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Chapter 924 - Beheading Divine Child

The dark sword core hacked down, formed from his right hand. It was incomparably sharp and powerful, heaven overflowing dark light surging. 

Shi Hao shifted outwards, the Kun Peng wings behind him spreading, covering the sky and clouds, enormous without end. They fanned over, stirring up yin and yang energies. After colliding, wisps of chaotic mists blasted outwards!


This strike exploded the void. When the black-colored sword core and Kun Peng wings intersected, sparks flew everywhere. 


Sword energy overflowed, ear-splitting sounds ringing through the air. 

Meanwhile, golden feathers covered the sky on Shi Hao's side, neutralizing everything. 

However, immediately afterwards, things became troublesome. Divine Dark Child's entire body shone, all types of precious techniques erupting and sweeping forward. 

It was because this time, the power Shi Hao used was too great, the Kun Peng wings like golden clouds, covering the sky and hiding the moon, attacking the other party's entire body.

This was like poking at a hornet's nest, making his flesh instinctively release power, provoking an expanse of precious techniques. Everything linked up together, completely erupting. It was incomparably magnificent. 

It was clear that Shi Hao did this intentionally. He was probing Divine Dark Child's entire body, refusing to believe that this body had terrifying symbols sealed in every part. There had to be a weakness. 

Otherwise, if it was just attacks, he had other methods that haven't been used yet. 


Dark clouds surged, precious technique interweaving, unexpectedly producing scripture sounds. They originated from Divine Dark Child's body. It was extremely terrifying. 


Shi Hao shifted horizontally, continuing to use precious techniques. Light surged, completely blasting outwards, submerging Divine Dark Child, inciting him a step further, making his body resplendent, as if it was burning. 

It had to be said that he was full of confidence, excited by this new opponent. What he was thinking was not how to quickly eliminate this opponent, but rather trying to understand everything about him. 

An Archaic Era ancient corpse, perhaps even originating from the previous great era, this made him quite interested. 

Shi Hao couldn't help but sigh. The other party's physical body was too terrifying, just its instinctive response able to obliterate groups of geniuses, automatically displaying precious techniques, sturdy and undecaying, innately undefeated. 

Many people saw that even if Divine Dark Child were to just stand there and not take action, allowing all of the spectators to attack him, it would still be difficult to take him down. Instead, they would be the ones massacred. 

"En, there were a few areas that didn't shine, without symbols and precious techniques rushing out. Could these be the comparatively weaker areas?" Shi Hao said. 

This was the result of his comprehensive attack. When he saw that there were still a few areas that were dim on Divine Dark Child's body, not displaying any reaction, he speculated that these were the weak points.

When he thought of this, Shi Hao stopped moving. He then transferred all of his body's power, attacking viciously. With a qiang sound, it was as if he wore a layer of golden-colored armor. 

Around his body, countless golden feathers could be seen, all of them suspended in the void. They were just too resplendent, as if a divine treasury appeared in the world, shaking up Gold Spirit Realm. 

This was a derivation of the Kun Peng technique, a powerful embodiment of its power. All of the feathers were divine swords, a total of a hundred thousand of them. They stood in Shi Hao's surroundings. 


Shi Hao roared. The streak of immortal energy around his body also moved. He crazily took action. 

A hundred thousand golden divine feathers quickly enlarged at this moment, all of them so large they seemed to be supporting heaven and earth, towering between this world, connecting the ground and sky!

Every single one of these feather swords were enormous. When they shot forward together, they weren't piercing, but rather smashing at the enemy!

Moreover, they were made of natural laws. They interweaved together, covering heaven and earth. With natural sword laws, they constructed a furnace!

Sword furnace!

A hundred thousand enormous swords, their radiance forming natural laws, constructing a furnace. This scene was mysterious and grand, sealing Divine Dark Child within a furnace. 

Endless sword energy swirled about, entering the furnace, starting to attack. They were like sword radiance, but also like flames, burning here!

"This… is too terrifying!"

The faces of the people watching in the distance became pale. A furnace made from swords, natural laws interweaving within them, this type of scene was truly world shocking. 

Who could stop this? Many exceptional talents' bodies couldn't help but go taut, continuously backing up. They felt as if they were struggling against that furnace themselves. 

Dang dang dang...

Ten thousand swords were sent out. Within the enormous furnace, endless light rushed about, all of them striking Divine Dark Child's body. Sparks flew in all directions. 

"What, this powerful?"

Everyone couldn't believe what they were seeing. This body was terrifying, but could it stop this much sword energy? 

Without a doubt, for the Kun Peng technique to reach this level, it was enough to be called a fatal technique. Forget about any other transformations, just this sword furnace alone would shock the world.




Enormous sounds rang outwards. Everyone felt horrified. That sword furnace was transparent, so the scene inside could be seen. A figure was attacking, bombarding the sword furnace with his fists. 

