did bone texts erupt.

However, something shocking happened. That killing sword, even though the sword energy was like a rainbow, distorting the void, when it approached Shi Hao's body, it was stopped. 

A hazy strand of immortal energy turned into faint mist wisps, sticking to Shi Hao's body, merging into his soul, making him look sparkling and shining. 

The killing dao divine sword that was dripping with blood trembled slightly, as if it was enduring tremendous pressure.

The assassin's face changed. Originally, after the strike failed, he should have immediately withdrew into the distance. However, now that he got this close to Huang, he felt extremely unwilling to let things just end like this. He fiercely brandished the sword, thrusting it forward fiercely. 

Something that made him a bit fearful happened. The true deity magical sword was a dark red color, refined for who knew how many years, but now, it released a ka cha sound, the tip breaking.

Then, the dark red true deity magical sword broke apart inch by inch. Following his vicious thrust forward, it broke apart piece by piece into metal fragments. 

This was too terrifying, making this assassin indescribably shaken. Just how powerful did one become after cultivating a strand of immortal energy? There was simply no way of measuring it!

For people like him to deal with Huang, it was clearly useless. Even with Huang's back to him, standing there, he still couldn't pierce through!


The dark red true deity magical sword's bone texts shattered, turning into an expanse of brilliant light before disappearing. Even a powerful weapon like this was destroyed!


The assassin was horrified. The powerful pressure from that person's back made him feel suffocated. No matter how he backed up, it wasn't enough. His mouth and nose felt uncomfortable, the seven apertures of his head releasing blood. 

At this moment, his consciousness became blurry, but he saw a reality. Huang didn't even turn around, from start to finish, never taking action against him. 

"After cultivating a strand of immortal energy, it is just too terrifying, not something normal deities could defend against at all!" This was his final thought. 

Then, with a pu sound, his entire body exploded, a bloody mist rising upwards. Nothing else remained. 

Everyone was stupefied, their backs feeling ice-cold. A wave of chilliness spread through their bodies. 

They clearly saw that assassin suddenly appear, piercing towards Shi Hao's back, and then he was mysterious frozen in place. During that time, Huang was fighting intensely against Divine Dark Child, trading blows fiercely, continuously changing positions. That assassin moved together with Huang, all the way until he turned into an expanse of bloody mist. 

"Too terrifying, just like a scarecrow hanging from his body, suddenly exploding under the violent movement."

When everyone snapped back to reality, they felt as if their scalps were numb. Just how terrifying did one become after taking that step? Shi Hao didn't attach much importance to him at all, directly dragging him with him as he moved until he exploded. 

"I finally understand why it is difficult for even ancient kings to successfully cultivate a strand of immortal energy. It is definitely incomparably difficult! But once it is cultivated, it means that they could travel unhindered through the nine heavens and tenth earth!"

Someone said with a sigh, feeling both jealousy and fear, looking at those two with complicated expressions. 


This time, Huang and Divine Dark Child both released a palm from the distance, releasing an exceptionally loud and oppressive sound. It was as if an immortal drum was playing, shaking many people until their blood and qi surged. 


A few individuals with weaker strength coughed out large amounts of blood, staggering in retreat, their faces full of horror and shock. They were already standing far away, but they were still injured by the power displayed by those two. 

Shi Hao's expression became serious. This was the first time he met someone like this, with a physical body that was unimaginable, definitely exceeding all normal limits. 

Divine Dark Child stood in the void, underworld mists surging around him. Only his eyes were shining like ghost flames, burning indistinctly. He was indescribably terrifying and powerful. 

His physical body exceeded those at this level, and when he was attacked, it would automatically release symbols to retaliate against the enemy, the beams of light impossible to defeat, terrifying and mysterious. 


Shi Hao struck out with a fist. Bone texts interweaved like stellar streams, mysterious symbols erupting. The divine might was world shaking!

