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Chapter 922 - Unmatched Confidence

Shi Hao turned into a divine rainbow, Kun Peng wings splitting the skies. His speed was just too fast, swooping over into the mountain range depths in an instant


His enormous wings contained endless lightning, and right now, they completely erupted, blasting forward. This was unmatched lightning power. 

"Who is this?!" Divine Temple's most powerful inheritor turned around, and then he immediately gasped. Even though he had lightning wings behind him, when he saw this sea of lightning, his expression immediately changed.

This was too powerful! Black and white colored light flew over, intertwining. Lightning radiance overflowed, as if stellar streams were falling, surrounding this place.


He shouted loudly. As the illustrious disciple of Divine Temple, he grasped unmatched scriptures, so he naturally had neutralizing methods. 

In the void, endless metal energy surface, resonating with Gold Spirit Realm, wishing to guide the sea of lightning to the side and use it for himself to attack the enemy.

It had to be said that Gu Meng was a heaven warping genius, one that was incomparably powerful. Otherwise, how could he overlook the higher realms' three thousand provinces, someone comparable to Immortal Palace Inheritor Di Chong?


Lightning surged, guided by the metal precious technique, rushing to the side. They began to form symbols, about to be used. 


Suddenly, a strand of electricity erupted in the sea of lightning. All of the lightning that was guided exploded, producing thousands of enormous black cracks in the void.

Gu Meng's fine hair stood on end. He naturally knew who it was that came. Even from so far away, there were still this type of methods, leaving him feeling extremely shocked. 


Following an enormous sound, lightning engulfed the sky, the power great to an unbelievable degree. 

Gu Meng flew out in reverse, not facing this head on. He felt an exuberant power. His face became incomparably unpleasant, quickly evading to the side.

As the holy child of Divine Temple, known as one of the most powerful individuals of the higher realms of his generation, he was actually retreating. In his world, this was unimaginable, almost never experiencing such a thing. 

However, when facing Huang, he could only do this. This was the best decision!

Despite this being the case, he still seemed to be struck. He moved far into the distance, standing in the void, his hair carrying electrical arcs that released pi pa sounds. This was caused by the aftershock.

The Snow Phoenix stopped, revealing a look of shock. She originally already exhausted all of her energy, her injuries too severe, but now, when she turned around, she saw this scene. 

Shi Hao arrived. The moment lightning was released, his body appeared, descending on the mountain peak, looking coldly at Divine Temple's most powerful inheritor.

Gu Meng's mind trembled. He strengthened his will and stared at Shi Hao saying, "Huang, you are just a single person. Are you going to challenge several ancient kings?!" 

Shi Hao didn't say anything. Black hair scattered about, eyes deep as he stared at him. He then looked around him. Powerful battle intent surged from within him, making the void rumble. 

He was sensing his surroundings for formations and traps. A moment later, he said, "Ancient kings? I already killed one!" 

His voice carried domineering confidence, completely without fear. He only coldly looked at Gu Meng. With a raise of his palm, resplendent radiance erupted, illuminating the heavens. 

In an instant, the clouds all around him completely scattered!

This was his battle intent. A formless domain extended. All things went into hiding, avoiding this place.

It was just a split second, yet Divine Temple's most powerful inheritor frowned, feeling a tremendous pressure, deeply understanding how terrifying his opponent was. He was even more formidable than in his imagination.

"Huang, your grudge with my Divine Temple isn't that deep. It isn't impossible to dissolve." Gu Meng said. 

"Speak!" Shi Hao suddenly said, only saying this word, simple and direct.

Gu Meng's brows stood on end. The other person was so forceful, treating him with this type of attitude. Huang is clearly not attaching any importance to him! He immediately felt a type of cold killing intent.

"You killed my Divine Temple's holy beast Gold Marked White Tiger, so you have to offer compensation. If you let me bring away this Snow Phoenix, then we'll call things off." Gu Meng said. 

When Xue Lin heard this, all of her snow white feathers expanded, crying out angrily. She turned into an exceptionally beautiful young lady, silver hair falling down her shoulders. Only, there was a bloody hole on her chest that continuously released blood.

"Gu Meng, your Divine Temple really is daring. Back then, it suffered a great loss under my clan ancestor's hands, so you are using this to humiliate my clan?" Xue Lin said coldly.