He was enduring the sword radiance. Even though his body shone, using endless precious techniques to defend itself, he was still forced into a passive situation.

"He withstood it?!" Someone cried out with alarm. 

It was because after a moment had passed, Divine Dark Child's body was unmatched, still not cut down. His entire body shone, and his fist's power became even greater, striking the sword furnace until it rang with weng weng sounds. 

The furnace was struck until it unexpectedly became bumpy, shape continuously changing. The scene was astonishing. 

Outside, Shi Hao stood in the sky, a hundred thousand golden feather swords completely turning diagonally, their points pointing forward. He himself was within this forest of swords, mighty and still like a monarch.


Shi Hao released a light shout. The sword furnace suddenly changed, displaying natural laws, turning into sword energy to attack at the special areas on Divine Dark Child's body. Those areas were dim, not shining.

At the same time, Shi Hao himself moved, because the sword energy furnace further confirmed the areas where the other party's body couldn't release precious techniques. It was time to move. 

Between heaven and earth, a roar sounded. It was as if great waves were surging. It was because as Shi Hao swooped down, the hundred thousand golden feather swords moved as well, all of them rushing at Divine Dark Child.

"You think you can see through me, able to kill me?" Divine Dark Child laughed coldly. His entire body erupted with dark light. That strand of immortal energy merged with his body, making him look like a black sun.

Shocking changes happened. On Divine Dark Child's body, the areas that originally didn't shine lit up, becoming more resplendent than the sun. 


One of those regions released a streak of scarlet multicolored light. Symbols shone dazzlingly, ultimately forming a small bell that quickly rushed towards Shi Hao. 

So fast! This was what everyone thought, their eyes completely unable to capture its trajectory, only seeing afterimages. Then, bell sounds rang through heaven and earth.


That was a scarlet-colored small bell, not a real item, but rather formed from natural laws. The sound it released shook the cultivators in the sky until they fell, blood trickling out from all seven apertures. 

"Heavens, what kind of precious technique is this?"

Everyone became shocked, quickly escaping. This was too sinister! Even from this far away, they were still attacked indiscriminately.


Immediately afterwards, the scarlet-colored little bell sounded once again. However, it wasn't bell waves that were released, but rather sword cries. The bell turned into a small sword, releasing strange ripples that frantically rushed at Shi Hao. 

"This is Soulfall Technique, something that has been lost in inheritance for a long time! How terrifying… Divine Dark Child's flesh actually has this type of symbols. Back then, what kind of person was he?" A few people with extensive knowledge and experiences cried out with alarm. 

When everyone heard this, all of their expressions changed. 

The Soulfall Technique was extremely strange, able to kill one's primordial spirit. It directly rushed into the divine consciousness, one's flesh shell unable to stop it.

Just now, it was just a ripple, yet it already injured a few comparatively weaker cultivators, so one could imagine what kind of attack Huang was facing. This type of precious technique was the most terrifying. 

What was a primordial spirit? It was what supported one's life imprint! Once it scattered, that would be the end of everything, erased from existence. 

The small scarlet bell, in everyone's eyes, became the source of terror!

"Did you think the dim areas were weaknesses? You're wrong, those are places where I can already release precious techniques from, the places that are the most powerful!" Divine Dark Child laughed coldly, mocking Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao could tell even without him saying it. Soulfall Technique and the other precious techniques were incredibly powerful, their operation unobstructed. 

"The most powerful areas are just these? You want to hinder me with just a trifling Soulfall Technique?" Shi Hao said indifferently.

Everyone became shocked. Shi Hao stood there confidently. Divine Dark Child's precious techniques were unexpectedly all stopped by a barrier of light. 

Shi Hao supported his only heavenly passage, and then lightning and Kun Peng force operated, concentrating on it. Symbols appeared one after another on his only heavenly passage, shining resplendently like stars. 

He had long wanted to carve symbols on his single heavenly passage. These were just the beginning of his efforts, yet it already displaying unmatched defensive power.


Then, Heaven Calamity Light was added as well.

However, this was the extent of what he could do. This was all still in the experimental stage. Everything became unstable, his single heavenly passage becoming a bit distorted. 


Shi Hao shouted loudly. His single heavenly passage shone and burned, unexpectedly separating from him, flying forward. It surrounded the little bell and others, completely obliterating them. 

Moreover, his single heavenly passage turned into a symbol pillar of light, and then rushed at Divine Dark Child. 


Unfortunately, this person's body was too strange, surpassing the limits of those at his level. He only released a groan. Precious techniques were released, completely erupting, stopping this attack.

Shi Hao took the initiative to attack. "I refuse to believe that you can continue to remain unbreakable!"

His eyebrows stood up vertically, now angered. 

"Come then, Huang. Others might fear you, but in my eyes, you aren't anything. If not for sleeping all this time, a hundred thousand people like you would be killed with just a breath from me!" 