However, Divine Dark Child didn't try to block it, instead rushing forward and directly attacking. Underworld mists surged, his body automatically shining. A streak of scarlet multicolored light flew out, erupting towards Shi Hao's fist. 

Shi Hao evaded to the side, moving his hand again, the five fingers on his left hand forming a dragon claw, five streaks of light flying out from them. If others were struck by these lights, their bodies would definitely become pierced through, leaving behind five bloody holes. 

However, Divine Dark Child's flesh released kengqiang sounds as if metal was being struck. Sparks flew everywhere, and that area released purple light, sweeping towards Shi Hao like a great sea. 


Shi Hao moved, displaying the Earth to Inches withdrawal technique. Then, his entire body leapt up, his body spinning. His leg swept out, vaguely releasing sounds of Dragon Snake cries. 

In reality, there really was a True Dragon and a Golden Snake coiling around, lashing at Divine Dark Child, the power domineering!

Shi Hao's seemingly simple movements were all the most powerful loose moves, some of them originating from Origin Sky Secret Realm, others comprehended on his own. 


Divine Dark Child's shoulder that was attacked released dark light that turned into a demonic phoenix that was incomparably terrifying

Heaven and earth split apart, the void here caving in. The scene was astonishing. 

Meanwhile, below, golden mountains collapsed, severals tens to over a hundred mountain peaks breaking apart. They turned into metal fragments, and then into roiling metal liquid. 

This place was too sinister, the scene too terrifying. 

How was one even supposed to fight against Divine Dark Child? His flesh was too terrifying, every inch of his flesh seemingly having a type of precious technique sealed within. Once attacked, it would definitely erupt with bone texts. 

Even Shi Hao was startled. This was the first time he encountered this type of opponent. He unexpectedly couldn't inflict any damage!

In the past, it was always him with the unmatched flesh, able to suppress his enemies purely with his body. However, today, he unexpectedly ended up encountering this type of monster whose body was unbreakable, undecaying, and even able to automatically release precious techniques!

This wasn't controlled by the primordial spirit, but rather released instinctively by the body!

At this moment, Shi Hao understood why Divine Dark Child's terrifying body wasn't destroyed after all this time, still able to display such power. He had an astonishing background in his previous life, one that was unimaginable. 

"A single sleep lasting for an eternity, only having this tattered physical body left, in the end, still too inferior… Otherwise, how could an insect like you dance about in front of me like this?" Divine Dark Child said deeply.

This made many people tremble inwardly. He was domineering as expected, so arrogant even when facing Huang, carrying an expression of contempt.

Shi Hao coldly said, "Just a corpse, yet still dares to act arrogant. What do you have? Just a newly born primordial spirit that doesn't have the slightest connection with the body you have from the previous life. His accomplishments have nothing to do with you, the only reason you can stand here because of luck, possessing a corpse shell that's not too shabby. Otherwise, you're nothing!" 

While speaking, the two of them quickly flew through the air, weaving between heaven and earth. Over ten thousand moves had already been exchanged, the two of them just too fast. 

"It's useless. No one in Immortal Ancient can kill me. Fighting decisively against me only signifies your death!" Divine Dark Child said coldly.


He took action, moving extremely quickly, attacking Shi Hao. A faint strand of immortal energy moved around him, many parts of his body shining, precious techniques interweaving together. This unusual scene was heaven shocking. 

"Turns out to be like this!" Shi Hao opened his Heavenly Eye, seeing the strand of immortal energy in the underworld mist. He nodded and then said, "So that's all." 

"Kill!" Divine Dark Child shouted, his entire right arm turning into a black-colored divine sword, hacking downwards. His flesh turned into a sword core, dark energy surging. 

"The strand of immortal energy you have on you wasn't cultivated by yourself at all, but rather produced automatically by that physical body. You dare act arrogant with this little bit of accomplishment?!" Shi Hao sneered. He spread his enormous Kun Peng wings, splitting the skies as he moved!

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