Shi Hao gestured with his hands, telling her that she didn't have to be angry. He said. "Gold Marked White Tiger meat quality isn't bad. Do you all have more?" 

"You… are you provoking me? I offered kindly to reconcile things, yet you treat me like this!" Gu Meng said coldly.

When Shi Hao heard this, he immediately erupted into action, rushing forward murderously. "Xue Lin is my friend, yet you chased after her murderously, even daring to say to my face that you are going to capture her and turn her into some temple divine bird, who is the one being humiliated here? Cease your tricks, aren't you just stalling for time?!"


Shi Hao's fist smashed over, making heaven and earth tremble. This type of power was too terrifying, making Gu Meng's expression immediately change. He immediately flew out in retreat, bringing out secret treasures to defend himself. 

Before, he was quite confident in himself, but when he encountered Shi Hao, he felt a bit uncertain. 

However, as long as he held on, it was enough. He didn't have to personally kill Shi Hao. 

"Huang, you came!" A thunderous voice sounded, shaking Gold Spirit Realm. 

A world shocking killing intent vaguely rose from the distance, rushing into the sky, forming a black-colored demonic image that towered at the limits of the horizon!

That was an incomparably terrifying figure. It didn't arrive here, because the distance was too great, appearing extremely far away to carry out intimidation. That was Divine Dark Child. 

His display of power was too great, pressuring a part of Gold Spirit Realm. 


Gu Meng set his resolution, starting to attack with full force. Secret treasure appeared one after another to deal with Shi Hao, stall for time. 

Divine Dark Child still hadn't truly arrived, but his very presence in this realm was enough intimidation in itself!

There were quite a few cultivators that followed into this realm. When they saw this scene, they all shuddered. That type of power, that type of might was too powerful, absolutely matchless. They felt an urge to bow down and worship him. 

"If you have the guts, then just come!" Towards this, Shi Hao only had these words. His feet remained in his original location without moving, but his right arm reached out, suppressing Gu Meng, eyes merciless. 


The sounds of secret treasures cracking could be heard. A silver spear in the void was crushed. This made Divine Temple's most powerful inheritor's face change. The other party was too powerful, bare-handedly destroying true deity precious artifact so easily. 

"Ah…" Gu Meng released a great roar, displaying the Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scripture, an incomparably mysterious technique. He refused to believe that this couldn't hinder Shi Hao. Back then, Immortal Palace's inheritor had previously exchanged several thousand moves with Shi Hao, while he himself wasn't weaker than Di Chong, so regardless, it only made sense that he could hold on.

A hint of a cold smile appeared on the corners of Shi Hao's lips. "Does Jun Dao have a grudge against you, never telling you the truth?" 

Suddenly, resplendent scarlet multicolored light erupted, sword radiance overflowing outwards, killing intent shocking all creatures in Gold Spirit Realm. It was too terrifying, the killing dao energy here incomparable. 

"Heavens, the ancient king, Heavenly Country's most terrifying individual appeared!" 

At this moment, there was no need to say anything else. All of the cultivators that followed here knew how terrifying that sword was. It could easily kill True Deities. 

That type of power, the angle the sword appeared at, the timing that was used, everything was the most optimal!

This was all done to kill Shi Hao. Heavenly Country's ancient freak arrived, already taking action.


Suddenly, in the void, another streak of sword energy erupted, exceptionally tyrannical and accompanied by a rain of light, as if it was the light of ascension, hacking towards the center of the overflowing killing energy. 


It was as if the most dazzling fireworks blossomed. The killing energy disappeared, and everyone only saw a divine sword dripping with blood disappear with a flash, entering the void from its original position. 

They were positive that that was Heavenly Country's ancient king!

The most shocking thing was that Shi Hao now appeared on the scene, in his hands the Everlasting Immortal Sword. Just now, he hacked out with sword light, attacking Heavenly Country's assassin. 

This was the true body? Everyone's minds were shaken. 


Suddenly, the void collapsed. A black figure appeared, shattering the sky with a slap, domineering and tyrannical. Heaven overflowing black mists rushed over, surrounding this place, attacking Shi Hao's true body. 


Endless symbols erupted between the two, divine force fluctuations like a tide, too ferocious. It was clear that this was an incomparably powerful exchange of attacks. 