Divine Dark Child taunted. At this moment, he revealed his true appearance, the underworld mist scattering. He wore black-golden armor, his face pale white, possessing an abnormal beauty. 


He released a shout, and then rushed over. 

Two figures weaved through heaven and earth, clashing intensely.

"Huang, by attacking my entire body, forcing my body to instinctively display power, are you trying to exhaust my power? However, I'll have to disappoint you. My physical body is unmatched, it will never become exhausted." Divine Dark Child ridiculed. 

"I was just curious about your body, wanting to see if you have any parts useful as a reference, but was disappointed, so I won't waste anymore time!" Shi Hao said coldly.

Peng peng...

Precious techniques collided, shocking to the extreme.

"I want to see what kind of methods you have." Divine Dark Child was fearless. 

"Even though you have many precious techniques, they are just engraved in your flesh, so I cannot study them. Even though your physical body is extraordinary, it is still a human corpse, so I can't cook and eat it. That means that nothing is good about it, just trash. Just die!" Shi Hao shouted. 

When these words sounded, not only did Divine Dark Child's eyes become cold, many spectators became stupefied as well.


A sword appeared in Shi Hao's hands. That was a sword body formed from a combination of the Reincarnation symbols, Heaven Calamity Light symbols, as well as the third innate supreme being technique. 

When this sword emerged, winds and clouds changed, the world losing color.

Shi Hao's strand of immortal energy also wound around it, making this sword even more extraordinary. 

His speed was too fast, the Kun Peng's extreme speed, Earth to Inches withdrawal technique, and lightning wings merged together, exceeding normal reasoning, surrounding him as he attacked Divine Dark Child.

Under dang dang sounds, a few parts on Divine Dark Child's body unexpectedly released blood, to the extent where two areas were pierced through!

Everyone became shocked. Even this type of powerful body was going to break apart? They didn't dare believe it. 

"Your weakness is precisely those shining areas, the regions that could release precious technique, right? You can't hide it!"

Shi Hao said coldly. Those regions had been damaged over time, becoming penetrable!


Divine Dark Child spat out a mouthful of dark blood, his body flying outwards, receiving serious injuries for the first time. 

"Just a corpse, yet dares to act all arrogant in front of my face, ridiculously overconfident. Who do you even think you are?!" Shi Hao shouted. 

When he swooped down again, the sword in his hand was exceptionally sharp. Following pu pu sounds, expanses of symbols were scattered out, striking at Divine Dark Child's vitals. 


Divine Dark Child was using great divine abilities, but it was still too difficult to defend himself. 

Everyone trembled. What kind of precious technique was this, unexpectedly making Divine Dark Child's body become weak so quickly, finding it a bit difficult to hold on. 

Shi Hao was also astonished. His precious technique contained Heaven Calamity Light, Reincarnation, and other abilities, so as long as they struck their target, they would immediately break apart. Even though the body before him couldn't hold on, it still endured several hits, truly shocking. 


Divine Dark Child released a roar, attacking viciously. 


Shi Hao brought out the Everlasting Immortal Sword as well. "I originally wanted to take a look to see what's so special about you, if I could use your body as a reference, but I was disappointed. It's better if you just go on your way a bit sooner." 

In his right hand was the sword core condensed from his own supreme being techniques, while his left held the Everlasting Immortal Sword core. The two swords moved, their power unstoppable!


Divine Dark child shouted, continuously fighting.

Even after reaching this step, he still exchanged another five hundred moves with Shi Hao. His body was incomparably bizarre, releasing bone texts from time to time. 


Shi Hao hacked off his right arm. The weakness there was glaring, something he had realized for a while. The broken arm released an expanse of black color, flying outwards. 


Shi Hao was shocked. After that broken arm flew out, it quickly flew in retreat, wishing to heal. This body was really too strange.

"You still want to connect it? Forget it!" His swords both moved, cutting that arm into several pieces, as well as seriously injuring the main body. 


Then, Shi Hao bisected him at the waist. The upper half of his body flew outwards.

Suddenly, the sound of scriptures sounded from the void. At the ends of heaven and earth, there was a blurry figure seated there. Indistinct scripture sounds rang through this place. 

At this moment, everyone's souls trembled, all of them scared, wishing to bow down in worship. 

"Divine Temple's… Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scripture, it's Ancient Holy Child!" Someone said with a trembling voice, knowing who it was that came.

"You are free to come at me! Those who dare fight against me, I'll cut down one after another!" Shi Hao shouted. 

He withstood the scripture sounds, not being disturbed by it. He rushed forward again, and with a pu sound, he cut open Divine Dark Child's chest. 

Only, he frowned slightly. That body was too sinister. Even at this state, the broken limbs and other parts still wanted to gather again and reassemble.


Shi Hao didn't bother worrying about that much. The swords in his hands joined together, cutting into Divine Dark Child's head, blood splashing high into the air!

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