Everyone became dumbstruck again. This was Divine Dark Child! He came, but then who was the enormous figure towering in the horizon?

Everyone became shaken up. The great confrontation here happened in an instant. Shocking developments continuously took place. 

Soon afterwards, everyone became clear headed. Divine Temple's most powerful inheritor was just bait, only here to put on a play. Heavenly Country's ancient king was the one to deliver the killing blow.

However, Shi Hao's true body was actually in hiding, taking action at the decisive moment. 

Meanwhile, Divine Dark Child clearly did the same, the one in the horizon not his true body. His true body was here to display power at the critical moment.

Dong dong...

Heaven and earth shook violently. Divine Dark Child and Shi Hao's true body fought an intense battle, releasing resplendent divine light. Black mists surged, surrounding the great earth. 

Not too far off, Gu Meng was furious. Huang was looking down on him too greatly, unexpectedly only using a spiritual body to deal with him, his true body not even meeting him face-to-face. 

Soon after, his heart became cold again. His eyes widened, looking at the battlefield. 

Around Huang's body, a strand of immortal energy appeared, mysterious and holy, circling about his body. 

"Jun Dao, you lied to me!" He clenched his teeth. No wonder Huang said that before. This time, he was completely treated like cannon fodder, all for the sake of drawing Huang's attention. 

Jun Dao had previously told him that Huang hadn't cultivated immortal energy yet. The outside world were all spreading unfounded rumors, saying that Fallen Divine Child didn't succeed yet either. 

Now, he knew that those were clear lies!

"What about Heavenly Country's ancient freak? Tell him to drag himself out here too. Just attack me at the same time!" Shi Hao shouted.

This made Gu Meng even more angry. Huang's true body never gave him a single look. Only Divine Dark Child and Heavenly Country's king existed in his mind. 

"He left. Since his first strike failed, he definitely won't carry out a second try from the same place," said Divine Dark Child. He towered in the underworld mist, his body pitch-black and indistinct. Only a pair of eyes were burning like flames, incomparably terrifying.

"Do you dare take action against me on your own?" Shi Hao laughed loudly.

"Why wouldn't I dare? I came here precisely to fight against you!" Divine Dark Child said incredibly coldly, his voice ringing through the sky, cracks covering the void. 

Not far out, Gu Meng didn't say anything, turning around to leave.

"After saying that you will take my friend as a temple protecting divine bird in front of my face, you still want to leave?!" Shi Hao's spiritual body shouted. This time, he didn't hold back, taking action with full force. 

With a qiang sound, a light sword appeared in his hands formed completely from symbols. It shone brilliantly, within it endless great dao true meaning.

Gu Meng didn't want to zealously continue fighting, wanting to immediately escape. It was because he felt an extremely cold sensation, as he had been used. 

When Divine Temple's Ancient Holy Child heard that the Gold Marked White Tiger he raised was killed, he truly was angered. He was invited over, but he had some hesitation, not too willing to cooperate with those individuals. 

Gu Meng understood what happened. If he died today, Jun Dao and the others will definitely be able to invite Ancient Holy Child, roping him into their group. 

He was furious, unwilling to accept this. He wanted to roar out loudly. 

However, Huang didn't pay this any attention. Sword light tore through heaven and earth like a rainbow, many times more powerful than before. Gu Meng couldn't hold on.


Gu Meng's head flew out, accompanied by large amounts of blood. He was full of despair and unwillingness. To be killed just like this, it was too fast, right?

Was this the power one obtained after cultivating a strand of immortal energy? It was truly terrifying to an unimaginable level. 

Before he could think any more, the primordial spirit in his head was erased by the sword energy that invaded inside, obliterating both his body and dao!


Shi Hao's spiritual body and true body merged to fight decisively against Divine Dark Child. At the same time, he transmitted sound in all directions. "Is there anyone else? If you wish to fight, then come at me!"

Everyone became shocked. What kind of power was this? The scene of Divine Temple's most powerful inheritor's head being removed was too shocking, as if it happened right before their eyes. Now, Shi Hao transmitted sound like this, challenging enemies from all sides, not scared of being attacked by everyone at all.

"Worthy of being Huang, matchlessly powerful, someone with unrivaled confidence." Someone said with a sigh. 

That type of domineeringness and confidence came from deep down, not fearing all of the enemies in the world. 

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